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Spana, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Strategic Information Perturbation for an Online In-Vehicle Coordinated Routing Mechanism for Connected Vehicles Under Mixed-Strategy Congestion Game

Spanakis, C.[Constantinos] Co Author Listing * Machine-learning regression in evolutionary algorithms and image registration

Spanel, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * AutoImplant 2020-First MICCAI Challenge on Automatic Cranial Implant Design
* Continuous plane detection in point-cloud data based on 3D Hough Transform
* Delaunay-Based Vector Segmentation of Volumetric Medical Images
* Segmentation of Head and Neck Organs at Risk Using CNN with Batch Dice Loss
* Tetrahedral Meshing of Volumetric Medical Images Respecting Image Edges
Includes: Spanel, M.[Michal] Španel, M.[Michal]

Spang, H.[Henry] Co Author Listing * Robust and Efficient Tracker Using Dictionary of Binary Descriptors and Locality Constraints

Spangenberg, D.A. Co Author Listing * CERES MODIS Cloud Product Retrievals for Edition 4: Part I: Algorithm Changes
* Cloud Detection in Nonpolar Regions for CERES Using TRMM VIRS and Terra and Aqua MODIS Data
Includes: Spangenberg, D.A. Spangenberg, D.A.[Douglas A.]

Spangenberg, G.[German] Co Author Listing * Automated Machine Learning for High-Throughput Image-Based Plant Phenotyping
* Development and Validation of a Model to Combine NDVI and Plant Height for High-Throughput Phenotyping of Herbage Yield in a Perennial Ryegrass Breeding Program
* Fusion of Spectral and Structural Information from Aerial Images for Improved Biomass Estimation
* Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Forage Nutritive Value of In Situ Perennial Ryegrass Plants Using Hyperspectral Canopy Reflectance Data
* Machine Learning Regression Analysis for Estimation of Crop Emergence Using Multispectral UAV Imagery

Spangenberg, G.C.[German C.] Co Author Listing * Design of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle and LiDAR Pipeline for the High-Throughput Phenotyping of Biomass in Perennial Ryegrass

Spangenberg, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * Web-Based Service for Disturbing Image Detection, A

Spangenberg, R. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of object tracking in traffic scenes
* On-line Stereo Self-calibration through Minimization of Matching Costs
* Weighted Semi-Global Matching and Center-Symmetric Census Transform for Robust Driver Assistance
Includes: Spangenberg, R. Spangenberg, R.[Robert]

Spangher, A. Co Author Listing * Geomatic 3D Modeling of a Statue (also) for Structural Analysis and Risk Evaluation: the Example of San Giovannino Martelli in Florence

Spangler, D.P.[Derek P.] Co Author Listing * Multilevel Longitudinal Analysis of Shooting Performance as a Function of Stress and Cardiovascular Responses

Spangler, E. Co Author Listing * Supervised Multi-View Canonical Correlation Analysis (sMVCCA): Integrating Histologic and Proteomic Features for Predicting Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Spangler, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Monitoring with Airborne Wide-Angle Digital Camera System for Estimation of Travel Times

Spanhel, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
* BoxCars: Improving Fine-Grained Recognition of Vehicles Using 3-D Bounding Boxes in Traffic Surveillance
* Comprehensive Data Set for Automatic Single Camera Visual Speed Measurement
* Density-Based Vehicle Counting with Unsupervised Scale Selection
* Determining Vehicle Turn Counts at Multiple Intersections by Separated Vehicle Classes Using CNNs
* Graph@FIT Submission to the NVIDIA AI City Challenge 2018
* Holistic recognition of low quality license plates by CNN using track annotated data
* Learning feature aggregation in temporal domain for re-identification
* PersonGONE: Image Inpainting for Automated Checkout Solution
* PlaneCalib: Automatic Camera Calibration by Multiple Observations of Rigid Objects on Plane
Includes: Spanhel, J.[Jakub] Španhel, J.[Jakub] Španhel, J.
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Spanhove, T.[Toon] Co Author Listing * Burned Area Detection and Burn Severity Assessment of a Heathland Fire in Belgium Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy (APEX)
* Habitat Mapping and Quality Assessment of NATURA 2000 Heathland Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Natura 2000 Habitat Identification and Conservation Status Assessment with Superresolution Enhanced Hyperspectral (CHRIS/PROBA) Imagery
* Object Identification and Characterization with Hyperspectral Imagery to Identify Structure and Function of Natura 2000 Habitats
* Object-Based Approach to Quantity and Quality Assessment of Heathland Habitats in the Framework of Natura 2000 Using Hyperspectral Airborne AHS Images, An
Includes: Spanhove, T.[Toon] Spanhove, T.

Spanias, A. Co Author Listing * Auto-context modeling using multiple Kernel learning
* Automatic image annotation using inverse maps from semantic embeddings
* Consensus Based Distributed Spectral Radius Estimation
* Design and FPGA Implementation of an Adaptive video Subsampling Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Single Object Tracking
* Fast image registration with non-stationary Gauss-Markov random field templates
* Fast Non-Linear Methods for Dynamic Texture Prediction
* Improved sparse coding using manifold projections
* L2-Normalized Spatial Attention Network for Accurate and Fast Classification of Brain Tumors in 2D T1-Weighted CE-MRI Images, An
* Multiple Kernel Sparse Representations for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
* Optimality and stability of the K-hyperline clustering algorithm
* Software-Defined Imaging: A Survey
* Spatially-Varying Sharpness Map Estimation Based on the Quotient of Spectral Bands
* Supervised local sparse coding of sub-image features for image retrieval
Includes: Spanias, A. Spanias, A.[Andreas]
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Spanier, A.B. Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Evaluation of Anatomical Structure Segmentation and Landmark Detection Algorithms: VISCERAL Anatomy Benchmarks
* Rule-Based Ventral Cavity Multi-organ Automatic Segmentation in CT Scans
Includes: Spanier, A.B. Spanier, A.B.[Assaf B.]

Spaniol, J. Co Author Listing * Generalized Multiresolution Analysis of Magnetic-Resonance Images

Spaniol, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Toolkit to Support Dynamic Social Network Visualization, A

Spanjaard, S. Co Author Listing * Direct 3D Pattern Matching in the Domain of Freeform Shapes

Spanjersberg, A.A.[Arie Adriaan] Co Author Listing * Method and device for the recognition of characters, preferably of figures
* Method for recognizing characters

Spank, U.[Uwe] Co Author Listing * Evaluation the Performance of Several Gridded Precipitation Products over the Highland Region of Yemen for Water Resources Management

Spann, M. Co Author Listing * email: Spann, M.: M Spann AT bham ac uk
* 3D Region Representation Based on Run-Lengths: Operations and Efficiency
* 3D Shape Modelling through a Constrained Estimation of a Bicubic B-spline Surface
* 3D Shape Modelling Using a Multi-Scale Surface Model
* Adaptive Gaussian Weighted Filtering for Image Segmentation
* Adaptive Segmentation of Noisy and Textured Images
* Comparison Between Fourier-Mellin Descriptors and Moment Based Features for Invariant Object Recognition Using Neural Networks, A
* Detection of Thin Structures in Images, The
* Edge Enhancement and Fine Feature Restoration of Segmented Objects using Pyramid Based Adaptive Filtering
* Event detection for intelligent car park video surveillance
* Figure/Ground Separation Using Stochastic Pyramid Relinking
* Finite Prolate Spheroidal Sequences and Their Applications II: Image Feature Description and Segmentation
* Image Segmentation Using a Dynamic Thresholding Pyramid
* MIR: An Approach to Robust Clustering-Application to Range Image Segmentation
* Multiresolution Motion Estimation/Segmentation Incorporating Feature Correspondence and Optical Flow
* new approach to clustering, A
* Quad-Tree Approach to Image Segmentation Which Combines Statistical and Spatial Information, A
* Robust Computation of Optical Flow
* Robust Motion Trajectory Estimation for Long Image Sequences with Applications to Motion Compensated Prediction
* Robust Multiresolution Computation of Optical Flow
* Robust Optical Flow Computation Based on Least-Median-of-Squares Regression
* Robust optical flow estimation based on a sparse motion trajectory set
* Robust Region-based Motion Estimation for Video Compression
* Segmentation and Recognition of Arabic Characters by Structural Classification
* Segmentation and Recognition of Printed Arabic Characters
* Segmentation of 2D and 3D Images Through a Hierarchical Clustering Based on Region Modeling
* Segmentation of 2D and 3D Images Through a Hierarchical Clustering Based on Region Modelling
* Texture Feature Performance for Image Segmentation
* Unsupervised Segmentation of 3D and 2D Seismic Reflection Data
Includes: Spann, M. Spann, M.[Michael]
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Spanninger, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Enhancing the Understanding of Train Delays With Delay Evolution Pattern Discovery: A Clustering and Bayesian Network Approach

Spano, A.[Antonia] Co Author Listing * 3d Thermal Mapping of Architectural Heritage
* 4DILAN Project (4th Dimension in Landscape And Artifacts Analyses), The
* Archaeological Site Monitoring: UAV Photogrammetry Can Be an Answer
* Comparison Among Different Optimization Levels in 3D Multi-sensor Models. A Test Case in Emergency Context: 2016 Italian Earthquake, A
* European Interoperable Database (EID) to Increase Resilience Of Cultural Heritage, A
* Fusion-based Workflow for Turning Slam Point Clouds and Fisheye Data Into Texture-enhanced 3d Models, A
* Geomatics Contribution for the Valorisation Project in the Rocca Of San Silvestro Landscape Site, The
* HBIM in a Semantic 3D GIS Database
* HBIM Modelling for An Historical Urban Centre
* High Accuracy Image And Range Based Acquiring For Artistic Handworks 3d-models
* High Scale 3D Modelling And Orthophoto of Curved Masonries for A Multipurpose Representation, Analysis And Assessment
* Historical Buildings Models And Their Handling Via 3d Survey: From Points Clouds To User-oriented Hbim
* Hybrid 3D Models: When Geomatics Innovations Meet Extensive Built Heritage Complexes
* Hybrid GIS-BIM Approach for the Torino Digital-Twin: The Implementation of a Floor-level 3d City Geodatabase
* Integrated HBIM-GIS Models for Multi-Scale Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Historical Buildings
* Lidar Data Analyses for Assessing The Conservation Status of The So-called Baths-church in Hierapolis of Phrygia (tr)
* Multi-Source 3D Models Supporting Ultrasonic Test to Investigate An Egyptian Sculpture of the Archaeological Museum in Bologna
* Multitemporal 3D Modelling for Cultural Heritage Emergency During Seismic Events: Damage Assesment of S. Agostino Church in Amatrice (RI)
* Oblique Images and Direct Photogrammetry with A Fixed Wing Platform: First Test and Results In Hierapolis of Phrygia (TK)
* Prospective Upon Multi-source Urban Scale Data for 3d Documentation And Monitoring of Urban Legacies
* Semantically Describing Urban Historical Buildings Across Different Levels of Granularity
* Thermal and Optical Data Fusion Supporting Built Heritage Analyses
* Tls Models Generation Assisted By UAV Survey
* Towards Building a Semantic Formalization of (small) Historical Centres
* UAV Photogrammetry With Oblique Images: First Analysis On Data Acquisition And Processing
* UAV Strategies Validation and Remote Sensing Data for Damage Assessment In Post-disaster Scenarios
* Very Close Nadiral Images: A Proposal For Quick Digging Survey
* Worthy Outcomes from a System Advancing the Sharing of CH Data and Stakeholders' Relations
Includes: Spano, A.[Antonia] Spanò, A.[Antonia] Spanò, A. Spano, A.
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Spano, D.[Donatella] Co Author Listing * Predicting and Mapping Potential Fire Severity for Risk Analysis at Regional Level Using Google Earth Engine

Spano, G.[Giuseppina] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Techniques for Fine Dead Fuel Load Estimation Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data

Spano, L.D.[Lucio Davide] Co Author Listing * Click and share: A face recognition tool for the mobile community
* Gesture Modelling and Recognition by Integrating Declarative Models and Pattern Recognition Algorithms

Spano, Sr., M.R. Co Author Listing * hierarchical labeled object classification system, A

Spanos, C.J. Co Author Listing * Design Automation for Smart Building Systems

Spanu, P.G.[Pier Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Geo-Environmental Estimation of Land Use Changes and Its Effects on Egyptian Temples at Luxor City

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