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Kamida, R. Co Author Listing * Digital Bleaching and Content Extraction for the Digital Archive of Rare Books

Kamide, H.[Hiroko] Co Author Listing * Asymmetry in Facial Expressions as a Function of Social Skills

Kamigaito, H.[Hidetaka] Co Author Listing * Soda: Story Oriented Dense Video Captioning Evaluation Framework

Kamihira, Y. Co Author Listing * Improvement of Japanese Signature Verification by Combined Segmentation Verification Approach
* Improvement of Japanese Signature Verification by Segmentation-Verification

Kamijima, S. Co Author Listing * Factorization Method Using Interpolated Feature Tracking via Projective Geometry

Kamijo, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * Invisible barcode with optimized error correction

Kamijo, N.[Noboru] Co Author Listing * Invisible barcode with optimized error correction

Kamijo, S.[Shunsuke] Co Author Listing * Estimating Autonomous Vehicle Localization Error Using 2D Geographic Information
* GPS Error Correction With Pseudorange Evaluation Using Three-Dimensional Maps
* Illumination invariant segmentation of spatio-temporal images by spatio-temporal markov random field model
* Latent Space Understandable Generative Adversarial Network: SelfExGAN, A
* Method and apparatus for tracking moving objects in spatial differential frame pictures
* Occlusion Robust Tracking Utilizing Spatio-Temporal Markov Random Field Model
* Pedestrian positioning in urban city with the aid of Google maps street view
* Pre-Estimating Self-Localization Error of NDT-Based Map-Matching From Map Only
* Segmentations of Spatio-Temporal Images by Spatio-Temporal Markov Random Field Model
* Towards High-Definition 3D Urban Mapping: Road Feature-Based Registration of Mobile Mapping Systems and Aerial Imagery
* Traffic monitoring and accident detection at intersections
Includes: Kamijo, S.[Shunsuke] Kamijo, S.
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Kamikawa, K.[Kyohei] Co Author Listing * Interest Level Estimation via Multi-Modal Gaussian Process Latent Variable Factorization

Kamikawa, Y.[Yuta] Co Author Listing * Curiosity Guided Fine-Tuning for Encoder-Decoder-Based Visual Forecasting

Kamikura, K.[Kazuto] Co Author Listing * Encoder design for H.264/AVC based on contrast sensitivity considering spatio-temporal direction dependency
* Generalized Theoretical Model of Relationship Between Frame-Rate and Bit-Rate Considering Low Pass Filtering Induced by Shutter Opening
* Global Brightness-Variation Compensation for Video Coding
* Mathematical analysis of the energy compaction affected by the dimensionality of Karhunen-L˛eve transform
* Motion vector predictive encoding method, motion vector decoding method, predictive encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus, and storage media storing motion vector predictive encoding and decoding programs
* Multiview Video Coding Using View Interpolation and Color Correction
* Predictive encoding and decoding methods of video data
* Progressive Coding of Surface Light Fields for Efficient Image Based Rendering
* Temporal down-sampling algorithm of high frame-rate video for reducing inter-frame prediction error
* Theoretical Model of Relationship Between Frame-Rate and Bit-Rate Considering the Effect of the Integral Phenomenon
* Theoretical Model of Relationship Between Frame-Rate and Bit-Rate for Encoding High Frame-Rate Video Signal
* Two-Stage Motion Compensation Using Adaptive Global MC and Local Affine MC
* View Scalable Multiview Video Coding Using 3-D Warping With Depth Map
Includes: Kamikura, K.[Kazuto] Kamikura, K.
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Kamil, S.[Samar] Co Author Listing * improved watermarking algorithm for robustness and imperceptibility of data protection in the perception layer of internet of things, An

Kamila, N.K. Co Author Listing * Retracted Paper: Invariance image analysis using modified Zernike moments

Kamila, S.[Sabyasachi] Co Author Listing * Measuring Temporal Distance Focus From Tweets and Investigating its Association With Psycho-Demographic Attributes

Kamilaris, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks to Detect Weeds from Crops in Agricultural Environments in Real-Time: A Review
* Geospatial Analysis and the Internet of Things
* IMG2nDSM: Height Estimation from Single Airborne RGB Images with Deep Learning
* Land Use Change Detection Using Deep Siamese Neural Networks and Weakly Supervised Learning
* Training Deep Learning Models via Synthetic Data: Application in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Kamilla, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sloshing in Tanks Using Image Processing

Kamilov, U. Co Author Listing * Online Regularization by Denoising with Applications to Phase Retrieval

Kamilov, U.S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Denoising: From MAP to MMSE Using Consistent Cycle Spinning
* Bregman Plug-And-Play Priors
* Deformation-Compensated Learning for Image Reconstruction Without Ground Truth
* Fusion of multi-angular aerial images based on epipolar geometry and matrix completion
* Isotropic inverse-problem approach for two-dimensional phase unwrapping
* Joint Reconstruction and Calibration Using Regularization by Denoising with Application to Computed Tomography
* Learning Cross-Video Neural Representations for High-Quality Frame Interpolation
* Learning Optimal Nonlinearities for Iterative Thresholding Algorithms
* Learning-Based Image Reconstruction via Parallel Proximal Algorithm
* Monotonically Convergent Regularization by Denoising
* Motion-Adaptive Depth Superresolution
* New Recurrent Plug-and-Play Prior Based on the Multiple Self-Similarity Network, A
* One-Bit Measurements With Adaptive Thresholds
* Online convolutional dictionary learning for multimodal imaging
* Parallel Proximal Algorithm for Anisotropic Total Variation Minimization, A
* Plug-and-Play Methods for Integrating Physical and Learned Models in Computational Imaging: Theory, algorithms, and applications
* Plug-and-Play Priors Approach for Solving Nonlinear Imaging Inverse Problems, A
* Provable Convergence of Plug-and-Play Priors With MMSE Denoisers
* Recursive Born Approach to Nonlinear Inverse Scattering, A
* Sparse Stochastic Processes and Discretization of Linear Inverse Problems
* SS-JIRCS: Self-Supervised Joint Image Reconstruction and Coil Sensitivity Calibration in Parallel MRI without Ground Truth
* Variational Justification of Cycle Spinning for Wavelet-Based Solutions of Inverse Problems
* Wavelet Shrinkage With Consistent Cycle Spinning Generalizes Total Variation Denoising
Includes: Kamilov, U.S. Kamilov, U.S.[Ulugbek S.]
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Kamimura, H. Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation to a Failed Satellite on Orbit using Stereo Vision and 3D Model Matching

Kamimura, H.A.S. Co Author Listing * Displacement Imaging for Focused Ultrasound Peripheral Nerve Neuromodulation

Kamimura, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Address Layout on Japanese Handwritten Mail: A Hierarchical Process of Hypothesis Verification
* method for determining address format in the automated sorting of Japanese mail, A

Kamimura, Y. Co Author Listing * On-line holographic reconstruction of NMR images by means of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator

Kamina, T.[Tetsuo] Co Author Listing * Function Approximation Method for Images with Grading Regions, A

Kaminishi, K.[Kurumi] Co Author Listing * local descriptor for high-speed and high-performance pictogram matching, A

Kamins, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Signature recognition through spectral analysis

Kaminska, A.[Agnieszka] Co Author Listing * Correcting the Results of CHM-Based Individual Tree Detection Algorithms to Improve Their Accuracy and Reliability
* Digital Aerial Photogrammetry (DAP) and Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) as Sources of Information about Tree Height: Comparisons of the Accuracy of Remote Sensing Methods for Tree Height Estimation
* Modeling the Effect of Environmental and Topographic Variables Affecting the Height Increment of Norway Spruce Stands in Mountainous Conditions with the Use of LiDAR Data
* Single Tree Classification Using Multi-Temporal ALS Data and CIR Imagery in Mixed Old-Growth Forest in Poland

Kaminska, D.[Dorota] Co Author Listing * Audiovisual emotion recognition in wild
* Dominant and Complementary Multi-Emotional Facial Expression Recognition Using C-Support Vector Classification
* Multimodal Database of Emotional Speech, Video and Gestures
* Survey on Emotional Body Gesture Recognition

Kaminskas, M.[Marius] Co Author Listing * Location-aware music recommendation

Kaminski Aires, S.B. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of the Prostate Gland in Images Using Prior Knowledge and Level Set Method

Kaminski, C.[Clemens] Co Author Listing * Level Set Curve Matching and Particle Image Velocimetry for Resolving Chemistry and Turbulence Interactions in Propagating Flames

Kaminski, C.F.[Clemens F.] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear diffusion filtering of images obtained by planar laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy

Kaminski, J.Y.[Jeremy Yirmeyahu] Co Author Listing * General Framework for Trajectory Triangulation, A
* General Trajectory Triangulation
* Multiple View Geometry of General Algebraic Curves
* Multiple View Geometry of Non-planar Algebraic Curves
* On Calibration and Reconstruction from Planar Curves
* Single image face orientation and gaze detection
Includes: Kaminski, J.Y.[Jeremy Yirmeyahu] Kaminski, J.Y.[Jeremy Yermiyahou] Kaminski, J.Y.[Jeremy Yrmeyahu]

Kaminski, L. Co Author Listing * Crowd density estimation based on voxel model in multi-view surveillance systems
* Human Activity Interpretation Using Evenly Distributed Points on the Human Hull
* Human activity recognition in multiview video
* Quality improvement Of 3-D voxel models based on histograms of model reprojection
* Unsupervised abnormal crowd activity detection in surveillance systems
Includes: Kaminski, L. Kaminski, L.[Lukasz]

Kaminski, M.[Miroslaw] Co Author Listing * Application Of Lidar Date To Assess The Landslide Susceptibility Map Using Weights Of Evidence Method: An Example From Podhale Region (southern Poland)

Kaminski, P.[Pawel] Co Author Listing * Lytic Region Recognition in Hip Radiograms by Means of Statistical Dominance Transform

Kaminski, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * New Global fAPAR and LAI Dataset Derived from Optimal Albedo Estimates: Comparison with MODIS Products, A
* Simultaneous Assimilation of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture and FAPAR for Improving Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes at Multiple Sites Using CCDAS
* Soil Moisture Assimilation Improves Terrestrial Biosphere Model GPP Responses to Sub-Annual Drought at Continental Scale

Kaminski, W. Co Author Listing * Edge-Adaptive Three-Bit Ten-Level Differential PCM Coder for Television, An

Kaminsky, B. Co Author Listing * Imaging Through Scattering Media
* Multi-Spectral Imaging Filters

Kaminsky, E.[Evgeny] Co Author Listing * DCT-domain coder for digital video applications
* Dynamic computational complexity and bit allocation for optimizing H.264/AVC video compression
* ShadowNet
Includes: Kaminsky, E.[Evgeny] Kaminsky, E.[Eli]

Kaminsky, E.J. Co Author Listing * Textural Neural Network and Version Space Classifiers for Remote Sensing

Kaminsky, R.S.[Ryan S.] Co Author Listing * Alignment of 3D point clouds to overhead images

Kaminuma, T.[Tsuguchika] Co Author Listing * Fast-converging adaptive algorithms for well-balanced separating linear classifier
* Recent developments of the minimum entropy algorithm
* Reduction of clustering problem to pattern recognition
Includes: Kaminuma, T.[Tsuguchika] Kaminuma, T.

Kamio, T. Co Author Listing * Geofencing-based Localization For 3d Data Acquisition Navigation

Kamir, E.[Elisa] Co Author Listing * Estimating wheat yields in Australia using climate records, satellite image time series and machine learning methods

Kamishima, Y.[Yusuke] Co Author Listing * Event detection in consumer videos using GMM supervectors and SVMs
* Multimedia event detection using GMM supervectors and SVMS

Kamisli, F. Co Author Listing * 1-D Transforms for the Motion Compensation Residual
* Block-Based Spatial Prediction and Transforms Based on 2D Markov Processes for Image and Video Compression
* Directional wavelet transforms for prediction residuals in video coding
* Estimation of Fade and Dissolve Parameters for Weighted Prediction in H.264/AVC
* Improvement of transform-skip mode in lossy intra coding with 3-tap filters
* Intra Prediction Based on Markov Process Modeling of Images
* Intra prediction based on statistical modeling of images
* Intra-frame coding with recursive intra prediction and adapted block transforms
* Lossless Image and Intra-Frame Compression With Integer-to-Integer DST
* Lossless intra coding in HEVC with adaptive 3-tap filters
* low-complexity image compression approach with single spatial prediction mode and transform, A
* Multiview video compression with 1-D transforms
* On lossless intra coding in HEVC with 3-tap filters
* Recursive Prediction for Joint Spatial and Temporal Prediction in Video Coding
* Single Image Noise Level Estimation Using Dark Channel Prior
Includes: Kamisli, F. Kamisli, F.[Fatih] Kamisli, F.[Faith]
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Kamitani, H.[Hidekazu] Co Author Listing * Correlation-Based Watermarking Technique of 3-D Meshes via Cyclic Signal Processing, A

Kamitani, T.[Takuya] Co Author Listing * Gender Classification Using Video Sequences of Body Sway Recorded by Overhead Camera
* Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Local Body Sway Movements for the Identification of People

Kamitoku, N.[Naoto] Co Author Listing * Oracle Bone Inscription Detector Based on SSD

Kamiura, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Robust Threshold Finding Aided by Fuzzy Information Granulation
* MAGNET: An Active Ditch Extraction Model
* Volume-Quantization-Based Neural Network Approach to 3D MR Angiography Image Segmentation

Kamiya, I. Co Author Listing * Precursory Slope Deformation Around Landslide Area Detected By Insar Throughout Japan

Kamiya, K. Co Author Listing * Applicability Evaluation Of Object Detection Method To Satellite And Aerial Imageries
* Sharpening of CT images by cubic interpolation using B-spline
* Sitting posture analysis by pressure sensors
* Statistical Anomaly Detection for Monitoring of Human Dynamics
* Statistical Anomaly Detection in Human Dynamics Monitoring Using a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Model
Includes: Kamiya, K. Kamiya, K.[Kazuhiro]

Kamiya, M.[Masato] Co Author Listing * Prioritization of Lane-Specific Traffic Jam Detection for Automotive Navigation Framework Utilizing Suddenness Index and Automatic Threshold Determination

Kamiya, N.[Naoki] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Approach to Recognize the Rectus Abdominis Muscle in CT Images

Kamiya, R. Co Author Listing * Binary-Decomposed DCNN for Accelerating Computation and Compressing Model Without Retraining

Kamiya, S.[Sunao] Co Author Listing * Accurate Image Matching in Scenes Including Repetitive Patterns

Kamiya, T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement of Change Detection Based on Color Analysis
* Forest Resource Management System By Standing Tree Volume Estimation Using Aerial Stereo Photos
* Multidimensional Deformable Object Manipulation Based on DN-Transporter Networks
* Pose Estimation of Point Sets Using Residual MLP in Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure
Includes: Kamiya, T. Kamiya, T.[Tohru]

Kamiya, Y. Co Author Listing * Automated Generation of Digital Terrain Model using Point Clouds of Digital Surface Model in Forest Area
* Multimodal Constellation Model for Object Image Classification, A
Includes: Kamiya, Y. Kamiya, Y.[Yasunori]

Kamiyama, T. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Focal Liver Lesions Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography With Perflubutane Microbubbles

Kamiyama, Y.[Youichi] Co Author Listing * Design and enhancement of painting interface for room lights

Kamizawa, K.[Koh] Co Author Listing * Moving picture scene detection system

Kamizuru, K.[Kohei] Co Author Listing * Belief-propagation-based robust decoding for two-dimensional barcodes to overcome distortion and occlusion and its extension to multi-view decoding

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