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8405 * Adaptive Relaxation Labeling
* Algebraic Approach to Shape-from-Image Problems, An
* Apparatus for detecting moving body
* Classification Bias of the K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
* Color Vision: Representing Material Categories
* Computation of Optic Flow from the Motion of Edge Features in Image Sequences
* Converging Squares Algorithm: An Efficient Method for Locating Peaks in Multidimensions, The
* Determining Vanishing Points from Perspective Images
* Difference and Accumulative Difference Pictures in Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Digital Circles
* Digital Disks
* Dynamic Quantization: Two Adaptive Data Structures for Multidimensional Squares
* Exact Reproduction of Colored Images
* Extremum Principle for Shape from Contour, An
* Generalized Ordering Constraint for Stereo Correspondence, A
* Graph Distance Measure for Image Analysis, A
* Incorporating Spectral and Spatial Knowledge in the Identification of Unique Objects in High Resolution Aerial Images
* Incremental Acquisition of a Three-Dimensional Scene Model from Images
* Matching Sticks, Plates, and Blobs Objects Using Geometric and Relational Constraints
* Neurons with Graded Response Have Collective Computational Properties Like Those of Two-State Neurons
* New Measures of Similarity between Two Contours Based on Optimal Bivariate Transforms
* Object Decomposition and Subpart Identification: Classification Algorithms
* Octree Representations of Moving Objects
* On Encoding Boundaries with Quadtrees
* On the Encoding and Representing of Images
* Optimal Global Nearest Neighbor Metric, An
* Parallel Parsing Algorithms and VLSI Implementation for Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Print Quality Measurements for High-Speed Electrophotographic Printers
* PRISM: A Practical Real-Time Imaging Stereo Matcher
* Quad Encoded Display
* Recognition method and apparatus
* Representation and Shape Matching of 3-D Objects
* Simple Enhancement Techniques in Digital Image Processing
* Solving Three-Dimensional Small-Rotation Motion Equations: Uniqueness, Algorithms, and Numerical Results
* Syntactic Approach to 3-D Object Representation, A
* Systematic Triangulations
* Tactile Recognition and Localization Using Object Models: The Case of Polyhedra on a Plane
* Texture Boundary Formation via Structural Region Growing
* Theory for Invariant Object Recognition in the Frontoparallel Plane, A
* Two-Stage Cross Correlation Approach to Template Matching, A
* Virtual Memory System for Picture Processing, A
* Visual and Conceptual Hierarchy: A Paradigm for Studies of Automated Generation of Recognition Strategies
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