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Najmabadi, S.M.[Seyyed Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Architecture for parallel marker-free variable length streams decoding
* Visually lossless image compression extension for JPEG based on just-noticeable distortion evaluation
Includes: Najmabadi, S.M.[Seyyed Mahdi] Najmabadi, S.M.

Najmaddin, P.M.[Peshawa M.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration in a Semi-Arid Region Using Remote Sensing Data

Najman, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * email: Najman, L.[Laurent]: lnajman AT arscimed com
* 2D Filtering of Curvilinear Structures by Ranking the Orientation Responses of Path Operators (RORPO)
* 4d Counter-example Showing that DWCNess Does Not Imply CWCness in nD, A
* Anisotropic diffusion using power watersheds
* Artwork 3D model database indexing and classification
* Automated, Accurate and Fast Segmentation of 4D Cardiac MR Images
* Automating the measurement of physiological parameters: A case study in the image analysis of cilia motion
* Benchmarking commercial OCR engines for technical drawings indexing
* Building the Component Tree in Quasi-Linear Time
* Causal graph-based video segmentation
* CGO: Multiband Astronomical Source Detection With Component-Graphs
* Characterization of Graph-Based Hierarchical Watersheds: Theory and Algorithms
* Collapses and Watersheds in Pseudomanifolds
* Collapses and Watersheds in Pseudomanifolds of Arbitrary Dimension
* Combinatorial Continuous Maximum Flow
* Comparison of Some Morphological Filters for Improving OCR Performance, A
* Connected Filtering on Tree-Based Shape-Spaces
* Constructive Links between Some Morphological Hierarchies on Edge-Weighted Graphs
* Context-based energy estimator: Application to object segmentation on the tree of shapes
* Curvilinear Structure Analysis by Ranking the Orientation Responses of Path Operators
* Dimensional operators for mathematical morphology on simplicial complexes
* Discrete Set-Valued Continuity and Interpolation
* Discriminative Subtree Selection for NBI Endoscopic Image Labeling
* Dual Constrained TV-based Regularization on Graphs
* Efficient Computation of Attributes and Saliency Maps on Tree-Based Image Representations
* Efficient Polynomial Implementation of Several Multithresholding Methods for Gray-Level Image Segmentation
* Evaluation of Combinations of Watershed Hierarchies
* Extending the Power Watershed Framework Thanks to Gamma-Convergence
* Fusion Graphs: Merging Properties and Watersheds
* Geodesic Saliency of Watershed Contours and Hierarchical Segmentation
* Graph-Based Hierarchical Video Cosegmentation
* graph-based mathematical morphology reader, A
* Grayscale Watersheds on Perfect Fusion Graphs
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on an Observation Scale, A
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation Relying on a Likelihood Ratio Test
* Hierarchical image simplification and segmentation based on Mumford-Shah-salient level line selection
* Hierarchical Segmentation Using Tree-Based Shape Spaces
* Hierarchical Segmentations with Graphs: Quasi-flat Zones, Minimum Spanning Trees, and Saliency Maps
* How to Make n-D Plain Maps Defined on Discrete Surfaces Alexandrov-Well-Composed in a Self-Dual Way
* How to Make nD Functions Digitally Well-Composed in a Self-dual Way
* How to make nD images well-composed without interpolation
* hybrid algorithm for automatic heart segmentation in CT Angiography, A
* Indexing technical drawings using title block structure recognition
* Introduction to Gamma-Convergence for Spectral Clustering, An
* ISMM05 special issue
* Learning Hierarchical Features for Scene Labeling
* Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On
* Meaningful disjoint level lines selection
* Milena: Write Generic Morphological Algorithms Once, Run on Many Kinds of Images
* Morphological filtering in shape spaces: Applications using tree-based image representations
* Morphological filtering on graphs
* Morphological floodings and optimal cuts in hierarchies
* mutual reference shape based on information theory, A
* New Characterizations of Minimum Spanning Trees and of Saliency Maps Based on Quasi-flat Zones
* Nonsupervised Ranking of Different Segmentation Approaches: Application to the Estimation of the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction From Cardiac Cine MRI Sequences
* On Making nD Images Well-Composed by a Self-dual Local Interpolation
* On the Equivalence Between Hierarchical Segmentations and Ultrametric Watersheds
* On Watershed Cuts and Thinnings
* Parallel Algorithm for Concurrent Computation of Connected Component Tree
* Playing with Kruskal: Algorithms for Morphological Trees in Edge-Weighted Graphs
* Power Tree Filter: A Theoretical Framework Linking Shortest Path Filters and Minimum Spanning Tree Filters
* Power Watershed: A Unifying Graph-Based Optimization Framework
* Power watersheds: A new image segmentation framework extending graph cuts, random walker and optimal spanning forest
* Practical Genericity: Writing Image Processing Algorithms Both Reusable and Efficient
* Properties of combinations of hierarchical watersheds
* Quasi-linear Algorithm to Compute the Tree of Shapes of nD Images, A
* Quasi-Linear Algorithms for the Topological Watershed
* Raising in watershed lattices
* Ranking Orientation Responses of Path Operators: Motivations, Choices and Algorithmics
* Recognizing Hierarchical Watersheds
* Region-Based 3D Artwork Indexing and Classification
* Removing non-significant regions in hierarchical clustering and segmentation
* Rethinking interactive image segmentation: Feature space annotation
* Salient level lines selection using the Mumford-Shah functional
* Segmentation of 4D cardiac MRI: Automated method based on spatio-temporal watershed cuts
* Shape-Based Analysis on Component-Graphs for Multivalued Image Processing
* Shaping for PET image analysis
* Some Morphological Operators in Graph Spaces
* Some Morphological Operators on Simplicial Complex Spaces
* Some Properties of Interpolations Using Mathematical Morphology
* Some Theoretical Links Between Shortest Path Filters and Minimum Spanning Tree Filters
* Topological and geometrical corners by watershed
* Tree-Based Morse Regions: A Topological Approach to Local Feature Detection
* Tubular Structure Filtering by Ranking Orientation Responses of Path Operators
* Tutorial on Well-Composedness, A
* Two Applications of Shape-Based Morphology: Blood Vessels Segmentation and a Generalization of Constrained Connectivity
* Ultrametric Watersheds
* Watershed Cuts: Minimum Spanning Forests and the Drop of Water Principle
* Watershed Cuts: Thinnings, Shortest Path Forests, and Topological Watersheds
* Watershed of a continuous function
* Watersheds for Semi-Supervised Classification
* Watersheds on Hypergraphs for Data Clustering
* Well-Composedness in Alexandrov Spaces Implies Digital Well-Composedness in Zn
* When Convex Analysis Meets Mathematical Morphology on Graphs
* Why and how to design a generic and efficient image processing framework: The case of the Milena library
Includes: Najman, L.[Laurent] Najman, L.
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Najman, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Speed Measurement Using Stereo Camera Pair

Najmani, K.[Kawtar] Co Author Listing * Offline and Online Evaluation for Recommender Systems

Najmi, A.[Abbas] Co Author Listing * Integrating Remote Sensing and Street View Imagery for Mapping Slums

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