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* Action Prediction During Human-Object Interaction Based on DTW and Early Fusion of Human and Object Representations
* Active Learning for Crop-Weed Discrimination by Image Classification from Convolutional Neural Network's Feature Pyramid Levels
* Efficient Video Desnowing and Deraining Method with a Novel Variant Dataset, An
* Enhancing the Performance of Image Classification Through Features Automatically Learned from Depth-Maps
* GridTrack: Detection and Tracking of Multiple Objects in Dynamic Occupancy Grids
* Knowledge-Enabled Generation of Semantically Annotated Image Sequences of Manipulation Activities from VR Demonstrations
* Learning Image-Based Contaminant Detection in Wool Fleece from Noisy Annotations
* Make It Easier: An Empirical Simplification of a Deep 3D Segmentation Network for Human Body Parts
* MARL: Multimodal Attentional Representation Learning for Disease Prediction
* Measuring the Sim2Real Gap in 3D Object Classification for Different 3D Data Representation
* Non-destructive Soft Fruit Mass and Volume Estimation for Phenotyping in Horticulture
* Object Detection on TPU Accelerated Embedded Devices
* Object Localization with Attribute Preference Based on Top-Down Attention
* Robust Counting of Soft Fruit Through Occlusions with Re-identification
* Score to Learn: A Comparative Analysis of Scoring Functions for Active Learning in Robotics
* See the Silence: Improving Visual-Only Voice Activity Detection by Optical Flow and RGB Fusion
* Spatially-Constrained Semantic Segmentation with Topological Maps and Visual Embeddings
* Tackling Inter-class Similarity and Intra-class Variance for Microscopic Image-Based Classification
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Using Second-Order Channel Attention with Varying Receptive Fields
* Video Popularity Prediction Through Fusing Early Viewership with Video Content
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