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Matucci, S. Co Author Listing * Detection of Buried Pipes From Time-of-Flight Radar Data, The

Matugano, Y.[Yuuki] Co Author Listing * Coded aperture for projector and camera for robust 3D measurement
* Structured light with coded aperture for wide range 3D measurement

Matuk, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Geometric empirical Bayesian model for classification of functional data under diverse sampling regimes

Matuk, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Polish Cadastre Modernization with Remotely Extracted Buildings from High-Resolution Aerial Orthoimagery and Airborne LiDAR

Matul, H.M.[Haley M.] Co Author Listing * Distribution of Surface Soil Moisture over Space and Time in Eastern Taylor Valley, Antarctica, The

Matula, P. Co Author Listing * Automated multi-view 3D image acquisition in human genome research
* Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Exosomes in Transmission Electron Microscopy
* Effectivity of spherical object reconstruction using star-shaped simplex meshes
* Fast Level Set-Like Algorithm for Region-Based Active Contours, A
* Fast Level Set-Like Algorithm with Topology Preserving Constraint, A
* Fast Point-Based 3-D Alignment of Live Cells
* GPU implementation of linear morphological openings with arbitrary angle
* High-Resolution Cytometry Network Project: Client/Server System for 3D Optical Microscope Data Storage and Analysis
* High-resolution cytometry network project: Towards remote and distributed acquisition, processing and visualisation of 3D image data in human genome research
* Improved Riemannian Metric Approximation for Graph Cuts, An
* Multimodal Point Distribution Model for Anthropological Landmark Detection
* Non-Rigid Contour-Based Registration of Cell Nuclei in 2-D Live Cell Microscopy Images Using a Dynamic Elasticity Model
* Particle Tracking Accuracy Measurement Based on Comparison of Linear Oriented Forests
* Segmentation of Touching Cell Nuclei Using a Two-Stage Graph Cut Model
* Smooth Chan-Vese segmentation via graph cuts
* Spherical Object Reconstruction Using Star-Shaped Simplex Meshes
* Vascular network formation in silico using the extended cellular potts model
Includes: Matula, P. Matula, P.[Pavel] Matula, P.[Petr]
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Matula, R.[Radek] Co Author Listing * Diagnostics of Reinforcement Conditions in Concrete Structures by GPR, Impact-Echo Method and Metal Magnetic Memory Method

Matumural, K.[Kazuhiro] Co Author Listing * Image analysis method for grading raw shiitake mushrooms

Matungka, R.[Rittavee] Co Author Listing * Efficient Invariant Image Registration Utilizing Pre-shifted Logarithmic Spiral
* Image Registration Using Adaptive Polar Transform

Maturana, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition with Decision Tree-Based Local Binary Patterns
* Learning discriminative local binary patterns for face recognition
* Seeing 3D Chairs: Exemplar Part-Based 2D-3D Alignment Using a Large Dataset of CAD Models

Maturana, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Urban Growth, Real Estate Development and Indigenous Property: Simulating the Expansion Process in the City of Temuco, Chile

Maturdi, A.[Amina] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Reanalysis Datasets for Solar Radiation with In Situ Observations at a Location over the Gobi Region of Xinjiang, China

Maturi, E.[Eileen] Co Author Listing * CoralTemp and the Coral Reef Watch Coral Bleaching Heat Stress Product Suite Version 3.1
* Physical Deterministic Inverse Method for Operational Satellite Remote Sensing: An Application for Sea Surface Temperature Retrievals, A
* Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Monitoring of Coral Ecosystems: New 5-km Global Products from NOAA Coral Reef Watch
Includes: Maturi, E.[Eileen] Maturi, E.

Maturilli, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Concept and Design of Martian Far-IR ORE Spectrometer (MIRORES)
* Spaceborne EO and a Combination of Inverse and Forward Modelling for Monitoring Lava Flow Advance
* Spectral Emissivity (SE) Measurement Uncertainties across 2.5-14 µm Derived from a Round-Robin Study Made across International Laboratories

Maturilli, M.[Marion] Co Author Listing * Does the Intra-Arctic Modification of Long-Range Transported Aerosol Affect the Local Radiative Budget? (A Case Study)
* Hemispherical-Directional Reflectance (HDRF) of Windblown Snow-Covered Arctic Tundra at Large Solar Zenith Angles
Includes: Maturilli, M.[Marion] Maturilli, M.

Matus, F. Co Author Listing * Image Representations via a Finite Radon Transformation

Matus, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Using Ridge Regression Models to Estimate Grain Yield from Field Spectral Data in Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Grown under Three Water Regimes
Includes: Matus, I.[Ivan] Matus, I.[Iván]

Matusch, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Bringing Earth Observation to Classrooms: The Importance of Out-of-School Learning Places and E-Learning

Matusevich, L.F.[Laura Felicia] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Inverse Problem Inspired by Three-Dimensional Diffuse Tomography: Explicit Formulas, A

Matusiak, K.[Karol] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Key Point Detectors in SIFT Implementation for Mobile Devices
* Improving matching performance of the keypoints in images of 3D scenes by using depth information
* Unbiased evaluation of keypoint detectors with respect to rotation invariance
Includes: Matusiak, K.[Karol] Matusiak, K.

Matusiak, S.[Stanislaw] Co Author Listing * New Multiscale Planar Shape Invariant Representation Under a General Affine Transformations

Matusik, W.[Wojciech] Co Author Listing * CG2Real: Improving the Realism of Computer Generated Images using a Large Collection of Photographs
* Data Driven 2-D-to-3-D Video Conversion for Soccer
* Dataset of Flash and Ambient Illumination Pairs from the Crowd, A
* Deeper Analysis of Volumetric Relightable Faces, A
* Eye Tracking for Everyone
* Frankencamera: An Experimental Platform for Computational Photography, The
* Gaze360: Physically Unconstrained Gaze Estimation in the Wild
* Image restoration using online photo collections
* Intelligent Carpet: Inferring 3D Human Pose from Tactile Signals
* JoinABLe: Learning Bottom-up Assembly of Parametric CAD Joints
* Learning to Zoom: A Saliency-Based Sampling Layer for Neural Networks
* Learning-Based Video Motion Magnification
* Monocular Reconstruction of Neural Face Reflectance Fields
* On Learning Associations of Faces and Voices
* Overview of Multiview Video Coding and Anti-Aliasing for 3D Displays
* Speech2Face: Learning the Face Behind a Voice
* Statistics of Infrared Images
* Structure and motion from scene registration
* Synthetic Aperture Tracking: Tracking through Occlusions
* Time-varying Surface Appearance: Acquisition, Modeling, and Rendering
* video mesh: A data structure for image-based three-dimensional video editing, The
* Video Mesh: A Data Structure for Image-based Video Editing, The
* Video Reflection Removal Through Spatio-Temporal Optimization
* What do color changes reveal about an outdoor scene?
Includes: Matusik, W.[Wojciech] Matusik, W.
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Matuszek, C.[Cynthia] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Simulation Data with Sensor Effects for Improved Domain Transfer
* Practical Cross-modal Manifold Alignment for Robotic Grounded Language Learning

Matuszewski, B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of microscopy and reconstructive images for applications in medicine and biology

Matuszewski, B.J.[Bogdan J.] Co Author Listing * Choice of similarity measure, likelihood function and parameters for histogram based particle filter tracking in CCTV grey scale video
* Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
* Confocal microscopy segmentation using active contour based on alpha(alpha)-divergence
* Deformable Image Registration
* Deformable Image Registration using Spring Mass System
* Deformable Shape Reconstruction from Monocular Video with Manifold Forests
* Development and evaluation of fast branch-and-bound algorithm for feature matching based on line segments
* Elastic image matching with embedded rigid structures using spring-mass system
* Error Equalisation for Sparse Image Mosaic Construction
* Geometric matching of circular features by least squares fitting
* Head pose tracking for immersive applications
* Hi4D-ADSIP 3-D dynamic facial articulation database
* Hierarchical Iterative Bayesian Approach to Automatic Recognition of Biological Viruses in Electron Microscope Images
* High-resolution comprehensive 3-D dynamic database for facial articulation analysis
* Hybrid Lossless Compression Scheme Using Region-based Predictive Coding and Integer Wavelet Transform, A
* Improved 3-D facial representation through statistical shape model
* Is 2D Unlabeled Data Adequate for Recognizing Facial Expressions?
* Mirror Mirror on the Wall... An Unobtrusive Intelligent Multisensory Mirror for Well-Being Status Self-Assessment and Visualization
* Multiphase active contour segmentation constrained by evolving medial axes
* New Hybrid Method for Gland Segmentation in Histology Images, A
* Non-rigid Structure from Motion with Diffusion Maps Prior
* Non-rigid structure from motion with incremental shape prior
* Persistent homology to analyse 3D faces and assess body weight gain
* Recursive non-rigid structure from motion with online learned shape prior
* Robust deformable shape reconstruction from monocular video with manifold forests
* Segmentation of cellular structures in actin tagged fluorescence confocal microscopy images
* Statistical Model of Shape Moments with Active Contour Evolution for Shape Detection and Segmentation
* Statistical region based active contour using a fractional entropy descriptor: Application to nuclei cell segmentation in confocal microscopy images
* Statistical Shape Model of Legendre Moments with Active Contour Evolution for Shape Detection and Segmentation
* Symmetric image registration with directly calculated inverse deformation field
* Wize Mirror: A smart, multisensory cardio-metabolic risk monitoring system
Includes: Matuszewski, B.J.[Bogdan J.] Matuszewski, B.J.
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Matuszewski, D.J.[Damian J.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Flow Cytometry and Image-Based Screening for Cell Cycle Analysis
* Visual rhythm-based plankton detection method for ballast water quality assessment

Matuszyk, L. Co Author Listing * Stereo panoramic vision for monitoring vehicle blind-spots

Matute Peaspan, J.A.[Jose Angel] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Simulation Model and Automated Driving Features Validation for Low-Speed High Automation Applications, A
Includes: Matute Peaspan, J.A.[Jose Angel] Matute-Peaspan, J.A.[Jose Angel]

Matute, F. Co Author Listing * Geoportal Proposal for the Inventory of Cultural Heritage In NabÓn (Ecuador)

Matuz Cruz, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Multi-core Median Redescending M-Estimator for Impulsive Denoising in Color Images
Includes: Matuz Cruz, M.[Manuel] Matuz-Cruz, M.[Manuel]

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