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Mele, A.[Annalisa] Co Author Listing * ADAfinder Tool Applied to EGMS Data for the Structural Health Monitoring of Urban Settlements
* On the Joint Exploitation of Satellite DInSAR Measurements and DBSCAN-Based Techniques for Preliminary Identification and Ranking of Critical Constructions in a Built Environment

Mele, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Identification of Leveled Archeological Mounds (Höyük) in the Alluvial Plain of the Ceyhan River (Southern Turkey) by Satellite Remote-Sensing Analyses

Mele, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Towards a Formal Approach to Generative Design: An Assistant System for the Creation of Artefact Models

Mele, K.[Katarina] Co Author Listing * Automatic identification of fusion events in TIRF microscopy image sequences
* Image Categorization Using Local Probabilistic Descriptors
* Insect Soup Challenge: Segmentation, Counting, and Simple Classification
* Local probabilistic descriptors for image categorisation
* Multi-Target Tracking With Time-Varying Clutter Rate and Detection Profile: Application to Time-Lapse Cell Microscopy Sequences
* Recognizing objects on cluttered backgrounds
Includes: Mele, K.[Katarina] Mele, K.

Mele, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Serious Game to Support Decision Making in Medical Education, A

Meleas, D. Co Author Listing * MAP Signal Estimation in Noisy Sequences of Morphologically Smooth Images

Melebari, A.[Asem] Co Author Listing * Absolute Calibration of a UAV-Mounted Ultra-Wideband Software-Defined Radar Using an External Target in the Near-Field
* GNSS-R Soil Moisture Retrieval for Flat Vegetated Surfaces Using a Physics-Based Bistatic Scattering Model and Hybrid Global/Local Optimization
* Improved Geometric Optics with Topography (IGOT) Model for GNSS-R Delay-Doppler Maps Using Three-Scale Surface Roughness
Includes: Melebari, A.[Asem] Melebari, A.[Amer]

Melecio Vazquez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Variability of Heat Storage in Major U.S. Cities: A Satellite-Based Analysis
Includes: Melecio Vazquez, D.[David] Melecio-Vázquez, D.[David]

Meleder, V.[Vona] Co Author Listing * Machine-Learning Approach to Intertidal Mudflat Mapping Combining Multispectral Reflectance and Geomorphology from UAV-Based Monitoring, A
* Microphytobenthos Biomass and Diversity Mapping at Different Spatial Scales with a Hyperspectral Optical Model
Includes: Meleder, V.[Vona] Méléder, V.[Vona]

Melek, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Efficient high-speed framework for sparse representation-based iris recognition
* Fast matching pursuit for sparse representation-based face recognition

Melek, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Self-Learned Autonomous Driving at Unsignalized Intersections: A Hierarchical Reinforced Learning Approach for Feasible Decision-Making
* Smart Autodriver Algorithm for Real-Time Autonomous Vehicle Trajectory Control

Melek, W.W.[William W.] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Feasible Local Planning and Path-Following Control for Autonomous Driving

Melek, Z.[Zeki] Co Author Listing * Automated Lip Synchronized Speech Driven Facial Animation

Melekhov, I.[Iaroslav] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Feature Pyramid Networks for Automatic Multi-label Segmentation of Chest X-rays and Assessment of Cardio-thoratic Ratio
* Camera Relocalization by Computing Pairwise Relative Poses Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Continual Learning for Image-Based Camera Localization
* DGC-Net: Dense Geometric Correspondence Network
* Digging Into Self-Supervised Learning of Feature Descriptors
* Geometric Image Correspondence Verification by Dense Pixel Matching
* Image Patch Matching Using Convolutional Descriptors with Euclidean Distance
* Image-Based Localization Using Hourglass Networks
* KNEEL: Knee Anatomical Landmark Localization Using Hourglass Networks
* Leveraging Road Area Semantic Segmentation with Auxiliary Steering Task
* Multimodal End-to-End Learning for Autonomous Steering in Adverse Road and Weather Conditions
* Relative Camera Pose Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Siamese network features for image matching
Includes: Melekhov, I.[Iaroslav] Melekhov, I.
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Melekoodappattu, J.G.[Jayesh George] Co Author Listing * Detection and classification of breast cancer from digital mammograms using hybrid extreme learning machine classifier
* Early detection of breast malignancy using wavelet features and optimized classifier
* Malignancy detection on mammograms by integrating modified convolutional neural network classifier and texture features

Melen, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Automatic scaling of ionograms by the method of structural description

Melen, R.D.[Roger D.] Co Author Listing * Compensating pixel records of related images for detecting images disparity, apparatus and method
* Disparity measurement with variably sized interrogation regions
* Image recognition through localized interpretation
* Stereographic image compression with adaptive control parameter generation
* Stereographic image compression with image moment normalization
* Straight Line Extraction Using Iterative Total Least Squares Methods
Includes: Melen, R.D.[Roger D.] Melen, R.D.

Melen, T.[Trond] Co Author Listing * fast algorithm for dominant point detection on chain-coded contours, A

Melenchon, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic evaluation of degradation of paint coatings through EM algorithm
* Efficiently Downdating, Composing and Splitting Singular Value Decompositions Preserving the Mean Information
* Eigenfiltering for Flexible EigenTracking (EFE)
* On-the-Fly Training
* Simultaneous and Causal Appearance Learning and Tracking
* Text to visual synthesis with appearance models
Includes: Melenchon, J. Melenchón, J.[Javier] Melenchon, J.[Javier] Melenchón, J.

Melendez Ackerman, E.J.[Elvia J.] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Dry-Season Phenology in Tropical Forests by Reconstructing Cloud-Free Landsat Time Series
Includes: Melendez Ackerman, E.J.[Elvia J.] Meléndez-Ackerman, E.J.[Elvia J.]

Melendez Pastor, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Assessing Water Availability in Mediterranean Regions Affected by Water Conflicts through MODIS Data Time Series Analysis
* Remotely sensed biomass over steep slopes: An evaluation among successional stands of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil
Includes: Melendez Pastor, I.[Ignacio] Melendez-Pastor, I.[Ignacio]

Melendez, J.[Jaime] Co Author Listing * Application-independent feature selection for texture classification
* Classification of Voltage Sags Based on MPCA Models
* Comparative Evaluation of Classical Methods, Optimized Gabor Filters and LBP for Texture Feature Selection and Classification
* Gabor-based texture classification through efficient prototype selection via normalized cut
* Localized Energy-Based Normalization of Medical Images: Application to Chest Radiography
* Multi-level pixel-based texture classification through efficient prototype selection via normalized cut
* Novel Multiple-Instance Learning-Based Approach to Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis on Chest X-Rays, A
* On Adapting Pixel-based Classification to Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* On Combining Multiple-Instance Learning and Active Learning for Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis
* Reduction of false alarm rate in automatic forest fire infrared surveillance systems
* Supervised texture segmentation through a multi-level pixel-based classifier based on specifically designed filters
* Unsupervised texture-based image segmentation through pattern discovery
Includes: Melendez, J.[Jaime] Melendez, J.[Joaquim] Melendez, J. Meléndez, J.
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Melendi, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Driving Patterns and On-Board Feedback-Based Training for Proactive Road Safety Monitoring
* Analytic System to Evaluate Efficient Driving Programs in Professional Fleets
* Impact of on-board tutoring systems to improve driving efficiency of non-professional drivers
Includes: Melendi, D. Melendi, D.[David]

Melendo Vega, J.R.[Jose Ramon] Co Author Listing * Improving the Performance of 3-D Radiative Transfer Model FLIGHT to Simulate Optical Properties of a Tree-Grass Ecosystem
Includes: Melendo Vega, J.R.[Jose Ramon] Melendo-Vega, J.R.[José Ramón]

Melendy, L. Co Author Listing * Automated method for measuring the extent of selective logging damage with airborne LiDAR data

Meler, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Betasac: A New Conditional Sampling for RANSAC
* Face recognition using tensors of census transform histograms from Gaussian features maps
* Probabilistic model of error in fixed-point arithmetic Gaussian pyramid

Meler, J.[Justyna] Co Author Listing * Empirical Relationships between Remote-Sensing Reflectance and Selected Inherent Optical Properties in Nordic Sea Surface Waters for the MODIS and OLCI Ocean Colour Sensors
* Modelling Water Colour Characteristics in an Optically Complex Nearshore Environment in the Baltic Sea; Quantitative Interpretation of the Forel-Ule Scale and Algorithms for the Remote Estimation of Seawater Composition

Meler, L.[Lourdes] Co Author Listing * On-the-Fly Training
* Simultaneous and Causal Appearance Learning and Tracking
Includes: Meler, L.[Lourdes] Meler, L.

Melerzanov, A.V. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based Skin Lesions Diagnosis

Melesse, A.[Assefa] Co Author Listing * Multi-Dimensional Drought Assessment in Abbay/Upper Blue Nile Basin: The Importance of Shared Management and Regional Coordination Efforts for Mitigation
* Spatial and Temporal Land Cover Changes in the Simen Mountains National Park, a World Heritage Site in Northwestern Ethiopia
* Supervised Classification of Benthic Reflectance in Shallow Subtropical Waters Using a Generalized Pixel-Based Classifier across a Time Series
Includes: Melesse, A.[Assefa] Melesse, A.

Melesse, A.M.[Assefa M.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Fuzzy vs. Augmented-ISODATA Classification Algorithms for Cloud-Shadow Discriminationfrom Landsat Images, A
* Drought Dynamics in the Nile River Basin: Meteorological, Agricultural, and Groundwater Drought Propagation
* Flash Flood Susceptibility Modeling Using New Approaches of Hybrid and Ensemble Tree-Based Machine Learning Algorithms
* Flood Detection and Susceptibility Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Remote Sensing Data and a Machine Learning Approach: Hybrid Intelligence of Bagging Ensemble Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Flood Spatial Modeling in Northern Iran Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Comparison between Evidential Belief Functions and Its Ensemble with a Multivariate Logistic Regression Model
* Hydroclimatic Extremes Evaluation Using GRACE/GRACE-FO and Multidecadal Climatic Variables over the Nile River Basin
* Land Surface Phenologies and Seasonalities in the US Prairie Pothole Region Coupling AMSR Passive Microwave Data with the USDA Cropland Data Layer
* Operational Actual Wetland Evapotranspiration Estimation for South Florida Using MODIS Imagery
* Performance of High Resolution Satellite Rainfall Products over Data Scarce Parts of Eastern Ethiopia
* Prediction of Future Land Use/Land Cover Changes Using a Coupled CA-ANN Model in the Upper Omo-Gibe River Basin, Ethiopia
* Relationship of Attributes of Soil and Topography with Land Cover Change in the Rift Valley Basin of Ethiopia
* Scrutinizing Relationships between Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Upstream Areas Using Thermal Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Northern Persian Gulf
* Seasonal Flow Forecasting Using Satellite-Driven Precipitation Data for Awash and Omo-Gibe Basins, Ethiopia
* Subbasin Spatial Scale Effects on Hydrological Model Prediction Uncertainty of Extreme Stream Flows in the Omo Gibe River Basin, Ethiopia
14 for Melesse, A.M.

Melet, O. Co Author Listing * CO3D Mission Digital Surface Model Production Pipeline
* CO3D, A Worldwide One One-meter Accuracy DEM for 2025

Meleti, C.[Charikleia] Co Author Listing * Comparison of S5P/TROPOMI Inferred NO2 Surface Concentrations with In Situ Measurements over Central Europe
* Geometrical and Microphysical Properties of Clouds Formed in the Presence of Dust above the Eastern Mediterranean

Meletis, P. Co Author Listing * Domain Agnostic Normalization Layer for Unsupervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation, A
* Part-aware Panoptic Segmentation
* TIED: A Cycle Consistent Encoder-Decoder Model for Text-to-Image Retrieval
Includes: Meletis, P. Meletis, P.[Panagiotis]

Meletlidis, S.[Stavros] Co Author Listing * New Insights into the Internal Structures and Geotechnical Rock Properties of the Giant San Andres Landslide, El Hierro Island, Spain

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