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Spectrum News * Cheap Terahertz Camera, A

Spectrum(16) * Digital Image Processing

Spectrum(17) * Computers That See

Spectrum(18) * Postal Automation: It Can Be Done

Spectrum(2) * PCM Picture Transmission

Spectrum(20) * Computer Vision: The Challenge of Imperfect Inputs

Spectrum(23) * Eyes for Automatons

Spectrum(3) * PCM Picture Transmission

Spectrum(33) * Computational Eye, The
* Learning to See
* Toward an Artificial Eye

Spectrum(34) * Rational Approach to Testing MPEG-2, A

Spectrum(38) * Keeping cars from crashing

Spectrum(39) * Building safer cars

Spectrum(4) * Fast Fourier Transform, The

Spectrum(46) * Plastic surgery 1, face recognition 0
* Seeing is not believing
* Sign Language by Cellphone

Spectrum(47) * 3-D without four eyes
* Camera hacking
* Computing the scene of a crime
* end of the blur, The
* Eyes in the Sky That See Too Much
* Reverse engineering the human face
* TV Guide, HD Edition
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Spectrum(48) * Augmented-reality TV
* Balloon-borne photography
* driver's sixth sense, A
* new angle on imaging, A
* picturephone is here. Really, The
* Will soccer-ball tracking ever reach its goal?
* Your next camera will shoot 3-D
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Spectrum(49) * Bringing bombs to light
* Coffee-Can Radar
* faster fast fourier transform, A
* Future vision
* IR eye
* Journey to the center of a tumor
* Not all pixels are created equal
* Sports: 3-D TV's toughest challenge
* Taking shape
* This is your brain on fMRI
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Spectrum(50) * Augmented reality for public spaces
* Augmented-reality pioneer
* New camera chip captures only what it needs
* Path found to combined MRI and CT Scanner
* Vision 2.0
* world's most powerful MRI takes shape, The

Spectrum(51) * 5 Earth-imaging start-ups coming to a sky near you
* age of the zettabyte Cisco: the future of internet traffic is video, The
* drive for driverless cars, The
* How do you store a digital movie for 100 years?
* Identifying explosives at a distance
* Mapheads and roadgeeks: the new cartography
* medical X-ray's new phase, The
* Rescue-robot show-down
* rise of the crash-proof car, The
* Robot, you can drive my car
* Virtual reality's moment
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Spectrum(52) * *Big Picture: This hotel is staffed by robots, The
* *Boom Times for the New Camera Boom
* cheaper way for robocars to avoid pedestrians, A
* early-warning system for your bike, An
* FBI wants better automated image analysis for tattoos
* Flying selfie bots
* Giving machines humanlike eyes
* real-life dangers of augmented reality, The
* Tech giants bet on biometrics
* wearable turns baseball pitching into a science, A
* Wearables for frail seniors
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Spectrum(53) * Agriculture drones are finally cleared for takeoff [News]
* Brainprint biometric id hits 100% accuracy
* Can you program ethics into a self-driving car?
* Finding one face in a million
* future of augmented reality: Hololens-Microsoft's AR headset shines despite rough edges, The
* How to run a successful mobile crowdsourcing project developers must respect the quirks of smartphone culture
* LIDAR that will make self-driving cars affordable [News]
* pocket camera with many eyes, A
* Self-driving cars and the law
* TV's vanishing act: radical new display and content-delivery technologies will doom the television set., The
* Virtual reality goes social
* Wave hello to the next interface
* When will Google's self-driving car really be ready? It depends on where you live and what you mean by ready
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Spectrum(54) * Augmented reality: forget the glasses
* Autonomous ships on the high seas
* DIY film digitizer
* Face recognition tech goes on trial
* Motion-planning chip speeds robots
* Robotic cars won't understand us, and we won't cut them much slack
* Self-driving cars have a bicycle problem
* Self-driving wheelchairs debut in hospitals and airports
* Twilight for the golden age of earth observation?
* Wi-fi + HD video + drones = still wobbly
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Spectrum(55) * *Europe's new X-ray laser delivers results: Scientists used the EuXFEL to reveal the structures of the tiniest proteins
* *New eyes for the IoT
* 3 sensors to track every bite and gulp
* Ancient statues, digitally reconstructed, return to Mosul [News]
* Can we trust computer with body-cam vidio? Police departments are being led to believe AI will help, but they should be wary
* curious incident of the robocar in the night-time, The
* digital fingerprints of brain disorders, The
* Driving tests for self-driving cars
* Forging voices and faces
* Iceland's consumers try drone delivery: The startup Aha takes on Amazon with basic drones bearing burgers
* India's biometric ids trigger privacy lawsuits
* Machine vision to curb pig pugnacity: 3D cameras can help predict when pigs are about to nip each other's tails
* Red light, green light, no light: Tomorrow's communicative cars could take turns at intersections
* Shining a light on global winds: The Aeolus satellite uses powerful lidar to measure wind speeds
* Wearable sensor detects stress in sweat: Cortisol is key to tracking stress, but it's tough to measure in an instant-[News]
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Spectrum(56) * *AI Engineers: The autonomous-vehicle industry wants you: Cruise's AI chief, Hussein Mehanna, talks jobs, careers, and self-driving cars
* *Autonomous trucks need people
* Augmented reality for robocars
* Automated eyes watch plants grow: Crop scientists hope to replace traditional painstaking monitoring methods
* blood is here: Zipline's medical delivery drones are changing the game in Rwanda, The
* brain in the machine: MIT is building robots that use full-body teleoperation to move with greater agility, The
* brain interface to capture your attention: An EEG headpiece for children with ADHD is now maker friendly-[Resources_Hands on], A
* Drones survey the great barrier reef: Aided by AI, hyperspectral cameras can distinguish bleached from unbleached coral
* Eyes have it: New iris-recognition techniques can tell whether an Eye is healthy, diseased: or dead, The
* Regulators seek ways to down rogue drones: Growing antidrone industry offers radar, remote ID, and other tools
* Seeing with radio Wi-Fi-like equipment can see people through walls, measure their heart rates, and gauge emotions
* Self-driving tech for non-cars: From mall shuttles to monster trucks, Perrone Robotics is ready to debut its self-driving tech-[News]
* Taxis without drivers-or steering wheels
* Top ten tech cars 2019: Self-driving and electric technologies are infiltrating everyday cars, slowly
* Wanted: HI-RES, surgery-free brain interfaces: DARPA aims to develop wearable devices that let soldiers communicate directly with machines
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Spectrum(57) * $74,500 will fetch you a spot: For the price of a luxury car, you can now buy a very smart, very capable, very yellow robot dog
* *Autonomous vehicles require batteries with lasting power
* *How robots became essential workers: They disinfected hospital rooms. They delivered medical supplies. They swabbed people's throats. Next time around, they'll be treating patients
* *proximity sensor for robots, A
* all-seeing baggage scanner, The
* Autonomous vehicles lite self-driving technologies should start small, go slow
* Breaking the millisecond barrier: Robots and self-driving cars will need completely reengineered networks
* Can cargo drones solve air freight's logjams? A drone startup says its big vertical-takeoff flier would be quick to land, load, and take off again
* Curbside cab charging: Wireless power tech keeps EVs on the go [News]
* delivery drones are coming, The
* Facebook takes on deepfakes
* GM bets big on batteries: A new $2.3 billion plant cranks out Ultium cells to power a future line of electric vehicles
* Here comes driverless ride sharing: Cruise unveils the origin, a fully autonomous SUV designed for app-controlled urban transportation
* Making emotions transparent: Google Glass helps autistic kids understand facial expressions through augmented-reaiity therapy
* Microsatellites spot mystery methane leaks
* new driver's ED: Game developers teach Cruise's autonomous vehicles to understand gestures made by people on the street, The
* road ahead for self-driving cars: The AV industry has had to reset expectations, as it shifts its focus to level 4 autonomy, The
* robot that keeps it simple: Hello robot wants to reinvent how autonomous machines perform tasks at home, A
* short, strange life of the first friendly robot: Japan's Gakutensoku was a giant pneumatic automaton that toured through Asia - until it mysteriously disappeared, The
* Snapshots by quantum dots: Look out, CMOS image sensors. There's a new kid in camera-town
* This AI can see the forest and the trees
* U. S. cities pilot connected-vehicle tech: Enabling conventional vehicles to communicate could save lives right now
* Wanted: A fallback for GPS: The U.S. government seeks tech that could step in if its global satellite fleet were to fail
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Spectrum(58) * Brain Implants and Wearables Reroute Signals to Restore Movement and Sensation
* Conjurer of Compression: From WinZips to cat GIFs, JACOB ZIV's algorithms have been making data disappear and reappear for decades
* Look Out for Apple's AR Glasses: With head-up displays, cameras, inertial sensors, and lidar on board, Apple's augmented-reality glasses could redefine wearables
* Military Tests that Jam and Spoof GPS Signals are an Accident Waiting to Happen
* New Wildfire Watchdog: Alerts About Forest Fires Shouldn't Depend on Pets Smelling Smoke. We Need Smart Infrastructure, and that Needs Zero-Power Sensors, A
* On Russian Farms, the Robotic Revolution Has Begun: Hundreds of Aftermarket AIs are Harvesting Grain
* Robot Trucks Overtake Robot Cars: This year, trucks will drive themselves on public roads with no one on board
* State of the Art: This Convolutional Neural Network can Tell you Whether a Painting is a Fake
* Where No One Has Seen Before: The James Webb Space Telescope will let us see back almost to the big bang
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Spectrum(59) * AI Takes a Dumpster Dive: Computer-vision systems sort your recyclables at superhuman speed
* Boom With a View: The Satellite-Imaging Industry is Exploding. Here's how to take Advantage of it, A
* Brakes that Slam Themselves: Automatic emergency braking will become standard in Europe
* Flying Pallets Without Pilots: A drone startup will test a radical new vision of long-range cargo transport in Europe
* How Robots Can Help US Act and Feel Younger: Toyota's Gill Pratt on Enhancing Independence in Old Age
* Letting Robocars See Around Corners: Using several bands of radar at once can give cars a kind of second sight
* Roomba for Rivers, A
* Today's Robotic Surgery Turns Surgical Trainees into Spectators: Medical Training in the Robotics Age Leaves Tomorrow's Surgeons Short on Skills
* Your Eye in the Sky: Satellite Reconnaissance Comes in from the Cold
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Spectrum(60) * 5 Conclusion from an Automation Expert with Firsthand Knowledge of Highway Regulation What Self-Driving Cars Tell Us About AI Risks: Missy Cummings
* 5 Questions for Andrew Leland: The History of Assistive Technology for the Blind
* 5 Questions for Missy Cummings: The Former Fighter Pilot on why Autonomous Vehicles are so Risky
* AI Hunts for Hidden Minerals: Machine Learning is Uncovering Hoards of Vital EV Battery Metals
* Designing Robots to Best World Cup Winners has Inspired Generations of Roboticists
* Lidar on a Chip Enters the Fast Lane: Sensors for Self-Driving Cars and Robots will be Tiny, Reliable, and Affordable
* Nanostructures Transform Tiny Cameras: Thin Semiconductor Metalenses are Finally Moving into Consumers' Hands
* Panopticon v. the Capitol Rioters: Forensic technology is enormously powerful, but is it worth the privacy trade-offs?, The
* Roll Your Own All-Sky Camera > Use Raspberry Pi Hardware to Capture Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Images of the Heavens
* Seeing Secrets in the Ice: A Drone-Based Radar Looks for the Future of Climate Change
* Superhuman Speed: How Autonomous Drones Beat the Best Human Racers
* This Implant Turns Brain Waves Into Words: A brain-computer interface deciphers commands intended for the vocal tract
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Spectrum(61) * Electronically Assisted Astronomy > Take Detailed Images of the Heavens on the Cheap
* How Ultrasound Became Ultra Small
* Ukraine is Riddled with Land Mines: Drones and AI Can Help

Spectrum(9) * Image Processing by Digital Computer

Spectrum(vol) * *IEEE Spectrum

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