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Ghorabian, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Network Role in the Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots (SROBO), The

Ghorai, C.[Chinmoy] Co Author Listing * SPEA-Based Multimetric Routing Protocol for Intelligent Transportation Systems, A

Ghorai, M.[Mrinmoy] Co Author Listing * Bi-READ: Bi-Residual AutoEncoder based feature enhancement for video anomaly detection
* Depth Estimation with Occlusion Prediction in Light Field Images
* Group-Based Image Inpainting Using Patch Refinement in MRF Framework, A
* Image Inpainting Algorithm Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition, An
* image inpainting method using pLSA-based search space estimation, An
* Multiple Pyramids Based Image Inpainting Using Local Patch Statistics and Steering Kernel Feature
* Patch sparsity based image inpainting using local patch statistics and steering kernel descriptor
* robust faint line detection and enhancement algorithm for mural images, A
* Two-Step Image Inpainting Algorithm Using Tensor SVD, A
Includes: Ghorai, M.[Mrinmoy] Ghorai, M.
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Ghorai, P.[Prasenjit] Co Author Listing * State Estimation and Motion Prediction of Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users for Cooperative Autonomous Driving: A Survey

Ghorashi, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Efficient Trajectory Clustering with Road Network Constraints Based on Spatiotemporal Buffering

Ghorashi, S.A. Co Author Listing * Colocated MIMO Radar SINR Maximization Under ISL and PSL Constraints
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Multiple Camera Target Tracking on Grassmann Tangent Subspace
* SINR Enhancement in Colocated MIMO Radar Using Transmit Covariance Matrix Optimization
* Transmit Signal and Receive Filter Design in Co-located MIMO Radar Using a Transmit Weighting Matrix
Includes: Ghorashi, S.A. Ghorashi, S.A.[Seyed Ali]

Ghorawat, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Improved Kernel-Based Object Tracking Under Occluded Scenarios

Ghorayeb, H.[Hicham] Co Author Listing * Boosted Algorithms for Visual Object Detection on Graphics Processing Units

Ghorbani, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Evaluation Framework for Electric Vehicle Security Risk Assessment
* Leaf Area Index Variations in Ecoregions of Ardabil Province, Iran
* Modeling The Impact of Surface Characteristics On The Near Surface Temperature Lapse Rate
* Multisensor Assessment of Leaf Area Index across Ecoregions of Ardabil Province, Northwestern Iran
* Stratification: a problem in rangeland monitoring
Includes: Ghorbani, A.[Ali] Ghorbani, A.[Ardavan] Ghorbani, A.

Ghorbani, A.A. Co Author Listing * Toward Credible Evaluation of Anomaly-Based Intrusion-Detection Methods

Ghorbani, F.[Fariborz] Co Author Listing * Uniform and Competency-Based 3D Keypoint Detection for Coarse Registration of Point Clouds with Homogeneous Structure

Ghorbani, K.[Kamran] Co Author Listing * Adaptive All-Pass Filter for Time-Varying Delay Estimation, An

Ghorbani, M.[Mina] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Particle Swarm Steepest Gradient Algorithm for Elastic Brain Image Registration, A
* Single Droplet Tracking in Jet Flow
Includes: Ghorbani, M.[Mina] Ghorbani, M.[Morteza]

Ghorbani, N. Co Author Listing * AMASS: Archive of Motion Capture As Surface Shapes
* Expressive Body Capture: 3D Hands, Face, and Body From a Single Image
* Grab: A Dataset of Whole-body Human Grasping of Objects
* SOMA: Solving Optical Marker-Based MoCap Automatically
Includes: Ghorbani, N. Ghorbani, N.[Nima]

Ghorbani, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Gait Recognition using Multi-Scale Partial Representation Transformation with Capsules

Ghorbani, Z. Co Author Listing * Investigating Water Storage Changes in Iran Using Grace and Chirps Data In The Google Earth Engine System

Ghorbanian, A.[Arsalan] Co Author Listing * Application of Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing Platform, Sentinel Imagery, and Neural Networks for Crop Mapping in Canada
* BD-SKUNet: Selective-Kernel UNets for Building Damage Assessment in High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Dual Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Crop Classification Using Time-Series Sentinel-2 Imagery, A
* ELULC-10, a 10 m European Land Use and Land Cover Map Using Sentinel and Landsat Data in Google Earth Engine
* Examining the potential for early detection of spruce bark beetle attacks using multi-temporal Sentinel-2 and harvester data
* Flood Hazard Mapping Using Fuzzy Logic, Analytical Hierarchy Process, and Multi-Source Geospatial Datasets
* Forty Years of Wetland Status and Trends Analyses in the Great Lakes Using Landsat Archive Imagery and Google Earth Engine
* Improved land cover map of Iran using Sentinel imagery within Google Earth Engine and a novel automatic workflow for land cover classification using migrated training samples
* Iranian Land Cover Mapping Using Landsat-8 Imagery and Random Forest Algorithm
* Linear and Non-Linear Vegetation Trend Analysis throughout Iran Using Two Decades of MODIS NDVI Imagery
* Mangrove Ecosystem Mapping Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Images and Random Forest Algorithm in Google Earth Engine
* Performance Evaluation of Six Gridded Precipitation Products throughout Iran Using Ground Observations over the Last Two Decades (2000-2020)
* Satellite-Observed Spatial and Temporal Sea Surface Temperature Trends of the Baltic Sea between 1982 and 2021
* Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Surface Urban Heat Island and Thermal Comfort Using Landsat Satellite Images between 1989 and 2019: A Case Study in Tehran
* Status and Trends of Wetland Studies in Canada Using Remote Sensing Technology with a Focus on Wetland Classification: A Bibliographic Analysis
Includes: Ghorbanian, A.[Arsalan] Ghorbanian, A.
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Ghorbanpour, A.K.[Ali Karbalaye] Co Author Listing * Crop Water Productivity Mapping and Benchmarking Using Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing

Ghorbanpour, S.[Sahand] Co Author Listing * Benchmark Generation Framework with Customizable Distortions for Image Classifier Robustness
* RL-CAM: Visual Explanations for Convolutional Networks using Reinforcement Learning
* Robustness with Query-efficient Adversarial Attack using Reinforcement Learning

Ghorbanzadeh, M.[Mahyar] Co Author Listing * Integrating Evacuation and Storm Surge Modeling Considering Potential Hurricane Tracks: The Case of Hurricane Irma in Southeast Florida

Ghorbanzadeh, O.[Omid] Co Author Listing * Application of Probabilistic and Machine Learning Models for Groundwater Potentiality Mapping in Damghan Sedimentary Plain, Iran
* Application of Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and GNSS Data for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, An
* Comparative Study of Statistics-Based Landslide Susceptibility Models: A Case Study of the Region Affected by the Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal, A
* Evaluation of Different Machine Learning Methods and Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Landslide Detection
* Google Earth Engine Approach for Wildfire Susceptibility Prediction Fusion with Remote Sensing Data of Different Spatial Resolutions, A
* Integration of Deep Learning and Transfer Learning for Earthquake-Risk Assessment in the Eurasian Region, An
* Landslide Detection Using Multi-Scale Image Segmentation and Different Machine Learning Models in the Higher Himalayas
* Mapping Dwellings in IDP/Refugee Settlements Using Deep Learning
* Mapping Land Cover and Tree Canopy Cover in Zagros Forests of Iran: Application of Sentinel-2, Google Earth, and Field Data
* Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning for the State of Salzburg, Austria
* National-Scale Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Austria Using Fuzzy Best-Worst Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
* Spatial Modeling of Snow Avalanche Using Machine Learning Models and Geo-Environmental Factors: Comparison of Effectiveness in Two Mountain Regions
* Time Series of Remote Sensing Data for Interaction Analysis of the Vegetation Coverage and Dust Activity in the Middle East
* Traffic Accident Spatial Simulation Modeling for Planning of Road Emergency Services
* UAV-Based Slope Failure Detection Using Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks
* Unsupervised Deep Learning for Landslide Detection from Multispectral Sentinel-2 Imagery
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Ghorbel, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * AICT: An Adaptive Image Compression Transformer
* Competitive Hybrid Exploration for Off-Line Sketches Structure Recognition
* embedded real-time hands free control of an electrical wheelchair, An
* IMISketch: An interactive method for sketch recognition
* Interactive Competitive Breadth-First Exploration for Sketch Interpretation
* Interactive interpretation of structured documents: Application to the recognition of handwritten architectural plans
* segmentation free Word Spotting for handwritten documents, A
* User-Centered Design of an Interactive Off-Line Handwritten Architectural Floor Plan Recognition
Includes: Ghorbel, A.[Ahmed] Ghorbel, A.[Achraf] Ghorbel, A. Ghorbel, A.[Adam]
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Ghorbel, E. Co Author Listing * DeepVI: A Novel Framework for Learning Deep View-Invariant Human Action Representations using a Single RGB Camera
* Discriminator-free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Multi-label Image Classification
* extension of kernel learning methods using a modified Log-Euclidean distance for fast and accurate skeleton-based Human Action Recognition, An
* Fast Adaptive Reparametrization (FAR) With Application to Human Action Recognition
* fast and accurate motion descriptor for human action recognition applications, A
* Fast and Efficient Shape Blending by Stable and Analytically Invertible Finite Descriptors, A
* Fast blending of planar shapes based on invariant invertible and stable descriptors
* Kinematic Spline Curves: A temporal invariant descriptor for fast action recognition
* LSPnet: A 2D Localization-oriented Spacecraft Pose Estimation Neural Network
* Multi Label Image Classification using Adaptive Graph Convolutional Networks (ML-AGCN)
* Two-Stage RGB-Based Action Detection Using Augmented 3D Poses
* Vertex Feature Encoding and Hierarchical Temporal Modeling in a Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Action Recognition
Includes: Ghorbel, E. Ghorbel, E.[Enjie] Ghorbel, E.[Emna]
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Ghorbel, F.[Faouzi] Co Author Listing * 3D Deformable Super-Resolution for Multi-Camera 3D Face Scanning
* Accelerated liver tumor segmentation in four-phase computed tomography images
* almost complete curvature scale space representation: Euclidean case, An
* Analysis of Regional Deformation of the Heart's Left Ventricle Using Curvature Values with Hotelling T2 Metric
* Application of affine invariant Fourier descriptors to stereo matching
* Automatic Control of Lamellibranch Larva Growth Using Contour Invariant Feature Extraction
* complete and stable set of affine-invariant Fourier descriptors, A
* Depth Maps Fast Scalable Compression Based On Coding Unit Depth
* Edge-aware wedgelet estimation for depth maps compression
* Fast and Efficient Shape Blending by Stable and Analytically Invertible Finite Descriptors, A
* Fast blending of planar shapes based on invariant invertible and stable descriptors
* Fast global SA(2,R) shape registration based on invertible invariant descriptor
* Fourier-based geometric shape prior for snakes
* geodesic multipolar parameterization-based representation for 3D face recognition, A
* Global Planar Rigid Motion Estimation Applied to Object-Oriented Coding
* Image reconstruction from a complete set of similarity invariants extracted from complex moments
* Multi-camera 3D Scanning with a Non-rigid and Space-Time Depth Super-Resolution Capability
* Multi-resolution 3D Mesh Coding in MPEG
* New Multi-resolution Affine Invariant Planar Contour Descriptor, A
* new uniform parameterization and invariant 3D spherical harmonic shape descriptors for shape analysis of the heart's left ventricle: A pilot study, A
* Novel and Accurate Local 3D Representation for Face Recognition, A
* Novel Canonical Form for the Registration of Non Rigid 3D Shapes, A
* Novel Geometrical Approach for a Rapid Estimation of the HARDI Signal in Diffusion MRI, A
* Novel System for Deep Contour Classifiers Certification Under Filtering Attacks, A
* Optimization methods in multilayer classifier networks for automatic control of lamellibranch larva growth
* Pattern Analysis for an Automatic and Low-Cost 3D Face Acquisition Technique
* Progressive edge-preserving depth maps coding based on sparse representation
* Robust and Efficient Fourier-Mellin Transform Approximations for Gray-Level Image Reconstruction and Complete Invariant Description
* robust and isotropic curved surface representation for 3D faces description, A
* Robust Color Watermarking Method Based on Clifford Transform
* Scale-Rotation Invariant Pattern Recognition Applied to Image Data Compression
* SE(3) invariant description for 3D face recognition, An
* Set of Invariant Features for Three-Dimensional Gray Level Objects by Harmonic Analysis, A
* Shape approximation for efficient progressive mesh compression
* Shape Distance by Complete and Stable Invariant Descriptors for Contour Tracking, A
* Shape distances for contour tracking and motion estimation
* simple and efficient approach for 3D mesh approximate convex decomposition, A
* Space-Time Depth Super-Resolution Scheme for 3D Face Scanning, A
* Stability evaluation of neural and Bayesian classifiers: A new insight
* Stability of invariant Fourier descriptors and its inference in the shape classification
* stable and accurate multi-reference representation for surfaces of R3: Application to 3D faces description, A
* Tuned depth signal analysis on merged transform domain for view synthesis in free viewpoint systems
* Tuned sparse depth map coding using redundant predefined transform domain
* Unsupervised and Non-Parametric Bayesian Classifier, An
* unsupervised and non-parametric Bayesian Image segmentation, An
* Unsupervised Classification of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery Using a Bootstrap Version of the Generalized Mixture Expectation Maximization Algorithm
Includes: Ghorbel, F.[Faouzi] Ghorbel, F.
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Ghorbel, H. Co Author Listing * Citizen Participation & Digital Tools to Improve Pedestrian Mobility In Cities

Ghorbel, I.[Itebeddine] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of macular layers in OCT images and quantitative evaluation of performances
* Modeling a parallelism constraint in active contours. Application to the segmentation of eye vessels and retinal layers
* Parallel Double Snakes. Application to the segmentation of retinal layers in 2D-OCT for pathological subjects

Ghorbel, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Improving Person Re-identification by Background Subtraction Using Two-Stream Convolutional Networks

Ghoreyshi, A.[Atiyeh] Co Author Listing * Segmenting Dynamic Textures with Ising Descriptors, ARX Models and Level Sets

Ghori, I. Co Author Listing * Echocardiogram Analysis Using Motion Profile Modeling

Ghori, O.[Omair] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised representation learning by discovering reliable image relations

Ghorpade, A.[Ajinkya] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition for a Smartphone and Web-Based Human Mobility Sensing System
* Activity Recognition for a Smartphone Based Travel Survey Based on Cross-User History Data

Ghorpade, S.N. Co Author Listing * GWO Model for Optimal Localization of IoT-Enabled Sensor Nodes in Smart Parking Systems

Ghorpade, V.K.[Vijaya K.] Co Author Listing * Automatic image segmentation with Anisotropic Fast Marching algorithm and geodesic voting

Ghorshi, S.[Seyed] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual speech recognition techniques in augmented reality environments

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