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Peli, E.[Eli] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Peli, E.[Eli]: eli AT schepens harvard edu
* Automatic Calibration Method for Driver's Head Orientation in Natural Driving Environment
* Factors Affecting Enhanced Video Quality Preferences
* Feature detection algorithm based on a visual system model
* Image enhancement using a contrast measure in the compressed domain
* Imputation of direction of motion in one dimension
* Measuring perceived video quality of MPEG enhancement by people with impaired vision
* method for objective edge detection evaluation and detector parameter selection, A
* Time to Collision and Collision Risk Estimation from Local Scale and Motion
* Wideband enhancement of television images for people with visual impairments
Includes: Peli, E.[Eli] Peli, E.
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Peli, T. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Recognition and Localization of Roatated and Scaled Objects, An
* Circular Harmonic Analysis of PSF's Corresponding to Separable Polar-Coordinate Frequency Responses with Emphasis on Fan Filtering
* Study of Edge Detection Algorithms, A
Includes: Peli, T. Peli, T.[Tamar]

Pelich, R. Co Author Listing * Built-up areas mapping at global scale based on adaptive parametric thresholding of Sentinel-1 intensity coherence time series
* Large-Scale Automatic Vessel Monitoring Based on Dual-Polarization Sentinel-1 and AIS Data
* Sentinel-1 InSAR Coherence to Detect Floodwater in Urban Areas: Houston and Hurricane Harvey as A Test Case
* Support for Multi-temporal and Multi-mission data processing: The ESA Research and Service Support
* Towards a 20 m Global Building Map from Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Vessel Refocusing and Velocity Estimation on SAR Imagery Using the Fractional Fourier Transform
Includes: Pelich, R. Pelich, R.[Ramona]

Pelich, R.M.[Ramona Maria] Co Author Listing * Measuring the Impact of Natural Hazards with Citizen Science: The Case of Flooded Area Estimation Using Twitter
Includes: Pelich, R.M.[Ramona Maria] Pelich, R.M.[Ramona-Maria]

Pelikan, E. Co Author Listing * Detection of Bone Tumours in Radiographic Images using Neural Networks

Pelikan, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Algorithm for Tracking Small Intestine in CT Enterography, An
* Low-rank matrix approximations for Coherent point drift
* Segmentation of Femoral Head from CT after Femoral Neck Fracture
Includes: Pelikan, J. Pelikán, J.[Josef]

Pelikant, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Database of Emotional Speech, Video and Gestures

Pelillo, M.[Marcello] Co Author Listing * Alhazen and the nearest neighbor rule
* Analysis of the Exponential Correlation Associative Memory, An
* Attributed Tree Homomorphism Using Association Graphs
* Attributed tree matching and maximum weight cliques
* Autoassociative Learning in Relaxation Labeling Networks
* Bayesian Interpretation for the Exponential Correlation Associative Memory, A
* Beyond partitions: Allowing overlapping groups in pairwise clustering
* Biclustering with dominant sets
* black-box adversarial attack for poisoning clustering, A
* Characterization of Visual Object Representations in Rat Primary Visual Cortex
* Complementary Pivoting Approach to Graph Matching, A
* Computer Vision System for Monitoring Ice-Cream Freezers, A
* Computer Vision System for the Automatic Inventory of a Cooler, A
* Computing the graph edit distance using dominant sets
* Consensus Graphs for Symmetry Plane Estimation
* Constrained dominant sets for retrieval
* Content-based image retrieval with relevance feedback using random walks
* Context aware nonnegative matrix factorization clustering
* Continuous-Based Approach for Partial Clique Enumeration, A
* Continuous-time relaxation labeling processes
* Deep Constrained Dominant Sets for Person Re-Identification
* DeepScores-A Dataset for Segmentation, Detection and Classification of Tiny Objects
* Detecting conversational groups in images and sequences: A robust game-theoretic approach
* Dominant Set Biclustering
* Dominant sets and hierarchical clustering
* Dominant Sets and Pairwise Clustering
* Dominant Sets for Constrained Image Segmentation
* DOTA: A Large-Scale Dataset for Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Dynamics of Nonlinear Relaxation Labeling Processes, The
* Efficiently Segmenting Images with Dominant Sets
* En Plein Air Visual Agents
* Evolutionary Approach to Training Relaxation Labeling Processes, An
* Evolutionary Hough Games for coherent object detection
* Four metrics for efficiently comparing attributed trees
* Functional Representation for Graph Matching, A
* Game-Theoretic Approach to Hypergraph Clustering, A
* game-theoretic approach to partial clique enumeration, A
* Game-Theoretic Hyper-Graph Matching Algorithm, A
* Game-theoretic hypergraph matching with density enhancement
* Game-Theoretic Probabilistic Approach for Detecting Conversational Groups, A
* Graph Transduction as a Non-cooperative Game
* Graph-based quadratic optimization: A fast evolutionary approach
* Group Loss for Deep Metric Learning, The
* Group Loss++: A Deeper Look Into Group Loss for Deep Metric Learning, The
* Grouping with Asymmetric Affinities: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
* Guest editors' Introduction to the special section on energy minimization methods in computer vision and pattern recognition
* Hierarchical matching of panoramic images
* Hierarchical Pairwise Segmentation Using Dominant Sets and Anisotropic Diffusion Kernels
* Hypergraph isomorphism using association hypergraphs
* Hypergraph matching via game-theoretic hypergraph clustering
* hypergraph-based approach to affine parameters estimation, A
* ICPR2018 Contest on Object Detection in Aerial Images (ODAI-18)
* Information Theoretic Learning for Pixel-Based Visual Agents
* Integrating Boundary Information in Pairwise Segmentation
* Interactive Image Segmentation Using Constrained Dominant Sets
* Introduction to the Special Section on Graph Algorithms and Computer Vision
* Jigsaw Puzzle Solving as a Consistent Labeling Problem
* Large-Scale Image Geo-Localization Using Dominant Sets
* Learning Compatibility Coefficients for Relaxation Labeling Processes
* Locality-aware subgraphs for inductive link prediction in knowledge graphs
* LUAI Challenge 2021 on Learning to Understand Aerial Images
* Many-to-many Matching of Attributed Trees Using Association Graphs and Game Dynamics
* Matching as a non-cooperative game
* Matching Free Trees, Maximal Cliques, and Monotone Game Dynamics
* Matching graphs by pivoting
* Matching Hierarchical Structures Using Association Graphs
* Matching Relational Structures using the Edge-Association Graph
* Matrix Factorization Approach to Graph Compression, A
* Multi-feature fusion for image retrieval using constrained dominant sets
* Multi-object tracking using dominant sets
* Multi-target Tracking in Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras Using Fast-Constrained Dominant Sets
* new density kernel in density peak based clustering, A
* new graph-theoretic approach to clustering and segmentation, A
* Nonlinear relaxation labeling as growth transformation
* Object Detection in Aerial Images: A Large-Scale Benchmark and Challenges
* On Association Graph Techniques for Hypergraph Matching
* On the Interplay Between Strong Regularity and Graph Densification
* On the Relation between the Common Labelling and the Median Graph
* optimization algorithm for determining the compatibility coefficients of relaxation labeling processes, An
* Path-Based Dominant-Set Clustering
* Pattern recognition between science and engineering: A red herring?
* Poisoning Complete-Linkage Hierarchical Clustering
* Polynomial-Time Metric for Attributed Trees, A
* Polynomial-Time Metrics for Attributed Trees
* Probabilistic Clustering Using the Baum-Eagon Inequality
* Protein function prediction as a graph-transduction game
* Relaxation Labeling Meets GANs: Solving Jigsaw Puzzles with Missing Borders
* Relaxation labeling processes for protein secondary structure prediction
* Replicator Equations, Maximal Cliques, and Graph Isomorphism
* Revealing structure in large graphs: Szemerédi's regularity lemma and its use in pattern recognition
* Semantic Image Labelling as a Label Puzzle Game
* Separating Structure from Noise in Large Graphs Using the Regularity Lemma
* Similarity-based pattern recognition
* simple feature combination method based on dominant sets, A
* Simultaneous clustering and outlier detection using dominant sets
* Simultaneous clustering and outlier detection using dominant sets
* Spatio-temporal Segmentation Using Dominant Sets
* Speaker Clustering Using Dominant Sets
* Special issue on 'Philosophical Aspects of Pattern Recognition'
* Structured class-labels in random forests for semantic image labelling
* Structured Labels in Random Forests for Semantic Labelling and Object Detection
* Structured Local Predictors for image labelling
* Szemerédi's Regularity Lemma and Its Applications to Pairwise Clustering and Segmentation
* Towards Parameter-Free Clustering for Real-World Data
* Transductive Label Augmentation for Improved Deep Network Learning
* Transductive Visual Verb Sense Disambiguation
* Two metrics for attributed hypergraphs
* Two sides of the same coin: Improved ancient coin classification using Graph Transduction Games
* Unifying Framework for Relational Structure Matching, A
* Unsupervised texture segmentation by dominant sets and game dynamics
* Using Dominant Sets for Object Tracking with Freely Moving Camera
* Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Constrained Dominant Sets
Includes: Pelillo, M.[Marcello] Pelillo, M.
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Peliova, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Combining Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Data in Google Earth Engine to Derive Higher Resolution Land Surface Temperature Maps in Urban Environment
Includes: Peliova, A.[Anna] Péliová, A.[Anna]

Pelissari, T.D.[Tatiane Deoti] Co Author Listing * Fires Drive Long-Term Environmental Degradation in the Amazon Basin

Pelissier, F.[Frantz] Co Author Listing * Design of a Real-Time Embedded Stereo Smart Camera
* Embedded multi-processor system-on-programmable chip for smart camera pose estimation using nonlinear optimization methods

Pelissier, L.[Loic] Co Author Listing * Text/Graphics Separation Revisited
Includes: Pelissier, L.[Loic] Pélissier, L.[Loďc]

Pelissier, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * Aboveground-Biomass Estimation of a Complex Tropical Forest in India Using Lidar
* Inverting Aboveground Biomass-Canopy Texture Relationships in a Landscape of Forest Mosaic in the Western Ghats of India Using Very High Resolution Cartosat Imagery
Includes: Pelissier, R.[Raphael] Pélissier, R.[Raphaël]

Pelisson, F.[Fabien] Co Author Listing * Brand Identification Using Gaussian Derivative Histograms
* People flow analysis
Includes: Pelisson, F.[Fabien] Pélisson, F.[Fabien]

Pelivanov, I. Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning Image Reconstruction for Real-Time Photoacoustic System

Pelizari, P.A.[Patrick Aravena] Co Author Listing * Estimation of seismic building structural types using multi-sensor remote sensing and machine learning techniques
* Multistrategy ensemble regression for mapping of built-up density and height with Sentinel-2 data
* Virtual Support Vector Machines with self-learning strategy for classification of multispectral remote sensing imagery

Pelizzari, A. Co Author Listing * Information Mining in Remote Sensing Image Archives: System Concepts

Pelizzari, C. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques

Pelizzari, C.A.[Charles A.] Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction with a shift-variant filtration in circular cone-beam CT
* Region of Interest Reconstruction From Truncated Data in Circular Cone-Beam CT
* Volume rendering quantification algorithm for reconstruction of CT volume-rendered structures. 1. Cerebral arteriovenous malformations
Includes: Pelizzari, C.A.[Charles A.] Pelizzari, C.A.

Pelizzari, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Oil Spill Segmentation of SAR Images Via Graph Cuts
Includes: Pelizzari, S.[Sonia] Pelizzari, S.[Sónia]

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