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Simper, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Correcting General Band-to-Band Misregistrations

Simpkins, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Mapping measurable quantities of point-spread function observations to Seidel aberration coefficients

Simplicio, M.A.[Marcos A.] Co Author Listing * Privacy-Preserving Certificate Linkage/Revocation in VANETs Without Linkage Authorities

Simpraga, S.[Sonja] Co Author Listing * FADR: Functional-Anatomical Discriminative Regions for Rest fMRI Characterization

Simpsi, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * 6 DoF Pose Regression via Differentiable Rendering

Simpson Porco, J.W. Co Author Listing * Graph Theoretic Approach to the Robustness of k-Nearest Neighbor Vehicle Platoons
Includes: Simpson Porco, J.W. Simpson-Porco, J.W.

Simpson Young, B. Co Author Listing * Imaging spectroscopy for scene analysis: challenges and opportunities
Includes: Simpson Young, B. Simpson-Young, B.

Simpson, A.L. Co Author Listing * Improving Registration Robustness for Image-Guided Liver Surgery in a Novel Human-to-Phantom Data Framework
* Mechanics-Based Nonrigid Registration Method for Liver Surgery Using Sparse Intraoperative Data, A

Simpson, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Integrated with the Unmanned Surface Vessel Mapping the Southern Ionian Sea. The Winning Technology Solution of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, The
* Geometrical Mesh Improvement Properties of Delaunay Terminal Edge Refinement
* Intelligent Scene Caching to Improve Accuracy for Energy-Constrained Embedded Vision
Includes: Simpson, B.[Benjamin] Simpson, B.[Bruce] Simpson, B.

Simpson, C.[Chase] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems' Lidar Data Quality
* Quantifying Citrus Tree Health Using True Color UAV Images
Includes: Simpson, C.[Chase] Simpson, C.[Catherine]

Simpson, C.H.[Chase H.] Co Author Listing * Combined geometric-radiometric and neural network approach to shallow bathymetric mapping with UAS imagery

Simpson, D.[Devin] Co Author Listing * Landmark-Based Re-topology of Stereo-Pair Acquired Face Meshes

Simpson, D.M. Co Author Listing * Alignment Blur in Coherently Averaged Images

Simpson, G.[Greg] Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Effort of Interpolation and Sampling: Can GIS Help Lower Field Costs?

Simpson, I.[Ivor] Co Author Listing * Robust Semantic Segmentation UNCV2023 Challenge Results, The
* Structured Uncertainty Prediction Networks

Simpson, I.J.A. Co Author Listing * Ensemble Learning Incorporating Uncertain Registration
* Estimation of Large Motion in Lung CT by Integrating Regularized Keypoint Correspondences into Dense Deformable Registration
* GAN That Warped: Semantic Attribute Editing With Unpaired Data, The
* Learning Structured Gaussians to Approximate Deep Ensembles
Includes: Simpson, I.J.A. Simpson, I.J.A.[Ivor J.A.]

Simpson, J.[Jamie] Co Author Listing * Blueprint for the Estimation of Seagrass Carbon Stock Using Remote Sensing-Enabled Proxies, A

Simpson, J.E.[Jake E.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Errors Caused by Forest Vegetation Structure in Airborne LiDAR-Derived DTMs
* High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Energy Flux Mapping of Different Land Covers Using an Off-the-Shelf Unmanned Aerial System
* Tropical Peatland Burn Depth and Combustion Heterogeneity Assessed Using UAV Photogrammetry and Airborne LiDAR

Simpson, J.J. Co Author Listing * Cloud Shadow Detection Under Arbitrary Viewing and Illumination Conditions
* cross-calibration of GMS-5 thermal channels against ATSR-2, A
* Improved Fuzzy-Logic Segmentation of Sea-Ice, Clouds, and Ocean in Remotely-Sensed Arctic Imagery, An
* Improved Hybrid Clustering Algorithm for Natural Scenes, An
* Procedure for the Detection and Removal of Cloud Shadow from AVHRR Data Over Land, A
Includes: Simpson, J.J. Simpson, J.J.[James J.]

Simpson, J.M. Co Author Listing * 4D Blood Flow Reconstruction Over the Entire Ventricle From Wall Motion and Blood Velocity Derived From Ultrasound Data

Simpson, M.D.[Morgan David] Co Author Listing * Detecting Water Hyacinth Infestation in Kuttanad, India, Using Dual-Pol Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
* InflateSAR Campaign: Developing Refugee Vessel Detection Capabilities with Polarimetric SAR, The
* Investigating the Backscatter of Marine Plastic Litter Using a C- and X-Band Ground Radar, during a Measurement Campaign in Deltares
* Monitoring of Plastic Islands in River Environment Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data

Simpson, M.S.[Matthew S.] Co Author Listing * Interactive cross and multimodal biomedical image retrieval based on automatic region-of-interest (ROI) identification and classification
* Multimodal biomedical image retrieval using hierarchical classification and modality fusion

Simpson, O.[Oluyomi] Co Author Listing * SASHA: A Shift-Add Segmented Hybrid Approximated Multiplier for Image Processing

Simpson, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Snapshot Serengeti, high-frequency annotated camera trap images of 40 mammalian species in an African savanna

Simpson, R.A. Co Author Listing * Polarization in Bistatic Radar Probing of Planetary Surfaces: Application to Mars Express Data

Simpson, R.S. Co Author Listing * Compendium of Redundancy Removal Processes
* Upper Bound on Compression Ratio for Run-Length Encoding

Simpson, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Let's Share a Story: Socially Enhanced Multimedia Storytelling

Simpson, S.L. Co Author Listing * Connectivity in fMRI: Blind Spots and Breakthroughs

Simpson, T.[Todd] Co Author Listing * System and method for creating 3D models from 2D sequential image data

Simpson, T.G.[Thomas G.] Co Author Listing * EEG Correlates of Driving Performance

Simpson, W.A. Co Author Listing * Cross-ratio and the Perception of Motion and Structure, The
* Equivalent Background Speed in Recovery from Motion Adaptation
* Optic Flow and Depth Perception

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