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Bard, C. Co Author Listing * Achieving Dextrous Grasping by Integrating Planning and Vision-Based Sensing

Bard, J.M.[Jean Michel] Co Author Listing * Device for estimation of movement
Includes: Bard, J.M.[Jean Michel] Bard, J.M.[Jean-Michel]

Bard, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Multicomponent Signal Processing for Rayleigh Wave Ellipticity Estimation : Application to Seismic Hazard Assessment

Bardage, S.[Stig] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Highly Lignified Zones in Wood Fiber Cross-Sections

Bardagjy, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Estimating Motion and size of moving non-line-of-sight objects in cluttered environments

Bardaji, I.[Itziar] Co Author Listing * Computing the Barycenter Graph by Means of the Graph Edit Distance
* generic framework for median graph computation based on a recursive embedding approach, A
* Graph-Based k-Means Clustering: A Comparison of the Set Median versus the Generalized Median Graph
Includes: Bardaji, I.[Itziar] BardajÝ, I.

Bardaji, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Citizen Bio-Optical Observations from Coast- and Ocean and Their Compatibility with Ocean Colour Satellite Measurements

Bardamova, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * SVC-onGoing: Signature verification competition

Barddal, J.P. Co Author Listing * benchmark of classifiers on feature drifting data streams, A
* Classifier Pool Generation based on a Two-level Diversity Approach
* Overcoming feature drifts via dynamic feature weighted k-nearest neighbor learning
Includes: Barddal, J.P. Barddal, J.P.[Jean P.]

Bardeen, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Detection and Segmentation of Vine Canopy in Ultra-High Spatial Resolution RGB Imagery Obtained from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): A Case Study in a Commercial Vineyard
* Selecting Canopy Zones and Thresholding Approaches to Assess Grapevine Water Status by Using Aerial and Ground-Based Thermal Imaging

Bardella, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Sub-Decimeter Onboard Orbit Determination of LEO Satellites Using SSR Corrections: A Galileo-Based Case Study for the Sentinel-6A Satellite

Bardelli, E.[Eleonora] Co Author Listing * Multiple Object Tracking via Prediction and Filtering with a Sobolev-Type Metric on Curves

Barden, C.J.[Charles J.] Co Author Listing * Mid-Season High-Resolution Satellite Imagery for Forecasting Site-Specific Corn Yield

Bardera, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Analysis of image informativeness measures
* Atlas-Based Segmentation of Pathological Brain MR Images
* Atlas-Based Segmentation of Pathological MR Brain Images Using a Model of Lesion Growth
* High-Dimensional Normalized Mutual Information for Image Registration Using Random Lines
* Image Segmentation Using Information Bottleneck Method
* Medical Image Registration Based on BSP and Quad-Tree Partitioning
* Medical Image Registration Based on Random Line Sampling
* Quantification of computed tomography pork carcass images
* Registration-Based Segmentation Using the Information Bottleneck Method
* Tsallis entropy-based information measures for shot boundary detection and keyframe selection
Includes: Bardera, A.[Anton] Bardera, A.
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Bardes, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Learning to Hallucinate Examples from Extrinsic and Intrinsic Supervision

Bardestani, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Predicting turbulent flow friction coefficient using ANFIS technique

Bardet, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Illumination Aware MCMC Particle Filter for Long-term Outdoor Multi-object Simultaneous Tracking and Classification
Includes: Bardet, F.[Francois] Bardet, F.[Franšois]

Bardey, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * ROSACE: A Proposed European Design for the Copernicus Ocean Colour System Vicarious Calibration Infrastructure

Bardhan, S. Co Author Listing * Salient Object Detection by Contextual Refinement

Bardi, F.[Federica] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Rapid-Moving Reactivation of Earth Flows by Means of GB-InSAR: The April 2013 Capriglio Landslide (Northern Appennines, Italy)
* Space-Borne and Ground-Based InSAR Data Integration: The ┼knes Test Site
* Using Satellite Interferometry to Infer Landslide Sliding Surface Depth and Geometry

Bardia, R.[Rishabh] Co Author Listing * Investigating the feasibility of image-based nose biometrics

Bardies, M. Co Author Listing * OSSI-PET: Open-Access Database of Simulated 11C Raclopride Scans for the Inveon Preclinical PET Scanner: Application to the Optimization of Reconstruction Methods for Dynamic Studies
Includes: Bardies, M. BardiŔs, M.

Bardin, S. Co Author Listing * Background Fluorescence Estimation and Vesicle Segmentation in Live Cell Imaging With Conditional Random Fields
* Computational Geometry-Based Scale-Space and Modal Image Decomposition Application to Light Video-Microscopy Imaging
* Spatiotemporal Dynamic of COVID-19 Diffusion in China: A Dynamic Spatial Autoregressive Model Analysis
Includes: Bardin, S. Bardin, S.[Sabine] Bardin, S.[Sarah]

Bardinet, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Automated Piecewise Affine Registration of Biological Images
* Differentiation of sCJD and vCJD Forms by Automated Analysis of Basal Ganglia Intensity Distribution in Multisequence MRI of the Brain: Definition and Evaluation of New MRI-Based Ratios
* Fitting 3-D Data Using Superquadrics and Free-Form Deformations
* Fusion of autoradiographies with an MR volume using 2-D and 3-D linear transformations
* Iconic feature based nonrigid registration: the PASHA algorithm
* Object Representation and Comparison Inferred from Its Medial Axis
* Parametric Deformable Model to Fit Unstructured 3D Data, A
* Reconstruction of Digital Terrain Model with a Lake
* Superquadrics and Free-Form Deformations: A Global Model to Fit and Track 3D Medical Data
* Tracking Medical 3D Data with a Deformable Parametric Model
* Tracking Medical 3D Data with a Parametric Deformable Model
Includes: Bardinet, E.[Eric] Bardinet, ╔.[╔ric] Bardinet, E.
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Bardins, S.[Stanislavs] Co Author Listing * Gaze-based interaction in various environments

Bardolet, M.[Marcial] Co Author Listing * Posidonia oceanica Cartography and Evolution of the Balearic Sea (Western Mediterranean)

Bardonnet, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Using steerable wavelets and minimal paths to reconstruct automatically filaments in fluorescence imaging

Bardossy, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Error Decomposition of IMERG Product Based on Multiple Satellite Sensors
* Fuzzy rule-based classification of remotely sensed imagery
* Supervised Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery Using a Modified k-NN Technique
Includes: Bardossy, A.[Andras] Bardossy, A.

Bardot, A. Co Author Listing * Recovery of the metric structure of a pattern of points using minimal information

Bardouli, P.[Pavlina] Co Author Listing * Creating a Story Map Using Geographic Information Systems to Explore Geomorphology and History of Methana Peninsula

Bardow, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Optical Flow and Intensity Estimation from an Event Camera

Bardsley, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Gabor Feature Selection for Face Recognition Using Improved AdaBoost Learning

Bardsley, J.M.[Johnathan M.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Phase and Object Estimation Scheme for Phase-Diversity Time Series Data, An
* limited-memory, quasi-Newton preconditioner for nonnegatively constrained image reconstruction, A
* Matlab Software for Supervised Habitat Mapping of Freshwater Systems Using Image Processing

Bardsley, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Imaging with Power Controlled Source Pairs

Barducci, A. Co Author Listing * Assessing Noise Amplitude in Remotely Sensed Images Using Bit-Plane and Scatterplot Approaches
* Emissivity and Temperature Assessment Using a Maximum Entropy Estimator: Structure and Performance of the MaxEnTES Algorithm
* Estimation of Normalized Atmospheric Point Spread Function and Restoration of Remotely Sensed Images
* Information-theoretic assessment of sampled hyperspectral imagers
* Object recognition in floor plans by graphs of white connected components
Includes: Barducci, A. Barducci, A.[Alessio]

Bardy, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Automatic Scoring of Synchronization from Fingers Motion Capture and Music Beats

Bardyn, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Wavelet Based Lattice QIM Techniques and Robustness against AWGN and JPEG Attacks

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