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Stam, J.[Jos] Co Author Listing * CGI'2011 Conference

Stamatakis, J. Co Author Listing * Validated extraction of gait events from 3D accelerometer recordings

Stamatatos, E. Co Author Listing * Handwritten Character Segmentation Using Transformation-based Learning
* Improving the Quality of Degraded Document Images
* Masking domain-specific information for cross-domain deception detection
Includes: Stamatatos, E. Stamatatos, E.[Efstathios]

Stamatatos, S. Co Author Listing * Discrimination of machine-printed from handwritten text using simple structural characteristics

Stamatelopoulos, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Wide-Area GNSS Corrections for Precise Positioning and Navigation in Agriculture

Stamatescu, G. Co Author Listing * Multi-Camera Tracking of Intelligent Targets with Hidden Reciprocal Chains

Stamatescu, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Automatic Ground Truths: Projected Image Annotations for Omnidirectional Vision
* Multiple particle tracking in time-lapse synchrotron X-ray images using discriminative appearance and neighbouring topology learning
* Track Everything: Limiting Prior Knowledge in Online Multi-Object Recognition
* Understanding Data Augmentation for Classification: When to Warp?
Includes: Stamatescu, V.[Victor] Stamatescu, V.

Stamati, C.[Chrysa] Co Author Listing * Comparison of True-Color and Multispectral Unmanned Aerial Systems Imagery for Marine Habitat Mapping Using Object-Based Image Analysis

Stamato, R. Co Author Listing * Method to Contrast Enhancement of Digital Dense Breast Images Aimed to Detect Clustered Microcalcifications, A

Stamatopoulos, C. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Aspects of Utilizing Raw Imagery In Photogrammetric Measurement
* Accurate and occlusion-robust multi-view stereo
* Calibration of long focal length cameras in close range photogrammetry
* Fully Automated Image Orientation in the Absence of Targets
* Implementation Of Zoom-dependent Camera Calibration In Close-range Photogrammetry
* On The Self-calibration Of Long Focal Length Cameras
Includes: Stamatopoulos, C. Stamatopoulos, C.[Christos]

Stamatopoulos, C.A.[Constantine A.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Machine Learning Methods for Debris Flow Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study in the Sichuan Province, China

Stamatopoulos, M.I.[Michail I.] Co Author Listing * Simulation of an Archaeological Disaster: Reassembling a Fragmented Amphora Using the Thickness Profile Method

Stamatopoulos, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Alternative Deep Feature Approach to Line Level Keyword Spotting, An
* Efficient Feature Extraction and Dimensionality Reduction Scheme for Isolated Greek Handwritten Character Recognition, An
* Efficient Learning-Free Keyword Spotting
* Efficient Transcript Mapping to Ease the Creation of Document Image Segmentation Ground Truth with Text-Image Alignment
* Goal-Oriented Performance Evaluation Methodology for Page Segmentation Techniques
* Goal-Oriented Rectification of Camera-Based Document Images
* Greek Polytonic OCR Based on Efficient Character Class Number Reduction
* GRPOLY-DB: An old Greek polytonic document image database
* Handwriting Segmentation Contest
* ICDAR 2009 Handwriting Segmentation Contest
* ICDAR 2011 Writer Identification Contest
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Writer Identification
* ICDAR 2013 Document Image Skew Estimation Contest (DISEC 2013)
* ICDAR 2013 Handwriting Segmentation Contest
* ICDAR2009 handwriting segmentation contest
* ICFHR 2010 Handwriting Segmentation Contest
* ICFHR 2012 Competition on Writer Identification Challenge 1: Latin/Greek Documents
* Isolated character recognition using projections of oriented gradients
* method for combining complementary techniques for document image segmentation, A
* Methodology for Document Image Dewarping Techniques Performance Evaluation, A
* Novel Two Stage Evaluation Methodology for Word Segmentation Techniques, A
* Performance Evaluation Methodology for Document Image Dewarping Techniques
* Segmentation of historical machine-printed documents using Adaptive Run Length Smoothing and skeleton segmentation paths
Includes: Stamatopoulos, N.[Nikolaos] Stamatopoulos, N.
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Stamatopoulos, V.G. Co Author Listing * Applying Graph Theory on Protein-Protein Interaction Data
* Interpretation of Coherence Phase and Rhythmic Cumulant Results: A Simulation Study

Stamatopoulou, P. Co Author Listing * Modular Mobile Mapping Platform for Complex Indoor and Outdoor Environments, A

Stambaugh, M.C.[Michael C.] Co Author Listing * Performance of Burn-Severity Metrics and Classification in Oak Woodlands and Grasslands

Stambouli, A.B.[A. Boudghene] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic color image denoising and sharpening
* Shock filter coupled to curvature diffusion for image denoising and sharpening
Includes: Stambouli, A.B.[A. Boudghene] Stambouli, A.B.[Amine Boudghene]

Stamenkovic, J.[Jelena] Co Author Listing * Review of Machine Learning Approaches for Biomass and Soil Moisture Retrievals from Remote Sensing Data
* Soil Moisture Estimation by SAR in Alpine Fields Using Gaussian Process Regressor Trained by Model Simulations
Includes: Stamenkovic, J.[Jelena] Stamenkovic, J.

Stamenov, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Panoramic full-frame imaging with monocentric lenses and curved fiber bundles

Stamenov, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Geoinformation Technologies for Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Stamenova, V.[Vanya] Co Author Listing * Geoinformation Technologies for Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Stamile, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Improving QuickBundles to Extract Anatomically Coherent White Matter Fiber-Bundles
* longitudinal model for variations detection in white matter fiber-bundles, A
* Tensor Factorization of Brain Structural Graph for Unsupervised Classification in Multiple Sclerosis
* White Matter Fiber-Bundle Analysis Using Non-negative Tensor Factorization
Includes: Stamile, C.[Claudio] Stamile, C.

Stamm, C. Co Author Listing * PGF: A New Progressive File Format for Lossy and Lossless Image Compression

Stamm, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Spatio-Temporal River Morphological Change and Its Consequences in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System Techniques
Includes: Stamm, J.[Jurgen] Stamm, J.[Jürgen]

Stamm, K. Co Author Listing * Continuous Partial-Order Planning for Multichannel Document Analysis: A Process-Driven Approach
* Searching attentive tasks with document analysis evidences and Dempster-Shafer theory
Includes: Stamm, K. Stamm, K.[Kristin]

Stamm, M. Co Author Listing * Forensic Camera Model Identification: Highlights from the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2018 Student Competition [SP Competitions]

Stamm, M.C. Co Author Listing * Augmented convolutional feature maps for robust CNN-based camera model identification
* Blind forensics of contrast enhancement in digital images
* Computationally efficient demosaicing filter estimation for forensic camera model identification
* Defending Low-Bandwidth Talking Head Videoconferencing Systems From Real-Time Puppeteering Attacks
* Detecting anti-forensic attacks on demosaicing-based camera model identification
* Detecting Video Speed Manipulation
* Do Deepfakes Feel Emotions? A Semantic Approach to Detecting Deepfakes Via Emotional Inconsistencies
* Forensic identification of compressively sensed signals
* Image filter identification using demosaicing residual features
* Mislgan: An Anti-Forensic Camera Model Falsification Framework Using A Generative Adversarial Network
* On Antiforensic Concealability With Rate-Distortion Tradeoff
* Undetectable image tampering through JPEG compression anti-forensics
* Wavelet-based image compression anti-forensics
Includes: Stamm, M.C. Stamm, M.C.[Matthew C.]
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Stamm, O.[Oskar] Co Author Listing * Developing a VR Training Program for Geriatric Patients with Chronic Back Pain
* Virtual Reality Sickness Evaluation in Exergames for Older Hypertensive Patients: A Comparative Study of Training Methods in a Virtual Environment

Stamm, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Computing light statistics in heterogeneous media based on a mass weighted probability density function method

Stammberger, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Filter Scheme For Efficient Corner Detection, A

Stammer, D.[Detlef] Co Author Listing * Interannual Variability of the Congo River Plume-Induced Sea Surface Salinity
* Sea Ice Classification During Freeze-Up Conditions With Multifrequency Scatterometer Data
Includes: Stammer, D.[Detlef] Stammer, D.

Stammer, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Interactive Disentanglement: Learning Concepts by Interacting with their Prototype Representations
* Right for the Right Concept: Revising Neuro-Symbolic Concepts by Interacting with their Explanations

Stammers, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Sensor Data Modeling and Model Frequency Analysis for Detecting Cutting Tool Anomalies in Machining

Stammes, P.[Piet] Co Author Listing * Carbon Dioxide Retrieval from TanSat Observations and Validation with TCCON Measurements

Stamminger, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * 2D-3D-Registration in Computer Tomography without an initial pose
* BRDF-Reconstruction in Photogrammetry Studio Setups
* CherryPicker: Semantic Skeletonization and Topological Reconstruction of Cherry Trees
* Exploiting Visual Artifacts to Expose Deepfakes and Face Manipulations
* Face2Face: Real-Time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos
* NRMVS: Non-Rigid Multi-View Stereo
* Procedural Reproduction of Terrain Textures with Geographic Data
* ShaRPy: Shape Reconstruction and Hand Pose Estimation from RGB-D with Uncertainty
* VolumeDeform: Real-Time Volumetric Non-rigid Reconstruction
Includes: Stamminger, M.[Marc] Stamminger, M.
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Stammler, F. Co Author Listing * Dynamics of a Coupled System: Multi-Resolution Remote Sensing in Assessing Social-Ecological Responses during 25 Years of Gas Field Development in Arctic Russia

Stamnas, E.[Erasmia] Co Author Listing * HD(CP)2 Data Archive for Atmospheric Measurement Data, The

Stamnes, A.A.[Arne Anderson] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Large-Scale, High-Resolution Ground-Penetrating Radar Surveys and Trial Trenching for Archaeological Site Evaluations: A Comparative Study from Two Sites in Norway, The

Stamnes, S.A.[Snorre A.] Co Author Listing * Effect of Partially Melting Droplets on Polarimetric and Bi-Spectral Retrieval of Water Cloud Particle Size

Stamon, G.[Georges] Co Author Listing * 2D building change detection from high resolution satelliteimagery: A two-step hierarchical method based on 3D invariant primitives
* Angular Bisector Network, a Simplified Generalized Voronoi Diagram: Application to Processing Complex Intersections in Biomedical Images
* Anisotropic Diffusion by a Recursive Linear Convolving Method: Application to Space-time Segmentation and Pattern Recognition
* area-based alignment method for 3d urban models, An
* Automatic color space selection for biological image segmentation
* Automatic estimation of fine terrain models from multiple high-resolution satellite images
* Automatic GIS Updating from High Resolution Satellite Images
* Character String Recognition on Maps, a Rotation-Invariant Recognition Method
* Geometric ortho-rectification of flash radar images
* graph cut optimization guided by 3D-features for surface height recovery, A
* method for discontinuous neurite reconstruction based on diffusion tensor, Hessian eigenvector, and diffused gradient vector fields, A
* Methods for Fine Registration of Cadastre Graphs to Images
* Morphological mesh filtering and alpha-objects
* Morphological Operations on Delaunay Triangulations
* Quantification Tool to Analyse Stained Cell Cultures, A
* Strong-from-Weak Model Sensor Estimation in Oblique Views
* Strong-from-weak model sensor estimation using Voronoi diagrams
* Synthesis for handwriting analysis
* Thickness extraction from biological images and interference colors
* Using colour, texture, and hierarchial segmentation for high-resolution remote sensing
* Using DGPS trajectory to evaluate an ortho-rectification method designed for flash radar images
* Veinerization: A New Shape Description for Flexible Skeletonization
Includes: Stamon, G.[Georges] Stamon, G.[George] Stamon, G.
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Stamos, A.A. Co Author Listing * 0.4 Arc-Sec Tandem-X Intermediate DEM with Respect to the SRTM and Aster Global DEMS, The
* Enhanced first approximation for ICP-based global matching of free-form curves in side-looking radar geometry
* Evaluation of SAR Data as Source of Ground Control Information: First Results
* Geodetic Reference System Transformations Of 3d Archival Geospatial Data Using A Single Ssc Terrasar-x Image
* Georeference of TerraSAR-X Images using Networks of Ground Control Linear Features
* Rapid Geometric Correction of SSC TERRASAR-X Images with Direct Georeferencing, Global DEM and Global Geoid Models
* Registration of Unrectified Optical and SAR imagery over Mountainous Areas through Automatic Free-form Features Global Matching
* TanDEM-X DEM: Comparative performance review employing LIDAR data and DSMs
Includes: Stamos, A.A. Stamos, A.A.[Athanasios A.] Stamos, A.A.[Athanassios A.]
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Stamos, D.[Dimitris] Co Author Listing * Learning with dataset bias in latent subcategory models

Stamos, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * 3-D Model Construction using Range and Image Data
* 3D Modeling Using Planar Segments and Mesh Elements
* 3D Modelling from Range Imagery: An Incremental Method with a Planning Component
* Automated 3D modeling of urban environments
* Automated feature-based range registration of urban scenes of large scale
* Automatic 3D to 2D Registration for the Photorealistic Rendering of Urban Scenes
* Automatic Kronecker Product Model Based Detection of Repeated Patterns in 2D Urban Images
* Automatic Model Acquisition from Range Images with View Planning
* Automatic Procedural Modeling of Tree Structures in Point Clouds Using Wavelets
* Automatic Registration of 2-D with 3-D Imagery in Urban Environments
* AVENUE: Automated site modeling in urban environments
* Classification of Vehicle Parts in Unstructured 3D Point Clouds
* CNN-Based Object Segmentation in Urban LIDAR with Missing Points
* Detection of windows in point clouds of urban scenes
* Efficient model creation of large structures based on range segmentation
* Frustum VoxNet for 3D object detection from RGB-D or Depth images
* Geometry and Texture Recovery of Scenes of Large Scale
* Integrating Automated Range Registration with Multiview Geometry for the Photorealistic Modeling of Large-Scale Scenes
* Interactive Sensor Planning
* Kronecker Product Model for Repeated Pattern Detection on 2D Urban Images, A
* Multiview Geometry for Texture Mapping 2D Images Onto 3D Range Data
* New Methods for Digital Modeling of Historic Sites
* Online Algorithms for Classification of Urban Objects in 3D Point Clouds
* Online Detection of Repeated Structures in Point Clouds of Urban Scenes for Compression and Registration
* Online facade reconstruction from dominant frequencies in structured point clouds
* Range Image Registration Based on Circular Features
* Range Image Segmentation for Modeling and Object Detection in Urban Scenes
* Real Time Detection of Repeated Structures in Point Clouds of Urban Scenes
* Semi-automatic range to range registration: A feature-based method
* Sequential Classification in Point Clouds of Urban Scenes
* Special Issue on Large-Scale 3D Modeling of Urban Indoor or Outdoor Scenes from Images and Range Scans
* systematic approach for 2D-image to 3D-range registration in urban environments, A
* View Planning for Site Modeling
Includes: Stamos, I.[Ioannis] Stamos, I.
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Stamou, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive rule-based recognition of events in video sequences
* Deep Learning Monitoring of Woody Vegetation Density In A South African Savannah Region
* Heuristics for Evaluation of AI Generated Music
* Mood detection analyzing lyrics and audio signal based on deep learning architectures
* Synthesis and Applications of Lattice Image Operators Based on Fuzzy Norms
Includes: Stamou, G. Stamou, G.[Giorgos] Stamou, G.[George]

Stamou, G.N. Co Author Listing * Object Tracking Based on Morphological Elastic Graph Matching

Stamou, L.[Leda] Co Author Listing * Generalization of Soundings across Scales: From DTM to Harbour and Approach Nautical Charts
* Online Map Services: Contemporary Cartography or a New Cartographic Culture?

Stamoulias, I. Co Author Listing * High-Performance Vision-Based Navigation on SoC FPGA for Spacecraft Proximity Operations
* HW/SW Codesign and FPGA Acceleration of Visual Odometry Algorithms for Rover Navigation on Mars

Stamoulis, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Multi-Agent Web Image and Associated Keywords Retrieval System, An
* Intelligent Parking Management System Based on Wireless Sensor Network Technology
Includes: Stamoulis, G. Stamoulis, G.[George]

Stamoulis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Image Binarization

Stampach, R.[Radim] Co Author Listing * Method of Constructing Point Generalization Constraints Based on the Cloud Platform

Stampanoni, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Brain micro-vasculature imaging: An unsupervised deep learning algorithm for segmenting mouse brain volume probed by high-resolution phase-contrast X-ray tomography
* Data-Driven Gradient Regularization for Quasi-Newton Optimization in Iterative Grating Interferometry CT Reconstruction
* Forward Regridding Method With Minimal Oversampling for Accurate and Efficient Iterative Tomographic Algorithms, A
* Microstructural Analysis of Cardiac Endomyocardial Biopsies with Synchrotron Radiation-Based X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging
* Synchrotron X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging and Deep Neural Networks for Cardiac Collagen Quantification in Hypertensive Rat Model
Includes: Stampanoni, M.[Marco] Stampanoni, M.

Stamper, D.L. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Osteoarthritis in the Rat Model Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Stampfer, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Precision of Stem Cross-Section Modeling in 3D Point Clouds from TLS and Caliper Measurements for Basal Area Estimation

Stampfer, L. Co Author Listing * Developing a Monitoring Workflow for The Temples of Java
* Digital Workflows for Restoration And Management of the Museum Affandi - A Case Study in Challenging Circumstances

Stampfer, T.[Theresia] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Potential of WorldView-2 Data to Classify Tree Species and Different Levels of Ash Mortality

Stampfle, M. Co Author Listing * Fusion and filtering of multidimensional objects for driver assistance systems

Stampfler, R. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Robot Orientation by Orthogonal Lines, A

Stampolidis, A.[Alexandros] Co Author Listing * Gravity Survey on the Oil-Bearing Dammam Dome (Eastern Saudi Arabia) and Its Implications

Stampouloglou, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Documentation and Virtual Archaeological Restoration of Macedonian Tombs

Stamps, G.M. Co Author Listing * Very High-Speed Facsimile Recorder, A

Stamps, V.O.[Virgil O.] Co Author Listing * Traffic surveillance system

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