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Aran, O.[Oya] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection in Elderly Daily Behavior in Ambient Sensing Environments
* Automatic personality prediction from audiovisual data using random forest regression
* Automatic sign segmentation from continuous signing via multiple sequence alignment
* belief-based sequential fusion approach for fusing manual signs and non-manual signals, A
* Broadcasting Oneself: Visual Discovery of Vlogging Styles
* Exploiting observers' judgements for nonverbal group interaction analysis
* Fusing Audio-Visual Nonverbal Cues to Detect Dominant People in Group Conversations
* How Do You Like Your Virtual Agent?: Human-Agent Interaction Experience through Nonverbal Features and Personality Traits
* Multi-class classification strategies for Fisher scores of gesture and sign sequences
* multi-class classification strategy for Fisher scores: Application to signer independent sign language recognition, A
* Multimodal 3D Healthcare Communication System, A
* Nonverbal Behavior Approach to Identify Emergent Leaders in Small Groups, A
* Predicting the Performance in Decision-Making Tasks: From Individual Cues to Group Interaction
* Rapport with Virtual Agents: What Do Human Social Cues and Personality Explain?
* Sequential Belief-Based Fusion of Manual and Non-manual Information for Recognizing Isolated Signs
* SignTutor: An Interactive System for Sign Language Tutoring
* Using Modality Replacement to Facilitate Communication between Visually and Hearing-Impaired People
Includes: Aran, O.[Oya] Aran, O.
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Arana Arejolaleiba, N. Co Author Listing * 3D laser micro-sensor integrating control and data processing in an FPGA-based calculator, A
* smart sensor based visual landmarks detection for indoor robot navigation, A
Includes: Arana Arejolaleiba, N. Arana-Arejolaleiba, N.

Arana Daniel, N.[Nancy] Co Author Listing * Bio-inspired Aging Model Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network Training for Solar Radiation Forecasting
* Bio-inspired Aging Model-Particle Swarm Optimization and Geometric Algebra for Structure from Motion
* Conformal Hough Transform for 2D and 3D Cloud Points
* Geometric Algebra Model for the Image Formation Process of Paracatadioptric Cameras, A
* Improving Recurrent CSVM Performance for Robot Navigation on Discrete Labyrinths
* Plane Detection Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Conformal Geometric Algebra
* Quaternion Support Vector Classifier
* Recognition of Non-pedestrian Human Forms Through Locally Weighted Descriptors
* Theory and Applications of Clifford Support Vector Machines
* Traversability Cost Identification of Dynamic Environments Using Recurrent High Order Neural Networks for Robot Navigation
Includes: Arana Daniel, N.[Nancy] Arana-Daniel, N.[Nancy] Arana-Daniel, N.
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Arana, A.E.[A. Elorza] Co Author Listing * Techniques for Revealing 3D Hidden Archeological Features: Morphological Residual Models as Virtual-Polynomial Texture Maps

Arana, N. Co Author Listing * MCMC-based particle filter for multiple person tracking, An
* Tracking-by-detection of multiple persons by a resample-move particle filter
Includes: Arana, N. Arana, N.[Nestor]

Arana, R. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional machine vision and machine-learning algorithms applied to quality control of percussion caps

Aranas, R.K.D. Co Author Listing * Design Of A Free And Open Source Data Processing, Archiving, And Distribution Subsystem For The Ground Receiving Station Of The Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Micro-satellite

Aranda Escolastico, E.[Ernesto] Co Author Listing * bibliometric analysis of off-line handwritten document analysis literature (1990-2020), A
Includes: Aranda Escolastico, E.[Ernesto] Aranda-Escolastico, E.[Ernesto]

Aranda Garrido, M.C. Co Author Listing * Defining a target distinctness measure through a single-channel computational model of vision
* Normalized Redundancy Presentation for 2D Digital Images, A
* Representing 2D Digital Images Through a Normalized Measure of Redundancy
Includes: Aranda Garrido, M.C. Aranda-Garrido, M.C.[M. Carmen]

Aranda Michael, E.[Edgar] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Support for the Right Ventricle: Effects of Timing on Hemodynamics-Biomechanics Tradeoff
Includes: Aranda Michael, E.[Edgar] Aranda-Michael, E.[Edgar]

Aranda, A.C.[Arnaldo Collazo] Co Author Listing * Evidence of Climate Change Based on Lake Surface Temperature Trends in South Central Chile

Aranda, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach to an Enhanced Building Footprint and Road Detection in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery, A
* Super-resolution for Sentinel-2 Images
* Super-Resolution of Sentinel-2 Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Real Ground Truth Data
Includes: Aranda, C.[Carlos] Aranda, C.

Aranda, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Angular Variation as a Monocular Cue for Spatial Perception
* Camera Self-calibration with Parallel Screw Axis Motion by Intersecting Imaged Horopters
* Image Segmentation Combining Region Depth and Object Features
* Low Cost Architecture for Structure Measure Distance Computation
* Neural-Network Model in Stereovision Matching, A
* Relative Pose Estimation of Surgical Tools in Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
* Relaxation by Hopfield Network in Stereo Image Matching
* Stereo Matching Based on the Self-Organizing Feature-Mapping Algorithm
* Stereo Matching Technique Based on the Perceptron Criterion Function
Includes: Aranda, J.[Joan] Aranda, J. Aranda, J.[Joaquin]
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Aranda, J.M. Co Author Listing * Reduction of false alarm rate in automatic forest fire infrared surveillance systems

Aranda, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Performance of High Spatial Resolution UAV-Photogrammetry and UAV-LiDAR for Salt Marshes: The Cadiz Bay Study Case
* Planar motion estimation from 1D homographies
Includes: Aranda, M.[Maria] Aranda, M.[MarÝa] Aranda, M.

Aranda, M.C.[M. Carmen] Co Author Listing * Plant species identification using leaf image retrieval

Aranda, R.[Ramon] Co Author Listing * Improved Diffusion Basis Functions Fitting and Metric Distance for Brain Axon Fiber Estimation
Includes: Aranda, R.[Ramon] Aranda, R.[Ramˇn]

Arandiga, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive interpolation of images
* Edge adapted nonlinear multiscale transforms for compact image representation
* Edge detection insensitive to changes of illumination in the image
* Morse Description and Geometric Encoding of DEM Data
* Morse Description and Geometric Encoding of Digital Elevation Maps
* Tensor product multiresolution analysis with error control for compact image representation
Includes: Arandiga, F. ArÓndiga, F. ArÓndiga, F.[Francesc]

Arandjelovic, O. Co Author Listing * Ancient Roman Coin Recognition in the Wild Using Deep Learning Based Recognition of Artistically Depicted Face Profiles
* Automatic vehicle tracking and recognition from aerial image sequences
* Believe the HiPe: Hierarchical perturbation for fast, robust, and model-agnostic saliency mapping
* Bo(V)W models for object recognition from video
* CCTV Scene Perspective Distortion Estimation From Low-Level Motion Features
* Detection of Dynamic Background Due to Swaying Movements From Motion Features
* HoechstGAN: Virtual Lymphocyte Staining Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Short and Long Range Relation Based Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Synthesising Wider Field Images from Narrow-Field Retinal Video Acquired Using a Low-Cost Direct Ophthalmoscope (Arclight) Attached to a Smartphone
* Two Maximum Entropy-Based Algorithms for Running Quantile Estimation in Nonstationary Data Streams
Includes: Arandjelovic, O. Arandjelovic, O.[Ognjen]
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Arandjelovic, O.D.[Ognjen D.] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Face Recognition from Video
* Achieving robust face recognition from video by combining a weak photometric model and a learnt generic face invariant
* Automatic attribution of ancient Roman imperial coins
* Automatic Cast Listing in Feature-Length Films with Anisotropic Manifold Space
* Automatic Face Recognition for Film Character Retrieval in Feature-Length Films
* Boosted manifold principal angles for image set-based recognition
* Colour invariants for machine face recognition
* Colour invariants under a non-linear photometric camera model and their application to face recognition from video
* Computationally efficient application of the generic shape-illumination invariant to face recognition from video
* Crowd Detection from Still Images
* Efficient and accurate set-based registration of time-separated aerial images
* Face filtering: Insights from real-world data
* Face Recognition from Face Motion Manifolds using Robust Kernel Resistor-Average Distance
* Face Recognition from Video Using the Generic Shape-Illumination Manifold
* Face Recognition with Image Sets Using Manifold Density Divergence
* Face Set Classification using Maximally Probable Mutual Modes
* Freehand 3D scanning in a mobile environment using video
* Gradient Edge Map Features for Frontal Face Recognition under Extreme Illumination Changes
* Hallucinating optimal high-dimensional subspaces
* Illumination Invariant Face Recognition System for Access Control using Video, An
* Incremental Learning of Temporally-Coherent Gaussian Mixture Models
* information-theoretic approach to face recognition from face motion manifolds, An
* Infrared face recognition: A comprehensive review of methodologies and databases
* Learning over Sets using Boosted Manifold Principal Angles (BoMPA)
* Learnt Quasi-Transitive Similarity for Retrieval from Large Collections of Faces
* Making the most of the self-quotient image in face recognition
* methodology for rapid illumination-invariant face recognition using image processing filters, A
* Multi-Sensory Face Biometric Fusion (for Personal Identification)
* Multiple-object Tracking in Cluttered and Crowded Public Spaces
* New Look at Filtering Techniques for Illumination Invariance in Automatic Face Recognition, A
* Object Matching Using Boundary Descriptors
* On Person Authentication by Fusing Visual and Thermal Face Biometrics
* pose-wise linear illumination manifold model for face recognition using video, A
* Reading Ancient Coins: Automatically Identifying Denarii Using Obverse Legend Seeded Retrieval
* Recognition from Appearance Subspaces Across Image Sets of Variable Scale
* Reimagining the central challenge of face recognition: Turning a problem into an advantage
* Thermal and reflectance based personal identification methodology under variable illumination
* Unfolding a Face: From Singular to Manifold
Includes: Arandjelovic, O.D.[Ognjen D.] Arandjelovic, O.D.
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Arandjelovic, R.[Relja] Co Author Listing * 24/7 Place Recognition by View Synthesis
* All About VLAD
* Compact Deep Aggregation for Set Retrieval
* Controllable Attention for Structured Layered Video Decomposition
* Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Geometric Matching
* DisLocation: Scalable Descriptor Distinctiveness for Location Recognition
* Efficient image retrieval for 3d structures
* Efficient Neighbourhood Consensus Networks via Submanifold Sparse Convolutions
* End-to-End Weakly-Supervised Semantic Alignment
* Extremely Low Bit-Rate Nearest Neighbor Search Using a Set Compression Tree
* Faces in Places: compound query retrieval
* GhostVLAD for Set-Based Face Recognition
* Input-level Inductive Biases for 3D Reconstruction
* Look, Listen and Learn
* Multiple queries for large scale specific object retrieval
* Name that sculpture
* NCNet: Neighbourhood Consensus Networks for Estimating Image Correspondences
* NetVLAD: CNN Architecture for Weakly Supervised Place Recognition
* Object Discovery and Representation Networks
* Objects that Sound
* On-the-fly learning for visual search of large-scale image and video datasets
* Re-presentations of Art Collections
* Scalable Verified Training for Provably Robust Image Classification
* Sketch recognition by fusion of temporal and image-based features
* Smooth object retrieval using a bag of boundaries
* Three things everyone should know to improve object retrieval
* Visual Vocabulary with a Semantic Twist
Includes: Arandjelovic, R.[Relja] Arandjelovic, R.
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Arango, C. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Multicopter UAV and Total Station for Estimating Stockpile Volumes
* Local Algorithm for Monitoring Total Suspended Sediments in Micro-Watersheds Usin Drones and Remote Sensing Applications. Case Study: Teusacß River, La Calera, Colombia
* Multi-Criteria Analysis of UAVS Regulations in 6 Countries Using the Analytical Hierarchical Process and Expert Knowledge

Arango, J.[Jacobo] Co Author Listing * Predictive Modeling of Above-Ground Biomass in Brachiaria Pastures from Satellite and UAV Imagery Using Machine Learning Approaches

Arango, J.L.C.[Jose Luis Cereijo] Co Author Listing * UAV and Satellite Multispectral Data Approach to Monitor Water Quality in Small Reservoirs, An

Arango, M.R.[Miriam R.] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of legumes using leaf vein image features
* Legume Identification by Leaf Vein Images Classification

Arango, R.[Ramiro] Co Author Listing * NEURONAV: A Tool for Image-Guided Surgery - Application to Parkinson's Disease

Aranguren, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Crop Sensor-Based In-Season Nitrogen Management of Wheat with Manure Application
* Wheat Yield Estimation with NDVI Values Using a Proximal Sensing Tool

Aranha, R.V.[Renan Vinicius] Co Author Listing * Adapting Software with Affective Computing: A Systematic Review

Arani, E.[Elahe] Co Author Listing * Distill on the Go: Online knowledge distillation in self-supervised learning
* Knowledge Distillation Beyond Model Compression
* Noise as a Resource for Learning in Knowledge Distillation
* Noisy Concurrent Training for Efficient Learning under Label Noise
* Perceptual Loss for Robust Unsupervised Homography Estimation
* RGPNet: A Real-Time General Purpose Semantic Segmentation
* UniNet: A Unified Scene Understanding Network and Exploring Multi-Task Relationships through the Lens of Adversarial Attacks
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Arani, S.A.A.A.[Seyed Ali Asghar Abbaszadeh] Co Author Listing * Combining RtL and LtR HMMs to recognise handwritten Farsi words of small- and medium-sized vocabularies
* Handwritten Farsi Word Recognition Using NN-Based Fusion of HMM Classifiers with Different Types of Features

Aranjuelo, I.[Iker] Co Author Listing * Estimating Wheat Grain Yield Using Sentinel-2 Imagery and Exploring Topographic Features and Rainfall Effects on Wheat Performance in Navarre, Spain
Includes: Aranjuelo, I.[Iker] Aranjuelo, ═.[═ker]

Aranjuelo, N. Co Author Listing * Contextualised learning-free three-dimensional body pose estimation from two-dimensional body features in monocular images
* Multimodal Deep Learning for Advanced Driving Systems
Includes: Aranjuelo, N. Aranjuelo, N.[Nerea]

Aranki, D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Tele-Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Heart-Failure Using a Smartphone: Lessons Learned

Arano, K.A.[Keith April] Co Author Listing * Emotions are the Great Captains of Our Lives: Measuring Moods Through the Power of Physiological and Environmental Sensing
Includes: Arano, K.A.[Keith April] Ara˝o, K.A.[Keith April]

Arantes, A. Co Author Listing * Biophysical Properties of Cultivated Pastures in the Brazilian Savanna Biome: An Analysis in the Spatial-Temporal Domains Based on Ground and Satellite Data
* Distribution Patterns of Burned Areas in the Brazilian Biomes: An Analysis Based on Satellite Data for the 2002-2010 Period

Arantes, A.E.[Arielle Elias] Co Author Listing * seasonal carbon and water balances of the Cerrado environment of Brazil: Past, present, and future influences of land cover and land use, The

Arantes, R.A.T.[Renata A. T.] Co Author Listing * Biological shape analysis by digital curvature
* Morphometrical data analysis using wavelets
Includes: Arantes, R.A.T.[Renata A. T.] Arantes, R.A.T.

Arantes, R.B.[Renato B.] Co Author Listing * CSC-GAN: Cycle and Semantic Consistency for Dataset Augmentation
* Learning an augmentation strategy for sparse datasets
* QuiltGAN: An Adversarially Trained, Procedural Algorithm for Texture Generation
* RCGAN: Learning a Generative Model for Arbitrary Size Image Generation
Includes: Arantes, R.B.[Renato B.] Arantes, R.B.[Renato Barros]

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