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Tareef, A. Co Author Listing * Morphological Filtering and Hierarchical Deformation for Partially Overlapping Cell Segmentation
* Multi-Pass Fast Watershed for Accurate Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells

Tarek, K. Co Author Listing * Benefit of multiclassifier systems for Arabic handwritten words recognition

Tarek, M. Co Author Listing * Robust cancellable biometrics scheme based on neural networks
* Unimodal-Bio-GAN: Keyless biometric salting scheme based on generative adversarial network
Includes: Tarek, M. Tarek, M.[Mayada]

Tarekegne, A.[Amsal] Co Author Listing * High-Throughput Phenotyping of Canopy Cover and Senescence in Maize Field Trials Using Aerial Digital Canopy Imaging

Tarel, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Tarel, J.P.[Jean Philippe]: tarel AT lcpc fr
* Accurate and Robust Image Alignment for Road Profile Reconstruction
* Algebraic Curves that Work Better
* Angle vertex and bisector geometric model for triangular road sign detection
* Automatic fog detection and estimation of visibility distance through use of an onboard camera
* Backward Segmentation and Region Fitting for Geometrical Visibility Range Estimation
* Calibration of panoramic catadioptric sensors made easier
* Coarse to Fine 3D Registration Method Based on Robust Fuzzy Clustering, A
* Combined Dynamic Tracking and Recognition of Curves with Application to Road Detection
* Complex Representation of Algebraic Curves and Its Simple Exploitation for Pose Estimation and Invariant Recognition, The
* Covariant Conics Decomposition of Quartics for 2D Object Recognition and Affine Alignment
* Covariant-Conics Decomposition of Quartics for 2D Shape Recognition and Alignment
* Curve Finder Combining Perceptual Grouping and a Kalman like Fitting
* Distributed volumetric scene geometry reconstruction with a network of distributed smart cameras
* Enhanced fog detection and free-space segmentation for car navigation
* Evaluation of Robust Fitting Based Detection
* Extending alpha-expansion to a larger set of regularization functions
* Fast Visibility Restoration from a Single Color or Gray Level Image
* Free Space Detection for Autonomous Navigation in Daytime Foggy Weather
* Free-Form Object Reconstruction from Silhouettes, Occluding Edges and Texture Edges: A Unified and Robust Operator Based on Duality
* From 2D Images to 3D Face Geometry
* Generalized Histogram Intersection Kernel for Image Recognition
* generic approach for planar patches stereo reconstruction, A
* Global 3D Planar Reconstruction with Uncalibrated Cameras and Rectified Stereo Geometry
* Guided Bilateral Filter: When the Joint/Cross Bilateral Filter Becomes Robust, The
* Improving the Stability of Algebraic Curves for Applications
* Lagrangian Half-Quadratic approach to robust estimation and its applications to road scene analysis, A
* Linear Dual-Space Approach to 3D Surface Reconstruction from Occluding Contours using Algebraic Surfaces, A
* Mitigation of Visibility Loss for Advanced Camera-Based Driver Assistance
* Multi-Objects Interpretation
* New Complex Basis for Implicit Polynomial Curves and its Simple Exploitation for Pose Estimation and Invariant Recognition, A
* Non-Mercer Kernels for SVM Object Recognition
* Object Predetection Based on Kernel Parametric Distribution Fitting
* Pose Estimation of Free-Form 3D Objects without Point Matching Using Algebraic Surface Models
* Rain or Snow Detection in Image Sequences Through Use of a Histogram of Orientation of Streaks
* Real-Time Road Sign Detection Using Bilateral Chinese Transform, A
* RES: Computing the Interactions Between Real and Virtual Objects in Video Sequences
* Road Sign Detection in Images: A Case Study
* Robust 2D location of interest points by accumulation
* Single Image Atmospheric Veil Removal Using New Priors
* Speeding up active relevance feedback with approximate knn retrieval for hyperplane queries
* Stereo ambiguity index for semi-global matching
* Stereo Reconstruction and Contrast Restoration in Daytime Fog
* Towards Fog-Free In-Vehicle Vision Systems through Contrast Restoration
* Two Images Comparison with Invariance to Illumination Properties
* unified linear fitting approach for singular and nonsingular 3D quadrics from occluding contours, A
* Using Robust Estimation Algorithms for Tracking Explicit Curves
* Visibility Restoration in Infra-Red Images
Includes: Tarel, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Tarel, J.P.[Jean-Philippe] Tarel, J.P.
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Taremizadeh, H.[Hedieh] Co Author Listing * Radar Target Detection and Localization Aided by an Active Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface

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