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Bone, A. Co Author Listing * Auto-Encoding Meshes of any Topology with the Current-Splatting and Exponentiation Layers
* Learning Distributions of Shape Trajectories from Longitudinal Datasets: A Hierarchical Model on a Manifold of Diffeomorphisms
* Learning the spatiotemporal variability in longitudinal shape data sets
* Learning to Jointly Segment the Liver, Lesions and Vessels from Partially Annotated Datasets
Includes: Bone, A. Bône, A. Bône, A.[Alexandre] Bone, A.[Alexandre]

Bone, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Combining Area-Based and Individual Tree Metrics for Improving Merchantable and Non-Merchantable Wood Volume Estimates in Coastal Douglas-Fir Forests
* Seeing Climate Change: A Framework for Understanding Visualizations for Climate Adaptation

Bone, D. Co Author Listing * Robust Unsupervised Arousal Rating: A Rule-Based Framework withKnowledge-Inspired Vocal Features
* Skin colour region detection in MPEG video sequences

Bone, G.[Gary] Co Author Listing * Specular-Reduced Imaging for Inspection of Machined Surfaces

Bone, G.M.[Gary M.] Co Author Listing * Defect identification on specular machined surfaces

Bone, J. Co Author Listing * FRVT 2002: Overview and Summary

Bone, M. Co Author Listing * Face recognition vendor test 2002
* Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002 Performance Metrics

Bone, R.[Romuald] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D Deformable Models with Narrowband Region Energy
* Active Contours Driven by Supervised Binary Classifiers for Texture Segmentation
* Automatically Computed Markers for the 3D Watershed Segmentation
* Corrigendum to Narrow band region-based active contours and surfaces for 2D and 3D segmentation
* Exploring Boundary Concavities in Active Contours and Surfaces
* Graph-Based Regularization of Binary Classifiers for Texture Segmentation
* Greedy Algorithm and Physics-Based Method for Active Contours and Surfaces: A Comparative Study
* Region-Based 2D Deformable Generalized Cylinder for Narrow Structures Segmentation
* supervised texture-based active contour model with linear programming, A
* Texture-based graph regularization process for 2D and 3D ultrasound image segmentation
Includes: Bone, R.[Romuald] Boné, R.[Romuald]
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Bonea, A.[Andreea] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Assessment of Image Segmentation Quality by Random Walk Relaxation Times

Bonechi, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Analysis and Classification for Urinary Bacteria Infection Screening
* Fusion of Visual and Anamnestic Data for the Classification of Skin Lesions with Deep Learning
* Weak supervision for generating pixel-level annotations in scene text segmentation

Boneh, H.[Hagar] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Classification Framework of Urban Vegetation for Improving Ecological Services Management

Bonekamp, H. Co Author Listing * Introduction to the Special Issue on Recent Advances in C-Band Scatterometry
* Validation and Calibration of ASCAT Using CMOD5.n

Bonello, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Masked Event Modeling: Self-Supervised Pretraining for Event Cameras

Bonenberger, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach to Spectral Estimation and Moving Average Model Parameter Estimation, A

Bonenfant, M. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Virtual Rehabilitation, A

Bonequi, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Reusable Model for Emotional Biped Walk-Cycle Animation with Implicit Retargeting, A

Bones, P. Co Author Listing * Coping with motion in MRI: Developments since TRELLIS
* MR imaging near metal: The POP algorithm

Bones, P.J.[Philip J.] Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of differential interference contrast microscopy images of the foveal cone mosaic
* Black Spot: A prototype camera module
* Determination of Myosin Filament Orientations in Electron Micrographs of Muscle Cross Sections
* Image Recovery from Irregularly Located Spectral Samples
* Medipix imaging: Evaluation of datasets with PCA
* morphological image processing method for locating myosin filaments in muscle electron micrographs, A
* Noise Equalization for Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Direct Digital Mammogram Images
* Physiological gating of the MARS spectral micro CT scanner
* Recovery of limited-extent images aliased because of spectral undersampling
* Sensitivity to error of the truncated Hilbert transform technique for interior reconstruction
* statistical method for display and segmentation of 3D image data, A
Includes: Bones, P.J.[Philip J.] Bones, P.J.
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Bonesso, J.L.[Joshua Louis] Co Author Listing * Assessing Reef Island Sensitivity Based on LiDAR-Derived Morphometric Indicators

Bonet Garcia, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Co Author Listing * Biophysical Characterization of Protected Areas Globally through Optimized Image Segmentation and Classification
* Integration of a Landsat Time-Series of NBR and Hydrological Modeling to Assess Pinus pinaster Aiton. Forest Defoliation in South-Eastern Spain
Includes: Bonet Garcia, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Bonet-García, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Bonet-García, F.J.[Francisco J.]

Bonet, E.R.[Esther Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Fine-Grained Urban Air Quality Mapping from Sparse Mobile Air Pollution Measurements and Dense Traffic Density
* Temporal Collaborative Filtering with Graph Convolutional Neural Networks

Bonet, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Co Author Listing * Modeling Major Rural Land-Use Changes Using the GIS-Based Cellular Automata Metronamica Model: The Case of Andalusia (Southern Spain)

Bonet, I.[Isis] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction Using Clustering of Protein

Bonetti, J.[Jarbas] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of Anthropically Controlled Natural Lagoons through Geophysical, Geological, and Remote Sensing Observations: The Valli Di Comacchio (NE Italy) Case Study

Bonetti, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Global Mapping of Soil Water Characteristics Parameters: Fusing Curated Data with Machine Learning and Environmental Covariates

Bonettini, N.[Nicolo] Co Author Listing * Detecting GAN-Generated Images by Orthogonal Training of Multiple CNNs
* Image Anonymization Detection with Deep Handcrafted Features
* On the use of Benford's law to detect GAN-generated images
* Video Face Manipulation Detection Through Ensemble of CNNs
Includes: Bonettini, N.[Nicolo] Bonettini, N.[Nicolò] Bonettini, N.

Bonettini, S. Co Author Listing * New Semiblind Deconvolution Approach for Fourier-Based Image Restoration: An Application in Astronomy, A
* On the Convergence of Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Algorithms for Total Variation Image Restoration
* Primal-dual first order methods for total variation image restoration in presence of poisson noise
Includes: Bonettini, S. Bonettini, S.[Silvia]

Bonetto, E.[Elia] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Deep Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Data with Entangled Forests

Bonetto, J. Co Author Listing * 3d Survey of The Roman Bridge of San Lorenzo in Padova (italy): A Comparison Between SFM and TLS Methodologies Applied to The Arch Structure, The

Bonetto, M.[Margherita] Co Author Listing * Privacy in mini-drone based video surveillance

Bonev, B.[Boyan] Co Author Listing * Bypass information-theoretic shape similarity from non-rigid points-based alignment
* Constellations and the Unsupervised Learning of Graphs
* Fast and Simple Algorithm for Producing Candidate Regions, A
* Heat Flow-Thermodynamic Depth Complexity in Directed Networks
* How do image complexity, task demands and looking biases influence human gaze behavior?
* Information Theory in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Information-Geometric Graph Indexing from Bags of Partial Node Coverages
* Information-theoretic Feature Selection from Unattributed Graphs
* Information-theoretic selection of high-dimensional spectral features for structural recognition
* Modeling deformable gradient compositions for single-image super-resolution
* PASCAL Boundaries: A Semantic Boundary Dataset with a Deep Semantic Boundary Detector
* Quantum vs. Classical Ranking in Segment Grouping
* Region and constellations based categorization of images with unsupervised graph learning
* Region-based temporally consistent video post-processing
Includes: Bonev, B.[Boyan] Bonev, B. Bonev, B.[Boyá]
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Bonev, B.I.[Boyan I.] Co Author Listing * Ground-Truth Data Set and Baseline Evaluations for Base-Detail Separation Algorithms at the Part Level

Bonev, G. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Restoration for MODIS Band 6 on Aqua

Bonev, I.A. Co Author Listing * Real-time Motion Planning for Robotic Teleoperation Using Dynamic-goal Deep Reinforcement Learning

Boney, L. Co Author Listing * Robust Audio Watermarking Using Perceptual Masking

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