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Vija, A.H. Co Author Listing * From Genomics to Clinical Molecular Imaging
* Fully Automated Data-Driven Respiratory Signal Extraction From SPECT Images Using Laplacian Eigenmaps

Vijay Kumar, B.G. Co Author Listing * DeepSetNet: Predicting Sets with Deep Neural Networks
* Face hallucination using OLPP and Kernel Ridge Regression
* Learning Local Image Descriptors with Deep Siamese and Triplet Convolutional Networks by Minimizing Global Loss Functions
* Smart Mining for Deep Metric Learning

Vijay, A.[Ashok] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval Using the Generic Fourier Descriptor with Brightness
* novel image denoising scheme based on fusing multiresolution and spatial filters, A
Includes: Vijay, A.[Ashok] Vijay, A.

Vijay, C.S. Co Author Listing * HDR Imaging under Non-uniform Blurring
* Non-Uniform Deblurring in HDR Image Reconstruction

Vijay, G.[Gaurav] Co Author Listing * Taylor series-based deep belief network for automatic classification of diabetic retinopathy using retinal fundus images

Vijay, M.[Malaika] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection using Facial Action Units
* Spatially adaptive image restoration method using LPG-PCA and JBF
Includes: Vijay, M.[Malaika] Vijay, M.

Vijay, S.[Saurabh] Co Author Listing * 60 Years of Glacier Elevation and Mass Changes in the Maipo River Basin, Central Andes of Chile
* Elevation Change Rates of Glaciers in the Lahaul-Spiti (Western Himalaya, India) during 2000-2012 and 2012-2013
* Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Columbia Glacier, Alaska (2011-2016): Ice Velocity, Mass Flux, Surface Elevation and Front Position

Vijay, T.K.[Thakare Kamalakar] Co Author Listing * Detection of Road Accidents Using Synthetically Generated Multi-Perspective Accident Videos

Vijaya Kumar, B.V.K. Co Author Listing * Advanced Correlation Filters for Face Recognition Using Low-Resolution Visual and Thermal Imagery
* Automatic Configuration for a Biometrics-Based Physical Access Control System
* Bayesian Approach to Deformed Pattern Matching of Iris Images, A
* Biometric Key-Binding and Template Protection Framework Using Correlation Filters, A
* Cancelable biometric filters for face recognition
* Combining Verification Decisions in a Multi-vendor Environment
* Comparison of Feature Space Methods for Face Recognition
* Corefaces-robust shift invariant PCA based correlation filter for illumination tolerant face recognition
* Correlation Filters for Object Alignment
* Correlation Filters With Controlled Scale Response
* Correlation Pattern Recognition
* Correlation Pattern Recognition for Face Recognition
* Coupled Marginal Fisher Analysis for Low-Resolution Face Recognition
* Dependency-Aware Attention Control for Unconstrained Face Recognition with Image Sets
* Efficient Calculation of Primary Image from a Set of Images
* Efficient design of advanced correlation filters for robust distortion-tolerant face recognition
* Eigenphases vs. eigenfaces
* Extended Depth of Field Iris Recognition with Correlation Filters
* Extended-Depth-of-Field Iris Recognition Using Unrestored Wavefront-Coded Imagery
* Face authentication for multiple subjects using eigenflow
* Face Authentication from Cell Phone Camera Images with Illumination and Temporal Variations
* Facial Asymmetry: A New Robust Biometric in the Frequency Domain
* Fingerprint Verification Using Correlation Filters
* Framework for Binding and Retrieving Class-Specific Information to and from Image Patterns Using Correlation Filters, A
* Gaussian Conditional Random Fields for Face Recognition
* Graphical Model Approach to Iris Matching Under Deformation and Occlusion
* Hard negative generation for identity-disentangled facial expression recognition
* Illumination Normalization Using Logarithm Transforms for Face Authentication
* Iris Verification Using Correlation Filters
* Maximum Margin Correlation Filter: A New Approach for Localization and Classification
* Multidimensional overlap-add and overlap-save for correlation and convolution
* Mutual Information Regularized Feature-Level Frankenstein for Discriminative Recognition
* On modeling variations for face authentication
* One Bit Facial Asymmetry Code (FAC) in Fourier Domain for Human Recognition, A
* Optimal Tradeoff Circular Harmonic Function Correlation Filter Methods Providing Controlled In-Plane Rotation Response
* Optimality of the Maximum Average Correlation Height Filter for Detection of Targets in Noise
* Partial and Holistic Face Recognition on FRGC-II data using Support Vector Machine
* Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition using Visual and Thermal Imagery with Advanced Correlation Filters
* Quad Phase Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filters for Reduced Memory Illumination Tolerant Face Authentication
* Random Features for Sparse Signal Classification
* Recognition of Low-Resolution Faces Using Multiple Still Images and Multiple Cameras
* Reduced-complexity biometric recognition using 1-D cross-sections of correlation filters
* Redundant Class-Dependence Feature Analysis Based on Correlation Filters Using FRGC2.0 Data
* Representational Oriented Component Analysis (ROCA) for Face Recognition with One Sample Image per Training Class
* Robust Face Recognition Using Advanced Correlation Filters with Bijective-Mapping Preprocessing
* Robust Iris Recognition Using Advanced Correlation Techniques
* Robust low-resolution face identification and verification using high-resolution features
* Rotation-Tolerant Watermark Detection Using Circular Harmonic Function Correlation Filter
* Shallow Arc Detection in Disk Surface Images for Disk Forensics
* Significance of image representation for face verification
* Simultaneous Edge Alignment and Learning
* Simultaneous super-resolution and feature extraction for recognition of low-resolution faces
* Spatial frequency domain image processing for biometric recognition
* Still-to-Video Face Verification System Using Advanced Correlation Filters, A
* Synthetic Discriminant Functions for Recognition of Images on the Boundary of the Convex-Hull of the Training Set
* Verification of Biometric Palmprint Patterns Using Optimal Trade-Off Filter Classifiers
* What Is a Good Periocular Region for Recognition?
* Zero-Aliasing Correlation Filters for Object Recognition
Includes: Vijaya Kumar, B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar, B.V.K.[B. V. K.]
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Vijaya Lakshmi, T.R. Co Author Listing * Modeling of palm leaf character recognition system using transform based techniques

Vijaya, N. Co Author Listing * Algorithm on tracing the boundary of medical images using abstract cellular complex

Vijaya, P.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient bottom-up hybrid hierarchical clustering techniques for protein sequence classification
* efficient technique for protein sequence clustering and classification, An
* Iris and Signature Authentication Using Continuous Dynamic Programming
* Leaders-Subleaders: An efficient hierarchical clustering algorithm for large data sets
* Word level identification of Kannada, Hindi and English scripts from a tri-lingual document

Vijayakrishna, R.[Rowthu] Co Author Listing * Higher order PDE based model for segmenting noisy image

Vijayakumar, A.K.[Ashwin K.] Co Author Listing * We are Humor Beings: Understanding and Predicting Visual Humor

Vijayakumar, B. Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Different Data Replication Strategies in Cloud Environment
* Constraints for Recognizing and Locating Curved 3D Objects from Monocular Image Features
* HOT Curves for Modeling and Recognition of Smooth Curved 3D Objects
* Invariant-Based Recognition of Complex Curved 3-D Objects from Image Contours
* Reconstruction of HOT Curves from Image Sequences
* Structure and Motion of Curved 3D Objects from Monocular Silhouettes

Vijayakumar, M. Co Author Listing * Performing Attack Halting Process with Digital Pattern and Proactive Model Resolving the Security Issues in IoT Based Models

Vijayakumar, N. Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional FIR compaction filter design

Vijayakumar, P.[Pandi] Co Author Listing * Anonymous Batch Authentication and Key Exchange Protocols for 6G Enabled VANETs, An
* Attribute-Based Secure Data Aggregation for Isolated IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems
* Comprehensive survey on security services in vehicular ad-hoc networks
* Deep Learning-based Fast Fake News Detection Model for Cyber-Physical Social Services, A
* Dual Authentication and Key Management Techniques for Secure Data Transmission in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* EAAP: Efficient Anonymous Authentication With Conditional Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Efficient Energy Recovery for Positive Feedback Adiabatic Logic
* improved entity recognition approach to cyber-social knowledge provision of intellectual property using a CRF-LSTM model, An
* Intelligent Terminal Based Privacy-Preserving Multi-Modal Implicit Authentication Protocol for Internet of Connected Vehicles, An
* Introduction to the special issue on Biometrics in Smart Cities: Techniques and Applications (BI_SCI)
* Novel UAV-Enabled Data Collection Scheme for Intelligent Transportation System Through UAV Speed Control, A
* Secure and Efficient Authenticated Key Management Scheme for UAV-Assisted Infrastructure-Less IoVs
Includes: Vijayakumar, P.[Pandi] Vijayakumar, P.
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Vijayakumar, S.[Syamkumar] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Vibrio cholerae in a Typical Tropical Lake and Estuarine System: Potential of Remote Sensing for Risk Mapping
* Hierarchical Procrustes Matching for Shape Retrieval
* Part-Based Probabilistic Point Matching
* Probabilistic Approach to Robust Shape Matching, A
* Structure Inference for Bayesian Multisensory Scene Understanding
Includes: Vijayakumar, S.[Syamkumar] Vijayakumar, S.[Sethu]

Vijayakumar, V.[Vaidehi] Co Author Listing * Detecting abnormal events in traffic video surveillance using superorientation optical flow feature
* study on video data mining, A
Includes: Vijayakumar, V.[Vaidehi] Vijayakumar, V.

Vijayakumari, B.[Balan] Co Author Listing * Cadaver identification with dental radiographs using isoperimetric and nodal graph approach
* Dental cyst diagnosis using texture analysis
Includes: Vijayakumari, B.[Balan] Vijayakumari, B.

Vijayalakshmi, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis on segmentation and biomarker-based approaches for liver cancer detection: A survey

Vijayan, A.[Athul] Co Author Listing * CellTypeGraph: A New Geometric Computer Vision Benchmark
* Design and Experimental Validation of a Cooperative Driving Control Architecture for the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016
Includes: Vijayan, A.[Athul] Vijayan, A.

Vijayan, A.S.[Aparna S.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Clustering with Jensen-Type Kernels and Their Multi-point Extensions

Vijayan, K. Co Author Listing * Speech-to-Singing Voice Conversion: The Challenges and Strategies for Improving Vocal Conversion Processes

Vijayan, L.[Linoj] Co Author Listing * Integrating Evacuation and Storm Surge Modeling Considering Potential Hurricane Tracks: The Case of Hurricane Irma in Southeast Florida

Vijayan, M.[Midhula] Co Author Listing * Fully Residual Convolutional Neural Network for Background Subtraction, A

Vijayan, R. Co Author Listing * Lattice Filters Based on the Delta-Operator

Vijayan, S. Co Author Listing * Manufacturing Feature Determination and Extraction I: Optimal Volume Segmentation
* Performance Improvement of Average Based Spatial Filters through Multilevel Preprocessing using Wavelets

Vijayan, V.[Vipin] Co Author Listing * 3D Twins and Expression Challenge
* Environmental Reservoirs of Vibrio cholerae: Challenges and Opportunities for Ocean-Color Remote Sensing
Includes: Vijayan, V.[Vipin] Vijayan, V.[Vijitha]

Vijayanagar, K.R.[Krishna Rao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive measurement rate allocation for block-based compressed sensing of depth maps
* Compression of residual layers of layered depth video using hierarchical block truncation coding
* Dynamic GOP size control for low-delay distributed video coding
* Efficient view synthesis for multi-view video plus depth
* Low complexity distributed video coding

Vijayanandh, R. Co Author Listing * Human face detection using color spaces and region property measures

Vijayananthan, A.[Anushya] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of Alzheimer's disease using bi-directional empirical model decomposition

Vijayanarasimhan, S.[Sudheendra] Co Author Listing * Active Frame Selection for Label Propagation in Videos
* Active Learning for Video Description with Cluster-regularized Ensemble Ranking
* Actively selecting annotations among objects and attributes
* AVA: A Video Dataset of Spatio-Temporally Localized Atomic Visual Actions
* Beyond short snippets: Deep networks for video classification
* Cost-Sensitive Active Visual Category Learning
* Efficient region search for object detection
* Far-sighted active learning on a budget for image and video recognition
* Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine
* Hashing Hyperplane Queries to Near Points with Applications to Large-Scale Active Learning
* Keywords to visual categories: Multiple-instance learning for weakly supervised object categorization
* Kinetics Human Action Video Dataset, The
* Large-Scale Live Active Learning: Training Object Detectors with Crawled Data and Crowds
* Rethinking the Faster R-CNN Architecture for Temporal Action Localization
* Top-down pairwise potentials for piecing together multi-class segmentation puzzles
* Visual recognition and detection under bounded computational resources
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Object Segmentations from Web-Scale Video
* What's in a Caption? Dataset-Specific Linguistic Diversity and Its Effect on Visual Description Models and Metrics
* What's it going to cost you?: Predicting effort vs. informativeness for multi-label image annotations
* YouTube-8M: A Large-Scale Video Classification Benchmark
Includes: Vijayanarasimhan, S.[Sudheendra] Vijayanarasimhan, S.
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Vijayaraghavan, G.[Geetha] Co Author Listing * SP-CIDS: Secure and Private Collaborative IDS for VANETs

Vijayaraghavan, P. Co Author Listing * DeepSpace: Mood-Based Image Texture Generation for Virtual Reality from Music

Vijayaraghavan, S.[Sujal] Co Author Listing * Localisebot: Multi-view 3d Object Localisation with Differentiable Rendering for Robot Grasping

Vijayaraghavan, T. Co Author Listing * Image coding of 3D volume using wavelet transform for fast retrieval of 2D images

Vijayaraj, V. Co Author Listing * Overhead image statistics

Vijayaratnam, M.[Melan] Co Author Listing * Towards Zero-Latency Video Transmission Through Frame Extrapolation

Vijayasagar, K. Co Author Listing * Embedded Vision System for Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation

Vijayenthiran, V.[Viknesh] Co Author Listing * Mercedes' New Safety Tech Aims To End Wrong-Way Driving

Vijaykeerthy, D.[Deepak] Co Author Listing * Framework for Learning Ante-hoc Explainable Models via Concepts, A

Vijaykrishnan, N. Co Author Listing * DFLAP: a dynamic frequency linear array processor
* Dynamic Frequency Linear Array Processor for Image Processing, A
* efficient architecture for motion estimation and compensation in the transform domain, An
* Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform Architecture Exploiting Sparseness and Symmetry Properties
* Linear Array Processor with Dynamic Frequency Clocking for Image Processing Applications, A

Vijaykumar, N. Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Multi-Temporal Technique for Detecting and Mapping Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, A

Vijaykumar, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Pretraining Improves Self-Supervised Pretraining

Vijaykumar, V.R. Co Author Listing * Decision based adaptive median filter to remove blotches, scratches, streaks, stripes and impulse noise in images

Vijayvargiya, A. Co Author Listing * Detection of glare in night photography
* new method of flash image shadow detection and patch-based correction of shadow regions, A
* robust flash image shadow detection method and seamless recovery of shadow regions, A

Vijayvergiya, R.[Rajesh] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of various denoising filters on intravascular ultrasound coronary artery images

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