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Arian, T.N. Co Author Listing * Preliminary Case for Hirschman Transform Video Coding, A

Ariananda, D. Co Author Listing * Compressive Covariance Sensing: Structure-based compressive sensing beyond sparsity

Ariannezhad, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Hybrid data-driven approach for truck travel time imputation

Ariano, R.E. Co Author Listing * Immunofluorescence imaging as a tool for studying the pharmacokinetics of a human monoclonal single chain fragment antibody

Arianpour, A.[Ash] Co Author Listing * Panoramic full-frame imaging with monocentric lenses and curved fiber bundles

Arias Aguilar, J.A.[Jose Anibal] Co Author Listing * Simple Methodology for 2d Reconstruction Using a CNN Model, A
Includes: Arias Aguilar, J.A.[Jose Anibal] Arias-Aguilar, J.A.[José Anibal]

Arias Castro, E.[Ery] Co Author Listing * Detection of Long Edges on a Computational Budget: A Sublinear Approach
* Noise Folding in Compressed Sensing
* Oracle Inequalities and Minimax Rates for Nonlocal Means and Related Adaptive Kernel-Based Methods
Includes: Arias Castro, E.[Ery] Arias-Castro, E.[Ery] Arias-Castro, E.

Arias de Reyna, E. Co Author Listing * Blind Low Complexity Time-Of-Arrival Estimation Algorithm for UWB Signals
* Double EP-Based Proposal for Turbo Equalization, A
Includes: Arias de Reyna, E. Arias-de-Reyna, E.

Arias Estrada, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Distinctiveness and Representativeness of Visual Vocabularies
* Domain Reduction Algorithm for Incremental Projective Reconstruction, A
* Dominant plane recognition in interior scenes from a single image
* FPGA 2D-convolution unit based on the CAPH language, An
* FPGA-Based Configurable Systolic Architecture for Window-Based Image Processing
* FPGA-based detection of SIFT interest keypoints
* Iterative Closest SIFT Formulation for Robust Feature Matching
* Partial Shape Matching and Retrieval under Occlusion and Noise
* Real-time image processing with a compact FPGA-based systolic architecture
* Robust feature extraction algorithm suitable for real-time embedded applications
Includes: Arias Estrada, M.[Miguel] Arias-Estrada, M.[Miguel] Arias-Estrada, M.
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Arias Estrada, M.O.[Miguel Octavio] Co Author Listing * Real-time multi-window stereo matching algorithm with fuzzy logic
Includes: Arias Estrada, M.O.[Miguel Octavio] Arias-Estrada, M.O.[Miguel-Octavio]

Arias Garcia, M. Co Author Listing * Discovery of Rare Phenotypes in Cellular Images Using Weakly Supervised Deep Learning
Includes: Arias Garcia, M. Arias-Garcia, M.

Arias Londono, J.D.[Julian D.] Co Author Listing * improved method for voice pathology detection by means of a HMM-based feature space transformation, An
Includes: Arias Londono, J.D.[Julian D.] Arias-Londono, J.D.[Julian D.]

Arias Lorza, A.M.[Andres M.] Co Author Listing * Carotid Artery Wall Segmentation by Coupled Surface Graph Cuts
* Carotid Artery Wall Segmentation in Multispectral MRI by Coupled Optimal Surface Graph Cuts
* Increasing Accuracy of Optimal Surfaces Using Min-Marginal Energies
Includes: Arias Lorza, A.M.[Andres M.] Arias-Lorza, A.M.[Andres M.] Arias-Lorza, A.M.

Arias Nicolas, J.P.[J. Pablo] Co Author Listing * perceptual similarity method by pairwise comparison in a medical image case, A
* Qatris iManager: a general purpose CBIR system
Includes: Arias Nicolas, J.P.[J. Pablo] Arias-Nicolás, J.P.[J. Pablo] Arias-Nicolás, J.P.

Arias Perez, B. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling and Accuracy Assessment of Granite Quarry Using Unmmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Assessing Pathologies on Villamayor Stone (Salamanca, Spain) by Terrestrial Laser Scanner Intensity Data
* Fusion of Multi-Temporal PAZ and Sentinel-1 Data for Crop Classification
* Multi-Temporal Dual- and Quad-Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Crop-Type Mapping
* New Microwave-based Missions Applications For Rainfed Crops Characterization
Includes: Arias Perez, B. Arias-Perez, B. Arias-Pérez, B. Arias-Pérez, B.[Benjamín]

Arias Rodriguez, L.F.[Leonardo F.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Water Quality of Valle de Bravo Reservoir, Mexico, Using Entire Lifespan of MERIS Data and Machine Learning Approaches
Includes: Arias Rodriguez, L.F.[Leonardo F.] Arias-Rodriguez, L.F.[Leonardo F.]

Arias Rubio, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Note on Gradient-Based Intensity Normalization, A
Includes: Arias Rubio, C.[Carlos] Arias-Rubio, C.[Carlos]

Arias Sanchez, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * automated approach to vertical road characterisation using mobile LiDAR systems: Longitudinal profiles and cross-sections, An
* Automatic Estimation of Excavation Volume from Laser Mobile Mapping Data for Mountain Road Widening
* CityGML extension for traffic-sign objects that guides the automatic processing of data collected using Mobile Mapping technology, A
* Mobile LiDAR System: New Possibilities for the Documentation and Dissemination of Large Cultural Heritage Sites
Includes: Arias Sanchez, P.[Pedro] Arias-Sanchez, P.[Pedro] Arias-Sánchez, P.[Pedro] Arias-Sánchez, P.

Arias Vergara, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Transfer learning helps to improve the accuracy to classify patients with different speech disorders in different languages
Includes: Arias Vergara, T.[Tomas] Arias-Vergara, T.[Tomás]

Arias, A.B.R.[Ana Belen Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * OBEliSK: Novel Knowledgebase of Object Features and Exchange Strategies
Includes: Arias, A.B.R.[Ana Belen Rodriguez] Arias, A.B.R.[Ana Belén Rodríguez]

Arias, A.P.[Antonia Perez] Co Author Listing * Calibrating dynamic pedestrian route choice with an Extended Range Telepresence System

Arias, E. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Vector Quantization of Images
* Variability of Microwave Scattering in a Stochastic Ensemble of Measured Rain Drops
Includes: Arias, E. Arias, E.[Enrique]

Arias, G.[Guillem] Co Author Listing * Understanding trained CNNs by indexing neuron selectivity

Arias, J.[Jacinto] Co Author Listing * Medical image modality classification using discrete Bayesian networks
* Neuro semantic thresholding using OCR software for high precision OCR applications
* SOM Segmentation of gray scale images for optical recognition
Includes: Arias, J.[Jacinto] Arias, J.[Jagoba]

Arias, J.A.[Jose Anibal] Co Author Listing * Meaningful Features for Computerized Detection of Breast Cancer
Includes: Arias, J.A.[Jose Anibal] Arias, J.A.[José Anibal]

Arias, J.F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Extraction of Primitives from Line-Drawings Composed of Horizontal and Vertical Lines
* Efficient Interpretation of Tabular Documents
* Finding Straight Lines in Drawings
* Information Extraction from Telephone Company Drawings
* Interpretation of Lines in Distributing Frame Drawings
* Interpretation of telephone company central office equipment drawings
* Interpreting and Representing Tabular Documents
Includes: Arias, J.F. Arias, J.F.[Juan F.]
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Arias, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Imaging Retrieval Using MODIS Satellite Sensors Applied to Volcanic Ash Clouds Monitoring
* On the Flame Spectrum Recovery by Using a Low-Spectral Resolution Sensor
* Two-Color Satellite Laser Ranging Measurements at 10 Hz and 100 Hz at TIGO
Includes: Arias, L.[Luis] Arias, L.

Arias, M.[Marcela] Co Author Listing * Assessment of an Operational System for Crop Type Map Production Using High Temporal and Spatial Resolution Satellite Optical Imagery
* Automated Method for Annual Cropland Mapping along the Season for Various Globally-Distributed Agrosystems Using High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Time Series, An
* Building a Data Set over 12 Globally Distributed Sites to Support the Development of Agriculture Monitoring Applications with Sentinel-2
* Crop Classification Based on Temporal Signatures of Sentinel-1 Observations over Navarre Province, Spain
* Improved Early Crop Type Identification By Joint Use of High Temporal Resolution SAR And Optical Image Time Series
* Measuring Marine Plastic Debris from Space: Initial Assessment of Observation Requirements
* Modern Computer Vision Techniques for X-Ray Testing in Baggage Inspection
* Object Recognition in Baggage Inspection Using Adaptive Sparse Representations of X-ray Images
* Operational High Resolution Land Cover Map Production at the Country Scale Using Satellite Image Time Series
* Production of a Dynamic Cropland Mask by Processing Remote Sensing Image Series at High Temporal and Spatial Resolutions
Includes: Arias, M.[Marcela] Arias, M.[María] Arias, M.[Manuel] Arias, M.[Marco]
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Arias, N.B.[N. Banol] Co Author Listing * Distribution System Services Provided by Electric Vehicles: Recent Status, Challenges, and Future Prospects
Includes: Arias, N.B.[N. Banol] Arias, N.B.[N. Bañol]

Arias, P. Co Author Listing * Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Shipbuilding
* Automated Inspection of Railway Tunnels' Power Line Using LiDAR Point Clouds
* Automatic 3D modelling of metal frame connections from LiDAR data for structural engineering purposes
* Automatic gbXML Modeling from LiDAR Data for Energy Studies
* Automatic Modelling of Rubble Mound Breakwaters from LIDAR Data
* Automatic Procedure for The Registration of Thermographic Images With Point Clouds
* Automatic Road Sign Inventory Using Mobile Mapping Systems
* Automatic Thickness And Volume Estimation Of Sprayed Concrete On Anchored Retaining Walls From Terrestrial Lidar Data
* Barrier and Guardrail Extraction and Classification From Point Clouds
* Below the Surface of the Non-local Bayesian Image Denoising Method
* Comparison of Patch-Based Models in Video Denoising, A
* Connecting the Out-of-Sample and Pre-Image Problems in Kernel Methods
* Damage Detection On Historical Buildings Using Unsupervised Classification Techniques
* Deformation Monitoring of Motorway Underpasses Using Laser Scanning Data
* Digital photogrammetry, GPR and finite elements in heritage documentation: geometry and structural damages
* Disturbance Analysis in the Classification of Objects Obtained from Urban LiDAR Point Clouds with Convolutional Neural Networks
* EPLL: An Image Denoising Method Using a Gaussian Mixture Model Learned on a Large Set of Patches
* Evaluation Of Driver Visibility From Mobile Lidar Data And Weather Conditions
* Exemplar-Based Interpolation of Sparsely Sampled Images
* First Approach to UAV-based Contact Inspection: a Smart Payload For Navigation in The Neighbourhood of Structures
* From Geometry to Diagnosis: Experiences of Geomatics in Structural Engineering
* gradient based neighborhood filter for disparity interpolation, A
* Influence of the Precision of LIDAR Data in Surface Water Runoff Estimation for Road Maintenance
* Joint Demosaicking and Denoising by Fine-Tuning of Bursts of Raw Images
* Land-Based Mobile Laser Scanning Systems: A Review
* Linear Multiscale Analysis of Similarities between Images on Riemannian Manifolds: Practical Formula and Affine Covariant Metrics
* Model-Blind Video Denoising via Frame-To-Frame Training
* Motion Capture for Clinical Purposes, an Approach Using PrimeSense Sensors
* Multidisciplinar Approach to Historic Arch Bridges Documentation
* New Algorithm for the Merging of Geometric Entities Towards the Correct Generation of Semantic GBXML Models
* Non-Local CNN for Video Denoising, A
* Non-Local Kalman: A Recursive Video Denoising Algorithm
* Novel Approach to Automatic Traffic Sign Inventory Based on Mobile Mapping System Data and Deep Learning
* On the Convergence of PatchMatch and Its Variants
* Path Planning for Indoor Contact Inspection Tasks with Uavs
* Point clouds for direct pedestrian pathfinding in urban environments
* Point Clouds to Direct Indoor Pedestrian Pathfinding
* Realistic Transformation of Facial and Vocal Smiles in Real-Time Audiovisual Streams
* Segmentation and classification of road markings using MLS data
* Self-supervised multi-image super-resolution for push-frame satellite images
* Self-supervised training for blind multi-frame video denoising
* Simple Approaches to Improve the Automatic Inventory of Zebra Crossing from MLS Data
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning And Non Parametric Methods In Masonry Arches Inspection
* Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria de Castrelos (Vigo Spain) Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Traffic sign detection in MLS acquired point clouds for geometric and image-based semantic inventory
* Ultrasound Image Segmentation With Shape Priors: Application to Automatic Cattle Rib-Eye Area Estimation
* Variational Framework for Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting, A
* Variational Framework for Non-local Image Inpainting, A
* Variational Framework for Non-Local Inpainting
* Variational Model for Gradient-Based Video Editing, A
* Video Denoising via Empirical Bayesian Estimation of Space-Time Patches
* Visual Music Transcription of Clarinet Video Recordings Trained with Audio-Based Labelled Data
Includes: Arias, P. Arias, P.[Pedro] Arias, P.[Pablo]
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Arias, P.A.[Pablo A.] Co Author Listing * Micro Genetic and Evolutionary Feature Extraction: An Exploratory Data Analysis Approach for Multispectral Iris Recognition

Arias, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Development of a Computer Vision System for the Automatic Quality Grading of Mandarin Segments
Includes: Arias, R.[Raul] Arias, R.[Raúl]

Arias, V.[Viviana] Co Author Listing * Flexible Architecture for Streaming and Visualization of Large Virtual Microscopy Images

Arias, Y.[Yaumel] Co Author Listing * new focus detection criterion in holograms of planktonic organisms, A

Ariasestrada, M. Co Author Listing * Focal-Plane Architecture for Motion Computation, A

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