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Deguara, J.C.[Joanna Causon] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Coastal Erosion Using Remote Images: Comparison between Physically and Remotely Acquired Data on a Limestone Coast

Deguchi, D. Co Author Listing * Action recognition from extremely low-resolution thermal image sequence
* Analysis of How Driver Experience Affects Eye-Gaze Behavior for Robotic Wheelchair Operation, An
* Browsing Visual Sentiment Datasets Using Psycholinguistic Groundings
* Classification of Near-Duplicate Video Segments Based on Their Appearance Patterns
* Cross-Pose Face Recognition: A Virtual View Generation Approach Using Clustering Based LVTM
* Estimation of the Attractiveness of Food Photography Based on Image Features
* Estimation of the human performance for pedestrian detectability based on visual search and motion features
* Frontal Face Generation from Multiple Low-Resolution Non-frontal Faces for Face Recognition
* Human Tracking Using a Far-Infrared Sensor Array and a Thermo-Spatial Sensitive Histogram
* Improvement of a Traffic Sign Detector by Retrospective Gathering of Training Samples from In-Vehicle Camera Image Sequences
* LFIR2Pose: Pose Estimation from an Extremely Low-resolution FIR image Sequence
* Low Resolution QR-Code Recognition by Applying Super-Resolution Using the Property of QR-Codes
* Low-Resolution Character Recognition by Video-Based Super-Resolution
* Low-Resolution Character Recognition by Video-Based Super-Resolution
* Median-Shape Representation Learning for Category-Level Object Pose Estimation in Cluttered Environments
* Misclassification tolerable learning for robust pedestrian orientation classification
* More-natural Mimetic Words Generation for Fine-grained Gait Description
* Moving camera background-subtraction for obstacle detection on railway tracks
* O-GAN: Object Manifold Embedding GAN for Image Generation by Disentangling Parameters into Pose and Shape Manifolds
* Pedestrian Detectability Estimation Considering Visual Adaptation to Drastic Illumination Change
* Position Interpolation Using Feature Point Scale for Decimeter Visual Localization
* Recognition of Road Markings from In-Vehicle Camera Images by a Generative Learning Method
* Recognition of Texting-While-Walking by Joint Features Based on Arm and Head Poses
* Removal of Moving Objects from a Street-View Image by Fusing Multiple Image Sequences
* Soft-Boundary Label Relaxation with class placement constraints for semantic segmentation of the railway environment
* Spatial People Density Estimation from Multiple Viewpoints by Memory Based Regression
* Subtraction-Based Forward Obstacle Detection Using Illumination Insensitive Feature for Driving-Support
* Tastes and Textures Estimation of Foods Based on the Analysis of Its Ingredients List and Image
* Tell as You Imagine: Sentence Imageability-aware Image Captioning
* Toward Describing Human Gaits by Onomatopoeias
* Trajectory Ensemble: Multiple Persons Consensus Tracking Across Non-overlapping Multiple Cameras over Randomly Dropped Camera Networks
* Vehicle Ego-Localization by Matching In-Vehicle Camera Images to an Aerial Image
* Virtual View Generation Using Clustering Based Local View Transition Model
* Vision-Based Vehicle Localization Using a Visual Street Map with Embedded SURF Scale
Includes: Deguchi, D. Deguchi, D.[Daisuke]
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Deguchi, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Revisiting a kNN-Based Image Classification System with High-Capacity Storage

Deguchi, K. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shape Recognition by Active Vision without Camera Velocity Information
* 3d Fundus Pattern Reconstruction and Display from Multiple Fundus Images
* 3D Fundus Shape Reconstruction and Display from Stereo Fundus Images
* 3D models coding and morphing for efficient video compression
* Adaptive Local Smoothing for Contour Figure Approximation, An
* Application of the mean field methods to MRF optimization in computer vision
* Architecture of Object Recognition System for Various Images Based on Multi-Agents, An
* Autocalibration of a Projector-Camera System
* Autocalibration of a projector-screen-camera system: theory and algorithm for screen-to-camera homography estimation
* Autocalibration of an Ad Hoc Construction of Multi-Projector Displays
* Closed Form Solution of Local Shape from Shading at Critical Points
* color-based tracking by Kalman particle filter, A
* Computation of the Sign of the Gaussian Curvature of a Surface from Multiple Unknown Illumination Images without Knowledge of the Reflectance Property
* Detecting Changes in 3D Structure of a Scene from Multi-view Images Captured by a Vehicle-Mounted Camera
* Detection and Enhancement of Line Structures in an Image by Anisotropic Diffusion
* Direct Interpretation of Dynamic Images with Camera and Object Motions for Vision Guided Robot Control, A
* Discrete MRF Inference of Marginal Densities for Non-uniformly Discretized Variable Space
* Easy Calibration of a Multi-projector Display System
* Efficient algorithm for low-rank matrix factorization with missing components and performance comparison of latest algorithms
* Estimating Scale of a Scene from a Single Image Based on Defocus Blur and Scene Geometry
* Estimation of curvature from sampled noisy data
* Estimation of Illumination Distribution Using a Specular Sphere
* Flexible Online Calibration for a Mobile Projector-Camera System
* Head Pose Determination from One Image Using a Generic Model
* HHMM Based Recognition of Human Activity
* Image-based Control of Robot and Target Object Motions by Eigen Space Method
* Improving accuracy of geometric parameter estimation using projected score method
* Information Theoretic Approach for Active and Effective Object Recognitions, An
* Integrated parallel image processings on a pipelined MIMD multi-processor system PSM
* Method for Fine Registration of Multiple View Range Images Considering the Measurement Error Properties, A
* Multi-Scale Curvatures for Contour Feature Extraction
* Multi-Scale Detection of Characteristic Figure Structures Using Principal Curvatures of Image Gray-Lever Profile
* Multi-Scale Image Analysis for Detection of Characteristic Component Figure Shapes and Sizes
* Object tracking by the mean-shift of regional color distribution combined with the particle-filter algorithm
* On bias correction for geometric parameter estimation in computer vision
* On Identification of Singular Points Using Photometric Invariants for Global Shape from Shading Problem
* On Photometric Aspects of Catadioptric Cameras
* On the Wiberg Algorithm for Matrix Factorization in the Presence of Missing Components
* On Uniqueness of Solutions of the Three-Light-Source Photometric Stereo: Conditions on Illumination Configuration and Surface Reflectance
* Optimal integration of photometric and geometric surface measurements using inaccurate reflectance/illumination knowledge
* Precise 3-D Measurement using Uncalibrated Pattern Projection
* Primitive Curve Generation Based on Multiscale Contour Figure Approximation
* Recognition of Indoor Images Employing Qualitative Model Fitting and Supporting Relation Between Objects
* Recognition of Polyhedra by a Mechanical Theorem Proving Method
* Recognizing surface qualities from natural images based on learning to rank
* Reconstructing Shape from Shading with a Point Light Source at the Projection Center: Shape Reconstruction from an Endoscope Image
* Registration Techniques for Partially Covered Image Sequence
* Regularized polygonal approximation for analysis and interpretation of planar contour figures
* Robust estimation of camera translation between two images using a camera with a 3d orientation sensor
* Scale-Based Corner Extraction of a Contour Figure Using a Crystalline Flow
* Scale-Space Analysis of a Contour Figure Using a Crystalline Flow, A
* Shape Reconstruction by Combination of Structured-Light Projection and Photometric Stereo Using a Projector-Camera System: High Quality Reproduction of a Virtual Reflectance Property on a Real Object Surface
* Shape Reconstruction from an Endoscope Image by Shape from Shading Technique for a Point Light Source at the Projection Center
* Simultaneous Determination of Camera Pose and Intrinsic Parameters by Visual Servoing
* Study of Image Quality of Superimposed Projection Using Multiple Projectors
* Texture Characterization and Texture-Based Image Partitioning Using Two-Dimensional Linear Estimation Techniques
* Toward a statistically optimal method for estimating geometric relations from noisy data: cases of linear relations
* Variational Bayes Based Approach to Robust Subspace Learning
* Video Synchronization Based on Co-occurrence of Appearance Changes in Video Sequences
* Visual Servoing Using Eigenspace Method and Dynamic Calculation of Interaction Matrices
Includes: Deguchi, K. Deguchi, K.[Koichiro] Deguchi, K.[Kochiro]
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Deguchi, T. Co Author Listing * R&D of Drone-borne SAR System

Deguchi, Y.[Yoshiki] Co Author Listing * Rendition-based video editing for public contents authoring

Deguerre, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Object Detection in the DCT Domain: is Luminance the Solution?

Deguillaume, F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Segmentation and Camera Motion Indexing of Compressed Video
* Information-theoretic Data-hiding: Recent Achievements And Open Problems
* Multibit Digital Watermarking Robust Against Local Nonlinear Geometrical Distortions
Includes: Deguillaume, F. Deguillaume, F.[Frederic]

Deguy, S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Texture Images using Multi-scale Statistical Estimators of Fractal Parameters
* Flexible Noise Model for Designing Maps, A
* From morphlet to Takagi scheme: definitions and back process

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