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Mili, E.[El_Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Algorithms for Modeling and Mapping of Groundwater Pollution Risk: A Study to Reach Water Security and Sustainable Development (Sdg) Goals in a Mediterranean Aquifer System

Mili, H. Co Author Listing * Merging thesauri: principles and evaluation

Mili, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * Attributed Graph Matching Using Local Descriptions

Mili, L. Co Author Listing * Defect detection on hardwood logs using high resolution three dimensional laser scan data
* Novel Polynomial-Chaos-Based Kalman Filter, A
* Robust Unscented Unbiased Minimum-Variance Estimator for Nonlinear System Dynamic State Estimation With Unknown Inputs
* Unscented Kalman Filter-Based Unbiased Minimum-Variance Estimation for Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Inputs

Mili?evi?, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Person Mobility Algorithm and Geographic Information System for Search and Rescue Missions Planning

Milian Sanchez, V.M. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Field Generated by the Loops Used in Traffic Control Systems
* Traffic Control Magnetic Loops Electric Characteristics Variation Due to the Passage of Vehicles Over Them
Includes: Milian Sanchez, V.M. Milián-Sánchez, V.M.

Miliaresis, G. Co Author Listing * Effects of Percent Tree Canopy Density and DEM Misregistration on SRTM/NED Vegetation Height Estimates.
* Terrain Segmentation of Egypt from Multi-Temporal Night LST Imagery and Elevation Data

Miliaresis, G.C. Co Author Listing * Extraction and Delineation of Alluvial Fans from Digital Elevation Models and Landsat Thematic Mapper Images

Milias, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * UAS-Borne Radar for Autonomous Navigation and Surveillance Applications

Milic, D.N. Co Author Listing * New Class of Low Complexity Low-Pass Multiplierless Linear-Phase Special CIC FIR Filters, A

Milic, N.[Nenad] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Police Officers' Perception of Hotspots: What Can Be Done to Improve Officer's Situational Awareness?, An

Milic, S.D. Co Author Listing * Vessel Detection Algorithm Used in a Laser Monitoring System of the Lock Gate Zone

Milicev, D.[Dragan] Co Author Listing * New access modes of parallel memory subsystem for sub-pixel motion estimation

Milicevic, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Application of Deep Learning Architectures for Accurate Detection of Olive Tree Flowering Phenophase

Milics, G.[Gabor] Co Author Listing * Suitability of Satellite Imagery for Surveillance of Maize Ear Damage by Cotton Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) Larvae
Includes: Milics, G.[Gabor] Milics, G.[Gábor]

Milidragovic, D.[Dragan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Police Officers' Perception of Hotspots: What Can Be Done to Improve Officer's Situational Awareness?, An

Milikh, G.M.[Gennady M.] Co Author Listing * HF-Induced Modifications of the Electron Density Profile in the Earth's Ionosphere Using the Pump Frequencies near the Fourth Electron Gyroharmonic

Mililli, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Dense 2D Bacilli Populations

Milillo, A. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Milillo, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal InSAR Structural Damage Assessment: The London Crossrail Case Study
* Multitemporal SAR Data and 2D Hydrodynamic Model Flood Scenario Dynamics Assessment
* Pre-Collapse Space Geodetic Observations of Critical Infrastructure: The Morandi Bridge, Genoa, Italy
* Reply to Comments

Milillo, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * Geodetic Imaging of Time-Dependent Three-Component Surface Deformation: Application to Tidal-Timescale Ice Flow of Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica
* Multi-Temporal InSAR Structural Damage Assessment: The London Crossrail Case Study
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Processing of COSMO-SkyMed StripMap HIMAGE Time Series to Depict Deformation of the Historic Centre of Rome, Italy
* Pre-Collapse Space Geodetic Observations of Critical Infrastructure: The Morandi Bridge, Genoa, Italy
* Reply to Comments
* Space View of Radar Archaeological Marks: First Applications of COSMO-SkyMed X-Band Data, A

Milin, D.[Dragana] Co Author Listing * Achieving High Reliability in Data Acquisition

Milinevsky, G.[Gennadi] Co Author Listing * Annual Cycle in Mid-Latitude Stratospheric and Mesospheric Ozone Associated with Quasi-Stationary Wave Structure by the MLS Data 2011-2020, The
* Comparison of Major Sudden Stratospheric Warming Impacts on the Mid-Latitude Mesosphere Based on Local Microwave Radiometer CO Observations in 2018 and 2019
* Mid-Latitude Mesospheric Zonal Wave 1 and Wave 2 in Recent Boreal Winters
* Planetary Wave Spectrum in the Stratosphere-Mesosphere during Sudden Stratospheric Warming 2018
* Rossby Waves in Total Ozone over the Arctic in 2000-2021
* Zonal Asymmetry of the Stratopause in the 2019/2020 Arctic Winter

Milione, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Learning Phase Mask for Privacy-Preserving Passive Depth Estimation

Milios, E. Co Author Listing * Active Stereo Vision System for Recognition of Faces and Related Hand Gestures, An
* Audiovisual localization of multiple speakers in a video teleconferencing setting
* Eyes 'n Ears Face Detection
* Reconstruction of a Color Image from Nonuniformly Distributed Sparse and Noisy Data
* SAVI: an actively controlled teleconferencing system
Includes: Milios, E. Milios, E.[Evangelos]

Milios, E.E.[Evangelos E.] Co Author Listing * AQUA: An Amphibious Autonomous Robot
* Design and Performance of TRISH, a Binocular Robot Head with Torsional Eye Movements
* Efficient Retrieval of Deformed and Occluded Shapes
* Efficient Shape Matching and Retrieval at Multiple Scales
* Globally Consistent Range Scan Alignment for Environment Mapping
* IntelliSearch: Intelligent Search for Images and Text on the Web
* Matching and Retrieval of Distorted and Occluded Shapes Using Dynamic Programming
* Matching range images of human faces
* Mobile Agent Perception
* Multi-Robot Exploration of an Unknown Environment, Efficiently Reducing the Odometry Error
* Neural Network Operated Vision-Guided Mobile Robot Arm for Docking and Reaching, A
* PLAYBOT: A Visually-Guided Robot for Physically Disabled Children
* Recovering Shape Deformation by an Extended Circular Image Representation
* Registration Uncertainty for Robot Self-localization in 3D
* Robot Pose Estimation in Unknown Environments by Matching 2D Range Scans
* Searching for logo and trademark images on the web
* Self-Supervised Learning for Docking and Target Reaching
* Shape Matching Using Curvature Processes
* Shape Retrieval Based on Dynamic Programming
* TRISH: The Toronto-IRIS Stereo Head
Includes: Milios, E.E.[Evangelos E.] Milios, E.E.
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Milioto, A. Co Author Listing * SemanticKITTI: A Dataset for Semantic Scene Understanding of LiDAR Sequences

Miliou, A. Co Author Listing * Categorization of Underwater Habitats Using Dynamic Video Textures

Milisavljevic, N.[Nada] Co Author Listing * Comparison of three methods for shape recognition in the case of mine detection
* Detecting potential human activities using coherent change detection
* Filtering Soil Surface and Antenna Effects From GPR Data to Enhance Landmine Detection
* Improving mine recognition through processing and Dempster-Shafer fusion of ground-penetrating radar data
* Possibilistic Versus Belief Function Fusion for Antipersonnel Mine Detection
* Sensor fusion in anti-personnel mine detection using a two-level belief function model
Includes: Milisavljevic, N.[Nada] Milisavljevic, N.

Milisen, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * Camera-Based Fall Detection on Real World Data

Militani, D.R.[Davi Ribeiro] Co Author Listing * Light-Field Imaging Reconstruction Using Deep Learning Enabling Intelligent Autonomous Transportation System

Militao, A.G.[Angeliete Garces] Co Author Listing * Effect of physical exercise and noninvasive brain stimulation on cognition and dementia of elderly people with frailty: A randomized study
Includes: Militao, A.G.[Angeliete Garces] Militão, A.G.[Angeliete Garcês]

Milite, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Video Analytics in Urban Environments

Militello, C. Co Author Listing * Frequency-based Approach for Features Fusion in Fingerprint and Iris Multimodal Biometric Identification Systems, A
* Gamma Knife treatment planning: MR brain tumor segmentation and volume measurement based on unsupervised Fuzzy C-Means clustering
* multimodal retina-iris biometric system using the Levenshtein distance for spatial feature comparison, A
* NeXt for neuro-radiosurgery: A fully automatic approach for necrosis extraction in brain tumor MRI using an unsupervised machine learning technique
Includes: Militello, C. Militello, C.[Carmelo]

Militello, P. Co Author Listing * Low Cost Techniques for The Digital Survey of a Minoan Architecture In The Archeological Site of Phaistos (crete)

Militino, A.F.[Ana F.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Quality of Satellite Imagery Based on Ground-Truth Data from Rain Gauge Stations
* Interpolation of the Mean Anomalies for Cloud Filling in Land Surface Temperature and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
* On the Performances of Trend and Change-Point Detection Methods for Remote Sensing Data
* Stochastic Spatio-Temporal Models for Analysing NDVI Distribution of GIMMS NDVI3g Images
* Using RGISTools to Estimate Water Levels in Reservoirs and Lakes
Includes: Militino, A.F.[Ana F.] Militino, A.F.

Militzer, A.[Arne] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Focal Liver Lesions in Contrast Enhanced CT Images

Militzer, D. Co Author Listing * Separating Non-Stationary from Stationary Scene Components in a Sequence of Real World TV Images

Milivojevic, B.[Branka] Co Author Listing * Semantically Related Gestures Move Alike: Towards a Distributional Semantics of Gesture Kinematics

Milivojevic, Z.N.[Zoran N.] Co Author Listing * Characterization and Distinction Between Closely Related South Slavic Languages on the Example of Serbian and Croatian
* Graph Based Keyword Spotting in Medieval Slavic Documents: A Project Outline
* Image Texture Analysis Method for Minority Language Identification, An
* Script Characterization in the Old Slavic Documents

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