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Adel Rahman, E.M. Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Planetscope and Sentinel Sentinel-2 Space-borne Sensors in Mapping Striga Weed Using Guided Regularised Random Forest Classification Ensemble, A
Includes: Adel Rahman, E.M. Adel-Rahman, E.M.

Adel, H.[Heike] Co Author Listing * SciOL and MuLMS-Img: Introducing A Large-Scale Multimodal Scientific Dataset and Models for Image-Text Tasks in the Scientific Domain

Adel, M. Co Author Listing * Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis with FDG-PET Brain Images By Using Multi-Level Features
* Brain region of interest selection for 18FDG positrons emission tomography computer-aided image classification
* Comparison of GWO-SVM and Random Forest Classifiers in a LevelSet based approach for Bladder wall segmentation and characterisation using MR images
* Filtering noise on mammographic phantom images using local contrast modification functions
* Improving Image Quality In Low-Field MRI With Deep Learning
* Multi-View Separable Pyramid Network for AD Prediction at MCI Stage by 18F-FDG Brain PET Imaging
* Noise reduction on mammographic phantom images
* novel biometric via hand structure using near-field microwave imaging, A
* probabilistic based method for tracking vessels in retinal images, A
* Region-based brain selection and classification on pet images for Alzheimer's disease computer aided diagnosis
* Retinal vessel segmentation using a probabilistic tracking method
* Spatial and spectral dependance co-occurrence method for multi-spectral image texture classification
* Statistical-based linear vessel structure detection in medical images
* Statistical-Based Tracking Technique for Linear Structures Detection: Application to Vessel Segmentation in Medical Images
* Texture classification for multi-spectral images using spatial and spectral Gray Level Differences
Includes: Adel, M. Adel, M.[Mouloud] Adel, M.[Mohammed]
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Adelabu, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the impact of red-edge band from Rapideye image for classifying insect defoliation levels

Adelabu, S.A.[Samuel A.] Co Author Listing * Development of post-fire vegetation response-ability model in grassland mountainous ecosystem using GIS and remote sensing

Adelaide, L.[Lucas] Co Author Listing * Progress and Monitoring Opportunities of Skid Resistance in Road Transport: A Critical Review and Road Sensors

Adeleke, A.K. Co Author Listing * Intergration Of Lidar Data With Aerial Imagery For Estimating Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Potentials In City Of Cape Town

Adeleke, O.[Olusola] Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Anomaly Detection from Anomalous Training Data via Iterative Latent Token Masking

Adelfeld, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Reconstruction from 2D geometric Part Descriptions

Adeli Mosabbeb, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Joint Feature-Sample Selection and Robust Classification for Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis
* low-cost strong shadow-based segmentation approach for vehicle tracking in congested traffic scenes, A
* Multi-label Discriminative Weakly-Supervised Human Activity Recognition and Localization
* New Approach for Vehicle Detection in Congested Traffic Scenes Based on Strong Shadow Segmentation, A
* Non-negative matrix completion for action detection
* Relationship Induced Multi-atlas Learning for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
Includes: Adeli Mosabbeb, E.[Ehsan] Adeli-Mosabbeb, E.[Ehsan]

Adeli, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * 3-D Fully Convolutional Networks for Multimodal Isointense Infant Brain Image Segmentation
* 3D CNNs with Adaptive Temporal Feature Resolutions
* Action-Agnostic Human Pose Forecasting
* Adversarially Learned One-Class Classifier for Novelty Detection
* AVID: Adversarial Visual Irregularity Detection
* Cascaded MultiTask 3-D Fully Convolutional Networks for Pancreas Segmentation
* CoCon: Cooperative-Contrastive Learning
* Deep Relative Attributes
* Depth map artefacts reduction: a review
* Disentangling Human Dynamics for Pedestrian Locomotion Forecasting with Noisy Supervision
* Disentangling Normal Aging From Severity of Disease via Weak Supervision on Longitudinal MRI
* FedNN: Federated learning on concept drift data using weight and adaptive group normalizations
* Generative adversarial U-Net for domain-free few-shot medical diagnosis
* High-Resolution Encoder-Decoder Networks for Low-Contrast Medical Image Segmentation
* Home Action Genome: Cooperative Compositional Action Understanding
* Identifying Auxiliary or Adversarial Tasks Using Necessary Condition Analysis for Adversarial Multi-task Video Understanding
* Image-to-Images Translation for Multi-Task Organ Segmentation and Bone Suppression in Chest X-Ray Radiography
* Imitation Learning for Human Pose Prediction
* Infant Brain Development Prediction With Latent Partial Multi-View Representation Learning
* It Is Not the Journey But the Destination: Endpoint Conditioned Trajectory Prediction
* Logistic Regression Confined by Cardinality-Constrained Sample and Feature Selection
* Mammographic mass segmentation using multichannel and multiscale fully convolutional networks
* Metadata Normalization
* Multi-Level Canonical Correlation Analysis for Standard-Dose PET Image Estimation
* Population-guided large margin classifier for high-dimension low-sample-size problems
* PrivHAR: Recognizing Human Actions from Privacy-Preserving Lens
* Procedure Planning in Instructional Videos
* Rendering Humans from Object-Occluded Monocular Videos
* Representation Learning with Statistical Independence to Mitigate Bias
* Rethinking Architecture Design for Tackling Data Heterogeneity in Federated Learning
* Scalable Differential Privacy with Sparse Network Finetuning
* Self-Supervised Representation Learning via Neighborhood-Relational Encoding
* Semi-Supervised Discriminative Classification Robust to Sample-Outliers and Feature-Noises
* Spatio-Temporal Graph for Video Captioning With Knowledge Distillation
* Switching Structured Prediction for Simple and Complex Human Activity Recognition
* Transformers Pay Attention to Convolutions Leveraging Emerging Properties of ViTs by Dual Attention-Image Network
* TRiPOD: Human Trajectory and Pose Dynamics Forecasting in the Wild
Includes: Adeli, E.[Ehsan] Adeli, E.
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Adeli, H. Co Author Listing * Deep-BCN: Deep Networks Meet Biased Competition to Create a Brain-Inspired Model of Attention Control
* Wavelet energy spectrum for time-frequency localization of earthquake energy
Includes: Adeli, H. Adeli, H.[Hojjat]

Adeli, K.[Kamran] Co Author Listing * Improving Accuracy Estimation of Forest Aboveground Biomass Based on Incorporation of ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 and Sentinel-2A Imagery and Machine Learning: A Case Study of the Hyrcanian Forest Area (Iran)

Adeli, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Long Term Trend of Different Drought Indices Using Mann-kendall and Sen's Slope Estimator Over Iran
* Google Earth Engine for geo-big data applications: A meta-analysis and systematic review
* Wetland Monitoring Using SAR Data: A Meta-Analysis and Comprehensive Review
Includes: Adeli, S. Adeli, S.[Sarina]

Adeli, V.[Vida] Co Author Listing * component-based video content representation for action recognition, A
* MotionAGFormer: Enhancing 3D Human Pose Estimation with a Transformer-GCNFormer Network
* TRiPOD: Human Trajectory and Pose Dynamics Forecasting in the Wild

Adelimanesh, M.A. Co Author Listing * Complexity Analysis Of Next-Generation VVC Encoding And Decoding

Adeline, K.[Karine] Co Author Listing * Detection of individual trees in urban alignment from airborne data and contextual information: A marked point process approach
* Estimation of Oak Leaf Functional Traits for California Woodland Savannas and Mixed Forests: Comparison between Statistical, Physical, and Hybrid Methods Using Spectroscopy
* Joint Use of PROSAIL and DART for Fast LUT Building: Application to Gap Fraction and Leaf Biochemistry Estimations over Sparse Oak Stands
* Monitoring Crop Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficients over an Almond and Pistachio Orchard Throughout Remote Sensing
* Monitoring LAI, Chlorophylls, and Carotenoids Content of a Woodland Savanna Using Hyperspectral Imagery and 3D Radiative Transfer Modeling
* Montmorillonite Estimation in Clay-Quartz-Calcite Samples from Laboratory SWIR Imaging Spectroscopy: A Comparative Study of Spectral Preprocessings and Unmixing Methods
* Phenological Dynamics Characterization of Alignment Trees with Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Vegetation Indices Time Series Reconstruction Methodology Adapted to Urban Areas
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Adeline, K.R.M. Co Author Listing * ICARE-VEG: A 3D physics-based atmospheric correction method for tree shadows in urban areas
* Impact of Modeling Abstractions When Estimating Leaf Mass per Area and Equivalent Water Thickness over Sparse Forests Using a Hybrid Method
* Impact of Tree Crown Transmittance on Surface Reflectance Retrieval in the Shade for High Spatial Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy: A Simulation Analysis Based on Tree Modeling Scenarios
* New Material-Oriented TES for Land Surface Temperature and SUHI Retrieval in Urban Areas: Case Study over Madrid in the Framework of the Future TRISHNA Mission, A
* Shadow detection in very high spatial resolution aerial images: A comparative study
Includes: Adeline, K.R.M. Adeline, K.R.M.[Karine R. M.]

Adell, E. Co Author Listing * Developing human-machine interaction components for a driver assistance system for safe speed and safe distance

Adelman, L. Co Author Listing * Confirmation Bias in the Analysis of Remote Sensing Data

Adelman, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Editing like Humans: A Contextual, Multimodal Framework for Automated Video Editing

Adelman, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Automatic estimation of left ventricular dysfunction from echocardiogram videos

Adelmann, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Reclamation of Lost Art

Adelsbach, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * On the Insecurity of Non-invertible Watermarking Schemes for Dispute Resolving
Includes: Adelsbach, A.[Andre] Adelsbach, A.[André]

Adelsberger, R.[Rolf] Co Author Listing * Time-of-flight sensor and color camera calibration for multi-view acquisition

Adelson, E. Co Author Listing * Connecting Look and Feel: Associating the Visual and Tactile Properties of Physical Materials

Adelson, E.H.[Edward H.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Adelson, E.H.[Edward H.]: adelson AT ai mit edu
* Analyzing and Recognizing Walking Figures in XYT
* Analyzing Gait with Spatiotemporal Surfaces
* Apply Mid-Level Vision Techniques for Video Data Compression and Manipulation
* Computing Optical Flow Distributions Using Spatio-Temporal Filters
* Crisp Boundary Detection Using Pointwise Mutual Information
* Depth-of-focus imaging process method
* Design and Use of Steerable Filters, The
* Discovering states and transformations in image collections
* Early Vision and Texture Perception
* Estimating Intrinsic Component Images using Non-Linear Regression
* Exploring features in a Bayesian framework for material recognition
* Extraction of Spatio-Temporal Energy in Human and Machine Vision, The
* Ground truth dataset and baseline evaluations for intrinsic image algorithms
* How do Humans Determine Reflectance Properties under Unknown Illumination?
* Human-assisted motion annotation
* Image Data compression with the Laplacian Pyramid
* Laplacian Pyramid as a Compact Image Code, The
* Layered Representation for Motion Analysis
* Layered Representations for Vision and Video
* Learning Gaussian Conditional Random Fields for Low-Level Vision
* Method for compensating for void-defects in images
* Microgeometry Capture using an Elastomeric Sensor
* Mid-level vision: new directions in vision and video
* Motion illusions as optimal percepts
* Motion magnification
* Motion Without Movement
* Multi-Scale Image Transforms
* Multiresolution Spline with Applications to Image Mosaics, A
* Noise reduction system
* Noise Removal via Bayesian Wavelet Coring
* Non-Separable Extensions of Quadrature Mirror Filters to Multiple Dimensions
* On the appearance of translucent edges
* Orthogonal Pyramid Transforms For Image Coding
* Perception of Coherent Motion in 2-D Patterns, The
* Perceptual Buildup of Three-Dimensional Structure from Motion, The
* Perceptually Organized EM: A Framework for Motion Segmentation That Combines Information about Form and Motion
* Phenomenal Coherence of Moving Visual Patterns
* Plenoptic Function and the Elements of Early Vision, The
* Probability Distributions of Optical Flow
* Recognition of Surface Reflectance Properties from a Single Image under Unknown Real-World Illumination
* Recognizing Materials Using Perceptually Inspired Features
* Recovering Intrinsic Images from a Single Image
* Recovering Reflectance and Illumination in a World of Painted Polyhedra
* Representing Moving Images with Layers
* Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape
* Sensing and Recognizing Surface Textures Using a GelSight Sensor
* Separating Reflections and Lighting Using Independent Components Analysis
* Separating reflections from images by use of independent component analysis
* Shape estimation in natural illumination
* Shape from Sheen
* Shapecollage: Occlusion-Aware, Example-Based Shape Interpretation
* Shiftable Multi-Scale Transforms: or What's Wrong with Orthonormal Wavelets
* Single Lens Stereo with a Plenoptic Camera
* SparkleVision: Seeing the world through random specular microfacets
* Spatio-Temporal Segmentation of Video Data
* Spatiotemporal Energy Models for the Perception of Motion
* Statistics of Real-World Illumination
* Steerable Filters for Early Vision, Image Analysis and Wavelet Decomposition
* stereoscopic camera employing a single main lens, A
* Subband Image Coding with Three-tap Pyramids
* Subband Transforms
* Surface Reflectance Estimation and Natural Illumination Statistics
* System for coring an image-representing signal
* System for encoding image data into multiple layers representing regions of coherent motion and associated motion parameters
* Talk abstract: Computational lighting design and band-sifting operators
* Truncated Subband Coding of Images
* Unified Mixture Framework for Motion Segmentation: Incorporating Spatial Coherence and Estimating the Number of Models, A
* Verifying the Consistency of Shading Patterns and 3-D Structures
* Visually Indicated Sounds
Includes: Adelson, E.H.[Edward H.] Adelson, E.H.
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Adelstein, B.D. Co Author Listing * Rotation and Direction Judgment from Visual Images Head-Slaved in Two and Three Degrees-of-Freedom

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