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Celebi, A.[Anil] Co Author Listing * All Binary Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation Approach and its Hardware Architecture, An
* Efficient Hardware Implementations of Low Bit Depth Motion Estimation Algorithms
* Low-Complexity Approach for the Color Display of Hyperspectral Remote-Sensing Images Using One-Bit-Transform-Based Band Selection, A
Includes: Celebi, A.[Anil] Celebi, A.

Celebi, A.T.[Aysun Tasyapi] Co Author Listing * Empirical mode decomposition based visual enhancement of underwater images

Celebi, E.[Erbug] Co Author Listing * watermarking algorithm based on chirp z-transform, discrete wavelet transform, and singular value decomposition, A
Includes: Celebi, E.[Erbug] Çelebi, E.[Erbug]

Celebi, H. Co Author Listing * Colorimetric restoration of digital images

Celebi, M.E.[M. Emre] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Celebi, M.E.[M. Emre]: ecelebi AT lsus edu
* Accelerating color space transformations using numerical approximations
* Accurate genomic signal recovery using compressed sensing
* Advances in domain adaptation for computer vision
* Automated color normalization for dermoscopy images
* Batch Neural Gas with Deterministic Initialization for Color Quantization
* Bayesian image segmentation with mean shift
* Building of Readable Decision Trees for Automated Melanoma Discrimination
* Clinically inspired analysis of dermoscopy images using a generative model
* Color Detection in Dermoscopy Images Based on Scarce Annotations
* Color Medical Image Analysis
* Color quantization using c-means clustering algorithms
* Comments on On approximating Euclidean metrics by weighted t-cost distances in arbitrary dimension
* Computer Vision Techniques for the Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
* Contrast enhancement in dermoscopy images by maximizing a histogram bimodality measure
* Cost-effective implementation of order-statistics-based vector filters using minimax approximations
* Development of a clinically oriented system for melanoma diagnosis
* Distance measures for reduced ordering-based vector filters
* Diverse Adversarial Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Effective initialization of k-means for color quantization
* effective real-time color quantization method based on divisive hierarchical clustering, An
* Explainable skin lesion diagnosis using taxonomies
* Fast color quantization using weighted sort-means clustering
* Fast colour space transformations using minimax approximations
* Fast implementation of vector directional filters
* Improved Segmentation Method for Non-melanoma Skin Lesions Using Active Contour Model, An
* Improving dermoscopy image analysis using color constancy
* Improving the performance of k-means for color quantization
* Local Features Applied to Dermoscopy Images: Bag-of-Features versus Sparse Coding
* Localization of Lesions in Dermoscopy Images Using Ensembles of Thresholding Methods
* Mean shift based gradient vector flow for image segmentation
* Melanoma Classification Using Dermoscopy Imaging and Ensemble Learning
* new family of order-statistics based switching vector filters, A
* On Euclidean norm approximations
* Pattern classification of dermoscopy images: A perceptually uniform model
* Real-time implementation of order-statistics-based directional filters
* Robust border detection in dermoscopy images using threshold fusion
* Robust texture retrieval of compressed images
* Skin lesion extraction in dermoscopic images based on colour enhancement and iterative segmentation
* Sparse Wavelet Networks
* Special issue on real-time color image processing
* WN-based approach to melanoma diagnosis from dermoscopy images
Includes: Celebi, M.E.[M. Emre] Celebi, M.E. Celebi, M.E.[Mehmet Emre]
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Celebi, M.S. Co Author Listing * approach for chest tube detection in chest radiographs, An

Celebi, N.[Numan] Co Author Listing * low-cost UAV framework towards ornamental plant detection and counting in the wild, A

Celebi, O.[Onur] Co Author Listing * Low Bandwidth Video-Chat Compression using Deep Generative Models

Celebi, T.[Tahir] Co Author Listing * Peer-to-peer multipoint videoconferencing
* Peer-to-peer multipoint videoconferencing on the Internet
Includes: Celebi, T.[Tahir] Çelebi, T.[Tahir]

Celedon Pattichis, S.[Sylvia] Co Author Listing * Bilingual Speech Recognition by Estimating Speaker Geometry from Video Data
* Context-Sensitive Human Activity Classification in Collaborative Learning Environments
* Facial Recognition in Collaborative Learning Videos
* Fast Hand Detection in Collaborative Learning Environments
* Importance of the Instantaneous Phase for Face Detection using Simple Convolutional Neural Networks, The
* Robust Head Detection in Collaborative Learning Environments Using AM-FM Representations
* Talking Detection in Collaborative Learning Environments
* Teaching Computer Programming with Mathematics for Generating Digital Videos and Machine Learning Optimization
Includes: Celedon Pattichis, S.[Sylvia] Celedón-Pattichis, S.[Sylvia] Celedón-Pattichis, S.
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Celeghin, L. Co Author Listing * Statistical Based Motion Estimation for Video Coding

Celemin, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Performance of Three Popular Web Mapping Libraries: A Case Study Using Argentina's Life Quality Index
Includes: Celemin, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Celemín, J.P.[Juan Pablo]

Celenk, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Color Images of Natural Scenes
* Color Clustering Technique for Image Segmentation, A
* Color Image Segmentation by Clustering and Parametric-Histogramming Technique
* Color Scene Recognition Using Relational Distance Measurement
* Digital Video Watermarking using Singular Value Decomposition and 2D Principal Component Analysis
* Equal-intensity map texture modeling for natural scene segmentation
* Facial event mining using coupled hidden markov models
* Fast binary partition tree based variable-size block-matching for video coding
* Higher-order spectra (HOS) invariants for shape recognition
* hybrid block-matching approach to motion estimation with adaptive search area, A
* Implementation of 2D-DCT on XC4000 Series FPGA Using DFT-based DSFG and DA Architectures
* Kalman Filtering Approach to 3-D IR Scene Prediction using Single-Camera Range Video, A
* Lesion Detection Using Morphological Watershed Segmentation and Modelbased Inverse Filtering
* Natural scene synthesis using multiple eigenspaces
* new adaptive Kalman filtering method for block-based motion estimation, A
* Non-linear IR Scene Prediction for Range Video Surveillance
* Object Detection and Recognition via Deformable Illumination and Deformable Shape
* Performance Assessment of Predictive Lane Boundary Detection for Non-uniformly Illuminated Roadway Driving Assistance
* Recursive Clustering Technique for Color Picture Segmentation, A
* Road Scene Content Analysis for Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving
* Road-Geometry-Based Risk Estimation Model for Horizontal Curves
Includes: Celenk, M. Celenk, M.[Mehmet]
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Celentano, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluating stereo vision and user tracking in mixed reality tasks!
* Feature Integration and Relevance Feedback Analysis in Image Similarity Evaluation
* Using multiple sensors for reliable markerless identification through supervised learning
Includes: Celentano, A. Celentano, A.[Augusto]

Celentano, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Connectivity Analysis Applied to Mesoscale Eddies in the Western Mediterranean Basin

Celes, C.[Clayson] Co Author Listing * Mobility Trace Analysis for Intelligent Vehicular Networks: Methods, Models, and Applications

Celes, W. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Corner-Detector Algorithms
* Fast and versatile texture-based wireframe rendering
* Multiresolution visualization of massive black oil reservoir models
* Volume rendering of unstructured hexahedral meshes
Includes: Celes, W. Celes, W.[Waldemar]

Celeste, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Classification of Skin Lesions by Combining Multilevel Learnings in a DenseNet Architecture
* Systematic Investigation on Deep Architectures for Automatic Skin Lesions Classification, A

Celesti, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Adjusting solar-induced fluorescence to nadir-viewing provides a better proxy for GPP
* Analysis of Red and Far-Red Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Their Ratio in Different Canopies Based on Observed and Modeled Data
* Evaluation of the Spatial Representativeness of In Situ SIF Observations for the Validation of Medium-Resolution Satellite SIF Products
* High-Performance Airborne Imaging Spectrometer HyPlant: From Raw Images to Top-of-Canopy Reflectance and Fluorescence Products: Introduction of an Automatized Processing Chain, The
* Hyplant-Derived Sun-Induced Fluorescence: A New Opportunity to Disentangle Complex Vegetation Signals from Diverse Vegetation Types
* Multi-Scale Evaluation of Drone-Based Multispectral Surface Reflectance and Vegetation Indices in Operational Conditions
* Spectral Fitting Algorithm to Retrieve the Fluorescence Spectrum from Canopy Radiance, A
* Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence III: Benchmarking Retrieval Methods and Sensor Characteristics for Proximal Sensing
* Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)-Based Methods for Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) Retrieval with Non-Imaging Spectrometers: State of the Art
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Celestino, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * 2D Image head pose estimation via latent space regression under occlusion settings
Includes: Celestino, J.[Jose] Celestino, J.[José]

Celetto, L. Co Author Listing * Accurate Low-Complexity Rate Control Algorithm Based on (rho,q)-Domain, An
* Bit Allocation and Quantizer Optimization in Multiple Description Coding with Oversampled Filterbanks
* Embracing semantics in zoomable user interface
* Error concealment of H.264/AVC inter-coded video frames
* IPTV-P2P Clients at Home
* Live Key Frame Extraction in User Generated Content Scenarios for Embedded Mobile Platforms
* Multiple description for robust Scalable Video Coding
* Polyphase spatial subsampling multiple description coding of video streams with h264
Includes: Celetto, L. Celetto, L.[Luca]
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Celeux, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Assessing a Mixture Model for Clustering with the Integrated Completed Likelihood
* EM procedures using mean field-like approximations for Markov model-based image segmentation
* Gaussian parsimonious clustering models
* improvement of the NEC criterion for assessing the number of clusters in a mixture model, An
* Intrinsic dimension estimation by maximum likelihood in isotropic probabilistic PCA
* Learning switching dynamic models for objects tracking
* Selection of Generative Models in Classification
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