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Rave, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Beam Selection Based on Sequential Competition

Raveau, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Route Choice Inference to Address Missed Bluetooth Detections
Includes: Raveau, S.[Sebastian] Raveau, S.[Sebastián]

Raveaux, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Anytime graph matching
* Approximation of Digital Curves using a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
* Colour Document Interpretation: Application to Ancient Cadastral Maps, A
* colour text/graphics separation based on a graph representation, A
* Document image quality assessment based on improved gradient magnitude similarity deviation
* Effective Training of Convolutional Neural Networks for Insect Image Recognition
* Efficient k-nearest neighbors search in graph space
* Exact Graph Edit Distance Computation Using a Binary Linear Program
* Fast Nearest Neighbors Search in Graph Space Based on a Branch-and-Bound Strategy
* Graph Classification Approach Using a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Application to Symbol Recognition, A
* Graph Classification Using Genetic Algorithm and Graph Probing Application to Symbol Recognition
* Graph Database Repository and Performance Evaluation Metrics for Graph Edit Distance, A
* Graph edit distance contest: Results and future challenges
* Graph Edit Distance in the Exact Context
* Graph edit distance: Accuracy of local branching from an application point of view
* Graph matching as a graph convolution operator for graph neural networks
* graph matching method and a graph matching distance based on subgraph assignments, A
* Image quality assessment based on regions of interest
* Learning cost function for graph classification with open-set methods
* Learning Cost Functions for Graph Matching
* Learning error-correcting graph matching with a multiclass neural network
* Learning Graph Matching with a Graph-Based Perceptron in a Classification Context
* Learning graph prototypes for shape recognition
* Local Branching Heuristic for the Graph Edit Distance Problem, A
* local evaluation of vectorized documents by means of polygon assignments and matching, A
* New binary linear programming formulation to compute the graph edit distance
* On the unification of the graph edit distance and graph matching problems
* Structured representations in a content based image retrieval context
* survey on image-based insect classification, A
Includes: Raveaux, R.[Romain] Raveaux, R.
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Raveendra, M.[Malle] Co Author Listing * Tamper video detection and localization using an adaptive segmentation and deep network technique

Raveendran, K. Co Author Listing * Floors are Flat: Leveraging Semantics for Real-Time Surface Normal Prediction
* Sharing Decoders: Network Fission for Multi-task Pixel Prediction
Includes: Raveendran, K. Raveendran, K.[Karthik]

Raveendran, P.[Paramesran] Co Author Listing * blind deconvolution model for scene text detection and recognition in video, A
* comparative analysis of algorithms for fast computation of Zernike moments, A
* Efficient anisotropic scaling and translation invariants of Tchebichef moments using image normalization
* Image focus measure based on Chebyshev moments
* Neural Network Classification of Symmetrical and Nonsymmetrical Images Using New Moments with High Noise Tolerance
* New Invariant Moments for Non-Uniformly Scaled Images
* Numerically efficient algorithms for anisotropic scale and translation Tchebichef moment invariants
* Translation and scale invariants of Legendre moments
* Translation invariants of Zernike moments
Includes: Raveendran, P.[Paramesran] Raveendran, P.
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Raveendran, R.[Ramya] Co Author Listing * Grey Wolf optimisation-based feature selection and classification for facial emotion recognition

Raveendran, S.[Sithara] Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of image kernels using reversible logic gates

Raveendran, V.[Viji] Co Author Listing * Mobile multipath cooperative network for real-time streaming

Ravegnani, F. Co Author Listing * Vertical Distribution of Lower Tropospheric NO2 Derived From Diffuse Solar Radiation Measurements: A Geometrical Retrieval Approach

Raveh, A.[Adi] Co Author Listing * Preference structure analysis: A nonmetric approach

Raveh, G.[Gonen] Co Author Listing * Variational Depth from Defocus in real-time

Raveh, I. Co Author Listing * Single-Output Color Pattern-Recognition Using a Fractional Correlator

Ravela, S.[Srinivas] Co Author Listing * email: Ravela, S.[Srinivas]: ravela AT cs umass edu
* Adaptive Tracking and Model Registration Across Distinct Aspects
* Characterization of Visual Appearance Applied to Image Retrieval, A
* Computing Global Image Similarity
* Deformation invariant image matching by spectrally controlled diffeomorphic alignment
* Ensemble Prior of Image Structure for Cross-Modal Inference, An
* Image Retrieval Using Scale-Space Matching
* Intelligent Systems for Geosciences: An Essential Research Agenda
* On Computing Global Similarity in Images
* Practical Obstacle Detection and Avoidance System, A
* Relevance Feedback in Biometric Retrieval of Animal Photographs
* Retrieving Images by Appearance
* Retrieving Images by Similarity of Visual Appearance
* Scale-Space Matching and Image Retrieval
* Shaping receptive fields for affine invariance
* Sloop: A pattern retrieval engine for individual animal identification
* Spatial inference for coherent geophysical fluids by appearance and geometry
* Stealth Navigation: Planning and Behaviors
* Tracking Object Motion Across Aspect Changes for Augmented Reality
* Tracking rotating fluids in realtime using snapshots
Includes: Ravela, S.[Srinivas] Ravela, S. Ravela, S.[Sai]
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Raveli, D.[Dirceu] Co Author Listing * Mandible and skull segmentation in cone beam computed tomography using super-voxels and graph clustering

Ravelomanantsoa, A. Co Author Listing * Fast and efficient signals recovery for deterministic compressive sensing: Applications to biosignals

Raven, L.[Lindsey] Co Author Listing * Robust synthetic basis feature descriptor

Ravenet, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Architecture of a socio-conversational agent in virtual worlds
* Exploiting Evolutionary Algorithms to Model Nonverbal Reactions to Conversational Interruptions in User-Agent Interactions

Ravens, T. Co Author Listing * Gaussian Process Regression for Arctic Coastal Erosion Forecasting

Ravenscroft, D.[Dafydd] Co Author Listing * AMD Classification in Choroidal OCT Using Hierarchical Texton Mining

Raventos, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Packing for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation From Dense Detections

Raventos, B.[Berta] Co Author Listing * Leishmaniasis Parasite Segmentation and Classification Using Deep Learning
Includes: Raventos, B.[Berta] Raventós, B.[Berta]

Ravera, B. Co Author Listing * Abnormal events detection using unsupervised One-Class SVM: Application to audio surveillance and evaluation
* Unsupervised Activity Analysis and Monitoring Algorithms for Effective Surveillance Systems
Includes: Ravera, B. Ravera, B.[Bertrand]

Raverdy, P.G.[Pierre Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Spatially-Consistent Feature Matching and Learning for Heritage Image Analysis
Includes: Raverdy, P.G.[Pierre Guillaume] Raverdy, P.G.[Pierre-Guillaume]

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