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Beni Hssane, A. Co Author Listing * Classification and Recognition of Dental Images Using a Decisional Tree
Includes: Beni Hssane, A. Beni-Hssane, A.

Beni, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of the Floor of the Accademia Gallery (Florence, Italy)
* Temporal Coherence Estimators for GBSAR

Beni, G. Co Author Listing * Least Biased Fuzzy Clustering Method, A
* Validity Measure for Fuzzy Clustering, A
Includes: Beni, G. Beni, G.[Gerardo]

Beni, M.S. Co Author Listing * Face detection using color segmentation and RHT

Beniak, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic face detection based on chrominance components analysis

Benidir, M. Co Author Listing * SAR imaging using multidimensional continuous wavelet transform and applications to polarimetry and interferometry

Benie, G.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Speckle Noise Contribution on Wavelet Decomposition of SAR Images
* Competitive and Cooperative Neural Network for Line Detection, A
* Contribution of the fractal dimension to multiscale adaptive filtering of SAR imagery
* Multiscale and Multisource Classification using Dempster-Shafer Theory
* Multiscale MAP Filtering of SAR Images
* Unsupervised Multiscale Speckle Filtering
* Watershed-based hierarchical SAR image segmentation
Includes: Benie, G.B. Benie, G.B.[Goze B.]
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Benierbah, S. Co Author Listing * Compression of colour images by inter-band compensated prediction
* Generalized Hybrid Intra and Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Hybrid Wyner-Ziv and intra video coding with partial matching motion estimation at the decoder
* new technique for quality scalable video coding with H.264, A
* Symbol positions-based Slepian-Wolf coding with application to distributed video coding
Includes: Benierbah, S. Benierbah, S.[Said]

Benigmim, Y.[Yasser] Co Author Listing * One-shot Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Personalized Diffusion Models

Benincasa, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Beyond Local Reasoning for Stereo Confidence Estimation with Deep Learning

Benincasa, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Improving Colon Carcinoma Grading by Advanced CNN Models

Benincasa, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Synergy of Satellite Remote Sensing and Numerical Ocean Modelling for Coastal Geomorphology Diagnosis
* Virtual Geostationary Ocean Color Sensor to Analyze the Coastal Optical Variability, A

Beninga, I.[Ingo] Co Author Listing * Properties of Cirrus Cloud Observed over Koror, Palau (7.3°N, 134.5°E), in Tropical Western Pacific Region

Benini, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Visual Context Classification on a Low-Power Smartwatch
* Automatic multiview synthesis: Prototype demo
* Automatic multiview synthesis: Towards a mobile system on a chip
* Brain-Inspired Classroom Occupancy Monitoring on a Low-Power Mobile Platform
* CBinfer: Exploiting Frame-to-Frame Locality for Faster Convolutional Network Inference on Video Streams
* Constrained Few-shot Class-incremental Learning
* Context Change Detection for an Ultra-Low Power Low-Resolution Ego-Vision Imager
* Distributed video surveillance using hardware-friendly sparse large margin classifiers
* Energy-aware objects abandon/removal detection
* Enhancing the spatial resolution of presence detection in a PIR based wireless surveillance network
* Gesture Recognition in Ego-centric Videos Using Dense Trajectories and Hand Segmentation
* GPU-SHOT: Parallel Optimization for Real-Time 3D Local Description
* Hybrid ASIC/FPGA System for Fully Automatic Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion Using IDW
* integrated multi-modal sensor network for video surveillance, An
* LightSpeed: A Compact, High-Speed Optical-Link-Based 3D Optoacoustic Imager
* low-power wireless video sensor node for distributed object detection, A
* Multi-modal Video Surveillance aided by Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors
* Multimodal Abandoned/Removed Object Detection for Low Power Video Surveillance Systems
* Neuromorphic Optical Flow and Real-time Implementation with Event Cameras
* Optimal Tiling Strategy for Memory Bandwidth Reduction for CNNs
* Optimizing memory bandwidth exploitation for OpenVX applications on embedded many-core accelerators
* Origami: A 803-GOp/s/W Convolutional Network Accelerator
* Towards Edge-Aware Spatio-Temporal Filtering in Real-Time
* Training Quantised Neural Networks with STE Variants: The Additive Noise Annealing Algorithm
Includes: Benini, L.[Luca] Benini, L.
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Benini, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Affective Recommendation of Movies Based on Selected Connotative Features
* Automatic Indexing of Virtual Camera Features from Japanese Anime
* Connotative Space for Supporting Movie Affective Recommendation, A
* Emotional identity of movies
* Extraction of Significant Video Summaries by Dendrogram Analysis
* Face analysis through semantic face segmentation
* Fast dialogue indexing based on structure information
* Gender and Expression Analysis Based on Semantic Face Segmentation
* Hair detection, segmentation, and hairstyle classification in the wild
* Head pose estimation: A survey of the last ten years
* Hierarchical structuring of video previews by Leading-Cluster-Analysis
* Interactive Segmentation of Biomedical Images and Volumes Using Connected Operators
* On the Influence of Shot Scale on Film Mood and Narrative Engagement in Film Viewers
* Shot Scale Analysis in Movies by Convolutional Neural Networks
* Who is the Film's Director? Authorship Recognition Based on Shot Features
* XKin: an open source framework for hand pose and gesture recognition using kinect
Includes: Benini, S.[Sergio] Benini, S.
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Benisi, T. Co Author Listing * Examining The Origin of Flowerpot Motifs in The Buildings of Qajar Era

Benites, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical interestingness measures for association rules with generalization on both antecedent and consequent sides
* Multi-label classification and extracting predicted class hierarchies

Benites, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Linear Models for Infrared Spectra

Benitez Garcia, G.[Gibran] Co Author Listing * ACENet: Attention-Driven Contextual Features-Enhanced Lightweight EfficientNet for 2D Hand Pose Estimation
* AECA-PRNetCC: Adaptive Efficient Channel Attention-based PoseResNet for Coordinate Classification in 2D Human Pose
* Analysis of in- and out-group differences between Western and East-Asian facial expression recognition
* Continuous Finger Gesture Spotting and Recognition Based on Similarities Between Start and End Frames
* Diabetic Retinopathy Grading based on a Sparse Network Fusion of Heterogeneous ConvNeXt Models with Category Attention
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Facial Region Segmentation and Modal Value Approach
* FASSD-Net: Fast and Accurate Real-Time Semantic Segmentation for Embedded Systems
* Fast and Accurate Real-Time Semantic Segmentation with Dilated Asymmetric Convolutions
* IPN Hand: A Video Dataset and Benchmark for Real-Time Continuous Hand Gesture Recognition
* Masked Batch Normalization to Improve Tracking-Based Sign Language Recognition Using Graph Convolutional Networks
* Multicultural Facial Expression Recognition Based on Differences of Western-Caucasian and East-Asian Facial Expressions of Emotions
* Similar Finger Gesture Recognition using Triplet-loss Networks
* YOLOv5 with Mixed Backbone for Efficient Spatio-Temporal Hand Gesture Localization and Recognition
Includes: Benitez Garcia, G.[Gibran] Benitez-Garcia, G.[Gibran] Benitez-Garcia, G.
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Benitez Jimenez, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Hummingbirds in Images: A Deep Learning Approach
Includes: Benitez Jimenez, R.[Ricardo] Benítez-Jimenez, R.[Ricardo]

Benitez Olivo, E.E. Co Author Listing * Exploiting the Direct Link in Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Networks

Benitez Paez, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Roadblocks Hindering the Reuse of Open Geodata in Colombia and Spain: A Data User's Perspective
Includes: Benitez Paez, F.[Fernando] Benitez-Paez, F.[Fernando]

Benitez Quiroz, C.F.[C. Fabian] Co Author Listing * Discriminant Functional Learning of Color Features for the Recognition of Facial Action Units and Their Intensities
* EmotioNet: An Accurate, Real-Time Algorithm for the Automatic Annotation of a Million Facial Expressions in the Wild
* Fast and Precise Face Alignment and 3D Shape Reconstruction from a Single 2D Image
* Recognition of Action Units in the Wild with Deep Nets and a New Global-Local Loss
* Salient and non-salient fiducial detection using a probabilistic graphical model
Includes: Benitez Quiroz, C.F.[C. Fabian] Benitez-Quiroz, C.F.[C. Fabian] Benitez-Quiroz, C.F.

Benitez Quiroz, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * When do GANs replicate? On the choice of dataset size
Includes: Benitez Quiroz, F.[Fabian] Benitez-Quiroz, F.[Fabian]

Benitez Restrepo, H.D.[Hernan Dario] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Data Fusion Applied to Change Detection and Biomass Estimation in Rice Crops
* Image quality assessment to enhance infrared face recognition
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of Pan-Sharpened Images
* Predicting the Quality of Fused Long Wave Infrared and Visible Light Images
Includes: Benitez Restrepo, H.D.[Hernan Dario] Benítez-Restrepo, H.D.[Hernán Darío] Benítez-Restrepo, H.D. Benitez-Restrepo, H.D.[Hernan Dario]

Benitez Rochel, R.[Rafaela] Co Author Listing * effect of image enhancement algorithms on convolutional neural networks, The
* Effect of Noise and Brightness on Convolutional Deep Neural Networks, The
* Impact of Linear Motion Blur on the Object Recognition Efficiency of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, The
Includes: Benitez Rochel, R.[Rafaela] Benítez-Rochel, R.[Rafaela]

Benitez, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Imbalanced Problem in Morphological Galaxy Classification, The
* Intelligent Image Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Data Sets: A New Tool for Functional Imaging
Includes: Benitez, A.[Antonio] Benitez, A.[Ania]

Benitez, A.B. Co Author Listing * Discovering Recurrent Visual Semantics in Consumer Photographs
* Image classification using multimedia knowledge networks
* MPEG-7 MDS Content Description Tools and Applications
* Object-based multimedia content description schemes and applications for MPEG-7
* Semantics of multimedia in MPEG-7
* Visual Information Retrieval from Large Distributed Online Repositories
Includes: Benitez, A.B. Benitez, A.B.[Ana B.]

Benitez, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Contribution to Deep Learning Approaches for Automatic Classification of Volcano-Seismic Events: Deep Gaussian Processes, A
* Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensing to Understand and Affect the Rhythm of the Cities: Proof-of-Concept to Create Data-Driven Urban Mobility Models
* Volcano-Seismic Transfer Learning and Uncertainty Quantification With Bayesian Neural Networks
Includes: Benitez, C.[Carmen] Benítez, C.[Carmen] Benítez, C.

Benitez, D. Co Author Listing * New Volcanic Seismic Signal Descriptor and its Application to a Data Set From the Cotopaxi Volcano, A
* Reactive Computer Vision System with Reconfigurable Architecture
* Toward Real-Time Volcano Seismic Events' Classification: A New Approach Using Mathematical Morphology and Similarity Criteria
Includes: Benitez, D. Benítez, D. Benitez, D.[Domingo] Benítez, D.[Diego]

Benitez, D.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Long Period Events From Volcano Tectonic Earthquakes at Cotopaxi Volcano
Includes: Benitez, D.S. Benítez, D.S.

Benitez, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Multiresolution Models for Real-Time Rendering in GPU-Limited Environments

Benitez, F.G. Co Author Listing * Traffic Flow Estimation Models Using Cellular Phone Data

Benitez, F.L.[Fatima L.] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification of Complex Agroecosystems in the Non-Protected Highlands of the Galapagos Islands
Includes: Benitez, F.L.[Fatima L.] Benítez, F.L.[Fátima L.]

Benitez, G.[Gibran] Co Author Listing * Training of Multiple and Mixed Tasks with a Single Network Using Feature Modulation

Benitez, H.D.[Hernan Dario] Co Author Listing * Content Based Thermal Images Retrieval
Includes: Benitez, H.D.[Hernan Dario] Benítez, H.D.[Hernán Darío]

Benitez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Index with Positional and Thematic Fuzzy Bounds for Land-use / Land-cover Maps, An
Includes: Benitez, J.[Jorge] Benítez, J.[Jorge]

Benitez, J.M. Co Author Listing * Fast fingerprint identification for large databases

Benitez, M.C. Co Author Listing * Detection and Classification of Continuous Volcano-Seismic Signals With Recurrent Neural Networks
Includes: Benitez, M.C. Benítez, M.C.

Benitez, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Ante-Hoc Generation of Task-Agnostic Interpretation Maps

Benitez, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Automated selection of terrestrial images from sequences for the texture mapping of 3d city models
* Automatic Production of Occlusion-Free Rectified Façade Textures using Vehicle-Based Imagery
* ISPRS Benchmark On Urban Object Classification And 3d Building Reconstruction, The
* Ray-based Detection Of Openings In Urban Areas Using Mobile Lidar Data
Includes: Benitez, S.[Sebastien] Bénitez, S.[Sébastien] Benitez, S.

Benito Altamirano, I.[Ismael] Co Author Listing * Back-compatible Color QR Codes for colorimetric applications
Includes: Benito Altamirano, I.[Ismael] Benito-Altamirano, I.[Ismael]

Benito Calvo, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * 4D Monitoring of Active Sinkholes with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS): A Case Study in the Evaporite Karst of the Ebro Valley, NE Spain
* Influence of Image Properties on High-Detail SfM Photogrammetric Surveys of Complex Geometric Landforms: The Application of a Consumer-Grade UAV Camera in a Rock Glacier Survey, The
Includes: Benito Calvo, A.[Alfonso] Benito-Calvo, A.[Alfonso]

Benito Ortiz, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Motion Compensation for Long Integration Times and DoA Processing in Passive Radars
Includes: Benito Ortiz, M.[Maria] Benito-Ortiz, M.[María]

Benito, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Point Clouds in the Architecture Environment

Benito, G.B.[Gumersindo Bueno] Co Author Listing * Training Schools for Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Between Expertise, Management and Education

Benito, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * fast approach for dimensionality reduction with image data, A

Benitta, R. Co Author Listing * Texture classification using color local texture features

Benitz, G.R. Co Author Listing * Detection and Imaging of Moving Targets With LiMIT SAR Data

Beniwal, A.[Anurag] Co Author Listing * OutfitTransformer: Learning Outfit Representations for Fashion Recommendation
* OutfitTransformer: Outfit Representations for Fashion Recommendation

Beniwal, D.[Deeksha] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Results in Innovative Solutions for Soil Carbon Estimation: Integrating Remote Sensing, Machine Learning, and Proximal Sensing Spectroscopy

Beniwal, S.[Sucharita] Co Author Listing * Perceptual color spacing derived from maximum likelihood multidimensional scaling

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