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Ping, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * Can the Structure Similarity of Training Patches Affect the Sea Surface Temperature Deep Learning Super-Resolution?
* Construction and Application of Marine Oil Spill Gravity Vector Differences Detection Model
* Enhanced Linear Spatio-Temporal Fusion Method for Blending Landsat and MODIS Data to Synthesize Landsat-Like Imagery, An
* Implementation of an Improved Water Change Tracking (IWCT) Algorithm: Monitoring the Water Changes in Tianjin over 1984-2019 Using Landsat Time-Series Data
* Reconstructing Model Based on Time-Space-Depth Partitioning for Global Ocean Dissolved Oxygen Concentration, A

Ping, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Recognizing faces with expressions: Within-class space and between-class space

Ping, D.[Dazhou] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Magnitude of the Amazonian Forest Blowdowns and Post-Disturbance Recovery Using Landsat-8 and Time Series of PlanetScope Satellite Constellation Data
* RGB depth salient object detection via cross-modal attention and boundary feature guidance
Includes: Ping, D.[Dazhou] Ping, D.[Dai]

Ping, F.[Fan] Co Author Listing * High-Precision GNSS PWV and Its Variation Characteristics in China Based on Individual Station Meteorological Data

Ping, H.Q.[Huan Qin] Co Author Listing * Benchmark for Hierarchical Emotion Cause Extraction in Spoken Dialogues, A
Includes: Ping, H.Q.[Huan Qin] Ping, H.Q.[Huan-Qin]

Ping, J. Co Author Listing * Coordination of Planetary Coordinate System Recommendations By the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2020 Status and Future
* Reinforcement learning Integrated Image Segmentation and Object Recognition
* Traffic Equilibrium Considering Heterogeneity Across Electric Vehicles
Includes: Ping, J. Ping, J.[Jing] Ping, J.[Jian]

Ping, J.S.[Jin Song] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Demonstration of First Cross-Support Interferometry Tracking in China Mars Mission
* Effects of Solar Invasion on Earth Observation Sensors at a Moon-Based Platform
* Estimating the Earth's Outgoing Longwave Radiation Measured from a Moon-Based Platform
* New Insights into Surface Deposits in the Balmer-Kapteyn Cryptomare Region Provided by Chang'E-2 Microwave Radiometer Data
* Potential Applications of CE-2 Microwave Radiometer Data in Understanding Basaltic Volcanism in Heavily Ejecta-Contaminated Mare Frigoris
* Potential Geologic Issues of Von Kármán Crater Revealed By Multisource Remote Sensing Data
* Preliminary Estimations of Mars Atmospheric and Ionospheric Profiles from Tianwen-1 Radio Occultation One-Way, Two-Way, and Three-Way Observations
* Retrieving Doppler Frequency via Local Correlation Method of Segmented Modeling
* Thermophysical Features of the Rümker Region in Northern Oceanus Procellarum: Insights from CE-2 CELMS Data
* Unified Brightness Temperature Features Analysis Framework for Mapping Mare Basalt Units Using Chang'e-2 Lunar Microwave Sounder (CELMS) Data, A
Includes: Ping, J.S.[Jin Song] Ping, J.S.[Jin-Song] Ping, J.S.[Jing-Song] Ping, J.S.
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Ping, K.[Ke] Co Author Listing * Architecture Alternative Deep Multi-View Clustering

Ping, L. Co Author Listing * Extending Window MMSE Turbo Equalization Algorithm, An
* Integral-Based Approach to Orthogonal AMP, An
* Low Cost Pre-Coder Design for MIMO AF Two-Way Relay Channel
* On the Performance of Turbo Signal Recovery with Partial DFT Sensing Matrices
* Turbo Compressed Sensing with Partial DFT Sensing Matrix
Includes: Ping, L. Ping, L.[Li]

Ping, L.D.[Ling Di] Co Author Listing * lossless robust data hiding scheme, A
Includes: Ping, L.D.[Ling Di] Ping, L.D.[Ling-Di]

Ping, M.Z.[Ming Zhu] Co Author Listing * Structure-based graph convolutional networks with frequency filter
Includes: Ping, M.Z.[Ming Zhu] Ping, M.Z.[Ming-Zhu]

Ping, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * Hiding Multiple Images into a Single Image Using Up-Sampling
* Image Caption Method Based on Graph Attention Network with Global Context

Ping, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Learning Better Visual Dialog Agents with Pretrained Visual-Linguistic Representation
* Transform-Retrieve-Generate: Natural Language-Centric Outside-Knowledge Visual Question Answering
* Understanding and Constructing Latent Modality Structures in Multi-Modal Representation Learning

Ping, T.C.[Tso Chih] Co Author Listing * Infrared image enhancement using adaptive trilateral contrast enhancement

Ping, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * FlowGrad: Controlling the Output of Generative ODEs with Gradients

Ping, X.[Xiao] Co Author Listing * contextual method for electroencephalogram recognition, A
* Energy recovery strategy for regenerative braking system of intelligent four-wheel independent drive electric vehicles
* expert system for pattern recognition based on features and knowledge, An
Includes: Ping, X.[Xiao] Ping, X.[Xianyao]

Ping, X.B.[Xia Bin] Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Deconvolution of Beamforming Images with Signal-Dependent Speckle Fluctuations
* Multi-instance inflated 3D CNN for classifying urine red blood cells from multi-focus videos
Includes: Ping, X.B.[Xia Bin] Ping, X.B.[Xia-Bin] Ping, X.B.[Xin-Bo]

Ping, X.J.[Xi Jian] Co Author Listing * Automated cell nucleus segmentation using improved snake
* Detection of LSB matching steganography based on distribution of pixel differences in natural images
* Detection of LSB matching steganography based on the Laplacian model of pixel difference distributions
* Method for Footprint Range Image Segmentation and Description, A
* new active contour model and its application on cell segmentation, A
* Parameters-Transfer Identification for Dynamic Systems and Recursive Form
* Range image segmentation based on randomized Hough transform
* Segmentation Based Steganalysis of Spatial Images Using Local Linear Transform
* Steganalysis of LSB matching based on local variance histogram
Includes: Ping, X.J.[Xi Jian] Ping, X.J.[Xi-Jian] Ping, X.J.[Xiao-Jing]
9 for Ping, X.J.

Ping, X.W. Co Author Listing * Fast Computations to Electromagnetic Scattering Properties of Complex Bodies of Revolution Buried and Partly Buried in Layered Lossy Media

Ping, X.Y.[Xiao Ying] Co Author Listing * Predicting Grassland Fire-Occurrence Probability in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
Includes: Ping, X.Y.[Xiao Ying] Ping, X.Y.[Xiao-Ying]

Ping, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Advancements in Utilizing Image-Analysis Technology for Crop-Yield Estimation
* Beyond k-Means++: Towards better cluster exploration with geometrical information
* FRSVC: Towards making support vector clustering consume less
* Progress in the Application of CNN-Based Image Classification and Recognition in Whole Crop Growth Cycles
Includes: Ping, Y.[Yang] Ping, Y.[Yuan]

Ping, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Co Author Listing * Feature Relation Guided Cross-View Image Based Geo-Localization
Includes: Ping, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Ping, Y.F.[Yi-Fan]

Ping, Z.[Zhang] Co Author Listing * Document filters using morphological and geometrical features of characters
* Floating Feature Detector for Handwritten Numeral Recognition, A
* novel feature extraction method and hybrid tree classification for handwritten numeral recognition, A

Ping, Z.L.[Zi Liang] Co Author Listing * Chinese Chess Character Recognition with Radial Harmonic Fourier Moments
* comparative study of moment-based shape descriptors for product image retrieval, A
* Computation of orthogonal Fourier-Mellin moments in two coordinate systems
* Generic orthogonal moments: Jacobi-Fourier moments for invariant image description
* Image Denoise Using Auto-Adapted Empirical Mode Decomposition Algorithm
* Image description with Chebyshev-Fourier moments
Includes: Ping, Z.L.[Zi Liang] Ping, Z.L.[Zi-Liang]

Pingali, G.[Gopal] Co Author Listing * end-to-end eChronicling System for Mobile Human Surveillance, An
* Geometric image masking for segmenting dynamic projected imagery
* Interacting with steerable projected displays
* Real-time head orientation estimation using neural networks
Includes: Pingali, G.[Gopal] Pingali, G.

Pingali, G.S.[Gopal Sarma] Co Author Listing * email: Pingali, G.S.[Gopal Sarma]: gpingali AT us ibm com
* Ball Tracking and Virtual Replays for Innovative Tennis Broadcasts
* Camera Based System for Tracking People in Real Time, A
* Performance Evaluation of People Tracking Systems
* Real Time Tracking for Enhanced Tennis Broadcasts
* Restoration of scanning probe microscope images
Includes: Pingali, G.S.[Gopal Sarma] Pingali, G.S.

Pingali, S.V.G.K.[Sarma V.G.K.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for determination and visualization of player field coverage in a sporting event
* Method and apparatus for tracking moving objects in real time using contours of the objects and feature paths

Pingault, M. Co Author Listing * robust multiscale B-spline function decomposition for estimating motion transparency, A

Pingel, R.L.[Rachael L.] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Object Reconstruction Using Abel Transform X-Ray Tomography And Mixed Variable Optimization

Pingel, T.J.[Thomas J.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Canopy Health with Drone-Based Orthoimagery in a Southern Appalachian Red Spruce Forest
* Estimating Floodplain Vegetative Roughness Using Drone-Based Laser Scanning and Structure from Motion Photogrammetry
* improved simple morphological filter for the terrain classification of airborne LIDAR data, An

Pingel, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for measuring the profile of reflective surfaces
* Method for detecting optical errors in large surface panels

Pingen, G.L.J. Co Author Listing * Rocchio-Based Relevance Feedback in Video Event Retrieval

Pinggera, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Boosting LiDAR-Based Semantic Labeling by Cross-modal Training Data Generation
* Highly Accurate Depth Estimation for Objects at Large Distances
* Improved Semantic Stixels via Multimodal Sensor Fusion
* Know Your Limits: Accuracy of Long Range Stereoscopic Object Measurements in Practice
* On Cross-Spectral Stereo Matching using Dense Gradient Features
* Semantically Guided Depth Upsampling
* SLIM: Self-Supervised LiDAR Scene Flow and Motion Segmentation
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Pingi, P. Co Author Listing * Enhancing processing and visualization efficiency of 3D Scanned Meshes
* Marching Intersections algorithm for merging range images, The
Includes: Pingi, P. Pingi, P.[Paolo]

Pingle, K.K. Co Author Listing * Accommodating Edge Follower, An
* Fast, Feature-Driven, Stereo Depth Program, A
* Program to Find Objects in a Picture, A
* Visual Perception by a Computer

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