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TSP( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. Signal Processing

TSP(29) * Efficient Serial and Parallel Algorithms for Median Filtering

TSP(39) * Analysis of the Properties of Median and Weighted Median Filters Using Threshold Logic and Stack Filter Representation
* Comparison of Algorithms for Standard Median Filtering
* Detecting Small, Moving Objects in Image Sequences Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing
* Edge Preserving Filtering by Combining Nonlinear Mean and Median Filters
* Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction
* Morphological Representation of Discrete and Binary Images
* Prototype image constraints for settheoretic image restoration
* Two Convergence Theorems on Deterministic Properties of Median Filters
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TSP(40) * Deblurring subject to nonnegativity constraints
* Discrete Wavelet Transform: Wedding the a Trous and Mallat Algorithms, The

TSP(41) * B-spline Signal Processing. I. Theory
* B-spline Signal Processing. II. Efficiency Design and Applications
* Image Reconstruction from Projections under Wavelet Constraints
* Matching Pursuits with Time-Frequency Dictionaries
* Multiscale representations of Markov random fields
* Unified Texture Model Based on a 2-D Wold Like Decomposition, A

TSP(42) * method for TF signal analysis, A

TSP(43) * Method for improved energy concentration in the TF analysis of multicomponent signals using L-WD
* Multiple Target Direction of Arrival Tracking
* New Three-Dimensional Transform Using a Ternary Product, A

TSP(44) * Adaptive Filtering Approach to Spectral Estimation and SAR Imaging, An
* Alignment Blur in Coherently Averaged Images
* auto-term representation by the reduced interference distributions; The procedure for a kernel design, The
* Constrained Regularized Image Restoration Using Projection on a Set of Regularized Solutions
* Efficient Calculation of Finite Gabor Transforms
* Estimation of Phase for Noisy Linear Phase Signals
* Parametric Class of Discrete Gabor Expansions, A
* Running Max/Min Calculation Using a Pruned Ordered List
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TSP(45) * Fast Algorithm for Computing Discrete Cosine Transform
* Quadtree and Symmetry in FFT Computation of Digital Images

TSP(46) * Analysis Of Low Bit-Rate Image Transform Coding
* Application of Multiscale Characterization of Edges to Motion Determination
* Biorthogonal and Nonuniform Lapped Transforms for Transform Coding with Reduced Blocking and Ringing Artifacts
* Construction Of Biorthogonal Wavelets Starting from Any 2 Multiresolutions
* Design Of Regular Nonseparable Bidimensional Wavelets Using Grobner Basis Techniques
* Discrete Frequency Warped Wavelets: Theory and Applications
* Divide-and-Conquer 2-D Phase Retrieval Using Subband Decomposition and Filter Banks
* Filters and Filter Banks for Periodic Signals, the Zak Transform, and Fast Wavelet Decomposition
* Focused Detection via Multiresolution Analysis
* Human Identification Technique Using Images of the Iris and Wavelet Transform, A
* Improved Lattice Vector Quantization Scheme for Wavelet Compression, An
* Investigation of Wavelet-Based Image-Coding Using an Entropy-Constrained Quantization Framework, An
* M-Channel Compactly Supported Biorthogonal Cosine-Modulated Wavelet Bases
* Motion Estimation Using A Complex-Valued Wavelet Transform
* Multiresolution approximation using shifted splines
* Novel Blind Deconvolution Scheme for Image Restoration Using Recursive Filtering, A
* Occam Filters for Stochastic Sources with Application to Digital Images
* Occam Filters for Stochastic Sources with Application to Digital Images
* Optimal Pyramidal Decomposition for Progressive Multidimensional Signal Coding Using Optimal Quantizers
* Orthogonal Multiwavelets with Optimum Time-Frequency Resolution
* Robust Image Transmission over Energy-Constrained Time-Varying Channels Using Multiresolution Joint Source-Channel Coding
* Robust Technique for Image Descreening Based on the Wavelet Transform
* Special Issue on Theory and Application of Filter Banks and Wavelet Transforms
* Wavelet Functions To Estimate Velocity In Spatiotemporal Signals
* Wavelet-Based Statistical Signal-Processing Using Hidden Markov-Models
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TSP(48) * Framework for Multi-Scale and Hybrid RKHS-Based Approximators, A

TSP(50) * Bivariate Shrinkage Functions for Wavelet-Based Denoising Exploiting Interscale Dependency
* tutorial on particle filters for on-line non-linear/non-Gaussian Bayesian tracking, A

TSP(54) * K-SVD: An Algorithm for Designing Overcomplete Dictionaries for Sparse Representation

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