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ASSP MAGAZINE(1) * Computer Vision: Signals, Segments, and Structures

ASSP( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing

ASSP(24) * Blind deconvolution of spatially invariant image blurs with phase

ASSP(25) * Recursive Least Squares Smoothing of Noise in Images

ASSP(26) * Image Restoration of Space-Variant Blurs by Sectional Methods
* Sectioned Methods for Image Restoration

ASSP(27) * Digital Color Image Processing within the Framework of a Human Visual Model
* Fast Two-Dimensional Median Filtering Algorithm, A
* Optimal Window Functions for Image Correlations in the Presence of Geometric Distortion

ASSP(28) * Intensity Signal Processing of Images for Optical to Radar Scene Matching
* Performance, Tradeoffs in Dynamic Time Warping Algorithms for Isolated Word Recognition
* Signal Reconstruction from Phase or Magnitude

ASSP(29) * Adaptive Nonlinear Image Restoration by a Modified Kalman Filtering Approach
* Cubic Convolution Interpolation for Digital Image Processing
* economical Class of Digital Filters for Decimation and Interpolation, An
* Edge Detection Using Sequential Methods for Change in Level - Part I: A Sequential Edge Detection Algorithm
* Edge Detection Using Sequential Methods for Change in Level - Part II: Sequential Detection of Change in Mean
* Estimating 3-D Motion Parameters of a Rigid Planar Patch I
* Kalman Filtering in Two Dimensions: Further Results
* Level Building Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm for Connected Word Recognition, A
* Sampling the 2-D Radon transform
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ASSP(30) * Digital Image Restoration Using Spatial Interaction Models
* Estimating 3-D Motion Parameters of a Rigid Planar Patch II: Singular Value Decomposition
* Sequential Convolution Techniques for Image Filtering

ASSP(31) * Comments on A Recursive Kalman Window Approach to Image Restoration
* Computational Study of Reconstruction Algorithms for Diffraction Tomography: Interpolation versus Filtered Back Propagation, A
* Convergence Criteria for Iterative Restoration Methods
* Design and Comparative Study of Some Sequential Jump Detection Algorithms for Digital Signals
* Design of Digital Fan Filters
* Discrete and Continuous Band-Limited Signal Extrapolation
* Error Analysis for 2-D Block Implemented Digital Filters, An
* Fast Kalman Filter for Images Degraded by Both Blur and Noise, A
* Fully Recursive Filter: A General 2-D Recursive Filter, The
* Generalization of Median Filtering Using Linear Combinations of Order Statistics, A
* Iterative Time-Limited Signal Restoration
* Machine Recognition of the Cantonese Digits Using Bandpass Filters
* Magnitude-Only Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Sequences with Finite Regions of Support
* Minimal Delay Realization of First Order 2-D All-Pass Digital Filters
* New Algorithms for the Multidimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
* On Two-Dimensional Markov Spectral Estimation
* On Using Symmetry Properties for Selecting Transform Components for Image Coding
* Reconstruction of Signals from Phase: Efficient Algorithms, Segmnetations, and Generalizations
* Restoring Causal Signals by Analytical Continuation: A Generalized Sampling Theorem for causal Signals
* Signal Reconstruction from Signed Fourier Transform Magnitude
* Stability of 2-D Causal Digital Filters Using the Residue Theorem
* Two-Dimensional IIR Filter Design with Magnitude and Phase Error Criteria
* Two-Dimensional Root Structures and Convergence Properties of the Separable Median Filter
* Xi-Filters
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ASSP(32) * Adaptive Non-Linear Edge-Preserving Filter, An
* Alpha-Trimmed Means and Their Relationship to Median Filters
* Application of Two-Dimensional Generalized Mean Filtering for Removal of Impulse Noises from Images
* Comparison of Efficient Beamforming Algorithms, A
* Design of Inherently Stable Two-Dimensional Recursive Filters from One-Dimensional Filters
* Digital SAR Processing Using a Fast Polynomial Transform
* Estimating Three-Dimensional Motion Parameters of a Rigid Planar Patch, III: Finite Point Correspondences and the Three-View Problem
* Feasible Solution in Signal Restoration, The
* Generalized Block Truncation Coding Algorithm for Image Compression, A
* Image Display Techniques Using the Cosine Transform
* Karhunen-Loeve Multispectral Image Restoration, Part I: Theory
* Linear and Nonlinear Estimators for One- and Two-Dimensional Fourier Transforms
* Median Filtering by Threshold Decomposition
* New Types of Adaptive Quantizers
* On Two-Dimensional Data Representation by Radial Base Functions
* Optimal Digitization of 2-D Images
* Reconstruction from Projections Based on Detection and Estimation of Objects -- Parts I and II: Performance Analysis and Robustness Analysis
* Spatial-Domain Design of a Class of Two-Dimensional Recursive Digital Filters
* Study of Rectangular Transforms for Data Compression, A
* Two-Dimensional Linear Prediction and Its Application to Adaptive Predictive Coding of Images
* Unified Approach to Noniterative Linear Signal Restoration, A
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ASSP(33) * Circular Harmonic Analysis of PSF's Corresponding to Separable Polar-Coordinate Frequency Responses with Emphasis on Fan Filtering
* Classification of Textures Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields
* Complete Spectral Characterization of Quarter-Plane Autoregressive Models, A
* Constrained Signal Restoration via Iterated Extended Kalman Filtering
* Edge-Sensitive Image Restoration Using Order-Constrained Least Squares Methods
* Effects of Architecture Implementation on DFT Algorithm Performance
* Estimation of Local Statistics for Digital Processing of Nonstationary Images
* Fast Cosine Transform, A
* Fast Hankel Transform Algorithm
* Fast Recursive Estimation of the Parameters of a Space-Varying Autoregressive Image Model
* Generalization of Rudin's Multivariable Stability Theorem, A
* Generalized Median Filtering and Related Nonlinear Filtering Techniques
* Image Compression Results Using the LMS Adaptive Algorithm
* Image Design: Generation of a Prescribed Image Through a Diffraction-Limited System with High-Contrast Recording
* LU Decomposition Theorem and Its Implications to the Realization of Two-Dimensional Digital Filters, The
* Minimum Sampling Rates for Linear Shift-Variant Discrete-Time Systems
* Multidimensional State-Space Model Kalman Filtering with Applications to Image Restoration
* Naturalness-Preserving Transform for Image Coding and Reconstruction, A
* New Technique for the Design of Two-Dimensional FIR and IIR Filters, A
* New Two-Dimensional Window, A
* Note on Estimation with Quantized Data, A
* One-Dimensional Processing for Adaptive Image Restoration
* Ordered and Partially Ordered Processing of Multidimensional Images
* Output Distributions of Two-Dimensional Median Filters
* Root Properties and Convergence Rates of Median Filters
* Signal Reconstruction from Fourier Transform Sign Information
* Texture Synthesis Using 2-D Noncausal Autoregressive Models
* Two-Dimensional Differential Cepstrum, The
* Two-Dimensional Fast Cosine Transform, A
* Two-Dimensional Interpolation by Generalized Spline Filters Based on Partial Differential Equation Image Models
* Two-Dimensional Linear Prediction Models - Part I: Spectral Factorization and Realization
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ASSP(34) * Analysis of the Error in the Reconstruction of N-Dimensional Stochastic Processes
* Class of Rank Order Smoothers, A
* Design and Implementation of Two-Dimensional Fully Recursive Digital Filters
* Edge Detection Using the Linear Model
* Fast Algorithms for the Multidimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
* Form-Invariant Linear Filtering: Theory and Applications
* General in-Place Calculation of Discrete Fourier Transforms of Multidimensional Sequences
* Gradient Algorithms for Designing Predictive Vector Quantizers
* Identification of Image and Blur Parameters for the Restoration of Noncausal Blurs
* Image Reconstruction from Zero Crossings
* Index Transforms of Multidimensional Cyclic Convolutions and Discrete Fourier Transforms
* Morphological Skeleton Representation and Coding of Binary Images
* New Algorithm for Real-Time Median Filtering, A
* New Noiseless Coding Technique for Binary Images, A
* Nonlinear Mean Filters in Image Processing
* Nonlinear Space-Variant Postprocessing of Block Coded Images
* On Two-Dimensional Polyphase Filter Banks
* Optimal Technique for Constraint-Based Image Restoration and Reconstruction, An
* Parametric Projection Filter for Image and Signal Restoration
* Real-Time Two-Dimensional Moment Generating Algorithm and Its Single Chip Implementation, A
* Realization of First-Order Two-Dimensional All-Pass Digital Filters
* Recursive Wiener Filtering for Image Restoration
* Some Properties of a Class of Rank Order Smoothers
* Subband Coding of Images
* VLSI Architecture for Dynamic Time-Warp Recognition of Handwritten Symbols
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ASSP(35) * Algorithm to Find Two-Dimensional Signals with Specified Zero-Crossings, An
* Analysis of Error in Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Signals from Irregularly Spaced Samples
* Comments on Two-Dimensional Interpolation by Generalized Spline Filters Based on Partial Differential Equation Image Models
* Deterministic Properties of the Recursive Separable Median Filter
* Differential Equation Approach to Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction, A
* FIR-Median Hybrid Filters
* Morphological Filters. Part I: Their Set-Theoretic Analysis and Relations to Linear Shift-Invariant Filters
* Morphological Filters. Part II: Their Relations to Median, Order-Statistic, and Stack Filters
* On Root Structures of Median and Median-Type Filters
* On Using Cooccurrence Matrices to Detect Periodicities
* Reconstruction of Nonperiodic Two-Dimensional Signals from Zero Crossings
* Recursive Image Registration with Application to Motion Estimation
* Robust adaptive beamforming
* Streaking in Median Filtered Images
* Theoretical Analysis of the Max/Median Filter
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ASSP(36) * Adaptive Segmentation of Speckled Images Using a Hierarchical Random Field Model
* Adaptive Trimmed Mean Filters for Image Restoration
* Bayesian Filtering of Poisson Noise Using Local Statistics
* Comments on Theoretical Analysis of the Max/Median Filter
* Complete Discrete 2D Gabor Transforms by Neural Networks for Image Analysis and Compression
* Digital Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Serially Sectioned Optical Images
* Image Restoration Using a Neural Network
* On Detecting Edges in Speckle Imagery
* On statistical identification of a class of linear space-invariant image blurs using non-minimum phase ARMA models
* Recognition and Velocity Computation of Large Moving Objects in Images
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ASSP(37) * Classification of Natural Textures by Means of Two-Dimensional Orthogonal Masks
* Frame-Synchronous Network Search Algorithm for Connected Word Recognition, A
* Methods of Digital Restoration of Signals Degraded by a Stochastic Impulse Response
* Multifrequency Channel Decompositions of Images and Wavelet Models
* Reconstructions from Zero-Crossings in Scale-Space

ASSP(38) * Adaptive multiple-band CFAR detection of an optical pattern with unknown spectral distribution
* Classification of Invariant Image Representations Using a Neural Network
* Nonuniform Image Motion Estimation from Noisy Data
* Regularization Theory in Image Restoration: The Stabilizing Functional Approach
* Stochastic and Deterministic Networks for Texture Segmentation

ASSP(39) * Blur identification using the bispectrum

ASSPMag( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Magazine

ASSPMag(1) * Vector Quantization

ASSPR * *Advances in Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Structural Matching in Computer Vision Using Probabilistic Relaxation

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