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Dash, A.[Amanda] Co Author Listing * Classification of handwritten annotations in mixed-media documents
* Counting Large Flocks of Birds Using Videos Acquired with Hand-Held Devices
* Domain Independent Approach to Video Summarization, A
* Look who is not talking: Assessing engagement levels in panel conversations
Includes: Dash, A.[Amanda] Dash, A.

Dash, A.K. Co Author Listing * Air Signature Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network-Based Sequential Model

Dash, C.S.K.[C. Sanjeev Kumar] Co Author Listing * Design of self-adaptive and equilibrium differential evolution optimized radial basis function neural network classifier for imputed database

Dash, D. Co Author Listing * Approximation Algorithms for Road Coverage Using Wireless Sensor Networks for Moving Objects Monitoring
* Geometric Algorithm for Finding Time-Sensitive Data Gathering Path in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks
* Physical querying with multi-modal sensing
* SceneCAD: Predicting Object Alignments and Layouts in RGB-D Scans
Includes: Dash, D. Dash, D.[Dinesh] Dash, D.[Denver]

Dash, J.[Jadunandan] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of Forest Phenological Extraction from Sentinel-1 C-Band Backscatter Measurements in Deciduous and Coniferous Forests
* Assessment of Active LiDAR Data and Passive Optical Imagery for Double-Layered Mangrove Leaf Area Index Estimation: A Case Study in Mai Po, Hong Kong
* Characterising the Land Surface Phenology of Europe Using Decadal MERIS Data
* Characterising the Land Surface Phenology of Middle Eastern Countries Using Moderate Resolution Landsat Data
* Detection of retinal blood vessels from ophthalmoscope images using morphological approach
* Determining the Start of the Growing Season from MODIS Data in the Indian Monsoon Region: Identifying Available Data in the Rainy Season and Modeling the Varied Vegetation Growth Trajectories
* Estimating Forest Leaf Area Index and Canopy Chlorophyll Content with Sentinel-2: An Evaluation of Two Hybrid Retrieval Algorithms
* Evaluating the capabilities of Sentinel-2 for quantitative estimation of biophysical variables in vegetation
* Evaluating the Capability of Sentinel-1 Data in the Classification of Canola and Wheat at Different Growth Stages and in Different Years
* Fiducial Reference Measurements for Vegetation Bio-Geophysical Variables: An End-to-End Uncertainty Evaluation Framework
* Fusion of Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel-2 MSI Data
* Land surface phenology as indicator of global terrestrial ecosystem dynamics: A systematic review
* Maize Yield Estimation in Intercropped Smallholder Fields Using Satellite Data in Southern Malawi
* Methodologies and Uncertainties in the Use of the Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index for the Sentinel-3 Mission
* Role of Earth Observation in Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Production in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of the World, The
* Sentinel-3 OLCI Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index (OTCI): Algorithm Improvements, Spatiotemporal Consistency and Continuity with the MERIS Archive, The
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Mangrove Chlorophyll Concentration Using Landsat 8
* Validation of baseline and modified Sentinel-2 Level 2 Prototype Processor leaf area index retrievals over the United States
Includes: Dash, J.[Jadunandan] Dash, J.[Jyotiprava] Dash, J.[Jadunandun] Dash, J. Dash, J.[Jadu]
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Dash, J.K.[Jatindra Kumar] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using fuzzy class membership and rules based on classifier confidence
* Content-based texture image retrieval using fuzzy class membership
* Exploiting deep and hand-crafted features for texture image retrieval using class membership
* Rotation invariant textural feature extraction for image retrieval using eigen value analysis of intensity gradients and multi-resolution analysis
Includes: Dash, J.K.[Jatindra Kumar] Dash, J.K.[Jatindra K.]

Dash, J.P.[Jonathan P.] Co Author Listing * Application of remote sensing technologies to identify impacts of nutritional deficiencies on forests
* Assessing very high resolution UAV imagery for monitoring forest health during a simulated disease outbreak
* Combining Airborne Laser Scanning and Aerial Imagery Enhances Echo Classification for Invasive Conifer Detection
* Comparison of high-density LiDAR and satellite photogrammetry for forest inventory
* Detecting and mapping tree seedlings in UAV imagery using convolutional neural networks and field-verified data
* Early Detection of Invasive Exotic Trees Using UAV and Manned Aircraft Multispectral and LiDAR Data
* UAV Multispectral Imagery Can Complement Satellite Data for Monitoring Forest Health
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Dash, K.S.[Kalyan S] Co Author Listing * BESAC: Binary External Symmetry Axis Constellation for unconstrained handwritten character recognition
* Gestalt configural superiority effect: A complexity paradigm for handwritten numeral recognition
* Handwritten numeral recognition using non-redundant Stockwell transform and bio-inspired optimal zoning
* On extraction of features for handwritten Odia numeral recognition in transformed domain

Dash, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Contrast Enhancement and De-Enhancement

Dash, M.[Manoranjan] Co Author Listing * Automated Tracing of Retinal Blood Vessels Using Graphical Models
* Markov blanket-embedded genetic algorithm for gene selection
* PPTPF: Privacy-Preserving Trajectory Publication Framework for CDR Mobile Trajectories

Dash, P. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction and Vicarious Calibration of Oceansat-1 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM) Data in Coastal Case 2 Waters
* AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)
* Changes in Atmospheric, Meteorological, and Ocean Parameters Associated with the 12 January 2020 Taal Volcanic Eruption
* Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using GA Based Optimal Feature Selection
* Deterministic Method for Profile Retrievals From Hyperspectral Satellite Measurements, A
* Error Estimation of Pathfinder Version 5.3 Level-3C SST Using Extended Triple Collocation Analysis
* Improving the Accuracy of Land Use and Land Cover Classification of Landsat Data in an Agricultural Watershed
* Maximizing the Information Content of Ill-Posed Space-Based Measurements Using Deterministic Inverse Method
Includes: Dash, P. Dash, P.[Prasanjit] Dash, P.[Priyadarshini] Dash, P.[Padmanava]
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Dash, P.B.[Pandit Byomakesha] Co Author Listing * Light gradient boosting machine-based phishing webpage detection model using phisher website features of mimic URLs

Dash, P.K.[Pradipta Kishore] Co Author Listing * FPGA-based favourite skin colour restoration using improved histogram equalization with variable enhancement degree and ensemble extreme learning machine
* reduced and comprehensible polynomial neural network for classification, A
Includes: Dash, P.K.[Pradipta Kishore] Dash, P.K.

Dash, P.P.[Prajna Parimita] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary neural network for noise cancellation in image data

Dash, R.[Ratnakar] Co Author Listing * Automated diagnosis of multi-class brain abnormalities using MRI images: A deep convolutional neural network based method
* H-WordNet: a holistic convolutional neural network approach for handwritten word recognition
* Shape descriptors-based generalised scheme for handwritten character recognition
* Spatial variant motion deblurring of images
* Weakly-supervised Joint Anomaly Detection and Classification

Dash, S. Co Author Listing * CompressNet: Generative Compression at Extremely Low Bitrates
* Detection of defects in fabrics using topothesy fractal dimension features
* Enhancing the Laws filter descriptor on DTCWT coefficients by thresholding approach for texture classification
* Evaluating and Mitigating Bias in Image Classifiers: A Causal Perspective Using Counterfactuals
* Illumination normalized based technique for retinal blood vessel segmentation
* integrative approach for path planning and tracking of a shape-aware mobile robot in structured environment using vision sensor, An
* integrative approach for tracking of mobile robot with vision sensor, An
* Intelligent computing on time-series data analysis and prediction of COVID-19 pandemics
* JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
* modified Coye algorithm for retinal vessel segmentation, A
* multi-view human gait recognition using hybrid whale and gray wolf optimization algorithm with a random forest classifier, A
Includes: Dash, S. Dash, S.[Sujata] Dash, S.[Sonali] Dash, S.[Saloni] Dash, S.[Sabyasachi]
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Dash, S.K.[Sanjit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Classification of Low-Resolution Satellite Images Using Fractal Augmented Descriptors
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Gridded L-, C-, and X-Band Microwave Soil Moisture Product over the CZO in the Central Ganga Plains, India, A
Includes: Dash, S.K.[Sanjit Kumar] Dash, S.K.[Saroj Kumar]

Dash, S.R.[Soumya Ranjan] Co Author Listing * SemIE: Semantically-aware Image Extrapolation

Dash, T.[Tirtharaj] Co Author Listing * Calibrating Deep Neural Networks using Explicit Regularisation and Dynamic Data Pruning

Dash, T.K.[Tusar Kanti] Co Author Listing * Detection of COVID-19 from speech signal using bio-inspired based cepstral features

Dashinsky, V.[Valentin] Co Author Listing * Estimating Withdrawal Time in Colonoscopies
* Unsupervised 3D Shape Coverage Estimation with Applications to Colonoscopy

Dashpurev, B.[Batnyambuu] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Oil Exploitation Infrastructure and Dirt Roads with Object-Based Image Analysis and Random Forest in the Eastern Mongolian Steppe

Dashtbazi, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Global Moho Model from Combining Gravimetric and Seismic Data by Using Spectral Combination Methods, A

Dashtbozorg, B.[Behdad] Co Author Listing * Artery/vein classification using reflection features in retina fundus images
* Assessment of Retinal Vascular Changes Through Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio Calculation
* Automatic Classification of Retinal Vessels Using Structural and Intensity Information
* Automatic Estimation of the Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio in Retinal Images Using a Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification
* Automatic Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images, An
* Automatic Optic Disc and Fovea Detection in Retinal Images Using Super-Elliptical Convergence Index Filters
* Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
* Retinal Microaneurysms Detection Using Local Convergence Index Features
* Retinal vessel delineation using a brain-inspired wavelet transform and random forest
* Robust and Fast Vessel Segmentation via Gaussian Derivatives in Orientation Scores
* Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Locally Adaptive Derivative Frames in Orientation Scores
11 for Dashtbozorg, B.

Dashti, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Regional Scale Dryland Vegetation Classification with an Integrated Lidar-Hyperspectral Approach

Dashtipour, K.[Kia] Co Author Listing * Synchronization of Monostatic Radar Using a Time-Delayed Chaos-Based FM Waveform

Dashtipur, K.[Kia] Co Author Listing * COVID-opt-aiNet: A clinical decision support system for COVID-19 detection

Dashzebeg, G.[Ganbat] Co Author Listing * Detection of Larch Forest Stress from Jas's Larch Inchworm (Erannis jacobsoni Djak) Attack Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

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