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Krug, M.[Marjolaine] Co Author Listing * Satellite Sea Surface Temperature Product Comparison for the Southern African Marine Region

Krug, S.E.[Sarah E.] Co Author Listing * Digital phase correction of a partially coherent sparse aperture system

Kruger, A. Co Author Listing * Building Analysis For Urban Energy Planning Using Key Indicators On Virtual 3d City Models: The Energy Atlas Of Berlin
* Continuous Representation of Ad Hoc Ridesharing Potential, A
* Graph-based markerless registration of city maps using geometric hashing
* Graph-Based Registration of Partial Images of City Maps Using Geometric Hashing
* Integrating GI with non-GI services: showcasing interoperability in a heterogeneous service-oriented architecture
Includes: Kruger, A. Krüger, A. (Maybe also Krueger, A.)Krüger, A.[Antonio] (Maybe also Krueger, A.)

Kruger, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * dual-source approach for 3D human pose estimation from single images, A
* Dual-Source Approach for 3D Pose Estimation from a Single Image, A
* Efficient multi-constrained optimization for example-based synthesis
* Efficient Unsupervised Temporal Segmentation of Motion Data
Includes: Kruger, B.[Bjorn] Krüger, B.[Björn] (Maybe also Krueger, B.)

Kruger, C.[Christof] Co Author Listing * Improving person detection using synthetic training data

Kruger, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Location-Free Object Tracking on Graph Structures
Includes: Kruger, D.[Daniela] Krüger, D.[Daniela] (Maybe also Krueger, D.)

Kruger, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Temporal Extension for Encoder-Decoder-based Crowd Counting Approaches
Includes: Kruger, F.[Florian] Krüger, F.[Florian] (Maybe also Krueger, F.)

Kruger, H.P. Co Author Listing * Semi-autonomous advanced parking assistants: do they really have to be learned if steering is automated?
Includes: Kruger, H.P. Krüger, H.P. (Maybe also Krueger, H.P.)

Kruger, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Can Modern Technologies Defeat Nazi Censorship?
* Contour Matching Algorithm to Reconstruct Ruptured Documents, A
* Development of a Fire Detection Based on the Analysis of Video Data by Means of Convolutional Neural Networks
* Incident light related distance error study and calibration of the PMD-range imaging camera
* Point Pair Feature Matching: Evaluating Methods to Detect Simple Shapes
* Probabilistic Appearance Models for Segmentation and Classification
* Registration with probabilistic correspondences: Accurate and robust registration for pathological and inhomogeneous medical data
* Segmentation of 3D points from range camera data using scanlines
* Shape from Shading Using Probability Functions and Belief Propagation
Includes: Kruger, J.[Jorg] Krüger, J.[Jörg] (Maybe also Krueger, J.)Kruger, J.[Julia] Krüger, J.[Julia] (Maybe also Krueger, J.)Kruger, J.
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Kruger, J.M.[Juliane M.] Co Author Listing * Stain unmixing in brightfield multiplexed immunohistochemistry

Kruger, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * 3D Action Recognition and Long-Term Prediction of Human Motion
* 3D Shape Reconstruction in Traffic Scenarios Using Monocular Camera and Lidar
* Accurate chequerboard corner localisation for camera calibration
* Evaluation on Estimators for Stochastic and Heuristic Based Cost Functions Using the Epipolar-Constraint, An
* Feature and Viewpoint Selection for Industrial Car Assembly
* Globally optimal hand-eye calibration
* Monocular 3D scene reconstruction at absolute scale
* Monocular 3D Scene Reconstruction at Absolute Scales by Combination of Geometric and Real-Aperture Methods
* Spatio-temporal 3D pose estimation and tracking of human body parts using the Shape Flow algorithm
* Towards Real Time Camera Self Calibration: Significance and Active Selection
* Tracking of Human Body Parts using the Multiocular Contracting Curve Density Algorithm
* Training of classifiers using virtual samples only
* Versatile Model-Based Visibility Measure for Geometric Primitives, A
Includes: Kruger, L.[Lars] Krüger, L.[Lars] (Maybe also Krueger, L.)Kruger, L.
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Kruger, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * email: Kruger, N.[Norbert]: nkrueger AT neuroinformatik ruhr-uni-bochum de
* Accumulation of Different Visual Feature Descriptors in a Coherent Framework
* Algorithm for the Learning of Weights in Discrimination Functions Using a Priori Constraints, An
* Bayesian Classification of Image Structures
* compact harmonic code for early vision based on anisotropic frequency channels, A
* Continuous dimensionality characterization of image structures
* Deep Hierarchies in the Primate Visual Cortex: What Can We Learn for Computer Vision?
* Determination of Face Position and Pose with a Learned Representation Based on Labeled Graphs
* Disparity disambiguation by fusion of signal- and symbolic-level information
* Driving School System: Learning Basic Driving Skills From a Teacher in a Real Car, The
* ECOVISION: Challenges in Early-Cognitive Vision
* Estimation of Face Position and Pose with Labeled Graphs
* explicit and compact coding of geometric and structural image information applied to stereo processing, An
* Extracting Categories by Hierarchical Clustering Using Global Relational Features
* Extraction of Object Representations from Stereo Image Sequences Utilizing Statistical and Deterministic Regularities in Visual Data
* Face Recognition by Elastic Bunch Graph Matching
* In Search of Inliers: 3D Correspondence by Local and Global Voting
* Indoor Objects and Outdoor Urban Scenes Recognition by 3D Visual Primitives
* Integrating Semi-Supervised Learning with an Expert System for Vegetation Cover Classification Using Sentinel-2 and RapidEye Data
* Large-Scale 3D Object Recognition Dataset, A
* Learning Objects and Grasp Affordances through Autonomous Exploration
* Multi-Modal Matching Applied to Stereo
* Multi-modal Scene Reconstruction using Perceptual Grouping Constraints
* Object Detection Using a Combination of Multiple 3D Feature Descriptors
* Object Recognition with Representations Based on Sparsified Gabor Wavelets used as Local Line Detectors
* Orassyll: Object Recognition with Autonomously Learned and Sparse Symbolic Representations Based on Local Line Detectors
* ORASSYLL: Object Recognition with Autonomously Learned and Sparse Symbolic Representations Based on Metrically Organized Local Line Detectors
* performance evaluation of point pair features, A
* Proactive Control for Online Individual User Adaptation in a Welfare Robot Guidance Scenario: Toward Supporting Elderly People
* Probabilistic Definition of Intrinsic Dimensionality for Images, A
* Real-time extraction of surface patches with associated uncertainties by means of Kinect cameras
* Scene Representation Based on Multi-Modal 2D and 3D Features, A
* Semantic Reasoning for Scene Interpretation
* Shape Dependency of ICP Pose Uncertainties in the Context of Pose Estimation Systems
* Spatial-Temporal Junction Extraction and Semantic Interpretation
* Statistical Analysis of Local 3D Structure in 2D Images
* Statistics of Second Order Multi-modal Feature Events and Their Exploitation in Biological and Artificial Visual Systems
* Stereo and Active-Sensor Data Fusion for Improved Stereo Block Matching
* Teach it Yourself: Fast Modeling of Industrial Objects for 6D Pose Estimation
* Temporal accumulation of oriented visual features
* two-level real-time vision machine combining coarse- and fine-grained parallelism, A
* Using multi-modal 3D contours and their relations for vision and robotics
* Using surfaces and surface relations in an Early Cognitive Vision system
* Utilizing Semantic Interpretation of Junctions for 3D-2D Pose Estimation
Includes: Kruger, N.[Norbert] Krüger, N.[Norbert] (Maybe also Krueger, N.)Krüger, N. (Maybe also Krueger, N.)Kruger, N. Krüger, N.[Nina] (Maybe also Krueger, N.)
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Kruger, R.P. Co Author Listing * Comments on Nonstationary Assumptions for Gaussian Models of Images
* Computer Diagnosis of Pneumoconiosis
* Image Processing by Digital Computer
* Imaging Applications for Automated Industrial Inspection and Assembly
* Survey of Preprocessing and Feature Extraction Techniques for Radiographic Images, A
* Technical and Economic Assessment of Computer Vision for Industrial Inspection and Robotic Assembly, A

Kruger, S.[Stanley] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Imaging Using a Deep Generative SToRM (Gen-SToRM) Model
* Image Registration using Multiresolution Frequency Domain Correlation
* Image sequence analysis and segmentation using G-blobs
* Motion estimation using adaptive correlation and local directional smoothing
* Multiresolution Frequency Domain Method for Estimating Affine Motion Parameters, A
* New Calibration Scheme For Panoramic Line Scanner
Includes: Kruger, S.[Stanley] Kruger, S. Krüger, S. (Maybe also Krueger, S.)

Kruger, S.E.[Sven E.] Co Author Listing * Hybrid HMM-Based Speech Recognizer Using Kernel-Based Discriminants as Acoustic Models, A
* Mixture of Support Vector Machines for HMM based Speech Recognition
* Speaker Identification and Verification Using Support Vector Machines and Sparse Kernel Logistic Regression
Includes: Kruger, S.E.[Sven E.] Krüger, S.E.[Sven E.] (Maybe also Krueger, S.E.)

Kruger, T. Co Author Listing * Martian Swarm Exploration and Mapping Using Laser SLAM
* Measuring Land Take: Usability of National Topographic Databases as Input for Land Use Change Analysis: A Case Study from Germany
* Patient Registration Using Photogrammetric Surface Reconstruction From Smartphone Imagery
* Single-Layer Laser Scanner for Detection and Localization of Unmanned Swarm Members
* Soil Sealing and the Complex Bundle of Influential Factors: Germany as a Case Study
Includes: Kruger, T. Krüger, T. (Maybe also Krueger, T.)Krüger, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Krueger, T.)

Kruger, U. Co Author Listing * 3-D Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network for Low-Dose CT via Transfer Learning From a 2-D Trained Network
* Adaptive Constraint K-Segment Principal Curves for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Deep learning in medical image registration: a survey
* Framework of Randomized Distribution Features for Visual Representation and Categorization
* Semisupervised Pedestrian Counting With Temporal and Spatial Consistencies
Includes: Kruger, U. Kruger, U.[Uwe]

Kruger, V.[Volker] Co Author Listing * Affine Real-Time Face Tracking Using a Wavelet Network
* Affine Real-time Face Tracking Using Gabor Wavelet Networks
* Appearance-Based 3-D Face Recognition from Video
* Comparative Evaluation of 3D Pose Estimation of Industrial Objects in RGB Pointclouds
* Comparison of Iterative 2D-3D Pose Estimation Methods for Real-Time Applications, A
* Efficient Head Pose Estimation with Gabor Wavelet Networks
* Exemplar-Based Face Recognition from Video
* Face Recognition from Video: A Condensation Approach
* Fast and Accurate Unknown Object Segmentation for Robotic Systems
* Gabor wavelet networks for efficient head pose estimation
* Gabor Wavelet Networks for Object Representation
* Gait-based recognition of humans using continuous HMMs
* Gradient-Enhanced Particle Filter for Vision-Based Motion Capture
* Hierarchical wavelet networks for facial feature localization
* Identification of Humans Using Gait
* Innovative HMI and Control Concept for Efficient Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles
* Integrating Video Information over Time. Example: Face Recognition from Video
* Iris recognition by fusing different representations of multi-scale Taylor expansion
* Optical flow computation in the log-polar plane
* Parametric Hidden Markov Models for Recognition and Synthesis of Movements
* Primitive Based Action Representation and Recognition
* Probabilistic Model-Based Background Subtraction
* Recognition of Action as a Bayesian Parameter Estimation Problem over Time
* Recognizing Action Primitives in Complex Actions Using Hidden Markov Models
* Single View Motion Tracking by Depth and Silhouette Information
* survey of advances in vision-based human motion capture and analysis, A
* Teleconferencing Using an Attentive Camera System
* Tracking in object action space
* Using Hidden Markov Models for Recognizing Action Primitives in Complex Actions
* Visual Analysis of Humans: Looking at People
* Wavelet networks for face processing
Includes: Kruger, V.[Volker] Krüger, V.[Volker] (Maybe also Krueger, V.)Krüger, V. (Maybe also Krueger, V.)Kruger, V. Krüger, V.[Vanessa] (Maybe also Krueger, V.)
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Kruger, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Appearance and Motion Based Persistent Multiple Object Tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery
* Change Detection In UAV Video Mosaics Combining A Feature Based Approach And Extended Image Differencing
* Detection, Segmentation, and Tracking of Moving Objects in UAV Videos
* Evaluation of object segmentation to improve moving vehicle detection in aerial videos
* Robust and efficient map-to-image registration with line segments
* Robust and fast detection of moving vehicles in aerial videos using sliding windows
* Usage of Vehicle Re-Identification Models for Improved Persistent Multiple Object Tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery
Includes: Kruger, W.[Wolfgang] Krüger, W.[Wolfgang] (Maybe also Krueger, W.)
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Kruggel Emden, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Real-time multitarget tracking for sensor-based sorting
Includes: Kruggel Emden, H.[Harald] Kruggel-Emden, H.[Harald]

Kruggel, F. Co Author Listing * 3D MR Image Restoration by Combining Local Genetic Algorithm with Adaptive Pre-conditioning
* Automatical Adaptation of Anatomical Masks to the Neocortex
* Computational cost of nonrigid registration algorithms based on fluid dynamics
* Extracting Lines of Maximal Depth from MRI Images of the Human Brain
* Fast Segmentation of Brain Magnetic Resonance Tomograms
* Markov Pixon Information Approach for Low-Level Image Description, A
* Nonlinear regression analysis of the hemodynamic response in functional MRI
* Object-Based Approach for Detecting Small Brain Lesions: Application to Virchow-Robin Spaces, An
* Optimization Algorithms for Labeling Brain Sulci Based on Graph Matching
* Probabilistic modeling of single-trial fMRI data
* Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Approach for Q-Ball Imaging, A
* Segmentation of large brain lesions
* Segmentation of MR-Images With Intensity Inhomogeneities
* Segmentation of Vector Fields by Critical Point Analysis: Application to Brain Deformation
* Simple Measure for Acuity in Medical Images, A
* Structural brain asymmetry as revealed by 3d texture analysis of anatomical MR images
* Texture Anisotropy of the Brain's White Matter as Revealed by Anatomical MRI
* Three-dimensional texture analysis of MRI brain datasets
* Unsupervised Clustering Method Using the Entropy Minimization, An
* White matter lesion segmentation based on feature joint occurrence probability and [chi]2 random field theory from magnetic resonance (MR) images
Includes: Kruggel, F. Kruggel, F.[Frithjof]
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Kruglov, A.V. Co Author Listing * Algorithm of the Roundwood Volume Measurement via Photogrammetry, The

Kruglov, S.K. Co Author Listing * Superresolution Contour Reconstruction Approach to a Linear Thermal Expansion Measurement

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