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Maji, A.K.[Arnab Kumar] Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Machine Learning: A Literature Survey

Maji, D.[Debapriya] Co Author Listing * YOLO-Pose: Enhancing YOLO for Multi Person Pose Estimation Using Object Keypoint Similarity Loss

Maji, K.J.[Kamal J.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Prescribed Fire Activities and Emissions in the Southeastern United States from 2013 to 2020, An

Maji, P.[Pradipta] Co Author Listing * Approximate Graph Laplacians for Multimodal Data Clustering
* automated method for counting and characterizing red blood cells using mathematical morphology, An
* Circular Clustering in Fuzzy Approximation Spaces for Color Normalization of Histological Images
* Contraharmonic Mean Based Bias Field Correction in MR Images
* Fuzzy-Rough Supervised Attribute Clustering Algorithm and Classification of Microarray Data
* New Method to Address Singularity Problem in Multimodal Data Analysis, A
* New Post-processing Method to Detect Brain Tumor Using Rough-Fuzzy Clustering, A
* New Similarity Measure for Identification of Disease Genes, A
* Rough segmentation of coherent local intensity for bias induced 3-D MR brain images
* Rough Set Based Homogeneous Unsharp Masking for Bias Field Correction in MRI
* Rough Sets and Stomped Normal Distribution for Simultaneous Segmentation and Bias Field Correction in Brain MR Images
* Rough Sets for Bias Field Correction in MR Images Using Contraharmonic Mean and Quantitative Index
* Rough-Bayesian approach to select class-pair specific descriptors for HEp-2 cell staining pattern recognition
* simple skull stripping algorithm for brain MRI, A
* Spatially Constrained Probabilistic Model for Robust Image Segmentation, A
* Spatially Constrained Student's t-Distribution Based Mixture Model for Robust Image Segmentation
* TinyOps: ImageNet Scale Deep Learning on Microcontrollers
* Towards Efficient Point Cloud Graph Neural Networks Through Architectural Simplification
* Truncated Normal Mixture Prior Based Deep Latent Model for Color Normalization of Histology Images
Includes: Maji, P.[Pradipta] Maji, P. Maji, P.[Partha]
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Maji, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Segmentation with Projective Convolutional Networks
* Accidental Turntables: Learning 3D Pose by Watching Objects Turn
* Action recognition from a distributed representation of pose and appearance
* Active Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Bayesian Perspective on the Deep Image Prior, A
* Biased normalized cuts
* Bilinear CNN Models for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* Bilinear Convolutional Neural Networks for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* Classification using intersection kernel support vector machines is efficient
* Confidence Based updation of Motion Conspicuity in Dynamic Scenes
* COSE: A Consistency-Sensitivity Metric for Saliency on Image Classification
* Cross-modal 3D Shape Generation and Manipulation
* CSGNet: Neural Shape Parser for Constructive Solid Geometry
* Deep filter banks for texture recognition and segmentation
* Deep Filter Banks for Texture Recognition, Description, and Segmentation
* Deep Manifold Prior
* Deeper Look at 3D Shape Classifiers, A
* Describing people: A poselet-based approach to attribute classification
* Describing Textures in the Wild
* Describing Textures Using Natural Language
* Detecting People Using Mutually Consistent Poselet Activations
* Discovering a Lexicon of Parts and Attributes
* Distinguishing Weather Phenomena from Bird Migration Patterns in Radar Imagery
* Domain Adaptors for Hyperspectral Images
* Efficient Classification for Additive Kernel SVMs
* Exponential Moving Average Normalization for Self-supervised and Semi-supervised Learning
* GANORCON: Are Generative Models Useful for Few-shot Segmentation?
* Improving Few-Shot Part Segmentation Using Coarse Supervision
* Inferring 3D Shapes from Image Collections Using Adversarial Networks
* Knowing a Good HOG Filter When You See It: Efficient Selection of Filters for Detection
* Label-efficient Learning on Point Clouds Using Approximate Convex Decompositions
* Large-Scale Ecological Analyses of Animals in the Wild Using Computer Vision
* Learning Generative Models of Shape Handles
* Learning Localized Perceptual Similarity Metrics for Interactive Categorization
* Learning Point Embeddings from Shape Repositories for Few-Shot Segmentation
* Linearized Smooth Additive Classifiers
* LU-NeRF: Scene and Pose Estimation by Synchronizing Local Unposed NeRFs
* Max-margin additive classifiers for detection
* Meta-Learning With Differentiable Convex Optimization
* Multi-view Convolutional Neural Networks for 3D Shape Recognition
* Multiresolution Tree Networks for 3D Point Cloud Processing
* MvDeCor: Multi-view Dense Correspondence Learning for Fine-Grained 3D Segmentation
* Neural Shape Parsers for Constructive Solid Geometry
* Object detection using a max-margin Hough transform
* Object segmentation by alignment of poselet activations to image contours
* On Equivariant and Invariant Learning of Object Landmark Representations
* On Measuring and Controlling the Spectral Bias of the Deep Image Prior
* One-to-many face recognition with bilinear CNNs
* Parsenet: A Parametric Surface Fitting Network for 3d Point Clouds
* Parsing World's Skylines Using Shape-Constrained MRFs
* Part and Attribute Discovery from Relative Annotations
* Part Discovery from Partial Correspondence
* PARTICLE: Part Discovery and Contrastive Learning for Fine-grained Recognition
* PhraseCut: Language-Based Image Segmentation in the Wild
* Realistic Evaluation of Semi-Supervised Learning for Fine-Grained Classification, A
* Reasoning About Fine-Grained Attribute Phrases Using Reference Games
* Second-Order Democratic Aggregation
* Semantic contours from inverse detectors
* Shape Reconstruction Using Differentiable Projections and Deep Priors
* Shot in the Dark: Few-Shot Learning with No Base-Class Labels
* Similarity Comparisons for Interactive Fine-Grained Categorization
* SPLATNet: Sparse Lattice Networks for Point Cloud Processing
* Task2Vec: Task Embedding for Meta-Learning
* Texture Attribute Synthesis and Transfer Using Feed-Forward CNNs
* Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-Grained Attributes
* Visualizing and Understanding Deep Texture Representations
* When Does Self-supervision Improve Few-shot Learning?
Includes: Maji, S. Maji, S.[Subhransu]
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Maji, S.K.[Suman Kumar] Co Author Listing * Edges, transitions and criticality
* Multi scale pixel attention and feature extraction based neural network for image denoising
* Multifractal-Based Wavefront Phase Estimation Technique for Ground-Based Astronomical Observations, A
* Proximal approach to denoising hyperspectral images under mixed-noise model
* SAR image denoising based on multifractal feature analysis and TV regularisation
Includes: Maji, S.K.[Suman Kumar] Maji, S.K.

Majid, A.[Abdul] Co Author Listing * Machine learning based adaptive watermark decoding in view of anticipated attack
* novel noise-free pixels based impulse noise filtering, A

Majid, A.A.[Ahmad Abdul] Co Author Listing * Automatic G1 Surface Reconstruction from Serial Cross-Sectional Images

Majid, F.[Fadhil] Co Author Listing * Epoch-Based Height Reference System for Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment on the Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Majid, H.[Hooriya] Co Author Listing * Transparent encryption with scalable video communication: Lower-latency, CABAC-based schemes

Majid, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition from facial expressions using hybrid feature descriptors
* Generation of personalized video summaries by detecting viewer's emotion using electroencephalography
* Quantification of Human Stress Using Commercially Available Single Channel EEG Headset
* Redundancy controllable scalable unbalanced multiple description bitstream generation for peer-to-peer video streaming

Majid, W.A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Adaptive Event Detection in Astronomical Data Streams

Majid, Z. Co Author Listing * 3d Geometric Extraction Using Segmentation for Asset Management
* 3d Modeling for Rock Art Documentation Using Lightweight Multispectral Camera
* Camera Calibration Accuracy at Different UAV Flying Heights
* Capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Slope Classification, The
* Comparing the Performance of Point Cloud Registration Methods For Landslide Monitoring Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Comprehensive Analysis of Flying Altitude for High Resolution Slope Mapping Using UAV Technology
* Conceptual Model of 3d Asset Management Based on Myspata to Support Smart City Application In Malaysia
* Data Interoperability of Building Information Modeling and Geographic Information System In Construction Industry
* Development of Geodatabase for Archaeological Site in Bujang Valley Kedah
* Evaluating Mobile Laser Scanning For Landslide Monitoring
* Evaluating the Performance of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Landslide Monitoring
* Geospatial Analysis of Urban Land Use Pattern Analysis for Hemorrhagic Fever Risk: A Review
* Integration Between Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Producing 3d Model
* Integration of BIM and GIS In Construction Project: A Data Consistency Review, The
* Integration of GIS and BIM Techniques in Construction Project Management: A Review
* Integration of Point Clouds Dataset From Different Sensors
* Integration of Stereophotogrammetry and Triangulation-Based Laser Scanning System for Precise Mapping of Craniofacial Morphology
* Measurement Accuracy On 3d Point Cloud Generated Using Multispectral Imagery By Different Calibration Methods
* Practical Terrestrial Laser Scanning Field Procedure and Point Cloud Processing for BIM Application: TNB Control and Relay Room 132/22kv
* Study About Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Reconstruction of Precast Concrete to Support Qlassic Assessment, A
* Study on the Durability of Submerged Structure Displacement Due to Concrete Failure, The
* Suitability of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Building Survey and Mapping Applications, The
* Suitability of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Strata Building, The
* Terrestrial Laser Scanners Self-Calibration Study: Datum Constraints Analyses for Network Configurations
* Three-dimensional Mapping of An Ancient Cave Paintings Using Close-range Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technologies
* Three-dimensional Recording and Photorealistic Model Reconstruction For Virtual Museum Application: An Experience in Malaysia
* Three-dimensional Recording Of Bastion Middleburg Monument Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner
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Majidi, B. Co Author Listing * Aerial tracking of elongated objects in rural environments
* Autonomous Road Pavement Inspection and Defect Analysis for Smart City Maintenance
Includes: Majidi, B. Majidi, B.[Babak]

Majidi, H. Co Author Listing * Robust X-Ray Phase Ptycho-Tomography

Majidi, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * ECF-Based Estimator for the LOS Power in Uplink NOMA System With Unknown Impulsive Noise
* Investigation of Polarization Phase Difference Related to Forest Fields Characterizations
Includes: Majidi, M.[Mahdi] Majidi, M.

Majidian, S.[Sina] Co Author Listing * Haplotype Assembly Using Manifold Optimization and Error Correction Mechanism

Majidpour, J.[Jafar] Co Author Listing * BCS-AE: Integrated Image Compression-Encryption Model Based on AE and Block-CS
* Generating Spectrum Images from Different Types: Visible, Thermal, and Infrared Based on Autoencoder Architecture (GVTI-AE)

Majikes, J. Co Author Listing * Toward Cyber-Enhanced Working Dogs for Search and Rescue

Majin, J.J. Co Author Listing * Novel Deep Learning Based Method for Detection and Counting Of Vehicles In Urban Traffic Surveillance Systems, A
* Novel Method for Inspection Defects in Commercial Eggs Using Computer Vision, A

Majithia, S.[Sahib] Co Author Listing * Robust 3D Garment Digitization from Monocular 2D Images for 3D Virtual Try-On Systems

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