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Tresadern, P.A.[Philip A.] Co Author Listing * Additive Update Predictors in Active Appearance Models
* Articulated Structure from Motion by Factorization
* Camera calibration from human motion
* Combining Local and Global Shape Models for Deformable Object Matching
* Evaluation of Shape Descriptors for Image Retrieval in Human Pose Estimation, An
* Gradient Constraints Can Improve Displacement Expert Performance
* Real time feature point tracking with automatic model selection
* Real-Time Facial Feature Tracking on a Mobile Device
* Synchronizing Image Sequences of Non-Rigid Objects
* Uncalibrated and unsynchronized human motion capture: A Stereo Factorization Approach
* Video synchronization from human motion using rank constraints
Includes: Tresadern, P.A.[Philip A.] Tresadern, P.A.
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Trescakova, M.[Michaela] Co Author Listing * Second Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge, The

Treskunov, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Predator-prey vision metaphor for multi-tasking virtual environments
* Semi-automatic Surface Scanner For Medical Tangible User Interfaces

Treskunov, A.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic vision system for final test of liquid crystal display

Tresp, V.[Volker] Co Author Listing * ARCADe: A Rapid Continual Anomaly Detector
* Are Vision Transformers Robust to Patch Perturbations?
* Bringing Light Into the Dark: A Large-Scale Evaluation of Knowledge Graph Embedding Models Under a Unified Framework
* Capsule Network is Not More Robust than Convolutional Network
* Discovery of New Multi-Level Features for Domain Generalization via Knowledge Corruption
* Do DALL-E and Flamingo Understand Each Other?
* FRAug: Tackling Federated Learning with Non-IID Features via Representation Augmentation
* Improving the Robustness of Capsule Networks to Image Affine Transformations
* Improving Visual Relation Detection using Depth Maps
* Introspective Learning by Distilling Knowledge from Online Self-explanation
* Multi-event Video-Text Retrieval
* Multi-Output Regularized Projection
* Relationformer: A Unified Framework for Image-to-Graph Generation
* SegPGD: An Effective and Efficient Adversarial Attack for Evaluating and Boosting Segmentation Robustness
* Understanding Individual Decisions of CNNs via Contrastive Backpropagation
Includes: Tresp, V.[Volker] Tresp, V.
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Trespaderne, F.M.[Felix Miguel] Co Author Listing * Inspection of Stamped Sheet Metal Car Parts Using a Multiresolution Image Fusion Technique
* LWDOS: Language for Writing Descriptors of Outline Shapes
* New Approach to Minimize the Energy of Deformable Contours, A
Includes: Trespaderne, F.M.[Felix Miguel] Trespaderne, F.M.[Félix Miguel] Trespaderne, F.M.[Felix M.] Trespaderne, F.M.

Tressler, M.[Miranda] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Modeling of Zoonotic Arbovirus Transmission in Northeastern Florida Using Sentinel Chicken Surveillance and Earth Observation Data

Trestian, R. Co Author Listing * Do I Smell Coffee? The Tale of a 360° Mulsemedia Experience

Treszczotko, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Efficient Single-image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Superkernel Neural Architecture Search for Image Denoising
Includes: Treszczotko, L.[Lukasz] Treszczotko, L.

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