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Blas Morato, R.[Rocio] Co Author Listing * Hot Spot Analysis versus Cluster and Outlier Analysis: An Enquiry into the Grouping of Rural Accommodation in Extremadura (Spain)
Includes: Blas Morato, R.[Rocio] Blas-Morato, R.[Rocío]

Blas, M.R.[Morten Rufus] Co Author Listing * CenSurE: Center Surround Extremas for Realtime Feature Detection and Matching

Blasch, E. Co Author Listing * Bandelet transformation based image registration
* Blur-Resilient Tracking Using Group Sparsity
* Clustered Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Combining Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Human Skin Detection
* Contourlet image preprocessing for enhanced control point selection in airborne image registration
* Covert photo classification by deep convolutional neural networks
* Deep Learning Based Domain Adaptation with Data Fusion for Aerial Image Data Analysis
* Emerging Trends in Persistent Surveillance Information Fusion
* Feedback-Assisted Automatic Target and Clutter Discrimination Using a Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network for Improved Explainability in SAR Applications
* IR2VI: Enhanced Night Environmental Perception by Unsupervised Thermal Image Translation
* Modified deconvolution using wavelet image fusion
* Moving object detection for vehicle tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery using 4D filtering
* Multi-modal Aerial View Image Challenge: Translation from Synthetic Aperture Radar to Electro-Optical Domain Results - PBVS 2023
* Multi-modal Aerial View Object Classification Challenge Results - PBVS 2023
* Multi-modal Aerial View Object Classification Challenge Results: PBVS 2022
* Multi-resolution deblurring
* Multi-scale decomposition tool for Content Based Image Retrieval
* Multimodal Object Detection by Channel Switching and Spatial Attention
* Objective Assessment of Multiresolution Image Fusion Algorithms for Context Enhancement in Night Vision: A Comparative Study
* On the Development of a Classification Based Automated Motion Imagery Interpretability Prediction
* ROC curve analysis for validating objective image fusion metrics
* Semi-Supervised Hyperspectral Object Detection Challenge Results: PBVS 2022
* Simultaneous Trajectory Association and Clustering for Motion Segmentation
* Trajectory-Based Pattern of Life Analysis
Includes: Blasch, E. Blasch, E.[Erik]
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Blasch, E.P.[Erik P.] Co Author Listing * cloud infrastructure for target detection and tracking using audio and video fusion, A
* container-based elastic cloud architecture for real-time full-motion video (FMV) target tracking, A
* Context-driven moving vehicle detection in wide area motion imagery
* Efficient Minimum Error Bounded Particle Resampling L1 Tracker with Occlusion Detection
* Encoding color information for visual tracking: Algorithms and benchmark
* Minimum error bounded efficient L1 tracker with occlusion detection
* Multi-source Multi-modal Activity Recognition in Aerial Video Surveillance
* non-cooperative long-range biometric system for maritime surveillance, A
* Real-Time Probabilistic Covariance Tracking With Efficient Model Update
* Unmanned Vehicles Come of Age: The DARPA Grand Challenge
* Video-based activity analysis using the L1 tracker on VIRAT data
* Visual Tracking Based on Log-Euclidean Riemannian Sparse Representation
* Wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) exploitation tools for enhanced situation awareness
Includes: Blasch, E.P.[Erik P.] Blasch, E.P.
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Blasch, G.[Gerald] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal and Spectral Analysis of High-Resolution Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery for Precision Agriculture: Assessment of Wheat Grain Yield and Grain Protein Content
* Organic Matter Modeling at the Landscape Scale Based on Multitemporal Soil Pattern Analysis Using RapidEye Data

Blaschek, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Transferability of Covariates to Predict Soil Organic Carbon in Cropland Soils

Blaschitz, B.[Bernhard] Co Author Listing * Inline Double Layer Depth Estimation with Transparent Materials

Blaschke, C. Co Author Listing * Online Driver Distraction Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory

Blaschke, S. Co Author Listing * Frequency-Domain Optical Tomographic Imaging of Arthritic Finger Joints

Blaschke, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Application of Probabilistic and Machine Learning Models for Groundwater Potentiality Mapping in Damghan Sedimentary Plain, Iran
* Application of Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and GNSS Data for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, An
* Are We in Boswash Yet? A Multi-Source Geodata Approach to Spatially Delimit Urban Corridors
* Assessing the Influence of Tourism-Driven Activities on Environmental Variables on Hainan Island, China
* Assessing the Link between Human Modification and Changes in Land Surface Temperature in Hainan, China Using Image Archives from Google Earth Engine
* Assessment of Runoff Components of River Flow in the Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan, during 1995-2010
* Automated Characterization of Yardangs Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automatic Geographic Object Based Mapping of Streambed and Riparian Zone Extent from LiDAR Data in a Temperate Rural Urban Environment, Australia
* Beyond Spatial Proximity: Classifying Parks and Their Visitors in London Based on Spatiotemporal and Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data
* Bridging Remote Sensing and GIS: Which are the main supportive pillars?
* Building Extraction from Airborne Laser Scanning Data: An Analysis of the State of the Art
* Collective Sensing: Integrating Geospatial Technologies to Understand Urban Systems: An Overview
* Comparative Study of Statistics-Based Landslide Susceptibility Models: A Case Study of the Region Affected by the Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal, A
* comparison of three image-object methods for the multiscale analysis of landscape structure, A
* Detecting informal settlements from QuickBird data in Rio de Janeiro using an object based approach
* Detection of Gully-Affected Areas by Applying Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) in the Region of Taroudannt, Morocco
* Developing a Semantic Model of Glacial Landforms for Objectbased Terrain Classification: The Example of Glacial Cirques
* Earth Observation to Substantiate the Sustainable Development Goal 11: Practical Considerations and Experiences From Austria
* Efficient Parallel Multi-Scale Segmentation Method for Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Ensemble of Machine-Learning Methods for Predicting Gully Erosion Susceptibility
* Evaluation of Different Machine Learning Methods and Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Landslide Detection
* Evaluation of Feature Selection Methods for Object-Based Land Cover Mapping of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery Using Random Forest and Support Vector Machine Classifiers
* Exploring semantic elements for urban scene recognition: Deep integration of high-resolution imagery and OpenStreetMap (OSM)
* Framework for Cloud-Based Spatially-Explicit Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Spatial Multi-Criteria Models, A
* Full GIS-Based Workflow for Tree Identification and Tree Crown Delineation using Laser Scanning, A
* Function-Based Search of Place Using Theoretical, Empirical and Probabilistic Patterns
* Fuzzy Object-Based Image Analysis Methods Using Sentinel-2A and Landsat-8 Data to Map and Characterize Soil Surface Residue
* Generic Classification Scheme for Urban Structure Types, A
* GEOBIA Achievements and Spatial Opportunities in the Era of Big Earth Observation Data
* Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: Towards a New Paradigm
* Global Inventory of Urban Corridors Based on Perceptions and Night-Time Light Imagery, A
* Google Earth Engine Approach for Wildfire Susceptibility Prediction Fusion with Remote Sensing Data of Different Spatial Resolutions, A
* Hierarchical Object Representation: Comparative Multi-Scale Mapping of Anthropogenic and Natural Features
* Hybrid Computational Intelligence Models for Improvement Gully Erosion Assessment
* Impacts of the Urmia Lake Drought on Soil Salinity and Degradation Risk: An Integrated Geoinformatics Analysis and Monitoring Approach
* Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Based Ensemble Models for Gully Erosion Susceptibility Assessment
* Is Spatial Resolution Critical in Urbanization Velocity Analysis? Investigations in the Pearl River Delta
* Landslide Detection Using Multi-Scale Image Segmentation and Different Machine Learning Models in the Higher Himalayas
* Landslide Susceptibility Evaluation and Management Using Different Machine Learning Methods in The Gallicash River Watershed, Iran
* Mapping Land Cover and Tree Canopy Cover in Zagros Forests of Iran: Application of Sentinel-2, Google Earth, and Field Data
* Modeling Spatial Flood using Novel Ensemble Artificial Intelligence Approaches in Northern Iran
* Morphometric Analysis for Soil Erosion Susceptibility Mapping Using Novel GIS-based Ensemble Model
* Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning for the State of Salzburg, Austria
* National-Scale Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Austria Using Fuzzy Best-Worst Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
* New Look at Public Services Inequality: The Consistency of Neighborhood Context and Citizens' Perception across Multiple Scales, A
* Novel Ensemble Approach for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping (LSM) in Darjeeling and Kalimpong Districts, West Bengal, India, A
* Object-Based Change Detection in Urban Areas: The Effects of Segmentation Strategy, Scale, and Feature Space on Unsupervised Methods
* Object-based Image Analysis Beyond Remote Sensing: The Human Perspective
* Object-Based Image Analysis: Spatial Concepts for Knowledge-Driven Remote Sensing Applications
* Object-Based Semantic Classification Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Ontology, An
* Ontology-Based Classification of Building Types Detected from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Opportunities and Challenges of Geospatial Analysis for Promoting Urban Livability in the Era of Big Data and Machine Learning
* Place versus Space: From Points, Lines and Polygons in GIS to Place-Based Representations Reflecting Language and Culture
* Proposing a Novel Predictive Technique for Gully Erosion Susceptibility Mapping in Arid and Semi-arid Regions (Iran)
* Remote Sensing-Based Characterization of Settlement Structures for Assessing Local Potential of District Heat
* Revisiting the Role of Place in Geographic Information Science
* Synergies between Urban Heat Island and Urban Heat Wave Effects in 9 Global Mega-Regions from 2003 to 2020
* Traffic Accident Spatial Simulation Modeling for Planning of Road Emergency Services
* UAV-Based Slope Failure Detection Using Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks
* Unsupervised Deep Learning for Landslide Detection from Multispectral Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Urban Change Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Image
Includes: Blaschke, T.[Thomas] Blaschke, T.
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Blaschko, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Beyond Document Page Classification: Design, Datasets, and Challenges
* Document Understanding Dataset and Evaluation (DUDE)
* Multimodal Distillation for Egocentric Action Recognition

Blaschko, M.B.[Matthew B.] Co Author Listing * 2-D latent space models: Layer-wise perceptual training and spatial grounding
* Additive Tree-Structured Conditional Parameter Spaces in Bayesian Optimization: A Novel Covariance Function and a Fast Implementation
* AOWS: Adaptive and Optimal Network Width Search With Latency Constraints
* Automatic In Situ Identification of Plankton
* Bayesian Optimization Framework for Neural Network Compression, A
* Beyond Classification: Definition and Density-based Estimation of Calibration in Object Detection
* Beyond sliding windows: Object localization by efficient subwindow search
* Branch and Bound Strategies for Non-maximal Suppression in Object Detection
* Clinically-Inspired Multi-Agent Transformers for Disease Trajectory Forecasting From Multimodal Data
* Combinatorial optimization for low bit-width neural networks
* Combining Local and Global Image Features for Object Class Recognition
* Confidence-Aware Personalized Federated Learning via Variational Expectation Maximization
* Correlational spectral clustering
* Discriminative Training of Conditional Random Fields with Probably Submodular Constraints
* Discriminative training of CRF models with probably submodular constraints
* Efficient Learning for Discriminative Segmentation with Supermodular Losses
* Efficient Subwindow Search: A Branch and Bound Framework for Object Localization
* Encoder Based Lifelong Learning
* Function Norms for Neural Networks
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Structured Prediction and Inference
* Learning a category independent object detection cascade
* Learning equivariant structured output SVM regressors
* Learning to Localize Objects with Structured Output Regression
* Lovasz-Softmax Loss: A Tractable Surrogate for the Optimization of the Intersection-Over-Union Measure in Neural Networks, The
* Lovász Hinge: A Novel Convex Surrogate for Submodular Losses, The
* Multiple Kernel Learning Approach to Joint Multi-class Object Detection, A
* Non Maximal Suppression in Cascaded Ranking Models
* O(nlogn) Cutting Plane Algorithm for Structured Output Ranking, An
* Object Localization with Global and Local Context Kernels
* Optimization for Medical Image Segmentation: Theory and Practice When Evaluating With Dice Score or Jaccard Index
* Scattering Networks for Hybrid Representation Learning
* Semi-supervised kernel canonical correlation analysis with application to human fMRI
* Semixup: In- and Out-of-Manifold Regularization for Deep Semi-Supervised Knee Osteoarthritis Severity Grading From Plain Radiographs
* Slack and Margin Rescaling as Convex Extensions of Supermodular Functions
* Taxonomic Multi-class Prediction and Person Layout Using Efficient Structured Ranking
* Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-Grained Attributes
* Unsupervised Object Discovery: A Comparison
* Unsupervised Spatio-Temporal Segmentation with Sparse Spectral-Clustering
Includes: Blaschko, M.B.[Matthew B.] Blaschko, M.B.
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Blasco, J. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Citrus Fruit Quality Using a Real-time Machine Vision System
* Development of a Computer Vision System for the Automatic Quality Grading of Mandarin Segments
* Magnetic resonance imaging detects seeds in mandarins
* new method to analyse mosaics based on Symmetry Group theory applied to Islamic Geometric Patterns, A
* Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images for the Detection of Rotten Mandarins
* Survey of Wearable Biometric Recognition Systems, A
* Virtual Coiling Technique for Image-Based Aneurysm Models by Dynamic Path Planning, A
* Xf-Rovim. A Field Robot to Detect Olive Trees Infected by Xylella Fastidiosa Using Proximal Sensing
Includes: Blasco, J. Blasco, J.[José] Blasco, J.[Jorge]
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Blasco, J.M.D.[Jose Manuel Delgado] Co Author Listing * DInSAR for Road Infrastructure Monitoring: Case Study Highway Network of Rome Metropolitan (Italy)
* Effects on the Double Bounce Detection in Urban Areas Based on SAR Polarimetric Characteristics
* Mapping and Quantifying the Human-Environment Interactions in Middle Egypt Using Machine Learning and Satellite Data Fusion Techniques
* Monitoring and Detecting Archaeological Features with Multi-Frequency Polarimetric Analysis
* Sand Dune Dynamics Exploiting a Fully Automatic Method Using Satellite SAR Data
* SNAPPING Services on the Geohazards Exploitation Platform for Copernicus Sentinel-1 Surface Motion Mapping
Includes: Blasco, J.M.D.[Jose Manuel Delgado] Blasco, J.M.D.[José Manuel Delgado]

Blasechi, V. Co Author Listing * Automating the Photogrammetric Bridging Based on MMS Image Sequence Processing

Blasen, E. Co Author Listing * Extension of no-reference deblurring methods through image fusion

Blaser, M. Co Author Listing * General Video Coding Technology in Responses to the Joint Call for Proposals on Video Compression With Capability Beyond HEVC
* Geometry-adaptive motion partitioning using improved temporal prediction
* Improved higher order motion compensation in HEVC with block-to-block translational shift compensation
* Synthesis of fine details in B picture for dynamic textures
Includes: Blaser, M. Bläser, M. (Maybe also Blaeser, M.)

Blaser, S. Co Author Listing * Configuration and Simulation Tool for 360-degree Stereo Camera Rig
* Implementation and First Evaluation of An Indoor Mapping Application Using Smartphones and AR Frameworks
* Open Urban and Forest Datasets From a High-performance Mobile Mapping Backpack: A Contribution for Advancing the Creation of Digital City Twins
* Outdoor Mobile Mapping and AI-Based 3D Object Detection with Low-Cost RGB-D Cameras: The Use Case of On-Street Parking Statistics
Includes: Blaser, S. Blaser, S.[Stefan]

Blasi, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Assessment of PM10 and O3 Removal by Woody Vegetation at Urban and Regional Level

Blasi, S. Co Author Listing * Chroma Intra Prediction With Attention-Based CNN Architectures
* Complexity-driven rate-control for parallel HEVC coding
* Gradient-Based Intraprediction Fusion for Video Coding
* Interpreting CNN For Low Complexity Learned Sub-Pixel Motion Compensation In Video Coding
* Parameter-Based Affine Intra Prediction of Screen Content in Versatile Video Coding
Includes: Blasi, S. Blasi, S.[Saverio]

Blasi, S.G. Co Author Listing * Context adaptive mode sorting for fast HEVC mode decision
* Enhanced Inter-Prediction Via Shifting Transformation in the H.264/AVC
* Frequency-Domain Intra Prediction Analysis and Processing for High-Quality Video Coding
* HEVC encoder optimisations using adaptive coding unit visiting order
* Inter-prediction optimisations for fast HEVC encoding of ultra high definition content
* Inter-Prediction Optimizations for Video Coding Using Adaptive Coding Unit Visiting Order
* Masking of transformed intra-predicted blocks for high quality image and video coding
* Mode decision with enhanced inter-prediction in HEVC
* Time-Constrained Video Delivery Using Adaptive Coding Parameters
Includes: Blasi, S.G. Blasi, S.G.[Saverio G.]
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Blasiak, D. Co Author Listing * Efficient wavelet coding of motion compensated prediction residuals
* Generalized Scalar Quantizer Design Using Dynamic Programming

Blasinski, H. Co Author Listing * Designing Illuminant Spectral Power Distributions for Surface Classification
* iterative algorithm for spectral estimation with spatial smoothing, An
* model for estimating spectral properties of water from RGB images, A
* Per-Colorant-Channel Color Barcodes for Mobile Applications: An Interference Cancellation Framework
* Simultaneous Surface Reflectance and Fluorescence Spectra Estimation
Includes: Blasinski, H. Blasinski, H.[Henryk]

Blask, S.G.[Steven G.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous 3D Photogrammetric Approach to Airborne Video Geo-Registration, An

Blaskovics, T.[Tamas] Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field model for extracting near-circular shapes, A

Blaskow, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis and correction of the dependency between laser scanner intensity values and range
* Boat-based Mobile Laser Scanning for Shoreline Monitoring of Large Lakes
* Development of a Low-cost, Hand-held Multi-sensor System for The Monitoring of Small Water Bodies
* Potential Of UAV-based Laser Scanner And Multispectral Camera Data In Building Inspection
* UAV-Based Acquisition of 3D Point Cloud: A Comparison of a Low-Cost Laser Scanner and SFM-Tools

Blaslak, D. Co Author Listing * Motion filter vector quantization

Blasone, G.P.[Giovanni Paolo] Co Author Listing * Parasitic Surveillance Potentialities Based on a GEO-SAR Illuminator

Blass, M.[Micha] Co Author Listing * Online User Analysis Regarding the Usage of Mobile Augmented and Virtual Reality Devices in the Field of Robotics, An
Includes: Blass, M.[Micha] Bläss, M.[Micha] (Maybe also Blaess, M.)

Blass, V.[Vered] Co Author Listing * From Illegal Waste Dumps to Beneficial Resources Using Drone Technology and Advanced Data Analysis Tools: A Feasibility Study

Blass, W.E. Co Author Listing * Convolution Connection Paradigm Neural Network Enables Linear-System Theory-Based Image-Enhancement

Blasse, C.[Corinna] Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms for Moral Lineage Tracing
* Moral Lineage Tracing

Blaszak, L. Co Author Listing * Fine granularity in multi-loop hybrid coders with multi-layer scalability
* Simple AVC-based codecs with spatial scalability
* Spiral Coding Order of Macroblocks with Applications to SNR-Scalable Video Compression

Blaszczak Bak, W.[Wioleta] Co Author Listing * Application of the Msplit Estimation Method in the Detection and Dimensioning of the Displacement of Adjacent Planes
* Automatic Threat Detection for Historic Buildings in Dark Places Based on the Modified OptD Method
* Data Optimization for 3d Modeling and Analysis of a Fortress Architecture
* Defect Detection of Historic Structures in Dark Places Based On The Point Cloud Analysis By Modified OPTD Method
* Indoor Navigation and Mapping: Performance Analysis of Uwb-based Platform Positioning
* Methodology for Processing of 3D Multibeam Sonar Big Data for Comparative Navigation
* Methodology of Calculating the Number of Trees Based on ALS Data for Forestry Applications for the Area of Samlawki Forest District
* On the Use of the OptD Method for Building Diagnostics
* Orthogonal Msplit Estimation for Consequence Disaster Analysis
* Reduction Method for Mobile Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Blaszczak Bak, W.[Wioleta] Blaszczak-Bak, W.[Wioleta] Blaszczak-Bak, W.
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Blaszczyk, M.[Malgorzata] Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Aerial Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Detecting Geomorphological Changes in Hornsund, Svalbard
* Comparison of Three Methods for Distinguishing Glacier Zones Using Satellite SAR Data
* Quality Assessment and Glaciological Applications of Digital Elevation Models Derived from Space-Borne and Aerial Images over Two Tidewater Glaciers of Southern Spitsbergen
* Quantifying Changes in Extent and Velocity of the Hornbreen/Hambergbreen Glacial System (SW, Spitsbergen) Based on Timeseries of Multispectral Satellite Imagery
* SIOS's Earth Observation (EO), Remote Sensing (RS), and Operational Activities in Response to COVID-19
* Status of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications in Svalbard

Blaszka, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * model based method for characterization and location of curved image features, A
* Recovering and Characterizing Image Features Using an Efficient Model Based Approach
Includes: Blaszka, T.[Thierry] Blaszka, T.

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