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Amer Yahia, S.[Sihem] Co Author Listing * Incremental Density-Based Clustering on Multicore Processors
Includes: Amer Yahia, S.[Sihem] Amer-Yahia, S.[Sihem]

Amer, A.[Aishy] Co Author Listing * Chaos and MPEG-7 based feature vector for video object classification
* Classification of surveillance video objects using chaotic series
* Context-independent real-time event recognition: application to key-image extraction
* Embedded architecture for noise-adaptive video object detection using parameter-compressed background modeling
* Fast and Reliable Structure-Oriented Video Noise Estimation
* Feature-based detection and correction of occlusions and split of video objects
* FPGA Architecture for Real-Time Video Noise Estimation
* FPGA-Based Implementation of Spatio-Temporal Object Segmentation, An
* High Dimensional versus Low Dimensional Chaos in MPEG-7 Feature Binding for Object Classification
* Homogeneity Localization Using Particle Filters With Application to Noise Estimation
* Homogeneity-Based Directional Sigma Filtering of Video Noise
* Introduction to the special issue on video object processing for surveillance applications
* Modified stable Euler-number algorithm implementation for real-time image binarization
* new cascaded spatio-temporal noise reduction scheme for interlaced video, A
* Non-linear diffusion of image noise with minimal iterativity
* Perception Adaptive Temporal TV-Noise Reduction Using Contour Preserving Prefilter Techniques
* Real-Time Adaptive Thresholding for Video Change Detection, A
* Real-time FPGA architecture of modified Stable Euler-Number algorithm for image binarization
* Real-Time Motion Estimation by Object-Matching for High-Level Video Representation
* Real-Time Technique for Spatio-Temporal Video Noise Estimation, A
* Reliable and fast structure-oriented video noise estimation
* Residual Dilated U-net For The Segmentation Of COVID-19 Infection From CT Images
* Robust and Fast Global Motion Estimation Oriented to Video Object Segmentation
* Robust Global Motion Estimation Oriented to Video Object Segmentation
* Rule-based real-time detection of context-independent events in video shots
* Sequential, Irregular and Complex Object Contour Tracing on FPGA
* Spatiotemporal Region Enhancement and Merging for Unsupervized Object Segmentation
* Structure-Oriented Multidirectional Wiener Filter for Denoising of Image and Video Signals
* Synchronization of Processed Audio-Video Signals using Time-Stamps
* Topological-Stabilization Based Threshold Quantization for Robust Change Detection
* Total Occlusion Correction using Invariant Wavelet Features
* Visualizing I/O predictability
* Voting-based simultaneous tracking of multiple video objects
Includes: Amer, A.[Aishy] Amer, A. Amer, A.[Alyaa]
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Amer, A.Y.A.[Ahmed Youssef Ali] Co Author Listing * Localized Learning Approach Applied to Human Activity Recognition, A

Amer, H.[Hossam] Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization parameter selection for low-delay HEVC via temporal propagation length estimation
* Low-Delay HEVC Adaptive Quantization Parameter Selection through Temporal Propagation Length Estimation
* Scene-based low delay HEVC encoding framework based on transparent composite modeling
Includes: Amer, H.[Hossam] Amer, H.

Amer, H.M.[Hanan M.] Co Author Listing * efficient quantification of COVID-19 in chest CT images with improved semantic segmentation using U-Net deep structure, An

Amer, I.[Ihab] Co Author Listing * Content adaptive pre-filtering for video compression
* proposed hardware reference model for spatial transformation and quantization in H.264, A
* Reconfigurable Video Coding Standard, The
* Reconfigurable video coding: Objectives and technologies
* Towards a comprehensive RVC VTL: A CAL description of an efficient AVC baseline encoder

Amer, K. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Urban Signatures with Application to Drone Localization
* Deep CNN-Based Framework For Enhanced Aerial Imagery Registration with Applications to UAV Geolocalization, A
* Multi Projection Fusion for Real-time Semantic Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds
* NU-Net: Deep Residual Wide Field of View Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Amer, K. Amer, K.[Karim]

Amer, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Reality of Tracked Video Objects Using Homography and Keypoints

Amer, M.A. Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation Using Artificial Immune Systems For Noise-Robust CNN Models
* Deep 3D Human Pose Estimation Under Partial Body Presence
* Drift Detection Using SVM in Structured Object Tracking
* Effective keyframe extraction from RGB and RGB-D video sequences
* Estimation of Gaussian, Poissonian: Gaussian, and Processed Visual Noise and Its Level Function
* Homogeneity classification for signal-dependent noise estimation in images
* Low-Frequency Image Noise Removal Using White Noise Filter
* Motion blur resistant method for temporal video denoising
* Motion-Augmented Inference and Joint Kernels in Structured Learning for Object Tracking
* No-reference image quality assessment for removal of processed and unprocessed noise
* Object tracking with adaptive motion modeling of particle filter and support vector machines
* Optimization Using Artificial Immune Systems Applied To Object Tracking And Segmentation
* Realistic Augmentation for Effective 2d Human Pose Estimation Under Occlusion
* Reliable Temporally Consistent Feature Adaptation for Visual Object Tracking
* Robust Scoring and Ranking of Object Tracking Techniques
* Sparsity-based no-reference image quality assessment for automatic denoising
Includes: Amer, M.A. Amer, M.A.[Maria A.]
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Amer, M.R.[Mohamed R.] Co Author Listing * Action-Affect-Gender Classification Using Multi-task Representation Learning
* chains model for localizing participants of group activities in videos, A
* Cost-Sensitive Top-Down/Bottom-Up Inference for Multiscale Activity Recognition
* Deep Multimodal Fusion: A Hybrid Approach
* Facial Attributes Classification Using Multi-task Representation Learning
* Fine-grained categorization of fish motion patterns in underwater videos
* HiRF: Hierarchical Random Field for Collective Activity Recognition in Videos
* Monocular Extraction of 2.1D Sketch Using Constrained Convex Optimization
* Monte Carlo Tree Search for Scheduling Activity Recognition
* Multimodal fusion using dynamic hybrid models
* Multiobject tracking as maximum weight independent set
* PEL-CNF: Probabilistic event logic conjunctive normal form for video interpretation
* Sum Product Networks for Activity Recognition
* Sum-product networks for modeling activities with stochastic structure
* Video object segmentation by tracking regions
Includes: Amer, M.R.[Mohamed R.] Amer, M.R.[Mohamed Rabie]
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Amer, N.H.[Noor H.] Co Author Listing * Vehicle collision avoidance motion planning strategy using artificial potential field with adaptive multi-speed scheduler

Amer, R.[Reda] Co Author Listing * Spatial Relationship between Irrigation Water Salinity, Waterlogging, and Cropland Degradation in the Arid and Semi-Arid Environments

Amer, S.[Safaa] Co Author Listing * Toward Model-Generated Household Listing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Using Deep Learning

Ameri, B.[Babak] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Polyhedral-Like Building Models
* Towards a Seamless Robust Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Ameri, F. Co Author Listing * Semi-Automatic Extraction of Different-Shaped Road Centerlines from Ms and Pan-Sharped IKONOS Images

Ameri, G.[Golafsoun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Plane of Minimal Hiatal Dimensions Extraction From 3D Female Pelvic Floor Ultrasound

Ameri, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Co Author Listing * Graph-based keyword spotting in historical manuscripts using Hausdorff edit distance

Ameri, R.[Rasoul] Co Author Listing * Classification of Handwritten Chinese Numbers with Convolutional Neural Networks

Amerian, Y.[Yazdan] Co Author Listing * Function-Based Troposphere Tomography Technique for Optimal Downscaling of Precipitation
* Impact of Climate Change Parameters on Groundwater Level: Implications for Two Subsidence Regions in Iran Using Geodetic Observations and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
* Optimal Troposphere Tomography Technique Using the WRF Model Outputs and Topography of the Area, An

Amerijckx, C. Co Author Listing * Image Compression by Self Organized Kohonen Map

Amerini, I. Co Author Listing * Acquisition source identification through a blind image classification
* BHAC-MRI: Backdoor and Hybrid Attacks on MRI Brain Tumor Classification Using CNN
* Blind image clustering based on the Normalized Cuts criterion for camera identification
* Copy-move forgery detection and localization by means of robust clustering with J-Linkage
* Counter-forensics of SIFT-based copy-move detection by means of keypoint classification
* Dealing with video source identification in social networks
* Deep Learning for Multimedia Forensics
* Deepfake Video Detection through Optical Flow Based CNN
* Deepfakes Audio Detection Leveraging Audio Spectrogram and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Localization of JPEG Double Compression Through Multi-domain Convolutional Neural Networks
* METER: A Mobile Vision Transformer Architecture for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Optical Flow based CNN for detection of unlearnt deepfake manipulations
* Special issue on Deep Learning in Image and Video Forensics
Includes: Amerini, I. Amerini, I.[Irene]
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Amerudin, S. Co Author Listing * Development of Augmented Reality Pipeline Visualiser (ARPV) Application For Visualising Underground Water Pipeline

Ameryan, M.[Mahya] Co Author Listing * Towards a Digital Infrastructure for Illustrated Handwritten Archives

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