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Kurt, A. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Implementation of Team Mekar at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Discrete-State Encoding in Hybrid-State Systems for Intelligent Vehicle Control and Estimation
* Distributed Connectivity Maintenance in Swarm of Drones During Post-Disaster Transportation Applications
Includes: Kurt, A. Kurt, A.[Ahmet]

Kurt, B.[Binnur] Co Author Listing * Concurrent Segmentation and Recognition with Shape-Driven Fast Marching Methods
* Gradient-based shape descriptors
* Image compression based on Centipede Model
* Robust Face Alignment for Illumination and Pose Invariant Face Recognition
* Two dimensional generalized edge detector
Includes: Kurt, B.[Binnur] Kurt, B.

Kurt, C.E.[Carl E.] Co Author Listing * Towards Temporal Dynamic Segmentation

Kurt, G.K.[Gunes Karabulut] Co Author Listing * novel perceptual feature set for audio emotion recognition, A

Kurt, M. Co Author Listing * Amplified Flow Imaging (aFlow): A Novel MRI-Based Tool to Unravel the Coupled Dynamics Between the Human Brain and Cerebrovasculature
* Compact and intuitive data-driven BRDF models
* Efficient BRDF Sampling Using Projected Deviation Vector Parameterization
* Local Binary Pattern Based Fast Digital Image Stabilization
Includes: Kurt, M. Kurt, M.[Murat]

Kurt, M.C.[Mehmet Can] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Human Actions Using Key Poses

Kurt, M.N.[Mehmet Necip] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Nonparametric Anomaly Detection in High-Dimensional Settings

Kurt, S. Co Author Listing * Partial FOV Center Imaging (PCI): A Robust X-Space Image Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Rapid TAURUS for Relaxation-Based Color Magnetic Particle Imaging
Includes: Kurt, S. Kurt, S.[Semih]

Kurtak, A.B. Co Author Listing * Geometric Accuracy Analysis of WorldDEM in Relation to AW3D30, SRTM and Aster GDEM2

Kurtcuoglu, V. Co Author Listing * High-Throughput Lossy-to-Lossless 3D Image Compression

Kurtek, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * 4D Atlas: Statistical Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Variability in Longitudinal 3D Shape Data
* Bayesian Model-Based Automatic Landmark Detection for Planar Curves
* elastic functional data analysis framework for preoperative evaluation of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, An
* Elastic Geodesic Paths in Shape Space of Parameterized Surfaces
* Elastic reflection symmetry based shape descriptors
* Elastic Shape Analysis of Boundaries of Planar Objects with Multiple Components and Arbitrary Topologies
* Elastic Shape Analysis of Cylindrical Surfaces for 3D/2D Registration in Endometrial Tissue Characterization
* Elastic Shape Matching of Parameterized Surfaces Using Square Root Normal Fields
* Elastic symmetry analysis of anatomical structures
* Generation of 3D Canonical Anatomical Models: An Experience on Carpal Bones
* Geometric Deep Neural Network using Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations for Human Action Recognition
* Geometric Deep Neural Network Using Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations for Landmark-Based Human Behavior Analysis
* Geometric empirical Bayesian model for classification of functional data under diverse sampling regimes
* Handwritten Text Segmentation Using Elastic Shape Analysis
* Locally-Weighted Elastic Comparison of Planar Shapes
* Metric-Based Pairwise and Multiple Image Registration
* novel algorithm for optimal matching of elastic shapes with landmark constraints, A
* Novel Framework for Metric-Based Image Registration, A
* novel riemannian framework for shape analysis of 3D objects, A
* Novel Riemannian Framework for Shape Analysis of Annotated Surfaces, A
* Numerical Inversion of SRNFs for Efficient Elastic Shape Analysis of Star-Shaped Objects
* On advances in differential-geometric approaches for 2D and 3D shape analyses and activity recognition
* Parallel Transport of Deformations in Shape Space of Elastic Surfaces
* Parameterization-Invariant Shape Comparisons of Anatomical Surfaces
* Riemannian Elastic Metric for Shape-Based Plant Leaf Classification, A
* Shape and Intensity Analysis of Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumors
* Simplifying Transforms for General Elastic Metrics on the Space of Plane Curves
* Statistical analysis of manual segmentations of structures in medical images
* Statistical Framework for Elastic Shape Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Evolutions of Planar Closed Curves, A
* Statistical shape models of plant leaves
* SUPIR: Surface Uncertainty-Penalized, Non-rigid Image Registration for Pelvic CT Imaging
* Surface Shape Morphometry for Hippocampal Modeling in Alzheimer's Disease
* Weighted Euler Curve Transform for Shape and Image Analysis, The
Includes: Kurtek, S.[Sebastian] Kurtek, S.
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Kurten, B. Co Author Listing * Optical Algorithm to Estimate Downwelling Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient in the Red Sea, An
Includes: Kurten, B. Kürten, B. (Maybe also Kuerten, B.)

Kurtenbach, G.[Gordon] Co Author Listing * Sampling, synthesis, and input devices

Kurth, T. Co Author Listing * OpenMP parallelization and optimization of graph-based machine learning algorithms

Kurths, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Complex Network-Based Broad Learning System for Detecting Driver Fatigue From EEG Signals, A
* Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing and Digital Image Analysis
Includes: Kurths, J.[Jurgen] Kurths, J.[Jürgen] Kurths, J.

Kurti, A.[Arianit] Co Author Listing * Integrating word embeddings and document topics with deep learning in a video classification framework

Kurtic, A.[Andrija] Co Author Listing * In-Time 3D Reconstruction and Instance Segmentation from Monocular Sensor Data

Kurtoglu, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * ASL Trigger Recognition in Mixed Activity/Signing Sequences for RF Sensor-Based User Interfaces

Kurtz, C.[Camille] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Anti-tumor Immune Response in Colorectal Carcinomas from Whole Slide Images
* Bags of spatial relations and shapes features for structural object description
* Binary Partition Tree construction from multiple features for image segmentation
* Classification of spatially enriched pixel time series with convolutional neural networks
* Component-Graph Construction
* Connected Filtering Based on Multivalued Component-Trees
* Deep-STaR: Classification of image time series based on spatio-temporal representations
* Description and recognition of complex spatial configurations of object pairs with Force Banner 2D features
* Directional Enlacement Histograms for the Description of Complex Spatial Configurations between Objects
* Discovering Respects for Visual Similarity
* Editorial: Virtual Special Issue: 'Hierarchical Representations: New Results and Challenges for Image Analysis'
* Embedding Spatial Relations in Visual Question Answering for Remote Sensing
* Evaluating the quality of binary partition trees based on uncertain semantic ground-truth for image segmentation
* Extraction of complex patterns from multiresolution remote sensing images: A hierarchical top-down methodology
* Fine-Tune Your Classifier: Finding Correlations with Temperature
* Force Banner for the recognition of spatial relations
* Fuzzy Directional Enlacement Landscapes
* Fuzzy directional enlacement landscapes for the evaluation of complex spatial relations
* Hierarchical extraction of landslides from multiresolution remotely sensed optical images
* histogram semantic-based distance for multiresolution image classification, A
* Implicit Component-Graph: A Discussion
* Learning an Adaptation Function to Assess Image Visual Similarities
* Learning spatial relations and shapes for structural object description and scene recognition
* Multi-image Segmentation: A Collaborative Approach Based on Binary Partition Trees
* Multivalued Component-Tree Filtering
* Predicting Visual Semantic Descriptive Terms From Radiological Image Data: Preliminary Results With Liver Lesions in CT
* semantic framework for the retrieval of similar radiological images based on medical annotations, A
* Spatio-temporal reasoning for the classification of satellite image time series
* Straight Line Reconstruction for Fully Materialized Table Extraction in Degraded Document Images
* Supervised quality evaluation of binary partition trees for object segmentation
* Text-guided visual representation learning for medical image retrieval systems
* Tree Leaves Extraction in Natural Images: Comparative Study of Preprocessing Tools and Segmentation Methods
* Violence Detection from Video under 2D Spatio-Temporal Representations
Includes: Kurtz, C.[Camille] Kurtz, C.
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Kurtz, D.J.[Diego Jacob] Co Author Listing * Identifying Priority Areas for Vegetation Management in the Context of Energy Distribution Networks Using PlanetScope Images

Kurtz, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Methane Isotopologues by Solar Occultation (MISO) Nanosatellite Mission: Spectral Channel Optimization and Early Performance Analysis, The

Kurtz, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * How Well Do Sparse ImageNet Models Transfer?

Kurtz, N. Co Author Listing * Comparing Coincident Elevation and Freeboard From IceBridge and Five Different CryoSat-2 Retrackers

Kurtz, N.T. Co Author Listing * Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard Retrieval With Waveform Characteristics for NASA's Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM) and Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor (LVIS)
* Characterizing the System Impulse Response Function From Photon-Counting LiDAR Data
* First Assessment of IceBridge Snow and Ice Thickness Data Over Arctic Sea Ice, A
* Sea-Ice Lead Detection Algorithm for Use With High-Resolution Airborne Visible Imagery, A
* Weekly Mapping of Sea Ice Freeboard in the Ross Sea from ICESat-2
Includes: Kurtz, N.T. Kurtz, N.T.[Nathan T.]

Kurtz, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Minimizing Measurement-Induced Errors in Viscoelastic MR Elastography

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