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Fort, A.[Ada] Co Author Listing * Pervasive Wireless Sensor Networks for the Monitoring of Large Monumental Structures: The Case of the Ancient City Walls of Siena

Fort, E.H.[E. Hidalgo] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Containers Based on a Low-Power Sensor Network and a Non-Invasive Acquisition System for Management and Tracking of Goods

Fort, G. Co Author Listing * Combining Monte Carlo and Mean-Field-Like Methods for Inference in Hidden Markov Random Fields

Fort, J.C. Co Author Listing * Time series forecasting: Obtaining long term trends with self-organizing maps

Fort, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Automatic silo axis detection from RGB-D sensor data for content monitoring

Fort, P. Co Author Listing * Real-time, accurate depth of field using anisotropic diffusion and programmable graphics cards

Forte, A.M. Co Author Listing * Selecting reference signatures for on-line signature verification

Forte, A.P.[Ana Paula] Co Author Listing * DInSAR for a Regional Inventory of Active Rock Glaciers in the Dry Andes Mountains of Argentina and Chile with Sentinel-1 Data

Forte, B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Regional Ionosphere at Low Latitudes in Support of the Biomass ESA Mission
* Performance of GPS Positioning in the Presence of Irregularities in the Auroral and Polar Ionospheres during EISCAT UHF/ESR Measurements
* System Design for Geosynchronous Synthetic Aperture Radar Missions
Includes: Forte, B. Forte, B.[Biagio]

Forte, D.[Domenic] Co Author Listing * REFICS: A Step Towards Linking Vision with Hardware Assurance

Forte, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Multi-Frequency GPR Data Fusion with Genetic Algorithms for Archaeological Prospection
* Non-Invasive Methodological Approach to Detect and Characterize High-Risk Sinkholes in Urban Cover Evaporite Karst: Integrated Reflection Seismics, PS-InSAR, Leveling, 3D-GPR and Ancillary Data. A NE Italian Case Study

Forte, F. Co Author Listing * Data Fusion for Drawing and Analysis of An Ancient Roman Boat In Herculaneum

Forte, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Earthquake-Triggered Landslides through an Integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Approach: A Case Study from Central Italy
* First Results of a GNSS-R Experiment From a Stratospheric Balloon Over Boreal Forests
* Hardware-Software Codesign of a Fingerprint Identification Algorithm
Includes: Forte, G.[Giovanni] Forte, G.

Forte, G.F. Co Author Listing * Experimental Study on the Performance of RFI Detection Algorithms in Microwave Radiometry: Toward an Optimum Combined Test
* Real-Time RFI Detection and Mitigation System for Microwave Radiometers

Forte, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Intra-Annual Sentinel-2 Time-Series Supporting Grassland Habitat Discrimination
* Sentinel-2 Remote Sensed Image Classification with Patchwise Trained ConvNets for Grassland Habitat Discrimination

Forte, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Approximate Fast Foreground Colour Estimation
* Embodied virtual communities: a new opportunity for the research in the field of Cultural Heritage
* Teleimmersive 3D collaborative environment for cyberarchaeology
Includes: Forte, M.[Marco] Forte, M. Forte, M.[Maurizio]

Forte, M.N.V.[Mari Nieves Velasco] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Cardiac and Respiratory Gated MRI for Cardiac Assessment During Exercise

Forte, M.P.[Maria Paola] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Signing Avatars from Video Using Linguistic Priors
Includes: Forte, M.P.[Maria Paola] Forte, M.P.[Maria-Paola]

Forte, P. Co Author Listing * Analysing interferometric images using the Hough transform
* MDL based Structural Interpretation of Images under Partial Occlusion
* non-linear shape abstraction technique, A
* Scalespace Approach to Shape Similarity, A
Includes: Forte, P. Forte, P.[Peter]

Fortea, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Automated Orientation Detection of 3d Head Reconstructions from SMRI Using Multiview Orthographic Projections: An Image Classification-based Approach

Fortenberry, B.[Bret] Co Author Listing * generative framework for real time object detection and classification, A

Fortenbury, B.R.[Billy Ray] Co Author Listing * Fusing Low-resolution Depth Maps into High-resolution Stereo Matching
* Robust 2d/3d Calibration Using RANSAC Registration

Fortener, B.T. Co Author Listing * Integer Computation of Lossy JPEG2000 Compression
* Post-compression Rate-distortion Development For Embedded Block Coding With Optimal Truncation In Jpeg2000 Imagery
Includes: Fortener, B.T. Fortener, B.T.[Benjamin T.]

Fortes, J.A.B. Co Author Listing * Gracefully Degradable Processor Arrays
* Special Issue: Systolic Arrays-From Concept To Implementation

Fortes, W.[Wagner] Co Author Listing * Bounds on the Difference between Reconstructions in Binary Tomography
* Error Bounds on the Reconstruction of Binary Images from Low Resolution Scans
* Method for Feature Detection in Binary Tomography, A

Fortesa, J.[Josep] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Digital Terrain Model Dataset Sources for Hydrogeomorphological Modelling in Small Mediterranean Catchments

Fortgens, C. Co Author Listing * learning environment for sign language, A

Forthomme, B.[Benedicte] Co Author Listing * Development and validation of a 3D kinematic-based method for determining gait events during overground walking
* Validated extraction of gait events from 3D accelerometer recordings
Includes: Forthomme, B.[Benedicte] Forthomme, B.

Forti, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Patient-Specific Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of the Left Atrium in Atrial Fibrillation: Development and Initial Evaluation, A

Forti, G. Co Author Listing * Ancient Rome Worldwide Links: Sharing Knowledge to Preserve the Roots
* From Sapienza to Sapienza, State Archives in Rome. A Looping Effect Bringing Back to the Original Source Comunication and Culture by Innovative and Low Cost 3D Surveying, Imaging Systems and GIS Applications

Forti, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Maritime Anomaly Detection in a Real-World Scenario: Ever Given Grounding in the Suez Canal

Fortier, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Speech, Faces and Text for Person Identification in TV Broadcast

Fortier, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Electrocardiogram Classification Sensor System Supporting an Autonomous Mobile Cardiovascular Disease Detection Aid

Fortier, R. Co Author Listing * Webgis to Support GPR 3D Data Acquisition: A First Step for The Integration of Underground Utility Networks in 3D City Models, A

Fortier, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Three-Dimensional Protein Images

Fortier, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Exploiting temporal information to detect conversational groups in videos and predict the next speaker

Fortin Cote, A. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Virtual Rehabilitation, A
Includes: Fortin Cote, A. Fortin-Côté, A.

Fortin Simard, D.[Dany] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Passive RFID Technology for Activity Recognition in Smart Homes
Includes: Fortin Simard, D.[Dany] Fortin-Simard, D.[Dany]

Fortin, B. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Joint Detection and Tracking Approach for Multi-Vehicle Tracking With Lidar Sensor, A

Fortin, J. Co Author Listing * Environmental Challenges, Technical Solutions and Standard Operating Procedures for Data Collection In Photogrammetric Studies Toward A Unified Database of Objects and Features In Underwater Caves In Mexico

Fortin, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of MRI to Ultrasound Registration Methods for Brain Shift Correction: The CuRIOUS2018 Challenge

Fortin, M.J.[Marie Josee] Co Author Listing * Landsat 8 Lake Water Clarity Empirical Algorithms: Large-Scale Calibration and Validation Using Government and Citizen Science Data from across Canada
Includes: Fortin, M.J.[Marie Josee] Fortin, M.J.[Marie-Josée]

Fortin, M.P.[Mathieu Page] Co Author Listing * Towards Contextual Learning in Few-shot Object Classification
Includes: Fortin, M.P.[Mathieu Page] Fortin, M.P.[Mathieu Pagé]

Fortin, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * NoiseModelling: An Open Source GIS Based Tool to Produce Environmental Noise Maps

Fortin, P. Co Author Listing * Handling Occlusions in Real-time Augmented Reality: Dealing with Movable Real and Virtual Objects

Fortin, P.E. Co Author Listing * Laughter and Tickles: Toward Novel Approaches for Emotion and Behavior Elicitation

Fortin, R. Co Author Listing * Detection of Dim Targets in Digital Infrared Imagery by Morphological Image-Processing

Fortin, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Improving Snow Analyses for Hydrological Forecasting at ECCC Using Satellite-Derived Data

Fortina, A. Co Author Listing * Designing On-Demand Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles via Active Control of the Central Transfer Case

Fortini, L.B.[Lucas Berio] Co Author Listing * Identifying Conservation Introduction Sites for Endangered Birds through the Integration of Lidar-Based Habitat Suitability Models and Population Viability Analyses

Fortino, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Robustness in Graph-Based Neural Architecture Search for Edge AI Transportation Systems
* Automatic Methods for the Detection of Accelerative Cardiac Defense Response
* Best of Bodynets 2014: Editorial
* Cloud based scalable object recognition from video streams using orientation fusion and convolutional neural networks
* Clustering-Learning-Based Long-Term Predictive Localization in 5G-Envisioned Internet of Connected Vehicles
* Distributed Learning for Vehicle Routing Decision in Software Defined Internet of Vehicles
* Enabling Effective Programming and Flexible Management of Efficient Body Sensor Network Applications
* Multi-Granularity Collaborative Decision With Cognitive Networking in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Software Escalation Prediction Based on Deep Learning in the Cognitive Internet of Vehicles
* Sustainable Multi-Agent Routing Algorithm for Vehicle Platoons in Urban Networks, A
Includes: Fortino, G.[Giancarlo] Fortino, G.
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Fortman, M. Co Author Listing * Detection of moving objects through turbulent media. Decomposition of Oscillatory vs Non-Oscillatory spatio-temporal vector fields

Fortmann, J.[Jutta] Co Author Listing * Making Lifelogging Usable: Design Guidelines for Activity Trackers

Fortmann, T.E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection Threshold Optimization for Tracking in Clutter

Fortnow, L. Co Author Listing * status of the P versus NP problem, The

Fortova, N.C.[Nicola Catherine] Co Author Listing * Geography Education in a Collaborative Virtual Environment: A Qualitative Study on Geography Teachers
Includes: Fortova, N.C.[Nicola Catherine] Fortová, N.C.[Nicola Catherine]

Fortuin, M. Co Author Listing * Susceptibility to Visual Discomfort of 3-D Displays by Visual Performance Measures

Fortun, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Aggregation of local parametric candidates with exemplar-based occlusion handling for optical flow
* Fast Piecewise-Affine Motion Estimation Without Segmentation
* Optical flow modeling and computation: A survey
* Reconstruction From Multiple Particles for 3D Isotropic Resolution in Fluorescence Microscopy
* Semi-local variational optical flow estimation
* Sparse Aggregation Framework for Optical Flow Estimation
* Spatially-Variant Kernel for Optical Flow Under Low Signal-to-Noise Ratios Application to Microscopy
* Variational Aggregation Framework for Patch-Based Optical Flow Estimation, A
Includes: Fortun, D.[Denis] Fortun, D.
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Fortuna, J.[Jeff] Co Author Listing * Blind Source Separation Approach to Structure from Motion, A
* comparison of PCA and ICA for object recognition under varying illumination, A
* comparison of subspace methods for accurate position measurement, A
* ICA filters for lighting invariant face recognition
* Improved support vector classification using PCA and ICA feature space modification
* Perturbation Estimation of the Subspaces for Structure from Motion with Noisy and Missing Data
* Rigid Structure from Motion from a Blind Source Separation Perspective
* Verification effectiveness in open-set speaker identification
Includes: Fortuna, J.[Jeff] Fortuna, J.
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Fortuna, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * new fine-grained classification strategy for solar daily radiation patterns, A

Fortuna, R. Co Author Listing * Two-Level Downlink Scheduling for Real-Time Multimedia Services in LTE Networks

Fortunati, L.[Leopoldina] Co Author Listing * Cross-Fertilization between Studies on ICT Practices of Use and Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
* Impairments in decoding facial and vocal emotional expressions in high functioning autistic adults and adolescents
* Theories without Heart
Includes: Fortunati, L.[Leopoldina] Fortunati, L.

Fortunati, S. Co Author Listing * Constrained Misspecified Cramer-Rao Bound, The
* improvement of the state-of-the-art covariance-based methods for statistical anomaly detection algorithms, An
* Performance Bounds for Parameter Estimation under Misspecified Models: Fundamental Findings and Applications
Includes: Fortunati, S. Fortunati, S.[Stefano]

Fortunati, V. Co Author Listing * Total Correlation-Based Groupwise Image Registration for Quantitative MRI

Fortunato, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * GPR Laboratory Tests For Railways Materials Dielectric Properties Assessment

Fortunato, H.E.[Horacio E.] Co Author Listing * Fast high-quality non-blind deconvolution using sparse adaptive priors

Fortunato, J.M. Co Author Listing * empirical comparison of high definition video and regular video in optical flow computation, An

Fortunato, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Geophysical Applications with Android GNSS Raw Measurements

Fortune, J.[Josephine] Co Author Listing * Satellite and sUAS Multispectral Remote Sensing Analysis of Vegetation Response to Beaver Mimicry Restoration on Blacktail Creek, Southwest Montana

Fortune, S.J.[Steven J.] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation by Shape-Directed Covers
* Image segmenting apparatus and methods

Fortuny Guasch, J. Co Author Listing * Exploitation of Ship Scattering in Polarimetric SAR for an Improved Classification Under High Clutter Conditions
* Fast and Accurate Far-Field Pseudopolar Format Radar Imaging Algorithm, A
* GB-SAR Processor for Snow Avalanche Identification, A
* Generation of Digital Terrain Models With a Ground-Based SAR System
* investigation of bistatic calibration objects, An
* investigation of bistatic calibration techniques, An
* novel 3-D subsurface radar imaging technique, A
* Retrieval of Biophysical Parameters of Agricultural Crops Using Polarimetric SAR Interferometry
* Temporal analysis of a landslide by means of a ground-based SAR Interferometer
Includes: Fortuny Guasch, J. Fortuny-Guasch, J.
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Fortuny, J. Co Author Listing * Indoor Experiments on Polarimetric SAR Interferometry

Fortuny, P. Co Author Listing * Navigation and Remote Sensing Payloads and Methods of the Sarvant Unmanned Aerial System

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