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Nunes Amaral, L.A. Co Author Listing * Drosophila eye nuclei segmentation based on graph cut and convex shape prior

Nunes de Lima, N.[Nadile] Co Author Listing * Is This Person Real? Avatar Stylization and Its Influence on Human Perception in a Counseling Training Environment
Includes: Nunes de Lima, N.[Nadile] Nunes-de-Lima, N.[Nadile]

Nunes Goncalves, W.[Wesley] Co Author Listing * Land-cover classification of multispectral LiDAR data using CNN with optimized hyper-parameters
* Leaf Nitrogen Concentration and Plant Height Prediction for Maize Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery and Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Nunes Goncalves, W.[Wesley] Nunes Gonçalves, W.[Wesley]

Nunes, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Effect of Menopause on the Sexual Dimorphism in the Human Retina: Texture Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Data, The
* Learning to Perform Visual Tasks from Human Demonstrations
* Learning to Search for Objects in Images from Human Gaze Sequences
Includes: Nunes, A.[Ana] Nunes, A.[Afonso]

Nunes, A.A. Co Author Listing * Passenger Journey Destination Estimation From Automated Fare Collection System Data Using Spatial Validation

Nunes, A.L.[Alexandra L.] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Inter-Calibration of Wet Path Delay Datasets to Compute the Wet Tropospheric Correction for CryoSat-2 over Ocean
* Atmospheric Corrections for Altimetry Studies over Inland Water

Nunes, A.P. Co Author Listing * Storing An Oversized Museu De Lisboa Textile Banner Collection

Nunes, B.A.A. Co Author Listing * Scale-Free Properties of Human Mobility and Applications to Intelligent Transportation Systems
* User Community Identification Through Fine-Grained Mobility Records for Smart City Applications
Includes: Nunes, B.A.A. Nunes, B.A.A.[Bruno Astuto A.]

Nunes, D.C. Co Author Listing * Rapid Spectral Cloud Screening Onboard Aircraft and Spacecraft

Nunes, E. Co Author Listing * Effectively integrating a course on biometrics in a computer vision master's degree

Nunes, F. Co Author Listing * Method to Contrast Enhancement of Digital Dense Breast Images Aimed to Detect Clustered Microcalcifications, A

Nunes, F.L.S.[Fatima L. S.] Co Author Listing * Adapting Software with Affective Computing: A Systematic Review
* Synthesis of Facial Expressions in Photographs: Characteristics, Approaches, and Challenges
* Techniques and Devices Used in Palpation Simulation with Haptic Feedback
Includes: Nunes, F.L.S.[Fatima L. S.] Nunes, F.L.S.[Fátima L. S.] Nunes, F.L.S.[FÁtima L. S.]

Nunes, G.M.[Gustavo Manzon] Co Author Listing * Integrated Fire Management as a Renewing Agent of Native Vegetation and Inhibitor of Invasive Plants in Vereda Habitats: Diagnosis by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Nunes, G.M.S.[Gustavo M.S.] Co Author Listing * Comparison between Digital Tone-Mapping Operators and a Focal-Plane Pixel-Parallel Circuit

Nunes, H.G.G.C.[Hildo G. G. C.] Co Author Listing * WUE and CO2 Estimations by Eddy Covariance and Remote Sensing in Different Tropical Biomes

Nunes, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Conditional Reconstruction for Open-Set Semantic Segmentation

Nunes, J.C.[Jean Claude] Co Author Listing * Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition Modified for Texture Analysis
* Edgeworth-based approximation of Mutual Information for medical image registration
* Empirical mode decomposition synthesis of fractional processes in 1D- and 2D-space
* Image analysis by bidimensional empirical mode decomposition
* multiscale elastic registration scheme for retinal angiograms, A
* Spatio-temporal characterization of vessel segments applied to retinal angiographic images
* Texture analysis based on local analysis of the Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition
Includes: Nunes, J.C.[Jean Claude] Nunes, J.C.[Jean-Claude] Nunes, J.C.
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Nunes, J.F.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Virus Particle Selection: The Entropy Approach

Nunes, J.M.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of microaneurysms in retinal angiograms of diabetic patients
* new similarity criterion for retinal image registration, A

Nunes, J.P.[Joao Pedro] Co Author Listing * Hydrological Impacts of Large Fires and Future Climate: Modeling Approach Supported by Satellite Data
Includes: Nunes, J.P.[Joao Pedro] Nunes, J.P.[João Pedro]

Nunes, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Data Analytics Process over Road Accidents Data: A Case Study of Lisbon City
* Optical Flow Techniques Applied to the Calibration of Visual Perception Experiments
Includes: Nunes, L.[Luis] Nunes, L.

Nunes, L.C.[Lidiane Cristina] Co Author Listing * Effect of X-Ray Tube Configuration on Measurement of Key Soil Fertility Attributes with XRF

Nunes, L.M.[Luis M.] Co Author Listing * Parallel Computation of Optical Flow

Nunes, L.O. Co Author Listing * Volumetric SRP with Refinement Step for Sound Source Localization, A

Nunes, L.S.N.[Lucas Saad Nogueira] Co Author Listing * Rabin-Karp Implementation for Handling Multiple Pattern-Matching on the GPU, A

Nunes, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Personalized Coverage of Large Athletic Events

Nunes, M.H.[Matheus H.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Aboveground Carbon in Oil Palm Plantations Using LiDAR: A Comparison of Tree-Centric versus Area-Based Approaches

Nunes, P.[Paulo] Co Author Listing * Acquisition, processing and coding of 3D holoscopic content for immersive video systems
* Alternative Complexity Model for the MPEG-4 Video Verifier Mechanism, An
* Automatic and adaptive network-aware macroblock intra refresh for error-resilient H.264/AVC video coding
* contour-based approach to binary shape coding using a multiple grid chain code, A
* Error resilient macroblock rate control for H.264/AVC video coding
* Evaluating MPEG-4 video decoding complexity for an alternative video complexity verifier model
* HEVC-based 3D holoscopic video coding using self-similarity compensated prediction
* Image segmentation towards new image representation methods
* Immersive 3D Holoscopic Video System
* Improved Feedback Compensation Mechanisms for Multiple Video Object Encoding Rate Control
* Inter-Layer Prediction Scheme for Scalable 3-D Holoscopic Video Coding
* Joint Rate Control Algorithm for Low-Delay MPEG-4 Object-Based Video Encoding
* Light Field Coding With Field-of-View Scalability and Exemplar-Based Interlayer Prediction
* Light field image coding with jointly estimated self-similarity bi-prediction
* Light-field video coding using geometry-based disparity compensation
* Multi-Grid Chain Coding of Binary Shapes
* New HEVC prediction modes for 3D holoscopic video coding
* novel approach for mitigating atmospheric turbulence using weighted average Sobolev gradient and Laplacian, A
* Partition coding using multigrid chain code and motion compensation
* Spatial prediction based on self-similarity compensation for 3D holoscopic image and video coding
Includes: Nunes, P.[Paulo] Nunes, P. Nunes, P.[Prifiyia]
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Nunes, P.J.L.[Paulo J.L.] Co Author Listing * Light field image coding with flexible viewpoint scalability and random access

Nunes, R.A.[Rodolfo Acatauassu] Co Author Listing * Analysis of directional patterns of lung nodules in computerized tomography using Getis statistics and their accumulated forms as malignancy and benignity indicators
* Modified Quality Threshold Clustering for Temporal Analysis and Classification of Lung Lesions
Includes: Nunes, R.A.[Rodolfo Acatauassu] Nunes, R.A.[Rodolfo Acatauassú] Nunes, R.A.

Nunes, R.F.[Rubens F.] Co Author Listing * Simple Feedforward Control for Responsive Motion Capture-Driven Simulations

Nunes, R.G. Co Author Listing * Distortion Correction in Fetal EPI Using Non-Rigid Registration With a Laplacian Constraint

Nunes, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Polygon Optimisation for the Modelling of Planar Range Data

Nunes, U.[Urbano] Co Author Listing * Camera Pose Estimation Using Images of Planar Mirror Reflections
* Extrinsic calibration of multi-modal sensor arrangements with non-overlapping field-of-view
* Fast and Accurate Calibration of a Kinect Sensor
* Guest Editorial Introducing Perception, Planning, and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles
* Improving the Generalization Capacity of Cascade Classifiers
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Emergent Cooperative Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Minimal Solution for the Extrinsic Calibration of a Camera and a Laser-Rangefinder, A
* Multi-target detection and tracking with a laser scanner
* Multiplatooning Leaders Positioning and Cooperative Behavior Algorithms of Communicant Automated Vehicles for High Traffic Capacity
* On Exploration of Classifier Ensemble Synergism in Pedestrian Detection
* Parallel refinement of slanted 3D reconstruction using dense stereo induced from symmetry
* Piecewise-planar reconstruction using two views
* Platooning With IVC-Enabled Autonomous Vehicles: Strategies to Mitigate Communication Delays, Improve Safety and Traffic Flow
* Probabilistic Social Behavior Analysis by Exploring Body Motion-Based Patterns
* Semantic fusion of laser and vision in pedestrian detection
* Special Issue on ITSC 2006
Includes: Nunes, U.[Urbano] Nunes, U.
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Nunes, U.J. Co Author Listing * ISR-AIWALKER: Robotic Walker for Intuitive and Safe Mobility Assistance and Gait Analysis
* Multimodal vehicle detection: fusing 3D-LIDAR and color camera data
* Self-Paced BCI With a Collaborative Controller for Highly Reliable Wheelchair Driving: Experimental Tests With Physically Disabled Individuals, A
* Set-Membership Position Estimation With GNSS Pseudorange Error Mitigation Using Lane-Boundary Measurements
Includes: Nunes, U.J. Nunes, U.J.[Urbano J.]

Nunes, U.M.[Urbano Miguel] Co Author Listing * Entropy Minimisation Framework for Event-based Vision Model Estimation
* human activity recognition framework using max-min features and key poses with differential evolution random forests classifier, A
* Live Demonstration: Incremental Motion Estimation for Event-based Cameras by Dispersion Minimisation
* Online Unsupervised Learning of the 3D Kinematic Structure of Arbitrary Rigid Bodies
* Robust Event-Based Vision Model Estimation by Dispersion Minimisation

Nunez Alcover, A.[Alicia] Co Author Listing * Glyph and Position Classification of Music Symbols in Early Music Manuscripts
Includes: Nunez Alcover, A.[Alicia] Nuñez-Alcover, A.[Alicia]

Nunez Andres, M.A.[Maria Amparo] Co Author Listing * Collection and Integration of Local Knowledge and Experience through a Collective Spatial Analysis
* New Approach for Photogrammetric Rock Slope Premonitory Movements Monitoring
* Rockfall Magnitude-Frequency Relationship Based on Multi-Source Data from Monitoring and Inventory
Includes: Nunez Andres, M.A.[Maria Amparo] Núñez-Andrés, M.A.[María Amparo] Núñez-Andrés, M.A.[M. Amparo]

Nunez Casillas, L. Co Author Listing * Plant Species Monitoring In The Canary Islands Using Worldview-2 Imagery
Includes: Nunez Casillas, L. Nunez-Casillas, L.

Nunez Garcia, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D Ventricular Shape From 2D Echocardiography: Feasibility and Effect of Noise
* FADR: Functional-Anatomical Discriminative Regions for Rest fMRI Characterization
* In Silico Analysis of Haemodynamics in Patient-Specific Left Atria with Different Appendage Morphologies
* Scar-Related Ventricular Arrhythmia Prediction from Imaging Using Explainable Deep Learning
* Standard Quasi-Conformal Flattening of the Right and Left Atria
Includes: Nunez Garcia, M.[Marta] Nuñez-Garcia, M.[Marta]

Nunez Iglesias, J. Co Author Listing * Electron Microscopy Reconstruction of Brain Structure Using Sparse Representations Over Learned Dictionaries
* High Resolution Segmentation of Neuronal Tissues from Low Depth-Resolution EM Imagery
Includes: Nunez Iglesias, J. Nunez-Iglesias, J. Nunez-Iglesias, J.[Juan]

Nunez Marcos, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Using External Knowledge to Improve Zero-shot Action Recognition in Egocentric Videos
Includes: Nunez Marcos, A.[Adrian] Núñez-Marcos, A.[Adrián]

Nunez Nieto, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * GPR Signal Characterization for Automated Landmine and UXO Detection Based on Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Nunez Nieto, X.[Xavier] Núñez-Nieto, X.[Xavier]

Nunez Redo, M.[Manuela] Co Author Listing * Assessing Water Quality by Video Monitoring Fish Swimming Behavior
Includes: Nunez Redo, M.[Manuela] Nunez-Redo, M.[Manuela]

Nunez Rosas, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Hummingbirds in Images: A Deep Learning Approach
Includes: Nunez Rosas, L.[Laura] Nuñez-Rosas, L.[Laura]

Nunez Varela, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Humanoid Robot Navigation in a Featureless Environment
Includes: Nunez Varela, J.[Jose] Nunez-Varela, J.[Jose]

Nunez Varela, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Fruit Classification for Retail Stores Using Deep Learning
Includes: Nunez Varela, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Nunez-Varela, J.I.[Jose Ignacio]

Nunez Yanez, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Joint video fusion and super resolution based on Markov random fields
* Scalable video coding with multi-layer motion vector palettes
* Video Super-Resolution Using Generalized Gaussian Markov Random Fields
* Video super-resolution using low rank matrix completion
Includes: Nunez Yanez, J.[Jose] Nunez-Yanez, J.[Jose] Nunez-Yanez, J.

Nunez Yanez, J.L.[Jose L.] Co Author Listing * Backward Adaptive Pixel-based Fast Predictive Motion Estimation
* Bayesian Video Super-Resolution With Heavy-Tailed Prior Models
* Lossless video compression based on backward adaptive pixel-based fast motion estimation
Includes: Nunez Yanez, J.L.[Jose L.] Nunez-Yanez, J.L.[Jose L.] Nunez-Yanez, J.L.

Nunez, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Advances in video coding for hand-held device implementation in networked electronic media
* Adversarial Reconstruction Based on Tighter Oriented Localization for Catenary Insulator Defect Detection in High-Speed Railways
* Automatic Detection of Squats in Railway Infrastructure
* Bayesian Network Approach for Condition Monitoring of High-Speed Railway Catenaries, A
Includes: Nunez, A.[Antonio] Núñez, A.[Antonio] Núñez, A.[Alfredo] Nunez, A. Núñez, A.

Nunez, D.[Deiber] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite Images and Products for the Estimation of Regional Reference Crop Evapotranspiration in a Valley of the Ecuadorian Andes
Includes: Nunez, D.[Deiber] Núñez, D.[Deiber]

Nunez, E. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning of Warping Functions for Shape Analysis
* SrvfNet: A Generative Network for Unsupervised Multiple Diffeomorphic Functional Alignment
Includes: Nunez, E. Nunez, E.[Elvis]

Nunez, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Automatic Cup-to-Disc Ratio Estimation Using Active Contours and Color Clustering in Fundus Images for Glaucoma Diagnosis
Includes: Nunez, F.[Francisco] Núñez, F.[Francisco]

Nunez, J. Co Author Listing * Astrometry with Reconstructed Hubble-Space-Telescope Planetary Camera (WF/PC-1) Images
* Effects of the curvelet transform over interferometric images
* Image fusion with additive multiresolution wavelet decomposition. Applications to SPOT and Landsat images
* Image-Reconstruction and Restoration in Astronomy
* Multiresolution-Based Image Fusion with Additive Wavelet Decomposition
* multiresolution-based method for the determination of the relative resolution between images: First application to remote sensing and medical images, A
* On the security defects of an image encryption scheme
* Super-Resolution of Remotely Sensed Images With Variable-Pixel Linear Reconstruction
* Wavelet-Based Method for the Determination of the Relative Resolution Between Remotely Sensed Images, A
Includes: Nunez, J. Núñez, J. Nunez, J.[Jorge] Núñez, J.[Jorge] Nunez, J.[Juana]
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Nunez, J.A.L.[Juan Antonio Lopez] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Innovate Educational Practices with Flipped Learning and Remote Sensing in Earth and Environmental Sciences: An Exploratory Case Study
Includes: Nunez, J.A.L.[Juan Antonio Lopez] Núñez, J.A.L.[Juan Antonio López]

Nunez, J.C.[Juan C.] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks and Long Short-Term Memory for skeleton-based human activity and hand gesture recognition
Includes: Nunez, J.C.[Juan C.] Núñez, J.C.[Juan C.]

Nunez, J.M.[Joan M.] Co Author Listing * GRowing Algorithm for Intersection Detection (GRAID) in branching patterns
* Harmonizing Definitions and Methods to Estimate Deforestation at the Lacandona Tropical Region in Southern Mexico
* Segmentation of Urban Impervious Surface Using Cellular Neural Networks
Includes: Nunez, J.M.[Joan M.] Núñez, J.M.[Joan M.] Núñez, J.M.[Juan Manuel]

Nunez, J.R. Co Author Listing * Soccer video segmentation: Referee and player detection

Nunez, L. Co Author Listing * Estimating volumetric motion in human thorax with parametric matching constraints

Nunez, M. Co Author Listing * Challenging The Invisibility of Mobile Cultures Remote Sensing, Environment and Archaeology in The Near East
* Conversion of Nadir, Narrow-Band Reflectance in Red and Near-Infrared Channels to Hemispherical Surface Albedo
* Satellite Perspectives On Highland-Lowland Human Interaction in Ancient Syria
* Self-Adaptive Induction of Regression Trees
Includes: Nunez, M. Nuñez, M.

Nunez, M.A. Co Author Listing * Metric Survey Of The Monument Of Queen Elisenda's Tomb In The Monastery Of Pedralbes, Barcelona
Includes: Nunez, M.A. Núñez, M.A.

Nunez, M.C.D.[Martin Cuitzeo Dominguez] Co Author Listing * Cybercartographic Atlas of the Sky: Cybercartography, Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Work among the Pa Ipai Indigenous Families from Baja California, Mexico, A
Includes: Nunez, M.C.D.[Martin Cuitzeo Dominguez] Núñez, M.C.D.[Martín Cuitzeo Domínguez]

Nunez, O.[Oneisys] Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of relevance vector machines as a nonlinear regression method in real-world chemical spectroscopic data

Nunez, P. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Fitting 2-D Data on the Circle: Applications to Mobile Robotics, An
* novel approach for salient image regions detection and description, A
* Socially aware robot navigation system in human-populated and interactive environments based on an adaptive spatial density function and space affordances
Includes: Nunez, P. Núñez, P.[Pedro]

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