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Hamici, Z. Co Author Listing * Image cryptography based on the imitation of gene fusion and horizontal gene transfer

Hamid Lakzaeian, F.[Fatemeh] Co Author Listing * Integrated Octree-RANSAC Technique for Automated LiDAR Building Data Segmentation for Decorative Buildings, An
Includes: Hamid Lakzaeian, F.[Fatemeh] Hamid-Lakzaeian, F.[Fatemeh]

Hamid, A. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation Based Upon a New Statistical Pattern Classification Approach

Hamid, A.I.A. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of Sea Level Rise over Malaysian Seas from Satellite Altimeter
* Coastal Vulnerability Index Development: a Review
* Impact of Sea Level Rise on Geodetic Vertical Datum of Peninsular Malaysia, The
* Open-Source Digital Elevation Model (DEMs) Evaluation with GPS and LiDAR Data

Hamid, E.[Erman] Co Author Listing * Game Interface Design: Measuring the Player's Gameplay Experience

Hamid, G. Co Author Listing * Design for a Visual-Motion Transducer, A
* Identifying Planar Regions in a Scene Using Uncalibrated Stereo Vision

Hamid, H.A.[Hamzaini Abdul] Co Author Listing * Development of Total Knee Replacement Digital Templating Software
* Impact of train positioning inaccuracies on railway traffic management systems: framework development and impacts on TMS functions
Includes: Hamid, H.A.[Hamzaini Abdul] Hamid, H.A.[Hassan Abdulsalam]

Hamid, I. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal medical image fusion using 2DPCA

Hamid, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * simple image-adaptive watermarking algorithm with blind extraction, A

Hamid, M.R. Co Author Listing * Object segmentation using feature based conditional morphology

Hamid, M.S. Co Author Listing * Genetic algorithm optimization of multidimensional grayscale soft morphological filters with applications in film archive restoration
* Improvement of stereo matching algorithm for 3D surface reconstruction
Includes: Hamid, M.S. Hamid, M.S.[M. Saad]

Hamid, N.N.A.A.[Nazatul Naquiah Ahba Abd] Co Author Listing * Investigating Blind User Preference on Tactile Symbols for Landmarks on Audio-Tactile Map

Hamid, R. Co Author Listing * Audio-visual flow: A variational approach to multi-modal flow estimation
* Dense Non-rigid Point-Matching Using Random Projections
* Depth-Guided Sparse Structure-from-Motion for Movies and TV Shows
* Detection and Explanation of Anomalous Activities: Representing Activities as Bags of Event n-Grams
* Fast Approximate Matching of Videos from Hand-Held Cameras for Robust Background Subtraction
* Geospatial Correspondences for Multimodal Registration
* Global-scale object detection using satellite imagery
* Hardware compliant approximate image codes
* Intro and Recap Detection for Movies and TV Series
* Large-scale damage detection using satellite imagery
* Large-Scale Video Summarization Using Web-Image Priors
* novel sequence representation for unsupervised analysis of human activities, A
* Player localization using multiple static cameras for sports visualization
* Robust and Efficient Framework for Sports-Field Registration, A
* Robust Cross-Modal Representation Learning with Progressive Self-Distillation
* Shot Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning for Scene Boundary Detection
* Structure from Statistics: Unsupervised Activity Analysis using Suffix Trees
* Taylor expansion based classifier adaptation: Application to person detection
* Toward a Generalizable Image Representation for Large-Scale Change Detection: Application to Generic Damage Analysis
* Unsupervised analysis of activity sequences using event-motifs
* visualization framework for team sports captured using multiple static cameras, A
Includes: Hamid, R. Hamid, R.[Raffay]
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Hamid, S.[Suraya] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Learning Analytics in Higher Educational Institutions: A Review
* Towards Big Data Quality Framework for Malaysia's Public Sector Open Data Initiative

Hamid, T. Co Author Listing * dynamic cost-centric risk impact metrics development, A
* new robust watermarking scheme based on polynomial decomposition, A
* Spam image detection based on convolutional block attention module
Includes: Hamid, T. Hamid, T.[Tairi]

Hamida, A.[Adnan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Self-Calibrated Convolution for Real-Time Image Super-Resolution

Hamida, A.B.[Ahmed Ben] Co Author Listing * MR Image Monomodal Registration Using Structure Similarity Index

Hamida, E.B. Co Author Listing * On the Interrelation of Security, QoS, and Safety in Cooperative ITS

Hamidi Rad, S.[Shahab] Co Author Listing * Overview of the Neural Network Compression and Representation (NNR) Standard
Includes: Hamidi Rad, S.[Shahab] Hamidi-Rad, S.[Shahab]

Hamidi, A.[Arsham] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning-Based Fast Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Image Denoising for Smart Laser Osteotomy
* Modeling of Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Based on Stochastic Differential Equations: Application to Denoising

Hamidi, H. Co Author Listing * Local selected features of dual-tree complex wavelet transform for single sample face recognition

Hamidi, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Blind Robust 3-D Mesh Watermarking Based on Mesh Saliency and QIM Quantization for Copyright Protection
* Invariance analysis of modified C2 features: case study: Handwritten digit recognition
* Learning top-down feature based attention control
* Moroccan Dialect Speech Recognition System Based on CMU SphinxTools
* Online learning of task-driven object-based visual attention control
Includes: Hamidi, M.[Mohamed] Hamidi, M.[Mandana] Hamidi, M.

Hamidinekoo, A.[Azam] Co Author Listing * Mammographic mass classification using filter response patches

Hamidouche, M. Co Author Listing * Improving Classification Accuracy With Graph Filtering
* In-Flight Retrieval of SCIAMACHY Instrument Spectral Response Function
Includes: Hamidouche, M. Hamidouche, M.[Mourad]

Hamidouche, W.[Wassim] Co Author Listing * 4K Real-Time and Parallel Software Video Decoder for Multilayer HEVC Extensions
* adaptive perceptual quantization method for HDR video coding, An
* Adaptive Quantizer for High Dynamic Range Content: Application to Video Coding, An
* Channel-Spatial Mutual Attention Network for 360° Salient Object Detection
* CNN Oriented Complexity Reduction Of VVC Intra Encoder
* Compression efficiency of the emerging video coding tools
* Demo: UHD live video streaming with a real-time scalable HEVC encoder
* Efficient DVFS for low power HEVC software decoder
* Efficient parallel architecture of an intra-only scalable multi-layer HEVC encoder
* EGB: Image Quality Assessment based on Ensemble of Gradient Boosting
* Estimating encoding complexity of a real-time embedded software HEVC codec
* Fixation-Based 360° Benchmark Dataset For Salient Object Detection, A
* Forward-Inverse 2D Hardware Implementation of Approximate Transform Core for the VVC Standard
* Generic statistical multiplexer with a parametrized bitrate allocation criteria
* Light Field Image Coding Using VVC Standard and View Synthesis Based on Dual Discriminator GAN
* Light Field Image Compression Based on Convolutional Neural Networks and Linear Approximation
* Low power HEVC software decoder for mobile devices
* Low-Complexity Scalable Encoder Based on Local Adaptation of the Spatial Resolution
* Machine Learning Based Efficient Qt-Mtt Partitioning for VVC Inter Coding
* Machine Learning Based Efficient QT-MTT Partitioning Scheme for VVC Intra Encoders
* Micro-expression recognition from local facial regions
* Multi-FoV Viewport-Based Visual Saliency Model Using Adaptive Weighting Losses for 360° Images, A
* Multi-output speckle reduction filter for ultrasound medical images based on multiplicative multiresolution decomposition
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* On predicting the HEVC intra quad-tree partitioning with tunable energy and rate-distortion
* Optimal Adaptive Quantization Based on Temporal Distortion Propagation Model for HEVC
* Optimal resource allocation for Medium Grain Scalable video transmission over MIMO channels
* Prediction-Aware Quality Enhancement of VVC Using CNN
* Predictive Uncertainty Estimation for Camouflaged Object Detection
* Quality-Driven Dynamic VVC Frame Partitioning for Efficient Parallel Processing
* Quality-Driven Variable Frame-Rate for Green Video Coding in Broadcast Applications
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Tree-Structured Point-Lattice Vector Quantization for Compression of 3D Point Clouds Geometry
* Real time SHVC decoder: Implementation and complexity analysis
* Real-time selective video encryption based on the chaos system in scalable HEVC extension
* ROI encryption for the HEVC coded video contents
* Scalable HEVC decoder for mobile devices: Trade-off between energy consumption and quality
* solution to efficient power allocation for H.264/SVC video transmission over a realistic MIMO channel using precoder designs, A
* Study on the Impact of Training Data in CNN-Based Super-Resolution for Low Bitrate End-to-End Video Coding, A
* Towards Audio-Visual Saliency Prediction for Omnidirectional Video with Spatial Audio
* Tunable VVC Frame Partitioning Based on Lightweight Machine Learning
* Unified real time software decoder for HEVC extensions
* Visual Attention-Aware High Dynamic Range Quantization for HEVC Video Coding
Includes: Hamidouche, W.[Wassim] Hamidouche, W.
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Hamidov, S. Co Author Listing * Offset Aperture: A Passive Single-Lens Camera for Depth Sensing

Hamidzadeh, B. Co Author Listing * Object reconstruction and pose indexing by volume feedback
* Personalized Face Animation In Showface System
* Talking Face: Using Facial Feature Detection and Image Transformations for Visual Speech
Includes: Hamidzadeh, B. Hamidzadeh, B.[Babak]

Hamidzadeh, J.[Javad] Co Author Listing * IRAHC: Instance Reduction Algorithm using Hyperrectangle Clustering
* New Hermite orthogonal polynomial kernel and combined kernels in Support Vector Machine classifier

Hamila, R. Co Author Listing * Face segmentation in thumbnail images by data-adaptive convolutional segmentation networks
* Impulse noise removal in highly corrupted color images
* Power control and RB allocation in cloud radio access networks
* Revisiting crowd counting: State-of-the-art, trends, and future perspectives
Includes: Hamila, R. Hamila, R.[Ridha]

Hamill, B.[Barbra] Co Author Listing * Dual Consistency Enabled Weakly and Semi-Supervised Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation With Dual Adaptive Graph Convolutional Networks

Hamill, C.F.[Carroll Francis] Co Author Listing * Non-integer scaling of raster images
* Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement
* Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement using an anamorphically scaled intermediate bitmap

Hamill, J.J. Co Author Listing * Experimental Comparison of Lesion Detectability for Four Fully-3D PET Reconstruction Schemes

Hamill, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Line Printer Modification for Better Gray Level Pictures

Hamilton, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Adaptable Underwater Networks: The Relation between Autonomy and Communications
* Estimation of the Spectral Sensitivity Functions of Un-Modified and Modified Commercial Off-the-Shelf Digital Cameras to Enable Their Use as a Multispectral Imaging System for UAVS
Includes: Hamilton, A.[Alexander] Hamilton, A.

Hamilton, B.[Blaine] Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2015 competition on text line detection in historical documents
* Local Time-Domain Spherical Harmonic Spatial Encoding for Wave-Based Acoustic Simulation
* Sampling and Reconstruction on a Diamond Grid and the Tetrahedral Digital Waveguide Mesh
Includes: Hamilton, B.[Blaine] Hamilton, B.

Hamilton, B.A. Co Author Listing * Document ranking by layout relevance
* Fingerprint Readers: Vulnerabilities to Front- and Back- end Attacks

Hamilton, C.H. Co Author Listing * Recompression of JPEG images by requantization

Hamilton, C.W. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Subkilometer Crater Shape Analysis Using Individual HiRISE Images, A
* Revealing Active Mars with HiRISE Digital Terrain Models
Includes: Hamilton, C.W. Hamilton, C.W.[Christopher W.]

Hamilton, D. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Video for Protecting Crowded Sports Venues
* Mapping Burn Extent of Large Wildland Fires from Satellite Imagery Using Machine Learning Trained from Localized Hyperspatial Imagery
* Mapping Forest Burn Extent from Hyperspatial Imagery Using Machine Learning
* Roles of Autonomy and Assurance in the Future of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems in Low-Altitude Airspace Operations, The
* Thermal Invariants for Material Labeling and Site Monitoring Using Midwave Infrared Imagery
Includes: Hamilton, D. Hamilton, D.[Dale] Hamilton, D.[Denzel]

Hamilton, D.A.[Dale A.] Co Author Listing * Wildland Fire Tree Mortality Mapping from Hyperspatial Imagery Using Machine Learning

Hamilton, D.P.[David P.] Co Author Listing * Relationship of Attributes of Soil and Topography with Land Cover Change in the Rift Valley Basin of Ethiopia

Hamilton, E.R.[Eric R.] Co Author Listing * Computer-based video compression system

Hamilton, G.[Grant] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Koalas with Deep Learning Ensembles
* Comparison of UAV-Derived Dense Point Clouds Using LiDAR and NIR Photogrammetry in an Australian Eucalypt Forest, A
* First-Order Estimates of Coastal Bathymetry in Ilulissat and Naajarsuit Fjords, Greenland, from Remotely Sensed Iceberg Observations
Includes: Hamilton, G.[Grant] Hamilton, G.[Gordon]

Hamilton, H.[Harley] Co Author Listing * American Sign Language Phrase Verification in an Educational Game for Deaf Children
* CopyCat: An American Sign Language game for deaf children
* novel approach to American Sign Language (ASL) phrase verification using reversed signing, A

Hamilton, J. Co Author Listing * a-f BLAST: Non-Iterative Radial k-t BLAST Reconstruction for Real-Time Imaging
* Multimodal Reconstruction Using Vector Representation
Includes: Hamilton, J. Hamilton, J.[John]

Hamilton, J.F.[John F.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for addressing a font to suppress Moire patterns occurring thereby and a method for use therein
* Compassionately Conservative Balanced Cuts for Image Segmentation
* Electronic graphic arts screener
* Tile-oriented technique for collectively performing image rotation, scaling and digital halftone screening
Includes: Hamilton, J.F.[John F.] Hamilton, Jr., J.F.[John F.] Hamilton, J.F.

Hamilton, J.I. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning for Rapid Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Tissue Property Quantification

Hamilton, K.J.[Kevin J.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing on Alfalfa as an Approach to Optimize Production Outcomes: A Review of Evidence and Directions for Future Assessments

Hamilton, L. Co Author Listing * Focal plane array folding for efficient information extraction and tracking

Hamilton, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Detection of Mouse-Ear Hawkweed Using Drones, Multispectral Imagery and Supervised Machine Learning
* Comparing Correspondences: Video Prediction with Correspondence-wise Losses
* Film language
* OASIS: A Large-Scale Dataset for Single Image 3D in the Wild
* Vehicle Detection with Automotive Radar Using Deep Learning on Range-Azimuth-Doppler Tensors
Includes: Hamilton, M.[Mark] Hamilton, M.[Max] Hamilton, M.[Marcy] Hamilton, M.

Hamilton, M.C.K. Co Author Listing * Integrated Segmentation and Interpolation of Sparse Data
* Registration and Modeling From Spaced and Misaligned Image Volumes

Hamilton, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Mapping Burn Extent of Large Wildland Fires from Satellite Imagery Using Machine Learning Trained from Localized Hyperspatial Imagery

Hamilton, O.K.[Oliver K.] Co Author Listing * foreground object based quantitative assessment of dense stereo approaches for use in automotive environments, A
* Generalized dynamic object removal for dense stereo vision based scene mapping using synthesised optical flow
Includes: Hamilton, O.K.[Oliver K.] Hamilton, O.K.

Hamilton, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Methodologies for the Segmentation of Squamous Epithelium from Cervical Histological Virtual Slides

Hamilton, R. Co Author Listing * Detection of Intracranial Hypertension using Deep Learning

Hamilton, R.J. Co Author Listing * Volume rendering quantification algorithm for reconstruction of CT volume-rendered structures. 1. Cerebral arteriovenous malformations

Hamilton, R.W.[Reid W.] Co Author Listing * Integrated Use of 3-D Site Models and ATR in SAR Image Exploitation

Hamilton, S.[Strath] Co Author Listing * Film language

Hamilton, S.J. Co Author Listing * Deep D-Bar: Real-Time Electrical Impedance Tomography Imaging With Deep Neural Networks
* Direct EIT Reconstructions of Complex Admittivities on a Chest-Shaped Domain in 2-D
* Hybrid Segmentation and D-Bar Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography, A
* Incorporating a Spatial Prior into Nonlinear D-Bar EIT Imaging for Complex Admittivities

Hamisi, M. Co Author Listing * Using MCSST Method for Measuring Sea Surface Temperature with MODIS Imagery and Modeling and Prediction of Regional Variations with Least Squares Method (Case Study: Persian Gulf, Iran)

Hamitouche Djabou, C.[Chafiaa] Co Author Listing * Discrete Curve Evolution on Arbitrary Triangulated 3D Mesh
Includes: Hamitouche Djabou, C.[Chafiaa] Hamitouche-Djabou, C.[Chafiaa]

Hamitouche, C. Co Author Listing * Design of New Surface Detection Operators in the Case of an Anisotropic Sampling of 3D Volume Data
* Discrete Topology of (An*) Optimal Sampling Grids. Interest in Image Processing and Visualization
* Moment-based operator for sub-voxel surface extraction in medical imaging
Includes: Hamitouche, C. Hamitouche, C.[Chafiaā]

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