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EventVideo01 * *Detection and Recognition of Events in Video
* Content-Based Video Retrieval by Integrating Spatio-Temporal and Stochastic recognition of events
* Detecting independently moving objects and their interactions in georeferenced airborne video
* Detecting Semantic Concepts Using Context and Audio/Visual Features
* Foreground Segmentation Using Adaptive Mixture Models in Color and Depth
* Hierarchical Motion History Images for Recognizing Human Motion
* Hierarchical unsupervised learning of facial expression categories
* Multimodal 3D tracking and Event Detection via the Particle Filter
* Recognizing action events from multiple viewpoints
* Segmentation and Recognition of Continuous Human Activity
* Temporal Events in All Dimensions and Scales
* Towards a unified approach for tracking and analysis of human motion
* View-Invariant Representation and Learning of Human Action
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EventVideo03 * *Detection and Recognition of Events in Video

EventVideo04 * *Detection and Recognition of Events in Video
* Audio-Based Sports Video Segmentation and Event Detection Algorithm, An
* Event Detection by Eigenvector Decomposition Using Object and Frame Features
* Extraction and Temporal Segmentation of Multiple Motion Trajectories in Human Motion
* Learning a Factorized Segmental Representation of Far-Field Tracking Data
* Modeling Individual and Group Actions in Meetings: A Two-Layer HMM Framework
* Ontology for Video Event Representation, An
* Ontology-Driven Bayesian Networks for Dynamic Scene Understanding
* Representation and Recognition of Events in Surveillance Video Using Petri Nets
* Sequential Reliable-Inference for Rapid Detection of Human Actions
* Understanding Images of Graphical User Interfaces: A New Approach to Activity Recognition for Visual Surveillance
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EventVision21 * *Event-Based Vision
* Comparing Representations in Tracking for Event Camera-based SLAM
* Cortically-inspired Architecture for Event-based Visual Motion Processing: From Design Principles to Real-world Applications, A
* Detecting Stable Keypoints from Events through Image Gradient Prediction
* Differentiable Event Stream Simulator for Non-Rigid 3D Tracking
* DVS-OUTLAB: A Neuromorphic Event-Based Long Time Monitoring Dataset for Real-World Outdoor Scenarios
* EFI-Net: Video Frame Interpolation from Fusion of Events and Frames
* Feedback control of event cameras
* How to Calibrate Your Event Camera
* Image Reconstruction from Neuromorphic Event Cameras using Laplacian-Prediction and Poisson Integration with Spiking and Artificial Neural Networks
* Lifting Monocular Events to 3D Human Poses
* Live Demonstration: Incremental Motion Estimation for Event-based Cameras by Dispersion Minimisation
* N-ROD: a Neuromorphic Dataset for Synthetic-to-Real Domain Adaptation
* Spike timing-based unsupervised learning of orientation, disparity, and motion representations in a spiking neural network*
* v2e: From Video Frames to Realistic DVS Events
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