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IVMSP16 * *Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing Workshop
* Adaptive image inpainting algorithm based on generalized principal component analysis
* Binary codes K-modes clustering for HSI segmentation
* cached video content management method with priority estimation according to the content property in VCDS-MQ with scalable data, A
* Census regression classification for face recognition against different variations
* Clustering-aware structure-constrained low-rank representation model for learning human action attributes
* CNN-based in-loop filtering for coding efficiency improvement
* comparison study on real-time tracking motorcycle license plates, A
* Context-aware hybrid classification system for fine-grained retail product recognition
* Convolutional sparse representations as an image model for impulse noise restoration
* Domain adaptation via transferring spectral properties of label functions on graphs
* dual modulation algorithm for accurate reproduction of high dynamic range video, A
* Efficient neural network training using curvelet features
* Entropy-difference based stereo error detection
* Estimating the mean manifold of a deformable object from noisy observations
* Grouping multi-vector streaklines for human activity identification
* Highly reduced model of the cardiac function for fast simulation
* Image classifier learning from noisy labels via generalized graph smoothness priors
* Image inpainting through neural networks hallucinations
* Image super-resolution based on convolution neural networks using multi-channel input
* Joint spatial variables nonnegative matrix factorization using constrained gradient method to pansharpen multispectral images
* LASSI: A low-rank and adaptive sparse signal model for highly accelerated dynamic imaging
* Low dose CT image reconstruction with learned sparsifying transform
* Low rank matrix recovery via augmented lagrange multiplier with nonconvex minimization
* Multifractal-based texture segmentation using variational procedure
* Multivariate Bayesian classification of epilepsy EEG signals
* Quantifying the relation between perceived interest and visual salience during free viewing using trellis based optimization
* Range-space based identification of parametric linear systems
* Seismic horizon and pseudo-geological time cube extraction based on a riemmanian geodesic search
* Source localization on graphs via L_1 recovery and spectral graph theory
* SSPARED: Saliency and sparse code analysis for rare event detection in video
* Texture image classification with Riemannian fisher vectors issued from a Laplacian model
* Texture synthesis guided by a low-resolution image
* Total variation constrained graph regularized NMF for medical image registration
* Two-class clustering of nonlinearly separable data by using shape-specific points
* Video coding using multi-reference motion-adaptive transforms based on graphs
* Views selection for SIFT based object modeling and recognition
* X-Ray fluorescence image super-resolution using dictionary learning
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IVMSP18 * *Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing Workshop
* 3D Mesh Inpainting Using Matrix Completion via Augmented Lagrange Multiplier Method
* 3D Thermal Model for Real-Time Condition Monitoring of Electrochemical Processes, A
* 3D-CNN Approach for the Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Surface Deterioration Phenomena, A
* Accelerated Gradient Descent Method for Projections onto the L_1-Ball
* Aerial-CAM: Salient Structures and Textures in Network Class Activation Maps of Aerial Imagery
* Anisotropic Spatiotemporal Regularization in Compressive Video Recovery by Adaptively Modeling the Residual Errors as Correlated Noise
* Application of Range and Color Imaging Sensors for Spatial Orientation Tracking
* Attention-Aware Generative Adversarial Networks (ATA-GANs)
* Comparative Study of Global and Deep Features for the Analysis of User-Generated Natural Disaster Related Images, A
* Comparison of Patch-Based Models in Video Denoising, A
* Deep BCD-Net Using Identical Encoding-Decoding CNN Structures for Iterative Image Recovery
* Deep Learning-Based Sinogram Completion for Low-Dose CT
* Empirical Studies on Phase Retrieval
* Exploring CNN-Based Architectures for Multimodal Salient Event Detection in Videos
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Convolutional Sparse Coding, A
* Fully Unsupervised Optimization of CNN Features Towards Content Based Image Retrieval
* Functional Connectivity in Parkinson Disease Through Mixture Modelling
* Fusion of Compound Queries with Multiple Modalities for Known Item Video Search
* Gender Recognition Based on Social Networks for Multimedia Production
* Handwritten Signature Verification via Deep Sparse Coding Architecture
* Head Pose Estimation for an Omnidirectional Camera Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Improved Solution to the L_0 Regularized Optimization Problem via Dictionary-Reduced Initial Guess
* Learning Discriminative Representations for Big Data Clustering Using Similarity-Based Dimensionality Reduction
* Low Memory Image Reconstruction Algorithm from RAW Images
* Low-Rank Plus Sparse Tensor Models for Light-field Reconstruction from Focal Stack Data
* MindCamera: Interactive Image Retrieval and Synthesis
* Modelling of Material Ageing with Generative Adversarial Networks
* Muscle Type Classification on Ultrasound Imaging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Novel Finger Vein Recognition System Based on Enhanced Maximum Curvature Points, A
* People and Vehicles in Danger: A Fire and Flood Detection System in Social Media
* Quantitative Evaluation of Salient Deep Neural Network Features Using Random Forests
* Tomographic Reconstruction Via 3D Convolutional Dictionary Learning
* Twitter-Based Sensing of City-Level Air Quality
* Video Deconfounding: Hearing-Aid Inspired Video Enhancement
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