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Saga, S.[Sato] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Region-Growing Segmentation of Natural Images Using Local Fractal Dimension
* Number-Driven Perceptual Segmentation of Natural Color Images for Easy Decision of Optimal Result
* Rough and Accurate Segmentation of Natural Images Using Fuzzy Region-Growing Algorithm
* System for identifying freehand drawings
* Unsupervised Perceptual Segmentation of Natural Color Images Using Fuzzy-Based Hierarchical Algorithm
Includes: Saga, S.[Sato] Saga, S.

Saga, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Acceptability and Trustworthiness of Virtual Agents by Effects of Theory of Mind and Social Skills Training

Sagadiyev, K. Co Author Listing * Issues On Building Kazakhstan Geospatial Portal To Implement E-government

Sagae, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * YouTube Movie Reviews: Sentiment Analysis in an Audio-Visual Context

Sagafi, F. Co Author Listing * Filtering Image Sequences Corrupted by Mixed Noise using a New Fuzzy Algorithm

Sagan, V.[Vasit] Co Author Listing * Bridging the gap between crop breeding and GeoAI: Soybean yield prediction from multispectral UAV images with transfer learning
* Combining Remote Sensing Approaches for Detecting Marks of Archaeological and Demolished Constructions in Cahokia's Grand Plaza, Southwestern Illinois
* Crop Monitoring Using Satellite/UAV Data Fusion and Machine Learning
* Dual Activation Function-Based Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) for Estimating Grapevine Berry Yield and Quality
* Early Detection of Drought Stress in Durum Wheat Using Hyperspectral Imaging and Photosystem Sensing
* Early Detection of Wheat Yellow Rust Disease and Its Impact on Terminal Yield with Multi-Spectral UAV-Imagery
* Effects of Ambient Ozone on Soybean Biophysical Variables and Mineral Nutrient Accumulation
* Estimating Crop Seed Composition Using Machine Learning from Multisensory UAV Data
* Field-scale crop yield prediction using multi-temporal WorldView-3 and PlanetScope satellite data and deep learning
* Forest Conservation with Deep Learning: A Deeper Understanding of Human Geography around the Betampona Nature Reserve, Madagascar
* Hyperfidelis: A Software Toolkit to Empower Precision Agriculture with GeoAI
* Leveraging Very-High Spatial Resolution Hyperspectral and Thermal UAV Imageries for Characterizing Diurnal Indicators of Grapevine Physiology
* Optical and Thermal Remote Sensing for Monitoring Agricultural Drought
* PlantPlotGAN: A Physics-Informed Generative Adversarial Network for Plant Disease Prediction
* Predicting Terrorism in Europe with Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics, and Machine Learning
* Progressively Expanded Neural Network (PEN Net) for hyperspectral image classification: A new neural network paradigm for remote sensing image analysis
* PROSAIL-Net: A transfer learning-based dual stream neural network to estimate leaf chlorophyll and leaf angle of crops from UAV hyperspectral images
* Quantifying Leaf Chlorophyll Concentration of Sorghum from Hyperspectral Data Using Derivative Calculus and Machine Learning
* Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surface Variables: Progress and Perspective
* Remote Sensing of Explosives-Induced Stress in Plants: Hyperspectral Imaging Analysis for Remote Detection of Unexploded Threats
* SBAS Analysis of Induced Ground Surface Deformation from Wastewater Injection in East Central Oklahoma, USA
* Sentinel SAR-optical fusion for crop type mapping using deep learning and Google Earth Engine
* Soybean seed composition prediction from standing crops using PlanetScope satellite imagery and machine learning
* Spatial Analysis of the Relationship between Vegetation and Poverty, A
* Suspended Sediment Concentration Estimation from Landsat Imagery along the Lower Missouri and Middle Mississippi Rivers Using an Extreme Learning Machine
* UAV-Based High Resolution Thermal Imaging for Vegetation Monitoring, and Plant Phenotyping Using ICI 8640 P, FLIR Vue Pro R 640, and thermoMap Cameras
* UAV/satellite Multiscale Data Fusion for Crop Monitoring and Early Stress Detection
* Using Visual Ozone Damage Scores and Spectroscopy to Quantify Soybean Responses to Background Ozone
* Vegetation Index Weighted Canopy Volume Model (CVMVI) for soybean biomass estimation from Unmanned Aerial System-based RGB imagery
* WFS-SVM Model for Soil Salinity Mapping in Keriya Oasis, Northwestern China Using Polarimetric Decomposition and Fully PolSAR Data, A
Includes: Sagan, V.[Vasit] Sagan, V.
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Sagang, L.B.T.[Le Bienfaiteur Takougoum] Co Author Listing * Monitoring vegetation dynamics with open earth observation tools: the case of fire-modulated savanna to forest transitions in Central Africa

Sagang, L.T.[Le_Bienfaiteur T.] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Sampling Pivotal for Accurate Regional AGB Predictions from Multispectral Images in Forest-Savanna Landscapes

Saganowski, S.[Stanislaw] Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition for Everyday Life Using Physiological Signals From Wearables: A Systematic Literature Review
* Ethical Considerations and Checklist for Affective Research With Wearables

Saganthan, P.N. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint image quality analysis

Sagar, A.[Abhinav] Co Author Listing * AA3DNet: Attention Augmented Real Time 3D Object Detection
* DMSANet: Dual Multi Scale Attention Network
* MAdVerse: A Hierarchical Dataset of Multi-Lingual Ads from Diverse Sources and Categories
* Monocular Depth Estimation Using Multi Scale Neural Network And Feature Fusion
* Multisource forest inventories: A model-based approach using k-NN to reconcile forest attributes statistics and map products
* Semantic Segmentation With Multi Scale Spatial Attention For Self Driving Cars
* Uncertainty Quantification using Variational Inference for Biomedical Image Segmentation
Includes: Sagar, A.[Abhinav] Sagar, A.[Amruth] Sagar, A.[Ankit]
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Sagar, B.S.D.[B. S. Daya] Co Author Listing * Introduction to Gamma-Convergence for Spectral Clustering, An
* Morphological operators to extract channel networks from digital elevation models
* Power Tree Filter: A Theoretical Framework Linking Shortest Path Filters and Minimum Spanning Tree Filters
* Ranks for Pairs of Spatial Fields via Metric Based on Grayscale Morphological Distances
* Segmentation of Multi-Band Images Using Watershed Arcs
* Some Properties of Interpolations Using Mathematical Morphology
* Some Theoretical Links Between Shortest Path Filters and Minimum Spanning Tree Filters
* Visualization of Spatiotemporal Behavior of Discrete Maps via Generation of Recursive Median Elements
* Watersheds for Semi-Supervised Classification
Includes: Sagar, B.S.D.[B. S. Daya] Sagar, B.S.D.[B.S. Daya] Sagar, B.S.D.
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Sagar, D. Co Author Listing * Monocular Depth Estimation via Deep Structured Models with Ordinal Constraints

Sagar, D.S. Co Author Listing * Heartbeat biometrics for human authentication

Sagar, J.V.R. Co Author Listing * Stochastic resonance aided robust techniques for segmentation of medical ultrasound images

Sagar, K.[Ksheera] Co Author Listing * Laplace Mixture Representation of the Horseshoe and Some Implications, A

Sagar, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Creating Connection with Autonomous Facial Animation
* Efficient Transfer Learning for Visual Tasks via Continuous Optimization of Prompts

Sagar, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Assessing an Atmospheric Correction Algorithm for Time Series of Satellite-Based Water-Leaving Reflectance Using Match-Up Sites in Australian Coastal Waters
* Classification of Australian Waterbodies across a Wide Range of Optical Water Types
* Generating Continental Scale Pixel-Based Surface Reflectance Composites in Coastal Regions with the Use of a Multi-Resolution Tidal Model
* Impact of Choice of Solar Spectral Irradiance Model on Atmospheric Correction of Landsat 8 OLI Satellite Data, The
* Noise Estimation of Remote Sensing Reflectance Using a Segmentation Approach Suitable for Optically Shallow Waters
* Sub-Pixel Waterline Extraction: Characterising Accuracy and Sensitivity to Indices and Spectra
Includes: Sagar, S.[Stephen] Sagar, S.

Sagara, M.[Miori] Co Author Listing * Effect of Improving Annotation Quality on Object Detection Datasets: A Preliminary Study, The
* Simple Calibration Algorithm for high-Distortion-Lens Camera
Includes: Sagara, M.[Miori] Sagara, M.

Sagardia, M. Co Author Listing * Integration of a haptic rendering algorithm based on voxelized and point-sampled structures into the physics engine Bullet

Sagastuy Brena, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Pattern Recognition in Mixed Databases, A
Includes: Sagastuy Brena, J.[Javier] Sagastuy-Breńa, J.[Javier]

Sagat, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Mountain Landscape Dynamics after Large Wind and Bark Beetle Disasters and Subsequent Logging: Case Studies from the Carpathians
Includes: Sagat, V.[Vladimir] Šagát, V.[Vladimír]

Sagata, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Motion vector predictive encoding method, motion vector decoding method, predictive encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus, and storage media storing motion vector predictive encoding and decoding programs
* Semantic Segmentation of Sparsely Annotated 3D Point Clouds by Pseudo-Labelling
* Two-Stage Motion Compensation Using Adaptive Global MC and Local Affine MC
Includes: Sagata, A.[Atsushi] Sagata, A.

Sagatdinova, G.[Gulshat] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Water Level in the Ili River from Sentinel-2 Optical Data Using Ensemble Machine Learning

Sagatdinova, G.N. Co Author Listing * Possibilities of the Joint Use of Optical And Radar Data in Flood Space Monitoring

Sagawa, H.[Hirohiko] Co Author Listing * Method for Analyzing Spatial Relationships Between Words in Sign Language Recognition, A
* Method for Recognizing a Sequence of Sign Language Words Represented in a Japanese Sign Language Sentence, A

Sagawa, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Scanning Method for Fast Motion using Single Grid Pattern with Coarse-to-fine Technique
* Adaptation to Walking Direction Changes for Gait Identification
* Adaptive arithmetic coding for point cloud compression
* Adaptive Control of Video Display for Diagnostic Assistance by Analysis of Capsule Endoscopic Images
* Adaptive dynamic range camera with reflective liquid crystal
* Adaptive-Scale Robust Estimator Using Distribution Model Fitting
* Adaptively Merging Large-Scale Range Data with Reflectance Properties
* Analyzing Muscle Activity and Force with Skin Shape Captured by Non-contact Visual Sensor
* APE: A More Practical Approach To 6-Dof Pose Estimation
* Autoenhancer: Transformer on U-net Architecture Search for Underwater Image Enhancement
* Automatic feature extraction using CNN for robust active one-shot scanning
* Calibration Technique for Underwater Active Oneshot Scanning System with Static Pattern Projector and Multiple Cameras
* Controlling the Display of Capsule Endoscopy Video for Diagnostic Assistance
* Deformable Registration for Generating Dissection Image of an Intestine from Annular Image Sequence
* Deformable Registration of Textured Range Images by Using Texture and Shape Features
* Dense 3D Reconstruction from High Frame-Rate Video Using a Static Grid Pattern
* Dense 3D Reconstruction Method Using a Single Pattern for Fast Moving Object
* Dense one-shot 3D reconstruction by detecting continuous regions with parallel line projection
* Dense Pixel-wise Micro-motion Estimation of Object Surface by Using Low Dimensional Embedding of Laser Speckle Pattern
* Depth Estimation Using Structured Light Flow: Analysis of Projected Pattern Flow on an Object's Surface
* Dynamic Compression of Curve-Based Point Cloud
* Dynamic scene shape reconstruction using a single structured light pattern
* Effective nearest neighbor search for aligning and merging range images
* Elastic convolved ICP for the registration of deformable objects
* Entire shape scan system with multiple pro-cams using texture information and accurate silhouette creating technique
* Exemplar-Based Hole-Filling Technique for Multiple Dynamic Objects
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images
* Gait Identification Considering Body Tilt by Walking Direction Changes
* Gait Recognition Using a View Transformation Model in the Frequency Domain
* Generalization of pixel-wise phase estimation by CNN and improvement of phase-unwrapping by MRF optimization for one-shot 3D scan
* Geometric and Photometric Merging for Large-Scale Objects
* Great Buddha Project: Digitally Archiving, Restoring, and Analyzing Cultural Heritage Objects, The
* Great Buddha Project: Modelling Cultural Heritage through Observation, The
* Grid-Based Active Stereo with Single-Colored Wave Pattern for Dense One-shot 3D Scan
* Guest Editorial: 3D Imaging, Processing and Modelling
* High Dynamic Range Camera using Reflective Liquid Crystal
* Hole Filling of 3D Model by Flipping Signs of Signed Distance Field in Adaptive Resolution
* Hole Filling of a 3D Model by Flipping Signs of a Signed Distance Field in Adaptive Resolution
* Illuminant-Camera Communication to Observe Moving Objects under Strong External Light by Spread Spectrum Modulation
* Iterative Refinement of Range Images with Anisotropic Error Distribution
* Linear solution for oneshot active 3D reconstruction using two projectors
* Matching Gait Image Sequences in the Frequency Domain for Tracking People at a Distance
* Mirror Localization for Catadioptric Imaging System by Observing Parallel Light Pairs
* Multiview projectors/cameras system for 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes
* Non-rigid Registration with Reliable Distance Field for Dynamic Shape Completion
* One-shot Entire Shape Acquisition Method Using Multiple Projectors and Cameras
* One-Shot Entire Shape Scanning by Utilizing Multiple Projector-Camera Constraints of Grid Patterns
* One-shot range scanner using coplanarity constraints
* One-shot scanning method using an uncalibrated projector and camera system
* Parallel Alignment of a Large Number of Range Images
* Parallel Processing of Range Data Merging
* Phase Registration of a Single Quasi-Periodic Signal Using Self Dynamic Time Warping
* Point cloud compression for grid-pattern-based 3D scanning system
* Predicting Muscle Activity and Joint Angle from Skin Shape
* Probabilistic Method for Aligning and Merging Range Images with Anisotropic Error Distribution, A
* Real Time 3D Environment Modeling for a Mobile Robot by Aligning Range Image Sequence
* Real-Time Estimation of Fast Egomotion with Feature Classification Using Compound Omnidirectional Vision Sensor
* Robust and Accurate One-Shot 3D Reconstruction by 2C1P System with Wave Grid Pattern
* Robust and Adaptive Integration of Multiple Range Images with Photometric Attributes
* Scale-invariant density-based clustering initialization algorithm and its application
* Sensor for Simultaneously Capturing Texture and Shape by Projecting Structured Infrared Light, A
* Single Color One-Shot Scan Using Topology Information
* Single colour one-shot scan using modified penrose tiling pattern
* Single-shot dense active stereo with pixel-wise phase estimation based on grid-structure using CNN and correspondence estimation using GCN
* Single-wavelength and multi-parallel dotted- and solid-lines for dense and robust active 3D reconstruction
* Skeleton Transformer Networks: 3D Human Pose and Skinned Mesh from Single RGB Image
* Symmetry-Aware Nonrigid Matching of Incomplete 3D Surfaces
* System for Capturing Textured 3D Shapes Based on One-Shot Grid Pattern with Multi-band Camera and Infrared Projector, A
* Taking Consensus of Signed Distance Field for Complementing Unobservable Surface
* Towards an Interpretation of Intestinal Motility Using Capsule Endoscopy Image Sequences
* Triangle Mesh Reconstruction Method Taking into Account Silhouette Images, A
* Underwater Active Oneshot Scan with Static Wave Pattern and Bundle Adjustment
* View-dependent Geometry for Rendering Rigid, Soft and Cluttered Objects
* Which Reference View is Effective for Gait Identification Using a View Transformation Model?
Includes: Sagawa, R. Sagawa, R.[Ryusuke]
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Sagawa, T.[Tatsuyuki] Co Author Listing * Satellite Derived Bathymetry Using Machine Learning and Multi-Temporal Satellite Images
* Unsupervised Learning of Hand-Printed Characters with Linguistic Information, An
Includes: Sagawa, T.[Tatsuyuki] Sagawa, T.

Sagayam, K.M.[K. Martin] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Hand Gesture Image Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* SAtUNet: Series atrous convolution enhanced U-Net for lung nodule segmentation

Sagayama, C. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis and Constellation Optimization of Star-QAM-Aided Differential Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling

Sagayama, S.[Shigeki] Co Author Listing * Concurrent Optimization of Context Clustering and GMM for Offline Handwritten Word Recognition Using HMM
* Context-dependent substroke model for HMM-based on-line handwriting recognition
* Generation of hierarchical dictionary for stroke-order free Kanji handwriting recognition based on substroke HMM
* On-line handwritten Kanji string recognition based on grammar description of character structures
* On-line overlaid-handwriting recognition based on substroke HMMs
* Online Handwritten Kanji Recognition Based on Inter-stroke Grammar
* Pen pressure features for writer-independent on-line handwriting recognition based on substroke HMM
* Substroke approach to HMM-based on-line Kanji handwriting recognition
Includes: Sagayama, S.[Shigeki] Sagayama, S.
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Sagayan, V. Co Author Listing * Age-invariant face recognition system using combined shape and texture features
* Modeling of Electromagnetic Waves Using Statistical and Numerical Techniques
* Proposed face recognition system after plastic surgery
Includes: Sagayan, V. Sagayan, V.[Vijanth]

Sagaz, M.[Marcio] Co Author Listing * QDA-System: A Cloud-Based System for Monitoring Water Quality in Brazilian Hydroelectric Reservoirs from Space

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