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Hera, P.L. Co Author Listing * Path-Constrained Motion Analysis: An Algorithm to Understand Human Performance on Hydraulic Manipulators

Heracleous, P.[Panikos] Co Author Listing * Exploiting alternative acoustic sensors for improved noise robustness in speech communication
* Gestures and Lip Shape Integration for Cued Speech Recognition
* Lip Shape and Hand Position Fusion for Automatic Vowel Recognition in Cued Speech for French
* pilot study on augmented speech communication based on Electro-Magnetic Articulography, A
Includes: Heracleous, P.[Panikos] Heracleous, P.

Heracles, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical System Integration Approach with Application to Visual Scene Exploration for Driver Assistance, A
* Vision-based Behavior Prediction in Urban Traffic Environments by Scene Categorization

Heradio, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * bibliometric analysis of off-line handwritten document analysis literature (1990-2020), A
* Direction Kernels: Using a simplified 3D model representation for grasping

Herak, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Sago Palm Trees Based on Transfer Learning

Herak, M.[Marijan] Co Author Listing * Constraints on Complex Faulting during the 1996 Ston-Slano (Croatia) Earthquake Inferred from the DInSAR, Seismological, and Geological Observations

Herakleous, K.[Kyriakos] Co Author Listing * Improving augmented reality applications with optical flow

Herakovic, N.[Niko] Co Author Listing * machine-vision system for automated quality control of welded rings, A

Herandi, A.[Amirhossein] Co Author Listing * Deep Clustering via Joint Convolutional Autoencoder Embedding and Relative Entropy Minimization

Herard, A.S. Co Author Listing * Automated cell individualization and counting in cerebral microscopic images
* Automated Detection Of Highly Aggregated Neurons In Microscopic Images Of Macaque Brain
* Virtual review of large scale image stack on 3D display
Includes: Herard, A.S. Hérard, A.S.

Heras, D.B.[Dora B.] Co Author Listing * Alignment of Hyperspectral Images Using KAZE Features
* Consensus Techniques for Unsupervised Binary Change Detection Using Multi-Scale Segmentation Detectors for Land Cover Vegetation Images
* GPU-accelerated level-set segmentation
* GPU-based segmentation of retinal blood vessels
* New Multispectral Data Augmentation Technique Based on Data Imputation, A
* TCANet for Domain Adaptation of Hyperspectral Images
* Texture Extraction Techniques for the Classification of Vegetation Species in Hyperspectral Imagery: Bag of Words Approach Based on Superpixels
* Watershed Monitoring in Galicia from UAV Multispectral Imagery Using Advanced Texture Methods
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Heras, F.L.[Fernando Las] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Airborne 3D SAR Imaging System for Subsurface Sensing: UWB-GPR on Board a UAV for Landmine and IED Detection
* Bistatic Landmine and IED Detection Combining Vehicle and Drone Mounted GPR Sensors

Heras, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * AIROGS: Artificial Intelligence for Robust Glaucoma Screening Challenge
* Deep Detection Models for Measuring Epidermal Bladder Cells
* Estimation of Crop Production by Fusing Images and Crop Features
* Markov random field model for bony tissue classification, A
* Microgliaj: An Automatic Tool for Microglial Cell Detection and Segmentation
* Snake for Model Based Segmentation of Biomedical Images, A
* Towards a Certified Computation of Homology Groups for Digital Images
* UFOD: An AutoML framework for the construction, comparison, and combination of object detection models
Includes: Heras, J.[Jonathan] Heras, J.[Jónathan] Heras, J.
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Heras, S.[Stella] Co Author Listing * MORFO3D Foot Database, The

Heras, V. Co Author Listing * Digital Heritage Documentation of Modern Architecture in Cuenca - Ecuador
* Geoportal Proposal for the Inventory of Cultural Heritage In NabÓn (Ecuador)
* Urban Heritage Monitoring, Using Image Processing Techniques and Data Collection With Terrestrial Laser Scanner (tls), Case Study Cuenca - Ecuador
* Web-Based Geoinformation System for Heritage Management and Geovisualisation in Canton Nabon (Ecuador), A
Includes: Heras, V. Heras, V.[Verónica]

Herath, D.[Damith] Co Author Listing * Micro-Expression Recognition Based on Video Motion Magnification and Pre-Trained Neural Network

Herath, D.C. Co Author Listing * Modeling Errors in Small Baseline Stereo for SLAM

Herath, H.M.V.R. Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing via Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Herath, K.[Kithmini] Co Author Listing * Deep Optical Coding Design in Computational Imaging: A data-driven framework

Herath, S.[Samitha] Co Author Listing * All Labels Are Not Created Equal: Enhancing Semi-supervision via Label Grouping and Co-training
* Anticipating human actions by correlating past with the future with Jaccard similarity measures
* Application of MODIS Data to Assess the Latest Forest Cover Changes of Sri Lanka
* Energy-based Self-Training and Normalization for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Going deeper into action recognition: A survey
* Learning an Invariant Hilbert Space for Domain Adaptation
* Min-Max Statistical Alignment for Transfer Learning
* Neural Inertial Localization
* Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Performance and Robustness of Image Stitching Algorithms
* Using temporal information for recognizing actions from still images
Includes: Herath, S.[Samitha] Herath, S. Herath, S.[Sachini]
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Herath, S.C.K. Co Author Listing * Robust Localization With Minimum Number of TDoA Measurements

Herath, V.[Vijitha] Co Author Listing * Optical Physics Inspired CNN Approach for Intrinsic Image Decomposition, An

Heraty, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Automated identification and retrieval of moth images with semantically related visual attributes on the wings
* Semantic-visual concept relatedness and co-occurrences for image retrieval
* software system for automated identification and retrieval of moth images based on wing attributes, A
* Utilizing co-occurrence patterns for semantic concept detection in images

Herault, A.[Alexis] Co Author Listing * Mapping Recent Lava Flows at Mount Etna Using Multispectral Sentinel-2 Images and Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Herault, A.[Alexis] Hérault, A.[Alexis]

Herault, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Regional Scale Rain-Forest Height Mapping Using Regression-Kriging of Spaceborne and Airborne LiDAR Data: Application on French Guiana
* Weak Environmental Controls of Tropical Forest Canopy Height in the Guiana Shield
Includes: Herault, B.[Bruno] Hérault, B.[Bruno]

Herault, J. Co Author Listing * Curvilinear Component Analysis: A Self-Organizing Neural-Network for Nonlinear Mapping of Data Sets
* Efficient Demosaicing Through Recursive Filtering
* Fast hardware implementation of Gabor filter based motion estimation
* Linear Demosaicing Inspired by the Human Visual System
* Model of Frequency Analysis in the Visual Cortex and the Shape from Texture Problem
* Practical implementation of LMMSE demosaicing using luminance and chrominance spaces
* Simulation of the Retina: A Tool for Visual Prostheses
* Spatio-temporal Tone Mapping Operator Based on a Retina Model
* Spatiotemporal Energy-Based Method for Velocity Estimation
* Statistical Modelling for Image Retrieval Using a Biological Model of the Perceptive Colour Space
* Using Human Visual System modeling for bio-inspired low level image processing
* Vision: Images, Signals and Neural Networks, Models of Neural Processing in Visual Perception
* Visuo-auditory sensory substitution for mobility assistance: Testing TheVIBE
Includes: Herault, J. Herault, J.[Jeanny] Hérault, J.[Jeanny]
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Herault, L. Co Author Listing * Figure-Ground Discrimination by Mean Field Annealing
* Figure-Ground Discrimination: A Combinatorial Approach
* Physical-Model Based Reconstruction of the Global Instantaneous Velocity Field from Velocity Measurements at a Few Points
* Pulsed neural networks and perceptive grouping
* Smooth Curve Extraction by Mean-Field Annealing
* Symbolic Image Matching by Simulated Annealing
Includes: Herault, L. Herault, L.[Laurent]

Herault, R. Co Author Listing * IODA: An input/output deep architecture for image labeling
* new multimodal RGB and polarimetric image dataset for road scenes analysis, A
* Palmprint recognition with an efficient data driven ensemble classifier
* Physically-admissible polarimetric data augmentation for road-scene analysis
* Similarity Contrastive Estimation for Self-Supervised Soft Contrastive Learning
Includes: Herault, R. Hérault, R.[Romain] Herault, R.[Romain]

Heravi, A.A. Co Author Listing * Crack Width Measurement for Non-planar Surfaces By Triangle Mesh Analysis in Civil Engineering Material Testing

Heravi, A.R. Co Author Listing * New Information Theoretic Relation Between Minimum Error Entropy and Maximum Correntropy, A
* Perceptual Distinguishability Predictor For JND-Noise-Contaminated Images, A

Heravi, B.R.[Bahareh Rahmanzadeh] Co Author Listing * Where Is the News Breaking? Towards a Location-Based Event Detection Framework for Journalists

Heravi, E.J.[Elnaz Jahani] Co Author Listing * Fusing Convolutional Neural Networks with a Restoration Network for Increasing Accuracy and Stability
* New One Class Classifier Based on Ensemble of Binary Classifiers, A
* optimized convolutional neural network with bottleneck and spatial pyramid pooling layers for classification of foods, An
* Practical and Highly Optimized Convolutional Neural Network for Classifying Traffic Signs in Real-Time, A
* RAD: Realtime and Accurate 3D Object Detection on Embedded Systems
* Training a Mentee Network by Transferring Knowledge from a Mentor Network
Includes: Heravi, E.J.[Elnaz Jahani] Heravi, E.J.[Elnaz J.]

Heravi, F.M.Z.[Farnaz Majid Zadeh] Co Author Listing * Adult-child 3D backward face aging model (3D B-FAM)

Herawan, T.[Tutut] Co Author Listing * SMARViz: Soft Maximal Association Rules Visualization

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