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Amma, A.[Ayako] Co Author Listing * Median-Shape Representation Learning for Category-Level Object Pose Estimation in Cluttered Environments
* Object Recognition with Continual Open Set Domain Adaptation for Home Robot
* Open-Set Domain Generalization via Metric Learning

Amma, C.U.[C. Ushadevi] Co Author Listing * Dual independent pathway-densely connected residual network with dilated convolution-based arterial spin labeling MRI image reconstruction with minimum label-control pairs
* Graph Theory-Based Brain Network Connectivity Analysis and Classification of Alzheimer's Disease

Ammanabrolu, P.[Prithviraj] Co Author Listing * Fusing Pre-Trained Language Models with Multimodal Prompts through Reinforcement Learning

Ammann, C.J.[Chris J.] Co Author Listing * Comments on Fast Thinning Algorithm for Binary Images
* Fast Thinning Algorithm for Binary Images

Ammann, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Assessment of RTK Quadcopter and Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for Fine-Scale Monitoring of Coastal Topographic Complexity
* Development of a Lightweight Inertial Gravimeter for Use on Board an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Measurement Principle, System Design and Sea Trial Mission
* Diachronic UAV Photogrammetry of a Sandy Beach in Brittany (France) for a Long-Term Coastal Observatory
* Direct Georeferencing of a Pushbroom, Lightweight Hyperspectral System for Mini-UAV Applications
* Easily Implemented Methods of Radiometric Corrections for Hyperspectral-UAV: Application to Guianese Equatorial Mudbanks Colonized by Pioneer Mangroves
* High-Resolution Drone Images Show That the Distribution of Mussels Depends on Microhabitat Features of Intertidal Rocky Shores
* High-Resolution Gravity Measurements on Board an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Data Reduction and Accuracy Assessment
* Potential of UAVs for Monitoring Mudflat Morphodynamics (Application to the Seine Estuary, France)
Includes: Ammann, J.[Jerome] Ammann, J.[Jérôme]
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Ammann, L.P. Co Author Listing * Robust image processing for remote sensing data

Ammann, M.[Manuela] Co Author Listing * Outdoor Mobile Mapping and AI-Based 3D Object Detection with Low-Cost RGB-D Cameras: The Use Case of On-Street Parking Statistics

Ammann, R. Co Author Listing * Recovery of Temporal Information of Cursively Handwritten Words for On-Line Recognition

Ammann, W.J. Co Author Listing * 3D Applications in Disaster Mitigation and Management: Core Results of Ditac Project

Ammannito, E. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Hyperspectral Imaging Data: VIRTIS-M Onboard Venus Express
* Investigation of Absorption Bands around 3.3 mu-m in CRISM Data
* VIS-NIR Imaging Spectroscopy of Mercury's Surface: SIMBIO-SYS/VIHI Experiment Onboard the BepiColombo Mission
Includes: Ammannito, E. Ammannito, E.[Eleonora]

Ammanouil, R. Co Author Listing * Blind and Fully Constrained Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images
* Distribution strategies for very large 3D image deconvolution algorithms
* Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data With Vector-Valued Kernel Functions
Includes: Ammanouil, R. Ammanouil, R.[Rita]

Ammar Badri, H. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based blotch detection in old movies
Includes: Ammar Badri, H. Ammar-Badri, H.

Ammar Boudjelal, F. Co Author Listing * eBDtheque: A Representative Database of Comics
Includes: Ammar Boudjelal, F. Ammar-Boudjelal, F.

Ammar, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * AERO: AI-Enabled Remote Sensing Observation with Onboard Edge Computing in UAVs
* Comparative Study of latest CNN based Optical Flow Estimation
* Hybrid Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning Approach for Object Classification in Very High-Resolution Satellite Images, A
Includes: Ammar, A.[Adel] Ammar, A.[Anis]

Ammar, B.[Boudour] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning in Reservoir Computing for EEG-Based Emotion Recognition

Ammar, H.[Hejer] Co Author Listing * Background Also Matters: Background-Aware Motion-Guided Objects Discovery, The
* Can Human Attribute Segmentation be More Robust to Operational Contexts Without New Labels?
* Fast and Accurate Segmentation of Dental X-Ray Records
* Image Segmentation-based Unsupervised Multiple Objects Discovery
* motion-based waveform for the detection of breathing difficulties during sleep, A
* Obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis based on a statistical analysis of the optical flow in video recordings
* Retrieving dental radiographs for post-mortem identification
* Statistical detection of a panic behavior in crowded scenes
Includes: Ammar, H.[Hejer] Ammar, H.[Hany] Ammar, H.[Heyfa] Ammar, H.
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Ammar, H.B.[Haitham Bou] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D trajectories from 2D projections via disjunctive factored four-way conditional restricted Boltzmann machines
* Factored four way conditional restricted Boltzmann machines for activity recognition
* Scalable lifelong reinforcement learning

Ammar, H.H.[Hany H.] Co Author Listing * neural network system for matching dental radiographs, A
* Towards an Automated Dental Identification System (ADIS)

Ammar, M.[Moez] Co Author Listing * A-contrario Approach for Obstacle Detection in Assistance Driving Systems, An
* Benchmark for Algorithms Segmenting the Left Atrium From 3D CT and MRI Datasets
* Description of Signature Images and Its Application to Their Classification
* Elimination of skilled forgeries in off-line systems: a breakthrough
* HEVC stream saliency extraction: Synergies between FIT and information theory principles
* MPEG-4 AVC stream-based saliency detection. Application to robust watermarking
* New Decision Making Approach for Improving the Performance of Automatic Signature Verification Using Multi-sets of Features, A
* New Effective Approach for Off-Line Verification of Signatures by Using Pressure Features, A
* Performance of parametric and reference pattern based features in static signature verification: a comparative study
* Road Surface Marking Classification Based on a Hierarchical Markov Model
* Structural description and classification of signature images
* Video Scene Object Detection Using An A Contrario Approach
Includes: Ammar, M.[Moez] Ammar, M. Ammar, M.[Maan] Ammar, M.[Marwa]
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Ammar, M.H.[Mostafa H.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Path Selection for Multiple Description Video Streaming over Overlay Networks

Ammar, S.[Sirine] Co Author Listing * Deep detector classifier (DeepDC) for moving objects segmentation and classification in video surveillance
* Improving Person Re-identification by Background Subtraction Using Two-Stream Convolutional Networks
* Towards an Effective Approach for Face Recognition with DCGANS Data Augmentation
Includes: Ammar, S.[Sirine] Ammar, S.[Sourour]

Ammari, A.[Asma] Co Author Listing * Left ventricular segmentation based on a parallel watershed transformation towards an accurate heart function evaluation
* review of approaches investigated for right ventricular segmentation using short-axis cardiac MRI, A

Ammari, A.C. Co Author Listing * Centralized Charging Strategy and Scheduling Algorithm for Electric Vehicles Under a Battery Swapping Scenario
* improvement of multi-scale covariance descriptor for embedded system, An
* Optimal Load Scheduling of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles via Weight-Aggregation Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
* Optimized Parallel Model of Covariance Based Person Detection
* System-Level Performance Evaluation of Very High Complexity Media Applications: A H264/AVC Encoder Case Study
Includes: Ammari, A.C. Ammari, A.C.[Ahmed Chiheb] Ammari, A.C.[Ahmed C.]

Ammari, H.[Habib] Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Links between Signal Processing, Acoustic Metamaterials, and Biology
* Backpropagation Imaging in Nonlinear Harmonic Holography in the Presence of Measurement and Medium Noises
* Direct Elastic Imaging Of A Small Inclusion
* Dynamic Spike Superresolution and Applications to Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging
* Fast Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography with Highly Undersampled Data
* Feature detection and tracking in optical flow on non-flat manifolds
* Linearized Inverse Problem in Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography, The
* Localization, Stability, and Resolution of Topological Derivative Based Imaging Functionals in Elasticity
* Mathematical Framework for Abdominal Electrical Impedance Tomography to Assess Fatness
* Modeling Active Electrolocation in Weakly Electric Fish
* Multistatic Imaging of Extended Targets
* Operator Theory for Analyzing the Resolution of Multi-illumination Imaging Modalities, An
* Reconstructing Fine Details of Small Objects by Using Plasmonic Spectroscopic Data
* Reconstructing Fine Details of Small Objects by Using Plasmonic Spectroscopic Data. Part II: The Strong Interaction Regime
* Reconstruction of Domains with Algebraic Boundaries from Generalized Polarization Tensors
* Shape Identification and Classification in Echolocation
* Superresolution in Recovering Embedded Electromagnetic Sources in High Contrast Media
* Tracking of a Mobile Target Using Generalized Polarization Tensors
* Transient Wave Imaging with Limited-View Data
Includes: Ammari, H.[Habib] Ammari, H.
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Ammari, M.L. Co Author Listing * Incoming data prediction in smart home environment with HMM-based machine learning
* Suited architecture for massive MIMO detector based on antenna selection and LAS algorithm

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