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Bengag, A. Co Author Listing * Classification and comparison of routing protocols in VANETs
* Enhancing GPSR routing protocol based on Velocity and Density for real-time urban scenario
* Enhancing GPSR routing protocol based on Velocity and Density for real-time urban scenario
Includes: Bengag, A. Bengag, A.[Amina] Bengag, A.[Asmae]

Bengar, J.Z.[Javad Zolfaghari] Co Author Listing * Class-Balanced Active Learning for Image Classification
* Reducing Label Effort: Self-Supervised meets Active Learning
* When Deep Learners Change Their Mind: Learning Dynamics for Active Learning

Bengherabi, M.[Messaoud] Co Author Listing * Face Verification Based on Gabor Region Covariance Matrices
* Face Verification Using Local Binary Patterns and Maximum A Posteriori Vector Quantization Model
* Fuzzy reasoning model to improve face illumination invariance
* Gender and texture classification: A comparative analysis using 13 variants of local binary patterns
* How Much Information Kinect Facial Depth Data Can Reveal About Identity, Gender and Ethnicity?
* Low-Light Face Image Enhancement Based on Dynamic Face Part Selection
* On the use of Kinect depth data for identity, gender and ethnicity classification from facial images
* Score Fusion of SVD and DCT-RLDA for Face Recognition
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Benghin, V.[Viktor] Co Author Listing * Near-UV Pulsations in the Aurora Region Measured by Orbital Telescope TUS during High-Intensity and Long-Duration Continuous AE Activity

Bengio, S.[Samy] Co Author Listing * Automatic Analysis of Multimodal Group Actions in Meetings
* BANCA Database and Evaluation Protocol, The
* Context-Aware Captions from Context-Agnostic Supervision
* Database, protocols and tools for evaluating score-level fusion algorithms in biometric authentication
* Discriminative Kernel-Based Approach to Rank Images from Text Queries, A
* Enhancing training data for handwriting recognition of whiteboard notes with samples from a different database
* Estimating the quality of face localization for face verification
* Face Authentication Competition on the BANCA Database
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Face verification using adapted generative models
* Graph-based transformation manifolds for invariant pattern recognition with kernel methods
* Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Section on Learning Deep Architectures
* IAM-OnDB: An on-line English sentence database acquired from handwritten text on a whiteboard
* Improving face verification using skin color information
* Improving Fusion with Margin-Derived Confidence in Biometric Authentication Tasks
* Invariances in kernel methods: From samples to objects
* Kernel matching pursuit for large datasets
* kernel trick for sequences applied to text-independent speaker verification systems, A
* Large Scale Online Learning of Image Similarity through Ranking
* Large-Scale Object Classification Using Label Relation Graphs
* Learning semantic relationships for better action retrieval in images
* Measuring the performance of face localization systems
* Modeling Individual and Group Actions in Meetings: A Two-Layer HMM Framework
* Multimodal Authentication Using Asynchronous HMMs
* Novel Approach to Combining Client-Dependent and Confidence Information in Multimodal Biometrics, A
* Offline cursive word recognition using continuous density hidden Markov models trained with PCA or ICA features
* Offline Recognition of Large Vocabulary Cursive Handwritten Text
* Offline Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Texts Using HMMs and Statistical Language Models
* On automatic annotation of meeting databases
* On transforming statistical models for non-frontal face verification
* Performance Generalization in Biometric Authentication Using Joint User-Specific and Sample Bootstraps
* Robust Features for Frontal Face Authentication in Difficult Image Conditions
* Scalability Analysis of Audio-Visual Person Identity Verification
* Score-Level Fusion Benchmark Database for Biometric Authentication, A
* Semi-Supervised Adapted HMMs for Unusual Event Detection
* Show and tell: A neural image caption generator
* Show and Tell: Lessons Learned from the 2015 MSCOCO Image Captioning Challenge
* Spectral Subband Centroids as Complementary Features for Speaker Authentication
* Statistical transformations of frontal models for non-frontal face verification
* Tangent vector kernels for invariant image classification with SVMs
* Writer adaptation techniques in HMM based Off-Line Cursive Script Recognition
* Writer adaptation techniques in off-line cursive word recognition
* Writer Identification for Smart Meeting Room Systems
* You Look Twice: GaterNet for Dynamic Filter Selection in CNNs
Includes: Bengio, S.[Samy] Bengio, S.
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Bengio, Y.[Yoshua] Co Author Listing * Attention Based Pruning for Shift Networks
* Count-ception: Counting by Fully Convolutional Redundant Counting
* Describing Multimedia Content Using Attention-Based Encoder-Decoder Networks
* Disentangling Factors of Variation for Facial Expression Recognition
* Diva: Diverse Visual Feature Aggregation for Deep Metric Learning
* Drawing and Recognizing Chinese Characters with Recurrent Neural Network
* EM approach to grammatical inference: Input/Output HMMs, An
* End-to-End Online Writer Identification With Recurrent Neural Network
* FloW: A Dataset and Benchmark for Floating Waste Detection in Inland Waters
* Generative Adversarial Networks
* Global Training of Document Processing Systems Using Graph Transformer Networks
* Gradient-Based Learning applied to Document Recognition
* Learning deep architectures for AI
* Learning Fixed Points in Generative Adversarial Networks: From Image-to-Image Translation to Disease Detection and Localization
* Multi-Image Super-Resolution for Remote Sensing using Deep Recurrent Networks
* On the Iterative Refinement of Densely Connected Representation Levels for Semantic Segmentation
* One Hundred Layers Tiramisu: Fully Convolutional DenseNets for Semantic Segmentation, The
* Online and offline handwritten Chinese character recognition: A comprehensive study and new benchmark
* Oracle Performance for Visual Captioning
* Plug & Play Generative Networks: Conditional Iterative Generation of Images in Latent Space
* Representation Learning: A Review and New Perspectives
* ReSeg: A Recurrent Neural Network-Based Model for Semantic Segmentation
* Scaling Up Spike-and-Slab Models for Unsupervised Feature Learning
* Spike-and-Slab RBM and Extensions to Discrete and Sparse Data Distributions, The
* Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
* Tell, Draw, and Repeat: Generating and Modifying Images Based on Continual Linguistic Instruction
* Word normalization for online handwritten word recognition
* Word-level training of a handwritten word recognizer based on convolutional neural networks
Includes: Bengio, Y.[Yoshua] Bengio, Y.
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Bengisu Ozyoruk, K. Co Author Listing * EndoL2H: Deep Super-Resolution for Capsule Endoscopy

Bengler, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Analyses on the heterogeneity of car-following behaviour: evidence from a cross-cultural driving simulator study
* Analysis of drivers' performance in response to potential collision with pedestrians at urban crosswalks
* Augmented Reality Head-Up Display: A Visual Support During Malfunctions in Partially Automated Driving?
* Concept and development of a unified ontology for generating test and use-case catalogues for assisted and automated vehicle guidance
* Effects of Dynamic Visual Stimuli on the Development of Carsickness in Real Driving
* Impact of In-Vehicle Displays Location Preferences on Drivers' Performance and Gaze
* Improving Driver Performance and Experience in Assisted and Automated Driving With Visual Cues in the Steering Wheel
* Intercultural Analyses of Time-to-Collision in Vehicle-Pedestrian Conflict on an Urban Midblock Crosswalk
* Modelling the Process of Controlling an Automated Steering Maneuver
* New Approaches to Movement Evaluation Using Accurate Truck Ingress Data
Includes: Bengler, K.[Klaus] Bengler, K.
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Bengler, K.J. Co Author Listing * Rolling Out the Red (and Green) Carpet: Supporting Driver Decision Making in Automation-to-Manual Transitions
* Vibrotactile Displays: A Survey With a View on Highly Automated Driving

Bengoechea, J.J.[Jose J.] Co Author Listing * Improved Strategies for HPE Employing Learning-by-Synthesis Approaches
* novel 2D/3D database with automatic face annotation for head tracking and pose estimation, A
Includes: Bengoechea, J.J.[Jose J.] Bengoechea, J.J.[Josť J.]

Bengoetxea, E.[Endika] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Distribution Algorithms: A New Evolutionary Computation Approach for Graph Matching Problems
* Inexact graph matching by means of estimation of distribution algorithms
* Inexact graph matching for model-based recognition: Evaluation and comparison of optimization algorithms
* Inexact graph matching using stochastic optimization techniques for facial feature recognition

Bengolea, G.[Gaston] Co Author Listing * Feature Analysis for Audio Classification

Bengoufa, S.[Soumia] Co Author Listing * Monitoring and Mapping Floods and Floodable Areas in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) Using Time-Series Sentinel-1 Images, Convolutional Neural Network, Multi-Layer Perceptron, and Random Forest
* Rocky Shoreline Extraction Using a Deep Learning Model and Object-based Image Analysis
Includes: Bengoufa, S.[Soumia] Bengoufa, S.

Bengough, A.G.[A. Glyn] Co Author Listing * Estimating the motion of plant root cells from in vivo confocal laser scanning microscopy images
* Part-Based Multi-Frame Registration for Estimation of the Growth Of Cellular Networks in Plant Roots
* Performance of Low-Level Motion Estimation Methods for Confocal Microscopy of Plant Cells in vivo
* Spectral and Growth Characteristics of Willows and Maize in Soil Contaminated with a Layer of Crude or Refined Oil
Includes: Bengough, A.G.[A. Glyn] Bengough, A.G. Bengough, A.G.[Anthony Glyn]

Bengourram, J. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Streaming Video over Vehicular Ad-Hoc

Bengtson, K.R.[Kurt R.] Co Author Listing * Captured open book image de-warping using depth information
* Design and decoding of an M-array pattern for low-cost structured light 3D reconstruction systems
* Halftone Blending Between Smooth and Detail Screens to Improve Print Quality With Electrophotographic Printers
Includes: Bengtson, K.R.[Kurt R.] Bengtson, K.R.

Bengtson, S.H. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration for Underwater 3D Reconstruction Based on Ray Tracing Using Snell's Law
* Re-Identification of Zebrafish using Metric Learning

Bengtsson, A. Co Author Listing * Shape Representation by Multiscale Contour Approximation

Bengtsson, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Deformable Surface Model to Segment the Brain in MR Images, A
* Blind Color Decomposition of Histological Images
* Boundary Approach for Fast Neighborhood Operations on 3-Dimensional Binary Data, A
* Classification of Functional Patterns in SPECT Brain Scans Based on Partial Least Squares Analysis
* Combined Visualisation of Functional and Anatomical Brain Images
* Comparison of Methods for Estimation of Intensity Nonuniformities in 2D and 3D Microscope Images of Fluorescence Stained Cells, A
* Computerized Cell Image Analysis: Past, Present, and Future
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Detecting Cellular Changes Due to Malignancy
* Direct Way of Combining Texture and Color for Image Segmentation, A
* Dissolved Organic Matters Impact on Colour Reconstruction in Underwater Images
* Fast vascular skeleton extraction algorithm
* Finding facial features using an HLS colour space
* Image Matching Using Distant Landmarks
* Image Processing and Its Hardware Support Analysis vs Synthesis: Historical Trends
* Investigating Preprocessing of Multivariate Images in Combination with Principal Component Analysis
* Microscopy Image Enhancement for Cost-Effective Cervical Cancer Screening
* Minimum spanning trees (MST) as a tool for describing tissue architecture when grading bladder carcinoma
* Modelling Non-linearities in Images Using an Auto-associative Neural Network
* Multiple Tissue Antigen Analysis by Sequential Immunofluorescence Staining and Multi-dimensional Image analysis
* Optimizing Optics and Imaging for Pattern Recognition Based Screening Tasks
* Parallel Algorithms on Compact Binary Objects
* Segmentation of Cell Nuclei in Tissue by Combining Seeded Watersheds with Gradient Information
* Segmentation of Cervical Cells: Detection of Overlapping Cell Nuclei
* Segmentation of the Brain in MRI Using Grey Level Morphology and Propagation of Information
* Structural Texture Approach for Characterising Malignancy Associated Changes in Pap Smears Based on Mean-Shift and the Watershed Transform, A
* Surface Construction Especially Suited for Visualisation of Thin Structures
* Two Non-linear Parametric Models of Contrast Enhancement for DCE-MRI of the Breast Amenable to Fitting Using Linear Least Squares
* Using feature-vector based analysis, based on principal component analysis and independent component analysis, for analysing hyperspectral images
Includes: Bengtsson, E. Bengtsson, E.[Ewert]
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Bengtsson, L.[Leif] Co Author Listing * Advertisement at TV-transmission

Bengtsson, L.H. Co Author Listing * Unbroken Digital Data Flow in The Built Environment Process - a Case Study in Sweden

Bengtsson, M. Co Author Listing * Globally Optimal Base Station Clustering in Interference Alignment-Based Multicell Networks
* Joint Optimization of the Worst-Case Robust MMSE MIMO Transceiver
* Optimal Multiuser Transmit Beamforming: A Difficult Problem with a Simple Solution Structure
* Stochastic Optimization Algorithms: An Application to Pattern Matching
* Utilization of Noise-Only Samples in Array Processing With Prior Knowledge

Bengtsson, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * On robust optical flow estimation on image sequences with differently exposed frames using primal-dual optimization

Bengua, J.A.[Johann A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Tensor Completion for Color Image and Video Recovery: Low-Rank Tensor Train

Bengulescu, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Several Empirical Relationships for Deriving Daily Means of UV-A Irradiance from Meteosat-Based Estimates of the Total Irradiance

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