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Haupt, J. Co Author Listing * Compressed Channel Sensing: A New Approach to Estimating Sparse Multipath Channels
* Compressive Sampling Vs. Conventional Imaging
* Convexifying Sparse Interpolation With Infinitely Wide Neural Networks: An Atomic Norm Approach
* Level set estimation from compressive measurements using box constrained total variation regularization
* Reducing the Complexity of Model-Based MRI Reconstructions via Sparsification
* Role of driver assistance experience, system functionality, gender, age and sensation seeking in attitudes towards the safety of driver assistance systems
Includes: Haupt, J. Haupt, J.[Jarvis]

Hauptman, A.G.[Alexander G.] Co Author Listing * Semantics-Preserving Graph Propagation for Zero-Shot Object Detection

Hauptmann, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Survey of Scene Graphs: Generation and Application, A
* Deep D-Bar: Real-Time Electrical Impedance Tomography Imaging With Deep Neural Networks
* Efficient Quasi-Newton Method for Nonlinear Inverse Problems via Learned Singular Values, An
* Fusing electrical and elasticity imaging
* Garden of Forking Paths: Towards Multi-Future Trajectory Prediction, The
* Learned Reconstruction Methods With Convergence Guarantees: A survey of concepts and applications
* Model-Based Iterative Learning Approach for Diffuse Optical Tomography, A
* Model-Based Learning for Accelerated, Limited-View 3-D Photoacoustic Tomography
* Networks for Nonlinear Diffusion Problems in Imaging
* On Learned Operator Correction in Inverse Problems
* Speech Driven Tongue Animation
* STMT: A Spatial-Temporal Mesh Transformer for MoCap-Based Action Recognition
* Video Pivoting Unsupervised Multi-Modal Machine Translation
Includes: Hauptmann, A.[Alex] Hauptmann, A. Hauptmann, A.[Andreas] Hauptmann, A.[Alexander]
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Hauptmann, A.G.[Alexander G.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Hauptmann, A.G.[Alexander G.]: alex+ AT cs cmu edu
* Action recognition by exploring data distribution and feature correlation
* Action recognition via local descriptors and holistic features
* Adaptive Feature Aggregation for Video Object Detection
* Adaptive Semi-Supervised Feature Selection for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Annotating News Video with Locations
* Argus++: Robust Real-time Activity Detection for Unconstrained Video Streams with Overlapping Cube Proposals
* Argus: Efficient Activity Detection System for Extended Video Analysis
* Articulated Motion Modeling for Activity Analysis
* Assessing Effectiveness in Video Retrieval
* Automatic Vacant Parking Places Management System Using Multicamera Vehicle Detection
* Automatically labeling video data using multi-class active learning
* Best of Both Worlds: Combining Data-Independent and Data-Driven Approaches for Action Recognition, The
* Beyond audio and video retrieval: Topic-oriented multimedia summarization
* Beyond audio and video retrieval: Towards multimedia summarization
* Beyond Gaussian Pyramid: Multi-skip Feature Stacking for action recognition
* Bi-Level Semantic Representation Analysis for Multimedia Event Detection
* Breaking The Limits of Text-conditioned 3D Motion Synthesis with Elaborative Descriptions
* Can High-Level Concepts Fill the Semantic Gap in Video Retrieval? A Case Study With Broadcast News
* ChartReader: A Unified Framework for Chart Derendering and Comprehension without Heuristic Rules
* Classifier-specific intermediate representation for multimedia tasks
* Co-retrieval: A Boosted Reranking Approach for Video Retrieval
* Combining motion segmentation with tracking for activity analysis
* Complementary video and audio analysis for broadcast news archives
* Complex Event Detection by Identifying Reliable Shots from Untrimmed Videos
* Complex Event Detection via Multi-source Video Attributes
* Constrained keypoint quantization: towards better bag-of-words model for large-scale multimedia retrieval
* Contrastive Adaptation Network for Single- and Multi-Source Domain Adaptation
* Contrastive Adaptation Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* DecideNet: Counting Varying Density Crowds Through Attention Guided Detection and Density Estimation
* Deep feature learning via structured graph Laplacian embedding for person re-identification
* Deep Local Video Feature for Action Recognition
* Deep Top-k Ranking for Image-Sentence Matching
* DevNet: A Deep Event Network for multimedia event detection and evidence recounting
* Dining activity analysis using a hidden markov model
* Discriminating Joint Feature Analysis for Multimedia Data Understanding
* discriminative CNN video representation for event detection, A
* Discriminative Learning Framework with Pairwise Constraints for Video Object Classification, A
* Double Fusion for Multimedia Event Detection
* E-LAMP: integration of innovative ideas for multimedia event detection
* Efficient Margin-Based Rank Learning Algorithms for Information Retrieval
* Efficient search: the informedia video retrieval system
* ELECTRICITY: An Efficient Multi-camera Vehicle Tracking System for Intelligent City
* Event Detection Using Multi-level Relevance Labels and Multiple Features
* Event Oriented Dictionary Learning for Complex Event Detection
* Everything is in the Face? Represent Faces with Object Bank
* Exploiting Feature Hierarchies with Convolutional Neural Networks for Cultural Event Recognition
* Exploring the Synergy of Humans and Machines in Extreme Video Retrieval
* Feature Interaction Augmented Sparse Learning for Fast Kinect Motion Detection
* Feature Selection for Multimedia Analysis by Sharing Information Among Multiple Tasks
* Feature Weighting via Optimal Thresholding for Video Analysis
* Few-Shot Activity Recognition with Cross-Modal Memory Network
* Finding Person X: Correlating Names with Visual Appearances
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Memex Question Answering
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Framework for Classifier Adaptation for Large-Scale Multimedia Data, A
* Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine With Adaptive Membership for Object Tracking
* Generating Video Descriptions With Latent Topic Guidance
* Harnessing Lab Knowledge for Real-World Action Recognition
* Harry Potter's Marauder's Map: Localizing and Tracking Multiple Persons-of-Interest by Nonnegative Discretization
* Hidden Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition
* How many high-level concepts will fill the semantic gap in news video retrieval?
* How Related Exemplars Help Complex Event Detection in Web Videos?
* Infrared Patch-Image Model for Small Target Detection in a Single Image
* Knowledge Adaptation with Partially Shared Features for Event Detection Using Few Exemplars
* Learning Spatial Awareness to Improve Crowd Counting
* Learning to Hallucinate Examples from Extrinsic and Intrinsic Supervision
* Lessons for the Future from a Decade of Informedia Video Analysis Research
* MAGVIT: Masked Generative Video Transformer
* Many Shades of Negativity, The
* Measuring novelty and redundancy with multiple modalities in cross-lingual broadcast news
* Minding the Gaps in a Video Action Analysis Pipeline
* MSNet: A Multilevel Instance Segmentation Network for Natural Disaster Damage Assessment in Aerial Videos
* Multi-Class Active Learning by Uncertainty Sampling with Diversity Maximization
* Multi-Feature Fusion via Hierarchical Regression for Multimedia Analysis
* Multi-modal information retrieval from broadcast video using OCR and speech recognition
* Multimedia Event Detection Using A Classifier-Specific Intermediate Representation
* Multimodal knowledge-based analysis in multimedia event detection
* News video classification using SVMbased multimodal classifiers and combination strategies
* Peeking Into the Future: Predicting Future Person Activities and Locations in Videos
* People detection based on appearance and motion models
* Pose Guided Person Image Generation With Hidden P-Norm Regression
* probabilistic model for camera zoom detection, A
* Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Multimedia Retrieval
* RCAA: Relational Context-Aware Agents for Person Search
* Real-Time Near-Duplicate Elimination for Web Video Search With Content and Context
* Representations of Keypoint-Based Semantic Concept Detection: A Comprehensive Study
* Resource Constrained Multimedia Event Detection
* Rethinking Spatial Invariance of Convolutional Networks for Object Counting
* Rethinking Zero-shot Action Recognition: Learning from Latent Atomic Actions
* Scheduled sampling for one-shot learning via matching network
* Semi-Supervised Multiple Feature Analysis for Action Recognition
* SimAug: Learning Robust Representations from Simulation for Trajectory Prediction
* Simple to complex cross-modal learning to rank
* Snippet Based Trajectory Statistics Histograms for Assistive Technologies
* Solution Path Algorithm for Identity-Aware Multi-object Tracking, The
* Space-Time Robust Representation for Action Recognition
* Spline Regression Hashing for Fast Image Search
* Symbiotic Black-Box Tracker
* Symbiotic Tracker Ensemble Toward A Unified Tracking Framework
* Text-to-video: a semantic search engine for internet videos
* TN-ZSTAD: Transferable Network for Zero-Shot Temporal Activity Detection
* Towards a Large Scale Concept Ontology for Broadcast Video
* TRM: Temporal Relocation Module for Video Recognition
* Un)Reliability of video concept detection
* Uncovering the Temporal Context for Video Question Answering
* Unified Dictionary Learning and Region Tagging with Hierarchical Sparse Representation
* Unsupervised Video Adaptation for Parsing Human Motion
* Use and Utility of High-Level Semantic Features in Video Retrieval, The
* Using a probabilistic source model for comparing images
* Video Retrieval Based on Semantic Concepts
* Video Search via Ranking Network with Very Few Query Exemplars
* Web and Personal Image Annotation by Mining Label Correlation With Relaxed Visual Graph Embedding
* Web-Scale Multimedia Processing and Applications
* What's News, What's Not? Associating News Videos with Words
* Zero-VIRUS*: Zero-shot Vehicle Route Understanding System for Intelligent Transportation
* ZSTAD: Zero-Shot Temporal Activity Detection
Includes: Hauptmann, A.G.[Alexander G.] Hauptmann, A.G. Hauptmann, A.G.[Alex G.]
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Hauptmann, A.S.[Andreas S.] Co Author Listing * Sequential Model Correction for Nonlinear Inverse Problems

Hauptmann, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Sensors: Principles and Applications

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