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Cen, C.J.[Chao Jun] Co Author Listing * Detection of Maize Tassels from UAV RGB Imagery with Faster R-CNN
Includes: Cen, C.J.[Chao Jun] Cen, C.J.[Chao-Jun]

Cen, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * Deep feature augmentation for occluded image classification
* enhanced appearance model for ultrasound image segmentation, An
* MDFN: Multi-scale deep feature learning network for object detection

Cen, G.D.[Guan Dong] Co Author Listing * Detonator coded character spotting based on convolutional neural networks
* Image Denoising Method Based on a Deep Convolution Neural Network
* Image super-resolution via a novel cascaded convolutional neural network framework
* Mixed L1 norm and L2 norm regularized sparsity adaptive matching pursuit algorithm
Includes: Cen, G.D.[Guan Dong] Cen, G.D.[Guan-Dong]

Cen, H.[Haiyan] Co Author Listing * Color Calibration of Proximal Sensing RGB Images of Oilseed Rape Canopy via Deep Learning Combined with K-Means Algorithm
* Combining UAV-Based Vegetation Indices and Image Classification to Estimate Flower Number in Oilseed Rape

Cen, H.Y.[Hai Yan] Co Author Listing * Determination of Key Phenological Phases of Winter Wheat Based on the Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm and MODIS Time-Series Data
* Time Series Analysis of Grey Forecasting Based on Wavelet Transform and Its Prediction Applications
Includes: Cen, H.Y.[Hai Yan] Cen, H.Y.[Hai-Yan]

Cen, J. Co Author Listing * Cross-Line Pedestrian Counting Based on Spatially-Consistent Two-Stage Local Crowd Density Estimation and Accumulation
* Cross-View Action Recognition Based on a Statistical Translation Framework
* MPI: Multi-receptive and parallel integration for salient object detection
Includes: Cen, J. Cen, J.[Jun]

Cen, J.P.[Jie Peng] Co Author Listing * Temporal Inception Architecture for Action Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Cen, J.P.[Jie Peng] Cen, J.P.[Jie-Peng]

Cen, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * How context helps: A discriminative codeword selection method for object detection
* Hybrid PNN-GMM classification scheme for speech emotion recognition, A
Includes: Cen, L.[Lei] Cen, L.[Ling]

Cen, L.H.[Li Hui] Co Author Listing * supervised learning to index model for approximate nearest neighbor image retrieval, A
Includes: Cen, L.H.[Li Hui] Cen, L.H.[Li-Hui]

Cen, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * 3D Instance Segmentation and Object Detection Framework Based on the Fusion of Lidar Remote Sensing and Optical Image Sensing
* Comp-LOP: Complex form of local orientation plane for object tracking
* Fully Convolutional Siamese Fusion Networks for Object Tracking
* Novel Method for Extracting Building from LIDAR Data: Fc-S method, A
Includes: Cen, M.[Ming] Cen, M. Cen, M.[Minyi]

Cen, M.Y.[Min Yi] Co Author Listing * Robust Surface Matching for Automated Detection of Local Deformations Using Least-Median-of-Squares Estimator
Includes: Cen, M.Y.[Min Yi] Cen, M.Y.[Min-Yi]

Cen, S.W. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Methods for Distributed Video Presentation

Cen, Y.[Yigang] Co Author Listing * Abnormal event detection in surveillance videos based on low-rank and compact coefficient dictionary learning
* Comparison of the Continuity of Vegetation Indices Derived from Landsat 8 OLI and Landsat 7 ETM+ Data among Different Vegetation Types
* Evaluating an Enhanced Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) Based on VIUPD for Drought Monitoring in the Continental United States
* Evaluation of Multiple Spring Phenological Indicators of Yearly GPP and NEP at Three Canadian Forest Sites
* Fast Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Algorithm Based on Greedy Bilateral Smoothing and Extended Multi-Attribute Profile, A
* Fast Three-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Method (STF3DCNN) Using a Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Dataset, A
* Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Multi-Task Learning with Extended Multi-Attribute Profile for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* Learning-Based Hyperspectral Imagery Compression through Generative Neural Networks
* Monitoring and Assessing the 2012 Drought in the Great Plains: Analyzing Satellite-Retrieved Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Drought Indices, and Gross Primary Production
* Multi-Matrices Low-Rank Decomposition With Structural Smoothness for Image Denoising
* PGAN: Part-Based Nondirect Coupling Embedded GAN for Person Reidentification
* Robust Generalized Low-Rank Decomposition of Multimatrices for Image Recovery
* Spectral-Spatial Cascaded 3D Convolutional Neural Network with a Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* supervised learning to index model for approximate nearest neighbor image retrieval, A
* Zero-Shot Learning to Index on Semantic Trees for Scalable Image Retrieval
* Zero-Shot Learning to Index on Semantic Trees for Scalable Image Retrieval
Includes: Cen, Y.[Yigang] Cen, Y.[Yi] Cen, Y.
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Cen, Y.G.[Yi Gang] Co Author Listing * Block-based image matching for image retrieval
* Dual-scale weighted structural local sparse appearance model for object tracking
* Metric learning-based kernel transformer with triplets and label constraints for feature fusion
* Pedestrian detection with super-resolution reconstruction for low-quality image
* Reweighted Low-Rank Matrix Analysis With Structural Smoothness for Image Denoising
* Robust Generalized Low-Rank Decomposition of Multimatrices for Image Recovery
* Snowball: Iterative Model Evolution and Confident Sample Discovery for Semi-Supervised Learning on Very Small Labeled Datasets
* Supervised Deep Feature Embedding With Handcrafted Feature
Includes: Cen, Y.G.[Yi Gang] Cen, Y.G.[Yi-Gang]
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Cen, Y.H.[Yao Hui] Co Author Listing * fast CU partition method based on CU depth spatial correlation and RD cost characteristics for HEVC intra coding, A
Includes: Cen, Y.H.[Yao Hui] Cen, Y.H.[Yao-Hui]

Cen, Y.L.[Yue Liang] Co Author Listing * Different Input Resolutions and Arbitrary Output Resolution: A Meta Learning-Based Deep Framework for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion
Includes: Cen, Y.L.[Yue Liang] Cen, Y.L.[Yue-Liang]

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