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Radha, H.[Hyder] Co Author Listing * 3D binary morphological operations using run-length representation
* Adaptive motion-compensation fine-granular-scalability (AMC-FGS) for wireless video
* Binary Space Partitioning Tree Representation of Images
* CLIX: Network Coding and Cross Layer Information Exchange of Wireless Video
* Common and Innovative Visuals: A Sparsity Modeling Framework for Video
* Complexity reduction using power-law based scheduling for exploiting spatial correlation in distributed video coding
* Compressed video seamless switching using variable splicing parameters
* Compressive demosaicing for periodic color filter arrays
* Compressive dictionary learning for image recovery
* Compressive Framework for Demosaicing of Natural Images
* Disparity dependent segmentation based stereo image coding
* Effects of channel delays on underflow events of compressed video over the internet
* Error Concealment of Still Image and Video Streams with Multidirectional Recursive Nonlinear Filters
* Fast image super-resolution via selective manifold learning of high-resolution patches
* Fast-CLOCs: Fast Camera-LiDAR Object Candidates Fusion for 3D Object Detection
* Heterogeneity Image Patch Index and Its Application to Consumer Video Summarization
* hybrid temporal-SNR fine-granular scalability for internet video, A
* hybrid wavelet framework for modeling VBR video traffic, A
* Hyperspectral material classification under monochromatic and trichromatic sampling rates
* Image Compression Using Binary Space Partitioning Trees
* Image Super-Resolution via Local Self-Learning Manifold Approximation
* Integrated Multiscale Domain Adaptive YOLO
* Key frame extraction from consumer videos using epitome
* Multiresolution image compression with BSP trees and multilevel BTC
* Multiscale Domain Adaptive YOLO for Cross-Domain Object Detection
* Network Embedded FEC (NEF) for Video Multicast in Presence of Packet Loss Correlation
* Network-embedded FEC for optimum throughput of multicast packet video
* New Family of Nonredundant Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks, A
* New Image Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks: Analysis and Design
* Novel MPEG-4 Based Hybrid Temporal-snr Scalability for Internet Video, A
* Object Detection Under Rainy Conditions for Autonomous Vehicles: A Review of State-of-the-Art and Emerging Techniques
* Open-loop rate control for real-time video streaming: analysis of binomial algorithms
* Optimal rate control methods for fine granularity scalable video
* Overlay and peer-to-peer multicast with network-embedded FEC
* Packet-loss Resilient Internet Video Using MPEG-4 Fine Granular Scalability
* Performance analysis and modeling of errors and losses over 802.11b LANs for high-bit-rate real-time multimedia
* Randomness-in-Structured Ensembles for compressed sensing of images
* Rate-constrained adaptive FEC for video over erasure channels with memory
* Rate-distortion modeling of scalable video coders
* Regular Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks: Extensions and Applications
* RPCA-KFE: Key Frame Extraction for Video Using Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Scalable internet video using MPEG-4
* Statistical analysis and distortion modeling of MPEG-4 FGS
* Strong-Weak Integrated Semi-Supervision for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Super-resolution for inconsistent scalable video streaming
* System and method for fine granular scalable video with selective quality enhancement
* Temporal-SNR Rate-control for Fine-granular Scalability
* Translation-Invariant Contourlet Transform and Its Application to Image Denoising
* Transmission-Distortion Tradeoffs in Network Channel Coding
* Video receiver based real-time estimation of channel capacity
* Wavelet-based contourlet transform and its application to image coding
Includes: Radha, H.[Hyder] Radha, H. Radha, H.[Hayder]
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Radha, N. Co Author Listing * analysis of the effect of combining standard and alternate sensor signals on recognition of syllabic units for multimodal speech recognition, An

Radha, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction, segmentation and recognition of multi-font Indian Pincode

Radha, S. Co Author Listing * Compressive sensing for images using a variant of Toeplitz matrix for wireless sensor networks

Radhadevi, P.V. Co Author Listing * Automated co-registration of images from multiple bands of Liss-4 camera
* Comparison of Digital Elevation Models Generated from SPOT-5 HRS Stereo Data and CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Data
* Performance Assessment And Geometric Calibration Of Resourcesat-2
* Potential of High-resolution Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery for Large Scale Mapping
* Semiautomatic Approach for Generation of Site Models From Cartosat-2 Multiview Images, A

Radhakrishna, B. Co Author Listing * Identification and Separation of Turbulence Echo From the Multipeaked VHF Radar Spectra During Precipitation

Radhakrishnan, A.[Aswathnarayan] Co Author Listing * Framework for Semi-automatic Collection of Temporal Satellite Imagery for Analysis of Dynamic Regions, A
* Observation of Cloud Base Height and Precipitation Characteristics at a Polar Site Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard Using Ground-Based Remote Sensing and Model Reanalysis
Includes: Radhakrishnan, A.[Aswathnarayan] Radhakrishnan, A.[Athulya]

Radhakrishnan, D. Co Author Listing * new approach for nonlinear distortion correction in endoscopic images based on least squares estimation, A

Radhakrishnan, M.L. Co Author Listing * Dead-End Elimination as a Heuristic for Min-Cut Image Segmentation

Radhakrishnan, R.[Regunathan] Co Author Listing * Compact hashing with joint optimization of search accuracy and time
* Content-Adaptive Analysis and Representation Framework for Audio Event Discovery from Unscripted Multimedia, A
* Generation of sports highlights using motion activity in combination with a common audio feature extraction framework
* Motion activity-based extraction of key-frames from video shots
* On the security of the digest function in the SARI image authentication system
* On the security of the SARI image authentication system
* Video mining: pattern discovery versus pattern recognition
* Video Summarization using MPEG-7 Motion Activity and Audio Descriptors
Includes: Radhakrishnan, R.[Regunathan] Radhakrishnan, R.
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Radhakrishnan, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of skin images using texture descriptor by a combined statistical and structural approach
* Cross Transferring Activity Recognition to Word Level Sign Language Detection
* DiscoBox: Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation and Semantic Correspondence from Box Supervision
* Enhanced layered segment trees: a pragmatic data structure for real-time processing of geometric objects
* Focal and diffused liver disease classification from ultrasound images based on isocontour segmentation
* Hybrid approach to classification of focal and diffused liver disorders using ultrasound images with wavelets and texture features
* Linearly uncorrelated principal component and deep convolutional image deblurring for natural images
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Particle swarm optimization-based liver disorder ultrasound image classification using multi-level and multi-domain features
Includes: Radhakrishnan, S. Radhakrishnan, S.[Srijith] Radhakrishnan, S.[Subhashree] Radhakrishnan, S.[Sridhar] Radhakrishnan, S.[Sudhakar] Radhakrishnan, S.[Saravanan]
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Radhakrishnan, T. Co Author Listing * Thinning Algorithm Based on the Force Between Charged Particles, A

Radhakrishnan, V. Co Author Listing * Inference of even linear grammars and its application to picture description languages

Radhakrishnan, V.B. Co Author Listing * Dense 3D Point Cloud Reconstruction Using a Deep Pyramid Network
* FDA: Feature Disruptive Attack
* GAN-Tree: An Incrementally Learned Hierarchical Generative Framework for Multi-Modal Data Distributions
* UM-Adapt: Unsupervised Multi-Task Adaptation Using Adversarial Cross-Task Distillation
* Unsupervised Feature Learning of Human Actions As Trajectories in Pose Embedding Manifold
Includes: Radhakrishnan, V.B. Radhakrishnan, V.B.[Venkatesh Babu]

Radhika Mani, M. Co Author Listing * novel approach for shape-based object recognition with curvelet transform, A

Radhika, K.R. Co Author Listing * Application of Continuous Dynamic Programming, An
* approach for on-line signature authentication using Zernike moments, An
* Iris and Signature Authentication Using Continuous Dynamic Programming
* On-line signature authentication using Zernike moments
* Optimal feature selection-based biometric key management for identity management system: Emotion oriented facial biometric system
* Periocular authentication based on FEM using Laplace-Beltrami eigenvalues

Radhika, S. Co Author Listing * ZA-APA with zero attractor controller selection criterion for sparse system identification

Radhika, V.B.[V. Bhawani] Co Author Listing * Feature Level Clustering of Large Biometric Database

Radhika, V.N. Co Author Listing * Robust Stereo Image Matching for Spaceborne Imagery

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