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Kanda, N.[Naoyuki] Co Author Listing * Streaming End-to-End Multi-Talker Speech Recognition

Kanda, S. Co Author Listing * Development of hand-eye system with 3-D vision and microgripper and its application to assembling flexible wires
* Hand-Eye System with Three-Dimensional Vision and Microgripper for Handling Flexible Wire
* Method for measuring a three-dimensional position of an object
Includes: Kanda, S. Kanda, S.[Shinji]

Kanda, T. Co Author Listing * Active Vision System for On-line Traffic Sign Recognition, An
* Active Vision System for Real-Time Traffic Sign Recogntition, An
* Changes in Usage of an Indoor Public Space: Analysis of One Year of Person Tracking
* Designing and Implementing a Human-Robot Team for Social Interactions
* Person Tracking in Large Public Spaces Using 3-D Range Sensors
* Progressive MAP-based Deconvolution with Pixel-Dependent Gaussian Prior
* Teleoperation Approach for Mobile Social Robots Incorporating Automatic Gaze Control and Three-Dimensional Spatial Visualization, A
* Temporal Awareness in Teleoperation of Conversational Robots
Includes: Kanda, T. Kanda, T.[Takafumi]
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Kandalan, R.N. Co Author Listing * Techniques for Constructing Indoor Navigation Systems for the Visually Impaired: A Review

Kandali, A.B.[Aditya Bihar] Co Author Listing * Cross-Lingual Vocal Emotion Recognition in Five Native Languages of Assam Using Eigenvalue Decomposition

Kandali, K. Co Author Listing * Routing Scheme Using an Adaptive K-Harmonic Means Clustering for VANETs, A

Kandan, R. Co Author Listing * Online Character Recognition using Regression Techniques
* Robust Two Level Classification Algorithm for Text Localization in Documents, A

Kandan, R.S.[Rathinam Somas] Co Author Listing * Performance enhancement of image segmentation analysis for multi-grade tumour classification in MRI image

Kandappu, T.[Thivya] Co Author Listing * PrivAttNet: Predicting Privacy Risks in Images Using Visual Attention

Kandar, D.[Debdatta] Co Author Listing * SAR image despeckling using deep CNN

Kandar, S.[Shyamalendu] Co Author Listing * Verifiable varying sized (m,n,n) multi-image secret sharing with combiner verification and cheater identification

Kandare, K.[Kaja] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Species-Specific Volume Using Different Inventory Approaches by Fusing Airborne Laser Scanning and Hyperspectral Data

Kandasamy, D.[Devasenathipathy] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of osteosarcoma tumor using diffusion weighted MRI: A comparative study using nine segmentation algorithms

Kandasamy, M. Co Author Listing * Indian Movie Face Database: A benchmark for face recognition under wide variations

Kandasamy, S. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Three Methods for Near Real-Time Estimation of Leaf Area Index From AVHRR Data
* CACAO Method for Smoothing, Gap Filling, and Characterizing Seasonal Anomalies in Satellite Time Series, The
* Quantification of LAI interannual anomalies by adjusting climatological patterns
Includes: Kandasamy, S. Kandasamy, S.[Sivasathivel]

Kandaswamy, A. Co Author Listing * comparative study on mammographic image denoising technique using wavelet, curvelet and contourlet transforms, A
* Detection of Breast Cancer Tumor Based on Morphological Watershed Algorithm
* Development of navigation system for autonomous vehicle

Kandaswamy, C.[Chetak] Co Author Listing * Source-Target-Source Classification Using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders
* Speedup of deep learning ensembles for semantic segmentation using a model compression technique
* Transfer Learning Using Rotated Image Data to Improve Deep Neural Network Performance

Kandaswamy, I.[Indu] Co Author Listing * FPGA acceleration for feature based processing applications
* Real-time Hyper-Dimensional Reconfiguration at the Edge using Hardware Accelerators
Includes: Kandaswamy, I.[Indu] Kandaswamy, I.[Indhumathi]

Kandaswamy, U.[Uma] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Edge-Oriented Shot Boundary Detection
* Comparison of Texture Analysis Schemes Under Nonideal Conditions
* Efficient Texture Analysis of SAR Imagery
* Robust Color Texture Features Under Varying Illumination Conditions
* Texton-based segmentation of retinal vessels
* Texture Content Based Successive Approximations for Image Compression and Recognition
Includes: Kandaswamy, U.[Uma] Kandaswamy, U. Kandaswamy, U.[Umasankar]

Kandaswamy, V. Co Author Listing * Scalable Detection of Offensive and Non-compliant Content / Logo in Product Images

Kandath, H.[Harikumar] Co Author Listing * UAV-based Visual Remote Sensing for Automated Building Inspection

Kande, G.B.[Giri Babu] Co Author Listing * MR Brain Image Segmentation to Detect White Matter, Gray Matter, and Cerebro Spinal Fluid Using TLBO Algorithm
* Rotational invariant fractional derivative filters for lung tissue classification
* Segmentation of Exudates and Optic Disk in Retinal Images

Kande, N.A. Co Author Listing * SiameseGAN: A Generative Model for Denoising of Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Images

Kandeel, A.A.[Amany A.] Co Author Listing * Explainable Model Selection of a Convolutional Neural Network for Driver's Facial Emotion Identification

Kandeepan, S.[Sithamparanathan] Co Author Listing * Performance Modeling Framework for IoT-over-Satellite Using Shared Radio Spectrum
* Stochastic Geometry Methods for Modeling Automotive Radar Interference
Includes: Kandeepan, S.[Sithamparanathan] Kandeepan, S.

Kandeh, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Developing a Relative Ranking of Social Vulnerability of Governorates of Yemen to Humanitarian Crisis

Kandel, A.[Abraham] Co Author Listing * Applied Pattern Recognition
* Classification of web documents using a graph model
* Curve morphing by weighted mean of strings
* Fuzzy Clustering With Genetically Adaptive Scaling
* Geometric Approach To Data Mining
* Graph-Based Framework for Web Document Mining, A
* Hierarchical Analysis of Visual Motion
* Information-theoretic algorithm for feature selection
* Introduction to Pattern Recognition: Statistical, Structural, Neural and Fuzzy Logic Approaches
* Mean and maximum common subgraph of two graphs
* On fuzzy correlations
* On the Minimum Common Supergraph of Two Graphs
* Perception-based Analysis Of Engineering Experiments In The Semiconductor Industry
* Robust Small Robot Localization From Highly Uncertain Sensors
Includes: Kandel, A.[Abraham] Kandel, A.
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Kandel, H.J.[Hans J.] Co Author Listing * Using Canopy Measurements to Predict Soybean Seed Yield

Kandel, H.P.[Hari P.] Co Author Listing * Operational Actual Wetland Evapotranspiration Estimation for South Florida Using MODIS Imagery

Kandel, P. Co Author Listing * Lung and Pancreatic Tumor Characterization in the Deep Learning Era: Novel Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Approaches

Kandel, Y.[Yuba] Co Author Listing * Gated Recurrent Units (GRU)-Based Model for Early Detection of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome through Time-Series Satellite Imagery, A
* SEM resolution improvement using semi-blind restoration with hybrid L1-L2 regularization
Includes: Kandel, Y.[Yuba] Kandel, Y.[Yudhishthir]

Kandelous, M.M.[Maziar M.] Co Author Listing * Evapotranspiration Estimate over an Almond Orchard Using Landsat Satellite Observations

Kandemir, M.[Melih] Co Author Listing * Deterministic Approximation to Neural SDEs, A
* Gaussian Process Density Counting from Weak Supervision
* Multiple Instance Learning with Response-Optimized Random Forests
* Object-oriented texture analysis for the unsupervised segmentation of biopsy images for cancer detection
* Supervising topic models with Gaussian processes
* Variational Bayesian Multiple Instance Learning with Gaussian Processes
* Variational closed-Form deep neural net inference
* Variational Weakly Supervised Gaussian Processes
Includes: Kandemir, M.[Melih] Kandemir, M.
8 for Kandemir, M.

Kandhway, P.[Pankaj] Co Author Listing * Modified clipping based image enhancement scheme using difference of histogram bins

Kandi, L.P. Co Author Listing * Weak Signal Watermark Detection Through Rao-T Hypothesis and Lightweight Detection

Kandi, M.M.[Mohamed Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Document Processing with Small and Relevant Training Dataset

Kandi, S.G.[Saeideh Gorji] Co Author Listing * How accurately do different computer-based texture characterization methods predict material surface coarseness? A guideline for effective online inspection
* How anisotropy of CIELAB color space affects the separation effect: an experimental study

Kandidayeni, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Parameter Identification of a Fuel Cell System for Health-Conscious Energy Management Applications

Kandil, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Importance Of Systolic Blood Pressure Versus Diastolic Blood Pressure In Diagnosing Hypertension: MRA Study.
* Precise Cerebrovascular Segmentation

Kandimalla, R.M. Co Author Listing * Snake-based technique for plasmapause tracking

Kandler, G. Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Bark Beetle Green Attack Using TerraSAR-X and RapidEye Data
* Influence of DEM Quality on Mapping Accuracy of Coniferous- and Deciduous-Dominated Forest Using TerraSAR-X Images, The
* Mixed Effects Model to Estimate Stand Volume by Means of Small Footprint Airborne Lidar Data for an American and German Study Site, A
Includes: Kandler, G. Kšndler, G. (Maybe also Kaendler, G.)

Kandpal, M.[Meenakshi] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Serverless Computing: Architectures, Tools and Future Directions

Kandukuri, R.K.[Rama Krishna] Co Author Listing * Learning to Identify Physical Parameters from Video Using Differentiable Physics
* Physical Representation Learning and Parameter Identification from Video Using Differentiable Physics

Kandula, P.[Praveen] Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Bokeh Effect Synthesis: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Depth-Guided Dense Dynamic Filtering Network for Bokeh Effect Rendering
* Illumination-Adaptive Unpaired Low-Light Enhancement
* PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Enhancement on Smartphones: Report
Includes: Kandula, P.[Praveen] Kandula, P.
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Kandus, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Mapping Plant Functional Types in Floodplain Wetlands: An Analysis of C-Band Polarimetric SAR Data from RADARSAT-2
* Response of Multi-Incidence Angle Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data to Herbaceous Vegetation Features in the Lower ParanŠ River Floodplain, Argentina

Kandylakis, Z. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Contribution of Spectral and Temporal Features for Annual Land Cover and Crop Type Mapping
* Fusing Multimodal Video Data for Detecting Moving Objects/Targets in Challenging Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* Joint Land Cover and Crop Type Mapping Using Multi-temporal Sentinel-2 Data From Various Environmental Zones in Greece
* Precision Viticulture From Multitemporal, Multispectral Very High Resolution Satellite Data
Includes: Kandylakis, Z. Kandylakis, Z.[Zacharias]

Kandzia, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Development of a UAV-Based Gamma Spectrometry System for Natural Radionuclides and Field Tests at Central Asian Uranium Legacy Sites

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