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Levy Paz, Y.[Yaniv] Co Author Listing * NIRS-Aided Methodology to Elucidate the Nutrition of the Endangered Mountain Gazelle (Gazella gazella) Using Samples of Rumen Contents from Roadkills, A
Includes: Levy Paz, Y.[Yaniv] Levy-Paz, Y.[Yaniv]

Levy Tzedek, S.[Shelly] Co Author Listing * Formalizing and Guaranteeing Human-Robot Interaction
Includes: Levy Tzedek, S.[Shelly] Levy-Tzedek, S.[Shelly]

Levy Vehel, J. Co Author Listing * Fractal probability functions-an application to image analysis
* Multifractals, texture, and image analysis

Levy, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * CryoAI: Amortized Inference of Poses for Ab Initio Reconstruction of 3D Molecular Volumes from Real Cryo-EM Images
* Efficient Sequential Karhunen-Loeve Basis Extraction
* Graphical Indicia
* Hilbert-space Karhunen-Loeve transform with application to image analysis
* Sequential Karhunen-Loeve Basis Extraction and its Application to Images
Includes: Levy, A.[Axel] Levy, A.[Avi] Levy, A.

Levy, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Polygonal Remeshing
* Coherent Multi-Dwell Processing of Un-Synchronized Dwells for High Velocity Estimation and Super-Resolution in Radar
* GPU Accelerated Isosurface Extraction on Tetrahedral Grids
* Iterative Methods for Visualization of Implicit Surfaces On GPU
* Multidimensional Filter Banks and Wavelets: Research Developments and Applications - Preface
* Visualization of Industrial Structures with Implicit GPU Primitives
Includes: Levy, B.[Bruno] LÚvy, B.[Bruno] Levy, B.[Benzion] Levy, B.

Levy, B.C. Co Author Listing * Critical Markov random fields and fractional Brownian motion in texture synthesis
* Nonseparable orthogonal linear phase perfect reconstruction filter banks and their application to image compression
* Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Velocity Fields as a Linear Estimation Problem

Levy, B.E. Co Author Listing * Blind Source Separation-Based Motion Detector for Imaging Super-Paramagnetic Iron Oxide (SPIO) Particles in Magnetomotive Ultrasound Imaging

Levy, C.[Chagai] Co Author Listing * Coherent Integration Loss Due to Nonstationary Phase Noise in High-Resolution Millimeter-Wave Radars
* Consequences of the 2019 Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Episode on Albedo
* On the Results of the First Mobile Biometry (MOBIO) Face and Speaker Verification Evaluation
Includes: Levy, C.[Chagai] Levy, C.[Charlotte] LÚvy, C.[Christophe]

Levy, C.R.[Charlotte R.] Co Author Listing * Novel Measurements of Fine-Scale Albedo: Using a Commercial Quadcopter to Measure Radiation Fluxes

Levy, D.[Deborah] Co Author Listing * Automated Analysis of Marine Video with Limited Data
* Automated Analysis of Marine Video with Limited Data
* Automatic Grid Segmentation of Populated Chessboard Taken at a Lower Angle View
* Non Linear Optimization Applied To Angle-of-arrival Satellite Based Geo-localization For Biased And Time-drifting Sensors
* Underwater Single Image Color Restoration Using Haze-Lines and a New Quantitative Dataset
Includes: Levy, D.[Deborah] Levy, D. Levy, D.[Daniel]

Levy, E. Co Author Listing * Articulation Entropy: An Unsupervised Measure of Articulatory Precision

Levy, G.[Gad] Co Author Listing * Advances in Land-Ocean Heat Fluxes Using Remote Sensing

Levy, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Symmetry-Adapted Wavelet Transform Image Compression

Levy, I.K. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional wavelet transform video coding using symmetric codebook vector quantization

Levy, J. Co Author Listing * Advances in Disaster Modeling, Simulation and Visualization for Sandstorm Risk Management in North China

Levy, J.H.[Joshua H.] Co Author Listing * large-to-fine-scale shape prior for probabilistic segmentations using a deformable m-rep, A
* Rotational flows for interpolation between sampled surfaces

Levy, J.S.[Joseph S.] Co Author Listing * Remote Soil Moisture Measurement from Drone-Borne Reflectance Spectroscopy: Applications to Hydroperiod Measurement in Desert Playas

Levy, M.[Matan] Co Author Listing * Classification-Regression for Chart Comprehension
* Fair and accurate age prediction using distribution aware data curation and augmentation
* New Theoretical Approach to Relaxation, Application to Edge Detection, A
* Weakly-Supervised Convolutional Neural Networks for Vessel Segmentation in Cerebral Angiography
Includes: Levy, M.[Matan] Levy, M.[Moshe] Levy, M. Levy, M.[Mia]

Levy, N.[Noga] Co Author Listing * Classification of Artistic Styles Using Binarized Features Derived from a Deep Neural Network
* Congruency-Based Reranking
* Evaluating New Variants of Motion Interchange Patterns
* Gait-Based Person Identification Using Motion Interchange Patterns
* Minimal Correlation Classification
* SVM-Minus Similarity Score for Video Face Recognition, The

Levy, O.[Ofir] Co Author Listing * Live Repetition Counting

Levy, R.[Raviv] Co Author Listing * Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) Radiometric Performance On-Orbit
* Mode tracking and diagnosis of hybrid systems, an integrated approach
* On the Role of Correlation and Abstraction in Cross-Modal Multimedia Retrieval
* On-Orbit Radiometric Performance of the Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Sensor
Includes: Levy, R.[Raviv] Levy, R.[Rami] Levy, R.

Levy, R.C.[Robert C.] Co Author Listing * Continuing the MODIS Dark Target Aerosol Time Series with VIIRS
* Coupled Evaluation of Operational MODIS and Model Aerosol Products for Maritime Environments Using Sun Photometry: Evaluation of the Fine and Coarse Mode, A
* Dark Target Algorithm for Observing the Global Aerosol System: Past, Present, and Future, The
* Evaluation of Aerosol Optical Depth and Aerosol Models from VIIRS Retrieval Algorithms over North China Plain
* High-Resolution Gridded Level 3 Aerosol Optical Depth Data from MODIS
* MODIS Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth over Turbid Coastal Water

Levy, S. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic impedance tomography (EMIT): A new method for impedance imaging
* Environment-Centered and Viewer-Centered Perception of Surface Orientation
* Novel Remote Sensing Index of Electron Transport Rate Predicts Primary Production and Crop Health in L. sativa and Z. mays
Includes: Levy, S. Levy, S.[Shai]

Levy, S.M.[Steven M.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Trabecular Bone for In Vivo CT Imaging Using a Novel Approach of Computing Spatial Variation in Bone and Marrow Intensities

Levy, S.V.F. Co Author Listing * Contour Tracing by Piecewise Linear Approximations

Levy, T.E. Co Author Listing * Dealing with Archaeology's Data Avalanche

Levyant, V. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition in Spatial Data: a New Method of Seismic Explorations for Oil and Gas in Crystalline Basement Rocks

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