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Sanfelin, A. Co Author Listing * 3d real-time head tracking fusing color histograms and stereovision

Sanfeliu, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Sanfeliu, A.[Alberto]: asanfeliu AT iri upc es
* 3DPeople: Modeling the Geometry of Dressed Humans
* Action Selection for Single-Camera SLAM
* Application of a Graph Distance Measure to the Classification of muscle Tissue Patterns, An
* approach of visual motion analysis, An
* architecture based on hybrid systems for analyzing 3D industrial scenes, An
* Bayesian Human Motion Intentionality Prediction in urban environments
* Body Size and Depth Disambiguation in Multi-Person Reconstruction from Single Images
* Boosted Random Ferns for Object Detection
* Bootstrapping Boosted Random Ferns for discriminative and efficient object classification
* Clustering of Attributed Graphs and Unsupervised Synthesis of Function-described Graphs
* Colour Image Segmentation Solving Hard-constraints on Graph Partitioning Greedy Algorithms
* Combining where and what in change detection for unsupervised foreground learning in surveillance
* Compact Form of the Pseudo-Inverse Matrix in the Approximation of a Star Graph Using the Conductance Electrical Model (CEM)
* Comparative Analysis for Detecting Objects Under Cast Shadows in Video Images
* Computation of Rotation Local Invariant Features using the Integral Image for Real Time Object Detection
* Computing the Barycenter Graph by Means of the Graph Edit Distance
* Concurrent map building and localization with landmark validation
* Conductance Electrical Model for Representing and Matching Weighted Undirected Graphs, A
* Dense Segmentation-Aware Descriptors
* Dependent Multiple Cue Integration for Robust Tracking
* Detection Performance Evaluation of Boosted Random Ferns
* Discriminant and Invariant Color Model for Tracking under Abrupt Illumination Changes
* Distance between 2d-scenes based on oriented matroid theory
* Distance Measure between Attributed Relational Graphs for Pattern Recognition, A
* Dual-Branch CNNs for Vehicle Detection and Tracking on LiDAR Data
* Efficient 3D Object Detection using Multiple Pose-Specific Classifiers
* Efficient Algorithms for Matching Attributed Graphs and Function-described Graphs
* Efficient rotation invariant object detection using boosted Random Ferns
* Evaluation of Distances Between Color Image Segmentations
* Fast and Exact Modulo-Distance Between Histograms, A
* Filtering graphs to check isomorphism and extracting mapping by using the Conductance Electrical Model
* Framework to Integrate Particle Filters for Robust Tracking in Non-stationary Environments, A
* Function-described graphs applied to 3D object representation
* Function-described graphs for modelling objects represented by sets of attributed graphs
* Fusion of a Multiple Hypotheses Color Model and Deformable Contours for Figure Ground Segmentation in Dynamic Environments
* GANimation: Anatomically-Aware Facial Animation from a Single Image
* GANimation: One-Shot Anatomically Consistent Facial Animation
* Geometry-Aware Network for Non-rigid Shape Prediction from a Single View
* Graph-based representations and techniques for image processing and image analysis
* Hallucinating Dense Optical Flow from Sparse Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles
* Integration of Conditionally Dependent Object Features for Robust Figure/Background Segmentation
* Integration of deformable contours and a multiple hypotheses Fisher color model for robust tracking in varying illuminant environments
* Integration of Perceptual Grouping and Depth
* Integration of shape and a multihypotheses fisher color model for figure-ground segmentation in non-stationary environments
* Interactive multiple object learning with scanty human supervision
* Joint coarse-and-fine reasoning for deep optical flow
* Learning and recognising 3d models represented by multiple views by means of methods based on random graphs
* Learning Bidimensional Context Dependent Models Using a Context Sensitive Language
* Learning of context-sensitive languages described by augmented regular expressions
* Local Boosted Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Low Cost Architecture for Structure Measure Distance Computation
* Matching Attributed Graphs: 2nd-Order Probabilities for Pruning the Search Tree
* Matching Images Features in a Wide Base Line with ICA Descriptors
* Modelling and recognising 3D-objects described by multiple views using function-described graphs
* Multimodal Object Recognition Using Random Clustering Trees
* New Algorithm to Compute the Distance Between Multi-dimensional Histograms, A
* New approaches for colour histogram adaptation in face tracking tasks
* New Color Constancy Algorithm Based on the Histogram of Feasible Mappings, A
* Online human-assisted learning using Random Ferns
* Online learning and detection of faces with low human supervision
* Orientation Invariant Features for Multiclass Object Recognition
* Pattern recognition in interdisciplinary perception and intelligence
* Probabilistic invariant image representation and associated distance measure
* Recognition and learning of a class of context-sensitive languages described by augmented regular expressions
* Robust Color Contour Object Detection Invariant to Shadows
* Segmentation-Aware Deformable Part Models
* Sensibility, Relative Error and Error Probability of Projective Invariants of Planar Surfaces of 3D Objects
* Shared Random Ferns for Efficient Detection of Multiple Categories
* Signatures versus histograms: Definitions, distances and algorithms
* Spatiotemporal Descriptor for Wide-Baseline Stereo Reconstruction of Non-rigid and Ambiguous Scenes
* Structural Pattern Analysis
* Structural Similarity Measures for Classifying 2D and 3D Partially Hidden, Occluded and Deformed Objects
* Syntactic and Structural Methods in Document Image Analysis
* Synthesis of Median Spectral Graph
* Target Dependent Colorspace for Robust Tracking, A
* TC2: Structural and Syntactic Pattern-Recognition: Aims, Scope, History and Activities
* Unidimensional Multiscale Local Features for Object Detection Under Rotation and Mild Occlusions
* Unsupervised Person Image Synthesis in Arbitrary Poses
* Vision-Based Robot Positioning by an Exact Distance Between Histograms
* Visually Significant Dynamics for Watershed Segmentation
Includes: Sanfeliu, A.[Alberto] Sanfeliu, A. Sanfeliu, A.[Albert]
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Sanfeliu, A.F. Co Author Listing * Forest fire scar detection in the boreal forest with multitemporal spot-vegetation data

Sanfilippo, G. Co Author Listing * Hbim for The Surveying, Analysis and Restoration of The Saint John The Theologian Cathedral in Nicosia (Cyprus)

Sanfilippo, R. Co Author Listing * Completely Automated Multiresolution Edge Snapper: A New Technique for an Accurate Carotid Ultrasound IMT Measurement: Clinical Validation and Benchmarking on a Multi-Institutional Database

Sanford, C.W.[Carl William] Co Author Listing * Real-time multi-stage infrared image-based tracking system

Sanford, J.P.[J. Patrick] Co Author Listing * Spline-Based Recognition of Straight Lines and Curves in Engineering Line Drawings
* Technique for Encoding Lines and Regions in Engineering Drawings, A
Includes: Sanford, J.P.[J. Patrick] Sanford, J.P.

Sanford, M. Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Airborne Lidar and DBInSAR Data to Estimate LAI in Temperate Mixed Forests

Sanford, R. Co Author Listing * Actor-Transformers for Group Activity Recognition
* Group Activity Detection from Trajectory and Video Data in Soccer

Sanford, T. Co Author Listing * Generalizing Deep Learning for Medical Image Segmentation to Unseen Domains via Deep Stacked Transformation
* Shadow-Consistent Semi-Supervised Learning for Prostate Ultrasound Segmentation
Includes: Sanford, T. Sanford, T.[Thomas]

Sanford, T.H. Co Author Listing * Multi-Domain Image Completion for Random Missing Input Data

Sanford, W.E.[Ward E.] Co Author Listing * Combining Remote Sensing and Water-Balance Evapotranspiration Estimates for the Conterminous United States

Sanfourche, M.[Martial] Co Author Listing * Absolute geo-localization thanks to Hidden Markov Model and exemplar-based metric learning
* Dense height map estimation from oblique aerial image sequences
* Exemplar based metric learning for robust visual localization
* Height Estimation using Aerial Side Looking Image Sequences
* On the choice of the goodness-to-fit term for multibaseline stereo-vision
* Prediction-Correction Approach for Real-Time Optical Flow Computation Using Stereo, A
Includes: Sanfourche, M.[Martial] Sanfourche, M.

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