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Seba, H.[Hamida] Co Author Listing * distance measure for large graphs based on prime graphs, A
* Graph-based approach for Kite recognition, A
* Kite Recognition by Means of Graph Matching
* maximum diversity-based path sparsification for geometric graph matching, A
* simple graph embedding for anomaly detection in a stream of heterogeneous labeled graphs, A

Sebag, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Single trial variability in brain-computer interfaces based on motor imagery: Learning in the presence of labeling noise
* Twelve Numerical Symbolic and Hybrid Supervised Classification Methods
Includes: Sebag, M.[Michele] Sebag, M.[Michčle] Sebag, M.

Sebai, D. Co Author Listing * Depth Maps Fast Scalable Compression Based On Coding Unit Depth
* Edge-aware wedgelet estimation for depth maps compression
* Progressive edge-preserving depth maps coding based on sparse representation
* Tuned depth signal analysis on merged transform domain for view synthesis in free viewpoint systems
* Tuned sparse depth map coding using redundant predefined transform domain
Includes: Sebai, D. Sebai, D.[Dorsaf]

Sebai, H.[Houria] Co Author Listing * comparative study of feature vectors derived from wavelets applied to high resolution satellite images retrieval, A
* Improving High Resolution Satellite Images Retrieval Using Color Component Features
* Towards Adaptive High-resolution Images Retrieval Schemes
Includes: Sebai, H.[Houria] Sebai, H.

Sebake, T.[Tebogo] Co Author Listing * Earth Stewardship Science: Transdisciplinary Contributions to Quantifying Natural and Cultural Heritage of Southernmost Africa

Sebald, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Application of Copernicus Data for Climate-Relevant Urban Planning Using the Example of Water, Heat, and Vegetation
* Modelling Vegetation Health and Its Relation to Climate Conditions Using Copernicus Data in the City of Constance

Sebari, I.[Imane] Co Author Listing * Automatic fuzzy object-based analysis of VHSR images for urban objects extraction
* Automatic Sub-Pixel Co-Registration of Remote Sensing Images Using Phase Correlation and Harris Detector
* Extending the IFC Standard to Enable Road Operation and Maintenance Management through OpenBIM
* IFCInfra4OM: An Ontology to Integrate Operation and Maintenance Information in Highway Information Modelling
* Towards a Multi-Temporal Deep Learning Approach for Mapping Urban Fabric Using Sentinel 2 Images

Sebastia Frasquet, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Detecting abandoned citrus crops using Sentinel-2 time series. A case study in the Comunitat Valenciana region (Spain)
* Interannual Climate Variability in the West Antarctic Peninsula under Austral Summer Conditions
* Land Use Classification of VHR Images for Mapping Small-Sized Abandoned Citrus Plots by Using Spectral and Textural Information
* Sentinel 2 Analysis of Turbidity Patterns in a Coastal Lagoon
Includes: Sebastia Frasquet, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Sebastiá-Frasquet, M.T.[María-Teresa] Sebastiá-Frasquet, M.T.[Maria-Teresa]

Sebastia, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * BITOUR: A Business Intelligence Platform for Tourism Analysis
* On the Representativeness of OpenStreetMap for the Evaluation of Country Tourism Competitiveness

Sebastian, A.[Abu] Co Author Listing * Constrained Few-shot Class-incremental Learning

Sebastian, B. Co Author Listing * Grasp Prediction Toward Naturalistic Exoskeleton Glove Control

Sebastian, C.[Clint] Co Author Listing * Aggregated Deep Local Features for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Conditional Transfer with Dense Residual Attention: Synthesizing traffic signs from street-view imagery
* Dual Embedding Expansion for Vehicle Re-identification
* Privacy Protection in Street-View Panoramas Using Depth and Multi-View Imagery
* TIED: A Cycle Consistent Encoder-Decoder Model for Text-to-Image Retrieval
Includes: Sebastian, C.[Clint] Sebastian, C.

Sebastian, D.E.[Dawn Emil] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Association between Vegetation Growth and Climate in India: A Wavelet Analysis Approach

Sebastian, G.[Greeshma] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis on visual attention using spiking and oscillatory neural model

Sebastian, I.[Ilse] Co Author Listing * DESIS - DLR Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer
* Mtf Determination of Sentinel-4 Detector Arrays
Includes: Sebastian, I.[Ilse] Sebastian, I.

Sebastian, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Increasing Access to Cultural Heritage Objects from Multiple Museums through Semantically-Aware Maps
Includes: Sebastian, J.[Jorge] Sebastián, J.[Jorge]

Sebastian, J.M. Co Author Listing * Automated Real-Time Visual Inspection System for High-Resolution Superimposed Printings
* Fusing Omnidirectional Visual Data for Probability Matching Prediction
* Homography-Based Tracking Control for Mobile Robots
* Image Based Visual Servoing: A New Method for the Estimation of the Image Jacobian in Dynamic Environments
* Image Based Visual Servoing: Estimated Image Jacobian by Using Fundamental Matrix VS Analytic Jacobian
* Improving detection of surface discontinuities in visual-force control systems
* New Approach to the Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts, A
* New Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts by Means of Visual System, A
* New Method for the Estimation of the Image Jacobian for the Control of an Uncalibrated Joint System, A
* Optimization in 3D Scene Acquisition with Two Mobile Robots
* Parallel processing and scheduling techniques applied to the quality control of bill sheets
* Parallel Robot High Speed Object Tracking
* Recognition of 3D Object from One Image Based on Projective and Permutative Invariants
* Tracking Algorithms Evaluation in Feature Points Image Sequences
Includes: Sebastian, J.M. Sebastián, J.M.[Jose M.] Sebastián, J.M.[José M.] Sebastián, J.M. Sebastian, J.M.[Jose M.]
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Sebastian, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Spatially and Temporally Overlapping Events with Application to Image Sequences
* Assessment of Geometric Models for the Approximation of Aorta Cross-Sections
* Characterization and Modeling of the Peripheral Cardiac Conduction System
* Effect of Scar Development on Fast Electrophysiological Models of the Human Heart: In-Silico Study on Atlas-Based Virtual Populations
* Estimation of Personalized Minimal Purkinje Systems From Human Electro-Anatomical Maps
* Intra-cardiac Signatures of Atrial Arrhythmias Identified by Machine Learning and Traditional Features
* Measuring Spatiotemporal Dependencies in Bivariate Temporal Random Sets with Applications to Cell Biology
* Rule-Based Method to Model Myocardial Fiber Orientation for Simulating Ventricular Outflow Tract Arrhythmias, A
* Sensitivity Analysis of Mesh Warping and Subsampling Strategies for Generating Large Scale Electrophysiological Simulation Data
* Simplified Electrophysiology Modeling Framework to Assess Ventricular Arrhythmia Risk in Infarcted Patients
* Studying endocytosis in space and time by means of temporal Boolean models
* Towards High Resolution Computational Models of the Cardiac Conduction System: A Pipeline for Characterization of Purkinje-Ventricular-Junctions
Includes: Sebastian, R.[Rafael] Sebastián, R.[Rafael] Sebastian, R.
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Sebastian, S.[Shinto] Co Author Listing * Content based image retrieval based on Database revision

Sebastian, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition from Experience
* Boosted deformable model for human body alignment
* Lattice-Theoretic Approach for Segmentation of Truss-Like Porous Objects in Outdoor Aerial Scenes, A
* Shape and Appearance Context Modeling
* Unified Crowd Segmentation
Includes: Sebastian, T.[Thomas] Sebastian, T.[Tom]

Sebastian, T.B.[Thomas B.] Co Author Listing * Alignment-Based Recognition of Shape Outlines
* Curves vs Skeletons in Object Recognition
* Method and system for camera autocalibration
* Metric-based shape retrieval in large databases
* On aligning curves
* Perceptual Organization as Object Recognition Divided by Two
* Person Reidentification Using Spatiotemporal Appearance
* Recognition of Shapes by Editing Shock Graphs
* Recognition of shapes by editing their shock graphs
* Shock-Based Indexing into Large Shape Databases
Includes: Sebastian, T.B.[Thomas B.] Sebastian, T.B. Sebastian, T.B.[Thomas Baby]
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Sebastianelli, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * AIRSENSE-TO-ACT: A Concept Paper for COVID-19 Countermeasures Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Multi-Source Data Processing
* Deep unfolding for hyper sharpening using a high-frequency injection module
* On-Board Volcanic Eruption Detection through CNNs and Satellite Multispectral Imagery

Sebastiani, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Assessment of PM10 and O3 Removal by Woody Vegetation at Urban and Regional Level

Sebastiani, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Epistle to Cangrande Through the Lens of Computational Authorship Verification, The
* terminological image retrieval model, The

Sebastiani, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of dynamic magnetic resonance images
* Bayesian-Approach for the Median Filter in Image-Processing, A
* On the Use of Gibbs Priors for Bayesian Image Restoration
* Quantifying Human Brain Connectivity from Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Solving an Inverse Diffusion Problem for Magnetic Resonance Dosimetry by a Fast Regularization Method
Includes: Sebastiani, G. Sebastiani, G.[Giovanni]

Sebastiani, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Ship Detection and Tracking Based on a Custom Aerial Dataset

Sebastiani, M. Co Author Listing * Joint Trajectory and Fatigue Analysis in Wheelchair Users

Sebastiani, M.T. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Electric Bus Operation for a Real-World BRT Public Transportation Using Simulation Optimization

Sebastianutti, I.[Ivano] Co Author Listing * Points Classification By A Sequential Higher-Order Moments Statistical Analysis Of Lidar Data

Sebastiao, P. Co Author Listing * Semidefinite Relaxations for MIMO Transmissions With High-Order QAM Constellations
Includes: Sebastiao, P. Sebastiăo, P.

Sebastiao, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Breast MRI Multi-tumor Segmentation Using 3d Region Growing
* Characterization of Emotions Through Facial Electromyogram Signals
* Decision Trees Using the Minimum Entropy-of-Error Principle
* Do Emotional States Influence Physiological Pain Responses?
* ECG Feature-based Classification of Induced Pain Levels
* Exploring Alterations in Electrocardiogram During the Postoperative Pain
* Face Recognition from Spatially-Morphed Video Sequences
* New Results on Minimum Error Entropy Decision Trees
Includes: Sebastiao, R.[Raquel] Sebastiăo, R.[Raquel] Sebastiăo, R.
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Sebastien, C.[Cremer] Co Author Listing * Can Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems Describe the Forage Quality Heterogeneity? Insight from a Timothy Pasture Case Study in Southern Belgium
Includes: Sebastien, C.[Cremer] Sébastien, C.[Cremer]

Sebastien, C.S. Co Author Listing * Architectural Reconstruction with Multiple Views and Geometric Constraints

Sebastien, V.[Valade] Co Author Listing * Volcanic Hot-Spot Detection Using SENTINEL-2: A Comparison with MODIS-MIROVA Thermal Data Series
Includes: Sebastien, V.[Valade] Sébastien, V.[Valade]

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